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Highlights Spring 2011 Published by the Development Office Bibby Sierra, Director Alice Baird, Editor Contributing Writers Class Agents Alice Baird Dena Benedict 78 Kathleen Benedict 13 Jean Cochran B

The CommuniTy of CCeS Table of Contents Letter from the Headmaster.....................................................................................4 The Community of Christ Church Episcopal Schoo

The CommuniTy of CCeS Letter from the Headmaster Dr. Leonard Kupersmith Two of the many qualities that distinguish CCES and independent schools in general are our conscientious attention to individua

The CommuniTy of CCeS and an Arts Guild, and serving individuals who need help. I cannot count the times that I have seen parents step up to help a student in financial or emotional distress. With a

The CommuniTy of CCeS Sacred Space, Sacred Self, and Sacred Others The Impact of the Chapel on the School Community by The Rev. Richard Grimball, CCES Senior Chaplain Today you are an Episcopal Pries

The CommuniTy of CCeS influences of the Chapel in three very specific ways Sacred Space, Sacred Self, and Sacred Others. If you have ever watched the movie Talladega Nights The Legend of Ricky Bobby,

The CommuniTy of CCeS A Community Intertwined Building the Labyrinth at CCES by Valerie Riddle Labyrinths are fabled. In literature the mystery of the labyrinth is often a dark metaphor, as in the te

The CommuniTy of CCeS Fifthgrade students at work spreading sand and laying stones to complete the labyrinth. In a remarkable example of synchronicity, Lower School art teacher Marilyn Mullinax, unaw

The CommuniTy of CCeS CCES staff, and students at all levels, the labyrinth sprang forth, and on December 1, 2010 Bishop Waldo blessed it in a sunkissed dedication ceremony accompanied by student rea

The CommuniTy of CCeS Everybodys Doing It The Parent Community at CCES by Barbara K. Robertson CCES has an incredibly strong parent community. Throughout the school year parents can be found making p

The CommuniTy of CCeS The Community Behind A Cavalier Evening by Dena Benedict 78 If you attended the premier A Cavalier Evening event in 2009, you surely remember the moment the ballroom doors swung

The CommuniTy of CCeS These are the ladies planning A sensational Cavalier Evening for you from left, opposite page Jenny Stewart, Mary Ridgeway, Emily Davis, Tammy Conits, Keri Geary, Lisa Ashmore,

The CommuniTy of CCeS Live and Silent Auctions Dinner Dancing Live Band An unforgettable evening to benefit CCES. www.cces.orggala1.html A Cavalier Evening April 30, 2011 600 p.m. Greenville co

The CommuniTy of CCeS Everybodys Doing It continued from page 11 of volunteers, but also raise funds through membership drives and admittance fees. Sports teams and dramatic productions rely on thei

The CommuniTy of CCeS The CCES Service Learning Program Forging Community Ties Through the John Wesley Breakfast Kitchen by Kate Stewart 09 Amazing grace, how sweet the sound . . . the soulful words

The CommuniTy of CCeS Henry, to try my homemade biscotti which he had never heard of before, only to have him bite down with a yelp of painhe, like many homeless who cant afford dental care, didnt ha

The CommuniTy of CCeS What Makes a Community Community is defined as a group unified by a common interest. Id like to think that glorifying God by sharing His love is that shared interest, but I know

The CommuniTy of CCeS Outreach and Opportunity Through the Cavalier Scholarship by Alice Baird What better name for a new CCES scholarship than the Cavalier Scholarship Thats the name chosen for the

The CommuniTy of CCeS Equally impressive is Taylors commitment of time to the schools drama program. Not one to hold back, she threw herself into the avantgarde fall drama, Reckless. She has strong s

The CommuniTy of CCeS Pep Talk to the Football Team on the Eve of Their Championship Game by Richard Ted Hassold 79 It was a varsity football season unlike any other in an entire generation at Christ

Global CommuniTy were flying from many of the players who were on our championship team Tom Runge 79, Billy Campbell 78, David Quattlebaum 79, John Stephenson 79, Jack Miller 78, Al Hipp 79, Earle Hu

Global CommuniTy Mission to Ecuador, Bearing Fruit at Home by Eliza Geary, CCES Sophomore Reprinted from the Website Early in June for the past several summers, CCES Service Learning Director Elizab

Global CommuniTy trip, and if we did so, we would produce fruit after we returned home. This fruit could be anything from a greater appreciation for what we had, a change of heart, or an attitude fo

Global CommuniTy Each member of the community, no matter what age, was equal. Each person understood the obligation to help in the community. For example, as some of the CCES boys hauled heavy bucket

Global CommuniTy Race 4 Ecuador The Fruit of My Mission Trip by Kathleen Benedict, CCES Sophomore In April, three months after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti, my church, Christ Church Episcopa

Global CommuniTy Putting on a race might seem like a simple task all that is needed are people and a place for them to run. However, the reality turned into a job that needed to be worked on daily. P

Global CommuniTy going on this trip, I realized that our school community reaches far beyond our buildings walls. While I was in Ecuador, the sense of community was very strong. From growing closer t

Global CommuniTy Pep Talk to the Football Team continued from page 21 things that will make you successful. I challenge this group that worldly success is not what you are striving foryou are strivi

Global CommuniTy Twelve Days in China Bringing the Experience to the Classroom by Kristi Ferguson I do not know when I first developed the desire to travel I think I was born with the need to see oth

Global CommuniTy guides also wanted us to experience real Chinese food, which we did not truly get to do until we got to Beijing and begged our guide to take us to a restaurant that was not full of W

Global CommuniTy A Little Swahili and the International Language of Love by Dorthe Hall 03 I arrived in Mwanza, Tanzania, after one of the longest days of my life. After two long flights and an eight

Global CommuniTy is to provide nutrition, health care, and love until the child is in a condition to be fostered, adopted, or reunited with family. I was truly amazed by the baby home the administra

Global CommuniTy Working at an orphanage in a foreign country was completely out of my comfort zone. time, such as a sunset cruise around Lake Victoria with its gorgeous rock formations. We particip

Global CommuniTy Twelve Days in China continued from page 31 elbowed more than once by grandmothers jockeying for a photo, but I cannot imagine living in China and being claustrophobic. The Chinese

PorTraiT in PhilanThroPy John Scovil 73 Times In Your Life When The Road Diverges by Alice Baird I do believe, said John Scovil, that there are times in your life when the road diverges and the path

PorTraiT in PhilanThroPy CCES really does a great job instilling selfconfidence in students. In first grade, the students read the announcements. In each grade, students have the opportunity to speak

in memoriam Frank Tabone BehindtheScenes ProblemSolver by Ben Crabtree, Former CCES Headmaster Frank Tabone was a very unique individual who truly made a positive difference in the lives of the CCES

in memoriam Marjorie Buck, Shirley Fry, and Christie Boulez by Alice Baird, with reporting by Jean Cochran This fall the school community lost three veteran teachers Marjorie Buck, Shirley Fry, and C

in memoriam Shirley Fry Never a Dull Moment Joining the faculty in 1960, Shirley Fry taught fifthgrade math and science for nineteen years on the Parish Campus. Delightful is how Jean Cochran remembe

in memoriam Spanish I and II, and ESOL English for Speakers of Other Languages from 200308 at CCES. She was a very experienced teacher, said Kotrady. She came to us from Erskine College, where she ta

alumni newS aCCESs A Message from Your CCES Alumni Association President Dear Alumni, The Christ Church Alumni Association can be anything you want it to be. You can use your contacts to network for

alumni newS 2011 Calendar of Alumni Events Come back to CCES and join the fun Alumni Celebration Weekend Friday, March 25 Alumni Career Program and luncheon 201011 CCES Alumni Association Governing

alumni newS Perspective and the Second Kick of a Mule by John Kittredge 75 Editors Note Perhaps this was an unfortunate choice of title, because Judge Kittredge suffered a sort of kickinthehead himse

alumni newS with a hundred or more students. The professors would give these overwhelming reading and writing assignments. How could I handle work at this level How did I survive I survived because G

alumni newS Please say thank you to the Golden Cavaliers, and I do so now. The success of CCES is about you. Let me bring us to a close by sharing another story about perspective. As a teenager, when

alumni newS Barry Cox 77, Rasmi Gamble 02, and Britten Meyer Carter 03 were inducted into the CCES Sports Hall of Fame Class of 2010. Sports Hall of Fame Inducts Barry Cox 77 Rasmi Gamble 02, and ,

alumni newS organizations in Mount Vernon, IN, where he now lives with his wife, Kay Lee, and his four children. He is a vestry member at St. Johns Episcopal Church, serves on the board of the Univer

alumni newS drills around the basket to develop his left hand. Most players spend time working on things theyre already good at because they can see instant positive feedback, and they stay in their

alumni newS Mayor Knox White 72 Honors Boys Soccer Champions It is a national record second to none 10 consecutive boys soccer championship teams, a record tied with one other school. And a single co

alumni newS Alumni Association Awards Every year the Alumni Association announces two special awards during the Sports Hall of Fame ceremonies the Marguerite Ramage Wyche Alumni Service Award and the

alumni newS The Billy Richardson Sportsmanship Award On November 28, 2010, at the football banquet held at the Greenville Country Club, senior Chris Lawdahl was honored as the 2010 recipient of the s

alumni newS 20th Annual Cavalier Classic Golf Tournament The Cliffs Golf and Country Club welcomes CCES alumni back to its Valley Course to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the CCES Alumni Asso

alumni newS Christmas at the Museum The tradition continues, and good cheer was on display at the Alumni Christmas Party held on Dec. 23 at the Upcountry History Museum in Greenville. The CCES Alumni

alumni newS CollegeAge Alumni Celebrate at CCES Theres nothing quite like the energy of young people, so the Upper School was abuzz with stories and laughter on December 21 when alumni from the Class

ClaSS newS Class News MARRIAGES Johnson Myers 99, Allison Markham Williams 99, Edna Kate Ingold 00 and and the brides brother, Rob Eney 96. Jenny Pressly to William Charles Stewart, on January 15, 2

ClaSS newS 1995 To Angele Rishi and husband, Ashish, a son, Devan Rishi Vakharia, on October 12, 2010. 1998 To Alison Gower Rubinas and husband, Kurt, a son, Holden Bradford, on September 13, 2010.

ClaSS newS Homes. Also, in July 2010, she was elected the US Board Chair of the Fairfield Outreach and Sponsorship Association FOSA. 1973 Candy McCall Steve Heyward still resides in

ClaSS newS have renovated and added on extensively. JB is very excited to be back on his family farm. Many boys in our class remember coming here in high school. JB is now the Regional Executive for

ClaSS newS Coens mom passed away this fall, but it brought together many of us Jeanne ONeal Robinson, Cammy Arrington Ezell, Bonnie Berry, and Preston Gibson McAfee. Im sure there were others, but my

ClaSS newS 1990 Grayson Marpes Kirby Trapolino, his wife, and their six children are living in Israel. 1991 Mills Ariail Kate Snoots kateandjeffreyhotma

University and received her Masters in Public Health from Yale School of Medicine and her Ph.D. in epidemiology at the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. Her research focuses on chr

He is pursuing dual degrees in law and public policy. 2003 Caitlin Wood Britten Carter Ashley Mooney Katie Blouin has recently accepte

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