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Fordham Lawyer The Magazine of Fordham Law Spring 2013 Professor Sonia Katyals trademark Examining IP law from a social justice perspective PAGE 12 A BRANDNEW LOOK AT IP LAW The Work Ethic of Legal

Deans Letter At Fordham Law School, the academic year is measured not so much in weeks as it is in achievements. In the fall, we mark time by the competitions that our student teamsincluding our Dispu

Fordham Lawyer The Magazine of Fordham Law School 2 8 12 Global Partners A conversation about international human rights Immigrant Work Not a Foreign Concept Jennifer Gordon A BrandNew Look at IP Law

Q and A Global Partners A conversation with four Fordham Law professors about international human rights Illustrations by Steve Moors 2 For dham L aw y er S P R I N G 2 0 1 3

I nternational human rights should be an international concern, but at times, geographic borders, government policy, local power structures, and political agendas can stymie the noblest of efforts to

us tothe technical term is make reservations. Also, when we ratify these treaties, we almost always declare that they have no force within the U.S., which goes against the usual presumption that treat

events, such as our brownbag lunch series, open to the entire Fordham community to help inculcate the importance of international human rights law. In other words, we work on many different fronts. Yo

work right here in New York City. We recently coauthored two human rights reports documenting NYPD abuse of vulnerable communities and Occupy Wall Street protesters. Higgins Many of the projects in Af

Galizzi I am often asked this question, and I always challenge it with my own question Controversial according to whom The gay and lesbian men and women I meet in Africa dont think theres any controve

Ex Libris Immigrant Work Not a Foreign Concept Jennifer Gordon As globalization spreads, workers as well as products increasingly cross national boundaries. Many nations, including the United States,

H ow much of an impact immigrants have on the U.S. labor market has long been a subject of dispute. But most economists now agree that aggregate immigration has a neutral or small positive effect on

Furthermore, employers have repeatedly demonstrated a preference for immigrants over native workersand particularly over African Americansbased on their beliefs that immigrants are hardworking, subser

that are consistent with reality on the ground, effective in fostering solidarity between immigrants and resident workers, and likely to engage productively with the immigration debate in Congress. e

b A brANDNEW LOOK AT iP LAW Professor sonia KatYaLs trademark Examining IP law from a social justice perspective to make a forceful critique not only of consumption but also of race, gender, and corp

SPRING 2013 For dham L aw y er 13

changes to IP law during the late 1990s. At the same time, she grew intrigued by the street art Fairey and other artists were creating all over Los Angeles. She began to understand that the legal prob

tribes and even become a source of fundamental social change. The article caught the attention of certain policymakers who began to talk about the repatriation of tribal artifacts, trademark issues ab

LegaL ethics Fordham Laws emphasis on ethics shapes students for lives of noble lawyering. The Work eThic oF 16 For dham L aw y er S P R I N G 2 0 1 3

At some point, every lawyer feels the temptation to skirt the ethical path and solve a thorny legal problem expediently, especially if it helps achieve a greater good. Thats the struggle Afua AttaMen

Stein Scholars receive individualized FordhamStein Prize. Past recipiattention from faculty mentors and ents have included luminaries from the Public Interest Resource Center Supreme Court Chief Justi

Society shortly after inviting the head of the Manhattan office to sit on a juvenile justice panel he helped organize. The Scholars also help guide the shape and course of the Program through the Stei

carry out their own vision than one thats mandated, he says. Theyre the ones who have a grasp of what needs to be done today. Loveland describes the Program as constantly evolving. Even in my three ye

Opposite page 2013 Stein Scholars Left Students during PIRC Public Service Day in 2008 Below Student members of the Disaster Relief Network during the 2013 spring break trip to Haiti Bruce Gilbert n

FOR THE LOvE OF THE GAME Fordham Law is a major player in sports law. By the time John Mara 79 started at Fordham Law in 1976, he understood a lot more about the working world than many of his classma

While Mara admits that his job is so much fun it sometimes doesnt seem like work except when were losing, he says working in the sports industry is not a walk in the park. There is constant competitio

Dave Howard 85, in his former job as Executive Vice President of Business Operations for the New York Mets MLB Network into more than 50 million homes, the most successful launch of a network ever on

The fact that you can identify issues, anticipate challenges, creatively solve problems, make judgment callsall of these skills are beneficial even in nonlegal situations. With Howards job at the Mets

FALLING INTO SPORTS LAW with labor relations laws in Australia, which are far less advantageous to unions than are those in the United States. Lawrence Keane 88 went to law school thinking he would

March 2012 founded RSE Ventures with Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross. As President and CEO, Higgins manages the holding companys sports and technology businesses, including FanVision and Insignia Spor

hen a fish seller in Ghana didnt get a promised payment from a customer, she went to the womans home and tipped over her pot of soup on the stove, spilling it on the floor. Grounds for a lawsuit Not i

FoRdham LawS aLTERNaTivE diSPuTE RESoLuTioN aNd CoNFLiCT RESoLuTioN PRoGRam 2011, the mediation team won the world champion title in the International Commercial Mediation Competition in Paris. Sanzil

Taking Care of Business Law From the corporate Law center to the community economic Development clinic and entrepreneurship initiatives, Fordham Law means business. the staff members of Windows on the

Business law is about structuring incentives and constraints to get important work done. Getting ethics into that dynamic is a big feature of what we work on all the time. Sean J. Griffith Online ext

Delaware Supreme Court gave the keynote at last years Eugene P. and Delia S. Murphy Conference on Corporate Law. J. Travis Laster, Vice Chancellor of the Delaware Court of Chancery, recently delivered

T Compliance and SelfReliance he ideas and perspectives that come out of the Corporate Law Center filter through the business law curriculum at Fordham, accelerating the way the coursework keeps pace

in Compliance With increasing frequency, regulatory agencies and legislators are calling for industries from healthcare to finance to comply with a host of corporate policies, laws, and standards. As

Fordham Features Business Matters Three Fordham Law alumni have taken important business law matters into their own hands. Practicing law in the business sector is not for the faint of heart. Countles

As hard as I worked as a young associate, those were the good old days. Nothing can match the 247 pace of law practice now, says Bernstein. With email, Blackberrys, computers, cell phones, and the lik

For me, contracts and torts were two very significant firstyear courses, says Grossman, who was a member of the Fordham Law Review during his law school days. Those two subjects are the root of many d

Fordham Features Real dreamer Ramona Ortega 13 has spent her life achieving one dream after another. for LA Weekly, a researcher for Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation MDRC, and a social sc

poverty, and incarceration. She contributed substantially to implementation of and compliance with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. In 2002, HRP spearheaded a c

Fordham Features Master of the Seven Seas This summer, Fordham Law bids farewell to Professor Joseph Sweeney, a giant of maritime law. I am working on several scholarly projects that will require th

Maritime law is a constantly developing field, Sweeney says. Its future will involve greater regulation of the industry in the interest of safetyof passengers, cargo, and the environment. The soontobe

1 2 3 4 PHOTO ALBUM 42 topping out Distinguished alumni and friends of Fordham University and the Law School gathered on November 16, 2012, to celebrate the topping out of the Universitys new la

5 6 7 8 10 9 11 1 Joseph M. McShane, S.J., President of Fordham University, addresses the guests. 2 Father McShane, Judith Livingston, and Fordham Law Dean Michael M. Martin. 3 John Costantino

News dora Galacatos 96 appointed executive director of the Feerick Center Dora Galacatos 96 was appointed Executive Director of the Feerick Center for Social Justice. She succeeds Professor John D. Fe

sean Griffith and richard squire elected to american Law institute Professors Sean Griffith and Richard Squire were elected members of the American Law Institute, the leading independent organization

Center on national security talks Modern Warfare, Cybercrime, and Hollywood The Center on National Security hosted four events that addressed hot topics in politics, technology, and popular culture. O

doing Business with China As the Chinese economy continues to expand beyond its borders into American territory, the media has maintained a sharp focus on big business deals between the two countries

Crowley scholars advocate for Human rights in Bolivia Five members of the 2012 Crowley Program in International Human Rights traveled to Bolivia to conduct human rights advocacy and meet with lawyers,

Journals Celebrate anniversaries, tackle issues at symposia On March 1 and 2, the Fordham Law Review hosted a distinguished group of legal scholars, historians, and philosophers in a symposium on New

Class Notes 63 Jon N. Santemma joined Farrell Fritz as Counsel in eminent domain, tax certiorari, and condemnation law. Santemma was the founding Partner of Santemma Deutsch, LLP, the Nassau County,

1997, Brennan served on active duty with the U.S. Navy ashore and afloat and with the U.S. Department of Justice in the Civil Division. 83 Hon. Robert Mulroy was appointed to the New York City Family

86 Susan Bai, Sales Associate with Prominent Properties Sothebys International Realty office in Ridgewood, New Jersey, was recognized for her top sales performance in 2012. dana B. Klinges, a Partner

Christopher B. Spuches was elected Partner at Ehrenstein Charbonneau Calderin in the firms Dispute Resolution group. 97 Palmina Fava was named a Rising Star in compliance and ethics in the Ethisphere

Submit a Class Note law.fordham.educlassnote Tania Perez was elected Partner at Fulbright Jaworski. Aaron E. Zerykier was promoted to Counsel at Farrell Fritz. He concentrates his practice in commer

Stanley Tarr was elected Partner at Blank Rome LLP. Tarr concentrates his practice on bankruptcy and business reorganization matters. 07 James d. Mandolfo joined the Orlando, Florida, office of U.S.

Marriages Births Michael Camarinos 11 and his wife, Lauren, welcomed a son, Nicholas John Michael, on November 5, 2012. Brett Coffee 96 and his wife, Lara, welcomed a daughter, Ainsley Grace, on Sept

any big summer plans Here are ours Continue that ConstruCtion projeCt. We are on schedule to begin the 20142015 academic year in the new Law School building, but we could use your help to finish the j

140 West 62nd Street New York, NY 10023 On February 27, 2013, the Fordham Law Clinics celebrated 25 years of excellence with a cocktail party for clinic alumni and faculty. Nearly 250 alumni attended