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How to Use your Library Account

Why So you can 1. Find books, read EBooks. 2. Use JSTOR, WORLD BOOK, DISCUS. 3. Check your library information What books do I have out Are my books overdue

Lets start On the Library page click

If you are in Lower School click

This opens the book catalog. Search for books here. Type in the title, or the authors last name, and click Title, or Author, or Keyword. Or, type in the Subject, and click Subject. It will tell you w

Notice Login and FollettShelf The blue arrows show Login at the top and FollettShelf on the left.

Remember to LOGIN Your Username is the same as your computer log in For Example jsmith15 Password If you cannot remember it, contact the Librarian to receive a new one.

FollettShelf takes you to all of the EBooks

EBooks are also listed in the library catalog. They have a green E. Notice Green E for EBook Click on the title to read If you click on the title you can start to read online. online

Click Web Service Passwords to find all the Passwords needed to access subscriptions offcampus

Here are the online subscriptions

And notice the My Info tab that takes you to your personal information, after logging in

Click on My Info to find what books you have out

The End