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Fordham Lawyer The Magazine of Fordham Law School Spring 2015 IN THE RED, WHITE, AND BLUE Professor Richard Squire asserts that bankruptcies and bailouts are a necessary part of the American way. PAG

Deans Letter With the close of this academic year comes the conclusion of my tenure as Dean of Fordham Law School. It has been an exhilarating ve years, and I am honored to have had the privilege to w

Fordham Lawyer The Magazine of Fordham Law School Spring 2015 2 8 12 Ties That Bind A conversation about family law Dissolving Boundaries Andrew Kent In the Red, White, and Blue According to Richard

Q and A Ties That Bind A conversation with six Fordham Law professors about family law Illustrations by Steve Moors 2 For dham L aw y er S p r i n g 2 0 1 5

F amily bonds are among our most intimate and personal relationships, but they are exposed daily to the public and civic spheres. To discuss how the law and the courts treat families, Fordham Lawyer

we have to drill down on the numbers to comprehend fully the story that the statistics tell. Progress has been made, but family and gender inequality remain very real. Many of the women breadwinners a

How can the history to overturn antimiscegenation laws inform current efforts to legalize samesex marriage Lenhardt Its no surprise that lawyers are using antimiscegenation law cases in crafting argum

Ethan Leib Professor of Law lower federal court rulings and who are now considered married both in their own states and in the eyes of the federal government. Whatever the Justices think about the me

inequality and due process concerns that are raised, whether we begin to recognize the national dimensions of marriage and family. In a sense, families are a small system of governance. At the same ti

Ex Libris Dissolving Boundaries Andrew Kent In an era when the United States government wields vast power over individuals in farflung corners of the worldwhether through use of extraordinary electron

I t has been quite common in the last decade, when difficult legal questions were raised about individual rights and judicial reviewthe rights, for example, of noncitizen military detainees at Guanta

more alike. National security is becoming less an exceptional zone of limited or nonexistent legal protection and instead more like the domestic sphere where robust judicial review provides significan

Ex Libris zone of active combat. It is unclear at this point how far Boumediene and Munaf will extend habeas corpus and constitutional rights into war zones. But what is clear is that being a noncitiz

12 For dham L aw y er S p r i n g 2 0 1 5

In the Red WhIte and Blue Story by Steve Wilson, photograph by Robert Essel According to Richard Squire, bankruptcies and bailouts are a necessary part of the American way. S ay you lend your famil

a wealth transfer and the taxpayers were paying the bill, Squire says. Meanwhile, the media praised GM, Chrysler, and other American carmakers for repaying their bailout loans, but the automakers neve

We have to remove the stigma around cash assistance to banks in a crisis. We have to make politicians more open to modifying the current regulatory structure so that it can be more nimble when a crisi

Reinier Kraakman. Academia, he discovered, was the place to be. The main activities of a law professor were teaching and writing, and I loved them both, he says. Before becoming a professor, he worked

I couldnt teach anything I wasnt interested in, and I find corporate law intuitively interesting. Squire has won teaching awards since that first class in economics he taught at Harvard while still a

BRiGht Laws R evolutionaries in Bologna, Italy, have wrested parts of the city from government hands. An incendiary revolt Not exactly. Residents are sharing responsibility with the city for overseein

BiG City 50 percent of the worlds inhabitants now live in urban regions however, municipal governments dont exactly have a guidebook for dealing with the resultant social, economic, and environmental

negotiates Community Benefits Agreements with entities like Columbia University. It also renovated an abandoned brownstone to set up an environmental justice center. improvement districts, and other

Urbanism Needs You Other Fordham Law professors have come to urbanism the same way Foster did following an interest that dovetailed with a pressing urban need. Professor Aaron Saigers focus on educati

regulatory regime that makes it hard or expensive for some to participate in the same way others do, thats unequal and arguably inconsistent with the ideal form of democracy. Pulling It All Together

crosspollination brings new ideas and perspectives to the This years principal conference, in April, explored respective classrooms. An urban studies student may share Sharing Economy, Sharing City Ur

The New BaTTlegrouNd 24 For dham L aw y er S p r i n g 2 0 1 5

Last December, as techsavvy consumers were shopping online for holiday gifts, cyber criminals were using the Internet to shop for Hollywood secrets. Individuals breached Sony Pictures computer defense

to define everyday items that may one day collect or are already collecting data about their users. Federal Trade Commissioner Julie Brill gave an insightful keynote address, and a range of topics was

delving into the issues surrounding the virtual currency, such as difficulties with regulation. The Center publishes a weekly online newsletter, the Cyber Brief, in which the top cybersecurity news st

Curtain Call Michael M. Martin steps down as Fordham Laws tenth Dean. Of course, he will be celebrated for his most visible achievements Shepherding the Law School community into its iconic, new buil

At the groundbreaking for the new Law School building, May 2011. With from left the late Edward Cardinal Egan, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg

At the Fordham Law Alumni Association Atlanta Reception, December 2013. With former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day OConnor and Hon. Judith Kaye, April 2012. With Brad Butwin 85 and Associate

With Professor Maria Marcus at the 104th Diploma Ceremony, May 2011. With U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito at the Kaufman Memorial Securities Law Competition, March 2014. With Professor Sheil

LR Austen Ishii 15, Alina Onefater 15, Matthew Lebowitz 15, and Melissa Brumer 15 Fordham Law cohort, must complete 500 pro bono hours over a 12week period. The program is intensive, just as the need

working under faculty or other lawyer supervision, says Clinical Associate Professor Marcella Silverman. According to Silverman, participating law schools may fulfill the requirements of the program i

Breaking Fordham offer stu Laws alternat iv dents a ser vice e spring break oriented tr vacation ips from cla sse the Routine s. 6 Felton 1 Ariane Above t for bita 2015 Ha on the ew trip in N ity .

Right N icaragua s Miraflo Natural r Preserve . Coffee beans fr om Veg as first roast. S leeping on a FEMA cot in a dank basement and rising at 500 a.m. to speak with exhausted construction workers

and Democracy in Haiti to offer legal aid to victims. Berke and seven other Fordham Law students administered surveys to and interviewed individuals and families who had been housed in tent camps foll

Opposite page The Dominica n Republics Supe rior Administrative Court. Ivy Rook, Mital Patel, Roshni He mlani, Mariellys Almnzar, Sean Gleason, Olivia Gonzalez, Herb ert Rosen, Noell e Park, and Josh

Fordham Features As an undergraduate at Harvard, Sugin became interested in law while taking classes on government during law school, she found tax law to be a rewarding marriage of innovative problem

I stress that tax is very important to many things that students wouldnt think tax is important for. Tax law is incredibly influential in designing the kinds of choices that people are faced with and

Fordham Features Double Duty With dual degrees in law and social work, Prescott Loveland 15 is ready to serve in the nations capital this fall. In October, Prescott Loveland 15 will begin serving as

I was asked to demonstrate all these skills during my public defender interviews, and no doubt my years as a Moore Advocate helped me deliver. As a Stein Scholar, Loveland was surrounded by a supporti

Fordham Features Fear Not Financial tremors do not unsettle alumnus Steven Vincent 83. Steven Vincent is not afraid of change. After more than 15 years as a successful lawyer for large investment ban

Chief Legal Officer as well as Chief Operating Officer. However, I find it particularly rewarding to be able to contribute to a firm like Brigade that has seen sustained growth since the turmoil of 20

News U.S. News Ranks Fordham Law 34 in Nation, Evening Program 3 Bruce Green Recognized among Top 10 Most Cited Professional ResponsibilityLegal Profession Scholars Professor Bruce Green was listed as

Feerick Center and Partners Release Immigrant Youth State Statute With Congress, the Executive Branch, and the federal judiciary at odds over how to mend the countrys broken immigration system, now, m

Clare Huntington Selected for American Law Institute Project Fordham Law Professor Clare Huntington has been chosen to serve as an Associate Reporter on the American Law Institutes new Restatement of

Human Rights Judge Talks about Role of InterAmerican Court On March 3, the Honorable Eduardo Ferrer MacGregor, a judge on the InterAmerican Court of Human Rights, presented a lecture on Criminal Law i

Monsignor Murray Prize Awarded to Voting Rights Advocate Kwame Akosah 15 has been selected as this years recipient of the Monsignor James J. Murray Prize for Achievement in Public Service. Monsignor M

Brendan Moore Trial Advocates Win Inaugural Mock Trial Competition in Queens A fourperson 3L team of Brendan Moore Trial Advocates won the firstever Queens County District Attorneys Mock Trial Competi

Three Law Professors Honored for Longtime Service at University Convocation Professors Elizabeth Cooper, Mark Patterson, and Benjamin Zipursky were awarded the Bene Merenti medal in honor of 20 years

Class Notes 57 Constantine Gus N. Katsoris, Ignatius M. Wilkinson Professor of Law at Fordham, received the George J. Mitchell Lifetime Public Service Award at the Feerick Center for Social Justices a

A Fond Arrivederci to the Dean Fordham Law Dean Michael M. Martin embarked on a tour of four European cities to meet with alumni and enhance the Schools presence on the continent. The visit kicked off

Danielle Keats Citron has released her new book Hate Crimes in Cyberspace, which exposes the startling extent of personal cyberattacks and proposes ways to prevent and punish online harassment. She is

In his work at Lowey Dannenberg Cohen Hart, P.C., Christian Levis 12 is equal parts lawyer, computer programmer, and forensic detective. Levis builds custom software to analyze financial data for evi

Richard Tisdale has joined the New York office of Meister Seelig Fein LLP in the corporate department. He was previously an Associate in the New York office of Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver Jacobson

Submit a Class Note law.fordham.educlassnote Iana A. Vladimirova has joined the law firm of Whyte Hirschboeck Dudek S.C. as an attorney in the firms Corporate Finance Practice Group. In Memoriam Law

WHAT HAS DEAN MICHAEL M. MARTIN DONE FOR FORDHAM LAW Has taught 4,000 students since he joined the faculty in 1972 Managed the seamless transition of the School into the new building Oversaw the compl

150 West 62nd Street New York, NY 10023 Matthew Diller named eleventh Dean of Fordham Law School In January, Fordham University announced the appointment of Matthew Diller as the Dean of the Law Scho