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Fordham Lawyer The Magazine of Fordham Law School Fall 2014 BUILDING LEADERS PAGE 12 A solid foundation for the new law school building Comply Demand Fordham Laws compliance initiatives ll a need

Deans Letter ree years ago, members of the Fordham Law community stood on Robert Moses Plaza near a major construction site. We stared into a gaping hole in the earth. We were celebrating the groundbr

Fordham Lawyer The Magazine of Fordham Law School 2 8 12 The Reality of Procedure A conversation about criminal procedure All in the Family Clare Huntington Building Leaders A solid foundation for th

Q and A The Reality of Procedure A conversation with five Fordham Law professors about criminal procedure Illustrations by Steve Moors 2 For dham L aw y er F a l l 2 0 1 4

W hile overall crime rates have fallen in the United States, the actions of police, the prison system, and the body of law known as criminal procedure are more controversial than ever. To discuss ho

can be challenged through a civil action, such remedies are not robust enough to act as a deterrent. The whole concept of suppression, which is supposed to be about deterrence to deter the police from

as the lower criminal courts. The bottom line is were up against the real limits of the formal legal rules to address what are essentially political and social problems. Rayner Justice in criminal cou

like they want these cases to be pled out, and certainly on the civil side they want the cases to be settled. So you get this refrain from judges Oh, I dont have any trials but, boy, Id like to settle

Ian Weinstein Associate Dean for Clinical and Experiential Programs Professor of Law What role has the law played in the general decline in crime Weinstein The role of changes in the law in the decli

Ex Libris All in the Family Clare Huntington The makeup of American families has changed greatly since the mid20th century days of Leave It to Beaver. No longer are families primarily composed of a ma

F amily law is based on marriage, but family life increasingly is not. Nearly 41 of all children are born to unmarried parents. This shift away from marriage has come quickly, with nonmarital births

effective for economically stable married familiesimpose unrealistic obligations on unmarried fathers, many of whom have dismal economic prospects. The failure to satisfy child support requirements fu

Ex Libris how they parent their children if they do, both parents are better able to provide their children with the relationships necessary for healthy child development. Postmarital family law, then

12 For dham L aw y er F a l l 2 0 1 4

LEadErs A solid foundation for the new law school building The new Fordham Law School building is more than steel and and stone, more The new Fordham Law School building is more than steel stone, more

T 14 hese generous gifts are as much the material that composes the building as are its limestoneclad walls. Each story of giving helps construct the future of Fordham Law School. For dham L aw y er

buiLding MoMEnTuM Philanthropy is a tradition of our family and supporting education has always been one of our top priorities. Our donation will facilitate the continuing progress and success of Ford

a Loving spiriT In the final days of Frank Murphys life, his wife Alice Lehman Murphy asked him if there were any charitable contributions Frank wanted her to make in his name after his death. Frank t

The classrooms are spacious and lightfilled, the event spaces are large and inviting, and the offices for student clubs and journals foster a real sense of community. The new building is a great home

18 For dham L aw y er F a l l 2 0 1 4

ConsTruCTing a LEgaCy For Maureen Scannell Bateman 68, Fordham Law School is in the genes. Batemans father, Daniel Thomas Scannell, graduated from Fordham Law in 1940 after attending both Fordham Prep

TransiTivE, and TransforMaTivE, rELaTion David Zemans, Managing Partner of the Asia Practice at Milbank, never attended Fordham Law. He did, however, spend years working with alumnus Gary Wigmore 82.

propErTy, inTELLECTuaL and rEaL As an undergraduate, Anthony Insogna 94 never imagined himself becoming a law student, much less an international patent attorney at Jones Day. It wasnt until he was wo

22 For dham L aw y er F a l l 2 0 1 4

LikE faThEr, LikE sons Last year, Thomas A. Butler 62 was sitting at the dinner table with his sons, Christopher Butler 88 and Timothy F. Butler 91, to celebrate his 80th birthday, when an idea dawned

24 For dham L aw y er F a l l 2 0 1 4

CaMera reaDY Three videos offer three different perspectives of the new building. New Building Facts and Figures 15 classrooms 14 seminar rooms 19 group study rooms 92 faculty offices Designed f

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 PHOTO alBUM 26 Dedication and Ribbon Cutting The west side of Robert Moses Plaza overflowed with smiling faces on September 18, 2014, as nearly 1,000 Fordham Law faculty, adminis

9 8 10 12 1 11 13 14 15 1. Members of the Fordham University Choir sing the national anthem. 2. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg addresses the crowd. 3. U.S. Supreme Court Associa

Comply DemanD Fordham Laws compliance initiatives fill a need in a field exploding with career opportunities. Eric Grossman 93, Chief Legal Officer at Morgan Stanley Photograph by Robert Essel 28

In the wake of the 2006 economic crisis, the U.S. government called for a series of regulatory reforms, and big business listened. Although the business and finance world had been undergoing changes b

on Global Corporate Compliance, Crisis Management and Internal Investigations, and Corporate Risk Assessment and serves as Corporate Compliance Advisor, also believes Fordhams program is particularly

Andy Hinton 89, Vice President of Ethics Compliance at Google The more wellrounded you are, the much better you will be at compliance. Diversity is another benefit Washington spoke of when reflectin

The JusT PaTh 32 For dham L aw y er F a l l 2 0 1 4

Fordham Laws Feerick center For Social JuStice wends a way Toward coLLecTive change. There has been a small, very dedicated, and incredibly expert group of advocates working on these issues in New Yo

nonEnglishspeaking immigrantssuch as lack of access to language interpreters and difficulty obtaining courtordered fingerprints. In addition to the report, the group will begin lobbying the Office of

On November 1, 2013, the Feerick Center, with the Schools Urban Law Center, organized a conference entitled Until Civil Gideon Expanding Access to Justice. Timed for the 50th anniversary of the Gideon

Reaching Out Fordham Law students lend a mentoring hand to New York City schoolchildren. D imitri Jean 15 remembers sitting at his desk on the day representatives of Legal Outreach visited his 8th g

Fall 2014 For dham L aw y er 37

An essential component of Legal Outreach is the support it receives from the law community, including law students and lawyers who volunteer their time. Fordham Laws MYLE has been particularly active

plans on maintaining a close relationship with them as their friend now that their coachstudent relationship has concluded. According to Jean, the relationship between coach and student gains its stre

12 GLOBAL ADVOCATES 16 10 9 1 5 3 4 13 6 8 15 7 2 14 The Leitner Centers Crowley Scholars advocate for human rights one country at a time. 11 I n May 2014, Brian Tronic, the Crowley Fellow in Int

Human RigHts FactFinding PRojects 1. Bangladesh The human rights concerns of LGBT people a discussionoriented seminar where scholars work together with their supervising Crowley Fellow during the ov

Crowley Scholars, Wickeri worked to raise awareness of land rights as a broad international human rights issue rather than strictly a development issue, highlighting how access to land is key to acces

The ontheground factfinding component of the Crowley Program gives it a new educational dimension because it is not only an academic experience but a practical, concrete one where you see problems and

Changing Course Recent curricular reforms better prepare Fordham Law students for an everevolving legal marketplace. 44 For dham L aw y er F a l l 2 0 1 4

With much of the focus on Fordham Laws new building, it may be easy to overlook other important changes taking place at the Law School. Fordham Law has recently implemented a series of curricular refo

Overall, concentrations will give greater focus and coherence to the Schools upperlevel curriculum and allow students to develop a certain depth of knowledge, preparing them for legal practice and sig

by ThE Zephyr Teachout book Online extra Hear Professor Teachout discuss her book and her run for New York State governor at law.fordham.edufordhamlawyer Corruption in America From Benjamin Frankli

Fordham Features Galizzi often contemplates the disinterested lottery of birth that resulted in his own academic life in New York City and Kwames desperate predicament in Ghana. In reflecting on his g

General Department, the Judicial Service, the Ghana Police, and the Prison Department, Fordham Law students have partnered with Ghanaian law students to review the cases of over 500 prisoners remanded

Fordham Features American Dream Razeen Zaman 16, from a firsthand perspective, advocates for immigrant families. In many respects, Razeen Zaman 16 is just like her peers at Fordham Law School she is

Zaman enrolled at Fordham Law in the fall of 2013, choosing to stay close to home in order to continue working on the DREAM Act campaign. She plans to use her degree to become a civil rights attorney

News SEC Chair Mary Jo White Awarded FordhamStein Prize On November 18, Mary Jo White, the 31st and current Chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission, received the 2014 FordhamStein Prize.

Professor Joseph Landau Receives Award for Immigration Advocacy Work On May 28, Fordham Law Associate Professor Joseph Landau received the Global Vision Award at the 2014 Safe Haven Awards, an event h

Student Exchange Program Established with Distinguished Israeli University Stephen Freedman, Ph.D., Provost of Fordham University, signed an agreement with the Buchmann Faculty of Law at Tel Aviv Univ

Professor Andrew Kent Writes Amicus Brief for Citizenship Case in Federal Court Fordham Law Professor Andrew Kent collaborated with four colleagues from other law schools to file an amicus brief in sp

Fall Course Featured Federal and State Court Judges Professor Thomas Lee Elected to American Law Institute Fordham Law Professor Thomas Lee has been elected to the American Law Institute. Lee, who ser

Feerick Center Releases Report of Lawyers Representing Immigrant Youth The 19page report Findings from a Survey of Lawyers Representing Immigrant Youth Eligible for Special Immigrant Juvenile Status i

Class Notes 56 Jim Gill was awarded the John Cardinal OConnor Award for Extraordinary Service by the New York State Catholic Conference. He was honored for his service as an advisor on public policy m

75 40TH REUNION 81 Daniel J. Hayes has been selected for inclusion in the 2015 edition of The Best Lawyers in America. He currently specializes in health care law at Jackson Walker LLP. Hon. Melissa

Patrick S. Dunleavy has joined Moelis Company as Managing Director to lead the firms New York headquarters. He was formerly Managing Director and CoHead of Greenhills Private and Real Estate Capital

Edward D. Hassi has returned as Partner at OMelveny Myers LLP in the Antitrust and Competition Practice Group. He was previously the Chief Trial Counsel for the Federal Trade Commissions Bureau of Co

04 Melissa A. Missy McGoogan joined Reed Smiths Washington, D.C., office as Counsel in the firms Energy and Natural Resources Industry Group. McGoogan focuses on transactions involving energy commodit

David M. Rappaport has joined Manatt, Phelps Phillips as Partner in its entertainment and media practice. He arrives from boutique Davis Shapiro Lewit Grabel Leven Granderson Blake, LLP. Shaun Reade

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COLLECTIVE GIVING 3,000 1.9 Mil ion 92 of donors gave IS POWERFUL. Last year, more than 3,000 donors provided 1.9 million in unrestricted support. 532 1.9M 2.2M This years goal for the Law Annual Fu

150 West 62nd Street New York, NY 10023 At the September 18 dedication ceremony for Fordham Laws new building, U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor said, I wish the entire Fordham Law