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Engineering a Century of Progress The Evolution of Tighe Bond

Engineering a Century of Progress The Evolution of Tighe Bond On the cover and above The TigheCarmody Reservoir in Southampton, Massachusetts is the primary water supply for the city of Holyoke. It b

Table of Contents Credits Foreword Work Hard and Play Hard Tighe Bond Timeline Chapter 1 The Beginning Chapter 2 The Second Generation Chapter 3 The Clean Water Act Era Chapter 4 The Sippican Years C

David Pinsky The cornerstone of our 100 years of success has been our people, our steadfast commitment to clients, and our unwavering determination to stay at the forefront of industry trends and ahe

Our philosophy at Tighe Bond is Work Hard and Play Hard M arking one hundred years in business is a significant achievement by anyones standards. This is especially true when that business is bor

1911 Cobble Mountain Dam James L. Tighe establishes engineering practice in Holyoke, MA 1956 Edward J. Bayon joins firm 1926 Philip E. Bond joins Tighe 1960 George McDonnell becomes Hampden County

100 Years 8 Presidents 1939 1985 Begin sewer expansion program for the town of Raynham, MA 2000 Allan Davis Associates of Norwalk, CT joins Tighe Bond now the Shelton, CT office Design begins for

James L. Tighe founded the firm in 1911.

Chapter 1 The Beginning I n 1911, James L. Tighe, a wellrespected water works engineer and reputed master of detail, established his own oneman consulting practice in the commercial center of Holy

James L. Tighe James L. Tighe was born on a farm in County Cavan, Ireland in 1864. He attended both public and private schools before immigrating to the United States in 1887 to live with his uncle, a

Stripping of the bottom of the Hugh McLean Reservoir in Holyoke to gravel. 18991904 water was excellent, and his study of the watershed led him to project that the system was capable of yielding 13 m

disagreeable odors and tastes were classics in the field at that time. He served as chairman of the Gas Electric Commission for many years, and also devoted his time to the Massachusetts Public Healt

The Wright and Ashley Reservoirs were the original sources of water supply for Holyoke 1872. at the time, was perhaps his most well known inspection as it sparked political controversy. Although thre

Philip Bond joined the firm in 1926.

Philip E. Bond Philip E. Bond joined Tighes practice in 1926, and the firm became known as Tighe Bond, Consulting Hydraulic, Sanitary and Municipal Engineers. Bond came to the job with 10 years of en

Dams, Water Supply Sanitary Engineering Together, James Tighe and Philip Bond developed a wide and successful practice in the planning, construction and improvement of municipal and private water and

1930 and 1939, the Quabbin Reservoir is one of the largest manmade public water supplies in the country, covering 39 square miles and holding 412 billion gallons of water when full. New 20inch line a

George McDonnell, Phil Sheridan and Ed Bayon The trio of Tighe Bond leaders during this era was unique. They worked together seamlessly and formed deep relationships both inside and outside the offi

Chapter 2 The Second Generation Americans to undergo fundamental changes in lifestyle. A home that cost 7,145 in 1930 cost just 3,800 in 1939. The average income in 1930 was 1,970 by 1939 it was 1,7

McDonnell worked at Tighe Bond as Associate Engineer just a short time before the United States entered World War II WWII. When the war broke out, he was called to serve as an officer in the U.S. Arm

and the Massachusetts State Agricultural College UMASS Amherst. Also, in 1955, five years into his tenure as county engineer, residents of the valley would once again be victims of flooding due to Hur

enjoy post war prosperity. Companies were able to produce consumer goods that were in demand such as televisions and cars. Locally, both the Massachusetts Turnpike and the western Massachusetts sectio

as a firefighter in South Hadley, was active in the Rotary Club and was an active member of numerous professional organizations including the American Water Works Association, the New England Water Wo

Phil Sheridan 6th from left and George McDonnell far right shown with representatives of West Springfield as construction begins on a sewer project. plant and related sewer interceptors for the city

Ed Bayon making a few points to a very attentive audience at the groundbreaking for the Holyoke wastewater treatment plant 1979. to the university. Bayon was a director of Loomis House and Loomis Vil

Phil Sheridan and George McDonnell 4th and 5th from left shown with representatives of the South Hadley Water Department. named Tighe Bond, Inc., under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 156. Initial

specialists. The company also boasted a laboratory for water, sewage and atmospheric work. At this time, the projects ranged in size from a construction cost of a few thousand dollars to jobs well in

Tighe Bond designed numerous wastewater treatments plants that improved water quality in the Connecticut River.

Chapter 3 The CleanW ater Act Era environmental costs of economic progress. As the country grew more affluent it insisted on a better quality of life which included a clean and safe environment. Con

Growing public awareness and concern for controlling water pollution led to sweeping amendments in 1972. As amended in 1977, the law became commonly known as the Clean Water Act. The passage of the Cl

Tighe Bond with substantially more opportunities for work in the area of wastewater management. Prior to the new standards, sewage treatment facilities focused on primary treatment of waste, the basi

Powers worked on many of Tighe Bonds significant water pollution control projects including those in Chicopee, Massachusetts as well as New Milford and Simsbury, Connecticut. He was named Associate i

inspections of restaurant facilities, analysis of fuels and oils, and air pollution analysis. In 1981, Tom Couture directed the laboratory, which was certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Dep

Drafting area in Easthampton office showing from foreground Bob Bitters, Robert Wojcik, Linda PaulyTenanes, Bob Klopfer, Bill Hyde, with Mike Parsons and Ron Michalski pictured to the right 1975.

Chapter 4 The Sippican Years Antiwar demonstrations in the U.S. drew 100,000 protestors in large cities, and the last ground troops were withdrawn from Vietnam in 1972. The Watergate Scandal, an att

John Powers, Phil Sheridan, Ed Bayon, Ray Murphy and Dave Healey pose for a photograph at the company holiday party. 1978 The purchase offered Sippican an opportunity to expand its geographic base in

LeMessurier. Bayon, McDonnell and Sheridan continued to manage the daytoday operations of the Tighe Bond division. Both Bayon and Sheridan served on the SCI Board of Directors. This collaboration was

Ron Michalski far right attends the groundbreaking ceremony for water pollution control improvements in Longmeadow, Massachusetts. 1981 Middle East Division, designed and constructed several Saudi mi

soil conditioner. Tighe Bond also provided all design services for the 28 MGD water treatment and distribution system and the sewage collection system, as well as all roadway and drainage systems. Wh

Tom Couture, Dave Healey and Dennis Bianchi were promoted to Associates of the firm. 1974 Payson Avenue in Easthampton, a town adjacent to Holyoke. The three story, 24,000 square foot office building

Career Advancement Overall Tighe Bonds venture with SCI proved beneficial and provided career advancement opportunities. To begin with there were many promotions among personnel. In 1974 Dennis Bianc

John Powers right was appointed President of Tighe Bond in 1985 Dave Healey was Chief Engineer and succeeded Powers to become the firms President in 1999.

Chapter 5 The Third Generation buried in the area. Shortly thereafter the most serious commercial nuclear accident in U.S. history occurred at Three Mile Island near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Presid

Taking Back Control On April 1, 1984, after twelve years as a profitable division of Sippican, Tighe Bond managers bought back the firm from Sippicans parent corporation. At that time, Tighe Bonds 4

CLA, commonly known as Superfund, was enacted by Congress on December 11, 1980. Superfund was a legislated way of making industrial polluters financially responsible for cleaning up the contaminated s

compatible personal computers were networked for use by select individuals. Lotus 123 software was used for spreadsheet applications and with the WYSIWYG addon, our graphics capabilities were greatly

The drafting department began using the McDonnell Douglas GDS computeraided design and drafting system in the mid 1980s. making their careers here. Mike Parsons, Ron Michalski and Tom Couture became

Tighe Bond moved into its 53 Southampton Road facilities in Westfield, Massachusetts in April. 1989 phased out of the daytoday management of the firm. They made all decisions jointly, both large and

and decided to search for properties throughout the region. The firm moved into its 53 Southampton Road facilities in April 1989. Tighe Bond initially occupied about 38,000 square feet of the twostor

In 1988, Tighe Bond was selected as engineering consultant to the joint venture that won the Massachusetts Water Resources Authoritys wastewater sludge treatment contract. Over the next several year

Chapter 6 Evolution of Clients and Services assorted scandals involving popular televangelists. In 1989, the United States inaugurated George H.W. Bush as its 41st president and later that year the w

this resulted in explosive growth and hiring of numerous geologists and environmental scientists to work on site assessment and remediation projects. Growing expertise and regulatory experience enable

the MWRAs sludge processing facilities and market the resultant fertilizer pellets, which were widely used in Florida citrus groves. This was a substantial undertaking for the company at that time. Ov

Tighe Bond continued on to design biosolids drying facilities for the Ocean County Utilities Authority in Bayville, New Jersey, the city of Springfield, Massachussetts, the Metro Water Services of Na

Sludge Management Feasibility Study for the Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Area under the Guanabara Bay Depollution Program. The 300,000 study was funded by the U.S. Trade and Development Agency. Realizi

Bond designed the Atkins Reservoir water treatment facility, one of the first plants in the US to use ozonebiological activated carbon. Efforts to grow the drinking water business were substantial du

tion planning, and training for employees to ensure proper management of such materials. The firm had its first experiences with designbuild project delivery for private industrial clients in the 1990

Portsmouth Worcester Westfield Pocasset Middletown Shelton Geographic expansion was identified as a potential growth strategy, even back when Tighe Bond completed its first strategic plan in 1993

Chapter 7 Geographic Expansion I n the time frame of the late 1990s and early 2000s, fear of the Y2K Bug figured prominently in many conversations. While many were ready to party like it was 1999,

Going East With significant environmental work through Northboroughbased Massachusetts Electric Company, and several employees residing in central Massachusetts, the Worcester area became a logical ch

Tighe Bond also opened an office on Cape Cod in 2002, largely because of a promise made in a proposal to do so if awarded a large sewer extension project in Barnstable. The office, which is located o

spectacular success for the firm that when another opportunity arose in Connecticut the firm jumped. An existing environmental firm was not faring well and rumored to be going out of business. Tighe

To The North Country Tighe Bonds strategic vision included expanding its business into the northern New England markets specifically, New Hampshire. With the arrival of 2011, this vision took anothe

John Block far right participated in a collaborative charrette during the master planning phase of the Georgetown Land Development project. 2002 Expanding Closer to Home Tighe Bond even expanded its

projects. In its home town of Westfield, the firm also provided comprehensive engineering and environmental services for the Twiss Street landfill closure, the Shaker Road Water Treatment plant and mi

Senior management prior to meeting. 2011 Front row from left Fran Hoey, Bob Peirent, John Block, Dave Pinsky, Mark Hoey, Todd Brown, Tom Couture Back row from left Omer Dumais, Dana Huff, Peter Grabow

Chapter 8 The Changing Face of Leadership Ownership W. Bush. The internet continued to advance globalization despite the burst of the dotcom bubble. In 2004 the Tsunami in Indonesia was one of the d

Dave Healey, Dave Pinsky, John Powers, and Phil Sheridan at Dave Healeys retirement party. 2006 Transition to the Next Generation With the impending retirement of Dave Healey in 2006, Dave Pinsky was

Board of Directors From left Todd Brown, Bob Peirent, John Block, Dave Pinsky, Fran Hoey, Tom Couture, Mark Hoey Organization With the new generation of leadership came improved organization. Technic

Annual employee meeting in November. 2010 Over the coming years, Todd Brown, Peter Galant, Peter Grabowski, Dana Huff, Paul Malmrose, Gregg Mikolaities, David Murphy, and Peter Valinski would become

ESOP, shares are repurchased and redistributed as participants retire or otherwise leave the firm. The value of the ESOP has increased by a factor of 4 since its inception. Today the firm has a very

The Tighe Bond employee photograph is taken from the roof of 53 Southampton Road prior to the annual lobster fest. 2010 With a dedicated team of 200 staff and annual revenues of approximately 35 mil

Chapter 9 Tighe Bond Today the world. The worst financial crisis since the Great Depression got its start in 2007. Triggered by a liquidity shortfall in the United States banking system, it resulte

excellence, reliability, commitment and respect. Despite some of the recent economic challenges that all businesses have faced, the years have been good. Today, Engineering News Record ENR annually ra

overall and 1st among midsized firms. According to Dave Pinsky, Our hardworking employees are the key to our success we are committed to their growth and development so that they continue to provide t

Tighe Bond completed a feasibility study for the City of Gardner, Massachusetts for a community scale wind clean energy project. Village Hill in Northampton, Massachusetts. The project included cons

community to commercial scale. Windrelated projects include wind energy assessments and wind generated turbine and feasibility studies throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts for clients ranging from

Tighe Bonds investment in a videoconference system has greatly improved the ability to collaborate among different office locations without getting in the car. The system is used regularly, leading t

longest standing clients include the Massachusetts cities and towns of Agawam, Chicopee, East Longmeadow, Greenfield, Holyoke, Palmer, South Hadley, West Springfield and the town of Windsor Locks, Con

Governor Deval Patrick third from right traveled to Sturbridge to announce that 15.1 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grants and state revolving fund financing will be used to upgrade

Dave Healey, John Stothoff, Dana Huff, Brian Huntley, Rebecca Sherer and Marc Richards are team Tighe Bond in the Pan Mass Challenge to raise money for the Jimmy Fund 2007. food banks and care shelt

30 Ron Allan Linda YEARS Pat Ted Mike Ed Ronald A. Michalski Senior Consultant Joined 1973 Linda P. Tenanes DesignerDrafter Joined 1976 Ted Harvey Structural Engineer Joined 1975 Edmund J. Gu

Longstanding Employees The 30Year Club Although Tighe Bond has many longstanding employees 15 have been with the firm for more than 20 years 14 of them have been with Tighe Bond for more than 30 y

Ronald Michalski Allan Davis Linda PaulyTenanes Patrick Sheridan Ronald A. Michalski, P.E. Senior Consultant Joined Tighe Bond in 1973 I was hired by Ed Bayon, Phil Sheridan and George McDonnell.

Ted Harvey Michael Parsons Edmond Guilmette Joseph Toporowski Michael R. Parsons, P.E. Senior Consultant Joined Tighe Bond in 1974 I grew up in Vermont, went to college in Pennsylvania, and wante

John Block David Lenart Thomas Couture Mark Hoey Dana Huff John W. Block, P.E., L.S. Senior Vice President Joined Allan Davis Associates in 1980 and became part of Tighe Bond in 2000 The most si

Omer Dumais Mark Sansone 30 Mark D. Sansone Senior DesignerDrafter Joined Allan Davis Associates in 1979 and became part of Tighe Bond in 2000 I was hired by Allan Davis and started working part ti

The next 100 years hold many promises and opportunities despite the inevitable challenges posed by economic and worldwide events. But we are poised and ready to embark on this exciting next chapter an

Thoughts on the Future the Next 100 Years Engineering is a great profession. There is the satisfaction of watching a figment of the imagination emerge through the aid of science to a plan on paper. T

Tighe Bond Employees Nearly 700 Strong This list contains all current full time employees as of August 1, 2011 as well as past full time employees who had worked at the firm for at least one year. Ne

Margaret Elbag Mark Elbag Ronald Ellert Nancy Ettele Robin Evensen Kate Ewald Debra Faille Barbara Farnham Gerald Fecteau Florence Field Hans Figueroa Ann Finn Marie Finn Michael Finn Kevin Fitta Juli

Tighe Bond Employees John Lambert Robert Landry Amy Lane Craig Langton Joseph Lanzafame Jean Lapointe Keith Laporte Daniel LaPrade Roland Laramee Alan Laraway Nora LaRoche Robert Laroche Yesher Lars

Robert Ratay Brandon Raymond John Raymond Melissa Reeves Ruth Regan Patricia Reiss Paul Renouf Christine Reynolds Marc Richards Jon Richer Shirley Rida Tom Rigley Steve Roach Gary Roberts Jessica Robe