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OneBlox Scaleout NAS Why Sell Exablox Tel 020 7531 2828

OneBlox Scaleout NAS Why Sell Exablox Exponential Data growth Rapid growth of object data and machine generated data Increased adoption of virtualization in midsize enterprises Large short fall in

What do I sell Typical Object Storage Excellent scalability Verysimplestoragemanagementwithunified storage access Disadvantage Nontraditional data access with RESTSOAP protocols Not compatible wi

OneBlox Scaleout NAS Exablox Valued Partner Program 2015 Exablox is committed to be a resource to our partners. We want to provide the tools, knowledge, and assistance to grow your business with Exab

Explanation of Key benefits 200 Club Joint marketing funds Through the remainder of 2015, Exablox is offering a 200 spiff, payable to partner sales representatives who bring us a totally qualifi