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Ultrex Fiberglass replacement WindoWs and doors

From Our Family to Yours Extending Trust with the Marvin Name A different kind of company Nearly a century of innovation and uncompromising product performance standards thats the legacy of Marvin W

Table of Contents 4 Infinity from Marvin 6 Our HassleFree Experience 8 Installation Options 10 Ultrex Fiberglass 14 Energy Efficiency 16 EverWood Engineered Finish 28 Round Top 30 Polygon and Pic

Infinity from Marvin Building on Decades of Experience An idea is born The origin of Infinity from Marvin came from a simple idea Marvin had a long history of making some of the very best wood and

Why over 75,000 satisfied homeowners prefer Infinity Replacement Windows 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Weathertight provides yearround comfort wherever you live. Super Durable Ultrex the ideal window material mea

Our HassleFree Experience An Unmatched Experience with the Experts Infinity makes your entire replacement window and door project simple and hasslefree. In fact, our independent Infinity retailers of

Our local experts make a difference Infinity from Marvin independent retailers are hand selected for their expertise and decades of experience in your local market. Infinity retailers live and work in

Installation Options The Best Fit for Your Home Our Infinity retailer handled the entire process for us from start to finish. It was truly hasslefree. Lee Ray D. Depending on the age and style of yo

After we replaced our windows with Infinity, our utility bill was so low the utility company came by our house because they were sure our meter was broken Randy Lynn S. With Infinity from Marvin I g

Ultrex Fiberglass Our Superior Material Ultrex fiberglass a superior material Infinity replacement windows and doors are made from Ultrex fiberglass a pultruded fiberglass material so strong and

Ultrex Strength The Strongest Choice for Window and Door Replacement Durability for a lifetime Ultrex is as strong as low carbon steel and 8x stronger than vinyl. Its so tough, we have to use diamon

Ultrex Performance Durable and Low Maintenance Cold, heat and time no worries Ultrex resists the ravages of cold, heat, time and pressure to provide the most worryfree windows and doors available t

Ultrex Appearance Superior Design with a Superior Finish Better looking inside and out Our nearly 20 years of experience with Ultrex allows us to create products with intricate details. Drawing on t

Energy Efficiency Technology Brings Cool Savings 20 InFInITy WInDOWS WITH LOE GLAzInG CAn REDUCE yOUR HEATInG AnD COOLInG BILLS By UP TO 20. Energy Efficient, Sustainable Design Ultrex fiberglass i

85 In cooler climates, Infinity windows with LoE3366i89TM glazing reflect 85 of indoor heat back into the home versus 16 reflection of other LoE glass coatings. The glass in Infinity products conta

EverWood Engineered Finish The Beauty of Wood, The Ease of EverWood Now you can enjoy the natural appearance of wood without all the maintenance. EverWood is an Infinity exclusive wood grain interio

Stain to match EverWood samples are provided with every window and make it easy to test for the right match. Now you can perfectly complement your homes existing woodwork with the warmth and beauty of

Features and Options Making Your Replacement Windows and Doors Feel Like Home Exterior color options The exterior of Infinity windows come standard in Stone White. Sierra, Cashmere, Pebble Gray, Baha

Eight great hardware finishes Stone White Sierra Satin Taupe Brass Satin Nickel Oil Rubbed Bronze Brushed Chrome Antique Brass Screen options STCOITC GLASS ideal when exterior noise is a con

Grilles and Divided Lites Pattern Options for a Custom Look With Infinity from Marvin there is no such thing as a minor detail. We , pay close attention to every aspect of our windows. So choose an o

Every home is as unique as its owner. With Infinitys Divided Lite options you can let your personality shine. 21

Double Hung The smart replacement choice Youve heard it said, Dont work harder. Work smarter. With old Double Hung windows, you can work up a sweat just opening them and keeping them open. The Infinit

With a matching picture unit available, the Infinity Double Hung provides a high performance replacement solution for every view in your home. 23

Casement and Awning A versatile, userfriendly replacement option One word describes Infinity from Marvin Casements and Awnings easy. They are easy to choose, easy to operate and easy to love. The C

Infinity Casements and Awnings incorporate effortless operation and functionality with a multipoint locking system. 25

Glider A smooth operating spacesaver If your gliders dont glide anymore or you have a space where a swinging sash would be in the way, the Infinity Glider is the perfect solution. The sash rollers al

This versatile Infinity Glider is the ideal answer when youre looking for simple operation, energy efficiency and reliable performance. 27

Round Top A strong improvement to your view Whether you are looking to add visual interest to a room or simply replacing an old window, Infinity Round Tops are a stunning addition to any space. Addin

Add elegance and individuality to your home by complementing windows with an Infinity Round Top. 29

Polygon and Picture Windows Style and Substance Right Triangle Left Triangle A dramatic improvement to any living space Infinity Polygons are shaped to the architecture of your home. Open views and

Brighten interior spaces and accentuate your homes unique characteristics with Infinity from Marvin Polygons and Picture Windows. 31

Bow Window The dramatic made simple The Infinity Bow offers an easy way to expand your views and open up a room. The gentle curve can be created with four, five or sixwide assemblies of Casement wind

Enhance your home with the strength of Ultrex combined with the gentle curve of the Infinity Bow. 33

Bay Window A refreshing retreat the Infinity bay is the perfect addition to your home for increasing light and adding dimension to any area. Invite nature in create interest and add drama to any roo

Increasing character and adding more daylight to your home can be a simple process and worry free for years to come with Infinity from Marvin. 35

Infinity Sliding Door TOPHUnG SCREEn Doors to complete your vision Add the finishing touch to your home with an Infinity Sliding Door. Choose from the Sliding French Door, a classic design with wide

A variety of customizable options allows you to craft an Infinity Sliding Door that blends seamlessly with Infinity windows. 37

Integrity Swinging Door Doors to complete your vision Stainless steel multipoint locking system seals the door in four locations head, sill, deadbolt and keyed cylinder for stability and security.

Integrity from Marvin Inswing and Outswing French Doors feature an Ultrex exterior and make a perfect complement to Infinity windows. 39

Visit your authorized Infinity from Marvin installing retailer today. Choosing the right replacement windows for your home can be challenging. We think the more you learn about Infinity from Marvin, t