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Monterra at WestWorld Old West. New Style.

Featuring breathtaking views of the McDowell Mountains, Monterra at WestWorld is north Scottsdales premier special event venue. With more than 16,000 square feet of newly remodeled indooroutdoor meeti

bar bar patio

Blue Note Lounge The blank canvas of the Monterra Bar is painted with broad strokes of cool blues, creating an ultralounge that draws people with an electric yet relaxed vibe. Hightops and splashes of

Food Fashion Bringing together fine cuisine and haute couture, a Food Fashion Show in the East Ballroom and Patio offers an original use for indooroutdoor event spaces. Models wearing the latest fas

LightMeetsDark Wedding Luxury abounds in a room divided. To one side, stark white. To the other, enveloping black. A study in contrast, the West Ballroom becomes the most elegant and intriguing venue

Wine Launch Party The Upper Lower Patios are transformed into the terraces of a Tuscan villa, complete with antique European furniture and handcrafted wood elements. Red roses and red grapes catch th

Rustic Wedding The Beehive Patio on the west side of the building is an ideal setting for modern luxury in a relaxed atmosphere, complete with gorgeous sunsets on the horizon. The handhewn pavers and

Miami to Ibiza Experience a Mediterranean oasis fused with the energy of South Beach. Imagined for lounging and libations, resident mixologists pour cocktails while innovative chefs serve up tantalizi

A Festival Reimagined The Polo Field at Monterra provides sophistication under starry skies. A unique saddlespan enclosure creates a backdrop for projecting subtle yet elegant lighting. The festival c