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THE COMMUNICATOR 2012 Fall Edition Volume VI, Issue 1 An Update from our ACHROEEO President Cynthia Hoover. . . Featured Articles of Interest Inside This Issue Articles Topics Presidents Update 2012

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 2 There will be many presenters at our Fall Institute offering their expertise to help better equip us as we navigate through those turbulent waters, through some really BIG

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 3 ACHROEEO 20122013 Officers Support Staff Cynthia Hoover ACHROEEO President Antelope Valley CCD Ron Cataraha ACHROEEO Consultant David Bugay

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 4 201112 YEAR IN REVIEW ACCCA Board Meets to Set the 201213 Agenda By Susan Bray, ACCCA Director In last months issue of ACCCA Reports we released the results of our 2012 Boa

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 5 Advocacy for Administrators Members and others heard a lot from ACCCA this past year about their positions and strategies on everything from pension reform to the 50 law, a

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 8 continued on page 9

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Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 10

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 12 AOE COE INVESTIGATIONS By Edward Saucerman and Art Gonzales The Titan Group, Professional Investigations The Workers Compensation Fraud Program was created in California

Volume V, Issue 1 Page 13 California employers suspecting fraud should report their concerns to their workers compensation insurers. Chapter 4.5 Division of Workers Compensation, Subchapter 1.5 Inju

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 14 Can a Faculty Member Receive a Disability Retirement After Termination for Cause By Frances Rogers, Liebert, Cassidy Whitmore It is now clear that if a Public Employees Re

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 16 Reasons to Consider LongTerm Care Insurance By Karen Marblestone Perry, President It should come as no surprise that a growing number of colleges and universities have emb

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 19 Update from ACHROEEO Consultant Ron Cataraha . . . I hope many of you, if not all of you, will be able to attend our annual ACHROEEO Conference at Harrahs in South Lake Ta

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Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 23 Have You Considered A Dependent Verification Review By Raelene Walker, American Fidelity Assurance Company Many employers are discovering the potential benefits of a depen

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 24 Improving HR Efficiency and Effectiveness through Consortium Membership By Marianne Tonjes, CODESP Strategic HR is the key to aligning talent management with the goals of

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Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 28 Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, and Reasonable Accommodations Under ADA and FEHA, By Brent M. Douglas, Associate at Stutz Artiano Shinoff Holtz It is every human resource man

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 29 Conversely, no employer must create an accommodation that would impose an undue hardship on the operation of the business. 42 U.S.C. 12112b5A Govt. 12926t. Similar to re

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 30 That is, the reasonable accommodation requirement does not prevent an employer from refusing to hire or from discharging an employee who, because of current alcohol or dru

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 31 and 4 select the accommodation most appropriate for the employer, if any. 29 CFR Pt. 1630, App. 1630.9. The employee bears the burden of proving that particular accommoda

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 34 Article from ACHROEEO VP David Bugay . . . Group Therapy for Human Resource People The Association of California Community College Administrators is a partner to us in man

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 35 Advanced Training for Human Resource Professionals Your ACHRO Officers plus several past officers met on August 7, 2012 to discuss the possible formulation of an advanced

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 36 Summary of CalSTRS and CalPERS Developments By Maureen Toal, PARS Public Agency Retirement Services PARS is pleased to contribute this article for the The Communicator hi

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 37 CALSTRS FUNDING SITUATION The recently adopted CalSTRS actuarial valuation as of June 30, 2011 reflects a twopercent decrease in the funding status from the previous year,

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 38 ACHROEEO PastPresidents Column . . . . . After serving two terms as your ACHROEEO President, I am pleased that Cynthia Hoover, Director of Human Resources, Antelope Valley

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 39 THE ASSOCIATION OF CALIFORNIA COMMUNITY COLLEGE ADMINISTRATORS ACCCA Lastly, I am appreciative of the support and myriad exposures provided to ACHROEEO from ACCCA Thank

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 40 DISTRICT OPTIONS UNDER STRS EARNING LIMITS by Donald F. Averill, President Using retirees as interim employees under STRS has dramatically changed with the sunsetting of

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 41 year as interims prior to retirement. This could be to earn a higher salary such that the retirement formula is more desirable with a single, higher salary included in the

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 42 Interim Assignments PPL has had a long working relationship with PERS and STRS and was instrumental in advocating the former waivers and exemptions that allowed STRS retir

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 43 2. Changes in STRS Earnings Limitation. If you employ a retiree under STRS, it is important that you be aware of STRS earnings limitations when working in a creditable ST

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 44 There are five different groups under PERS. Generally, these assignments are limited to one year. There are no restrictions under PERS currently, if you are working in a p

Volume VI, Issue 1 Page 45