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MCJT Volume 2 Issue 3 Jewish Times The Middlesex County FREE Edison Highland Park New Brunswick East Brunswick Rutgers SEPTEMBER 2015 Shomer Shabbos NOW IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD Your community

MCJT Jewish Times The Middlesex County New BruNswick, NJ EBJC 511 Ryders Lane RJX 18 Huntington RutgERs ChaBad 170 College Ave RutgERs hillEl 8 Bishop Place east BruNswick, NJ BnEi shalom tEmplE Fern

Happy Rosh Hashanah 254 EASTON AVENUE, NEW BRUNSWICK, NJ 08901 I 732.745.8600 I p 732.481.2533 e adsmiddlesexCountyJewishtimes.Com the middlesex County Jewish times septemb

COmmUNiTy CAlENdAR September 2015 June 21 Sep. 6 Ahavas Achim Teen Melave Malka. Rabbi Miodownik will speak at 1200 a.m. followed by Melave Malka. Ahavas Achim Selichot will be held at 100 a.m. RSVP

et Q The uart A FINE DINING EXPERIENCE pecial u phony Men pecialty ym A 4 Friends or chestrated f Or 4 Vegetable Roll Avocado Roll Cucumber Roll California Roll Ducky Eggs Fresh Summer Roll Ho

Mazal Tov to Michael and Susan Karpoff on the birth of a granddaughter, Rayna Ayelet. Mazel Tov to the parents, Aaron and Alana Schwartz and to the greatgrandparents, Raymond and Phyllis Lehrer. Mazal

p 732.481.2533 e adsmiddlesexCountyJewishtimes.Com the middlesex County Jewish times september 2015 7

Community news ewish Women of East Brunswick JWEB, a division of Torah Links of Middlesex County will be hosting a preHigh Holiday Challah Baking event for women and girls of all ages. This provides

p 732.481.2533 e adsmiddlesexCountyJewishtimes.Com the middlesex County Jewish times september 2015 9

Community news s Yaakov of Western Monmouth County Bai BEgINS NEw ScHool YEaR wITH ENTHuSIaSM ExcITEMENT n the days leading up to the start of the school year in the Bais Yaakov of Western Monmouth

p 732.481.2533 e adsmiddlesexCountyJewishtimes.Com the middlesex County Jewish times september 2015 11

loCal news Township Employee Children Send Letters to Edison Employees Deployed Overseas n a heartwarming display of solidarity, Edison children sent letters to Edison police officer David Tingle, who

loCal news M Michael Greenberg Releases Platform Statement for Board of Education Run completely. If I am elected to the Board of Education, I can assure you that I will not only hear your concerns bu

loCal news Highland Park May See First Four Way Stop traffic law up for a final vote in the Highland Park Borough Council on September 1st would give Highland Park its first ever four way stop ever. T

CARDS Heartfelt Cards Designed Especially for the Jewish community special occasion or just because LOCAL NEWS PHOTOS For that Sentiments Now Available at Judaica Gallery for wholesale inquir

Kiruv Chronicles T he following beautiful idea is based on a class given by Rabbi Yitzchok Feldheim, who used to do Kiruv with me at Rutgers from 2004 2007. We use wine for many mitzvos throughout ou

DO YOU AVOID DO YOU WAIT DO YOU THINK Looks like accepting a customers credit card payment due to high processing fees for your customer to mail a check instead of accepting an immediate credit card

The Magic Never Felt So Real In Orlando T he highly visited city gets an average of 57 million visitors every year, but this summer there was a group of over 400 people that truly stood out from the

p 732.481.2533 e adsmiddlesexCountyJewishtimes.Com the middlesex County Jewish times september 2015 19

International Rabbinic Delegation Travels to Vilnius to Plea for the Cancellation of Development Plans on the Snipiskes Cemetery Group Meets Deputy Chancellor and the Vilnius Mayor to Relay Calls of W

Shomer Shabbos NOW IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD NewrouteinEdisonHighlandParkArea Premiumfresh100NaturalSpringWater Hundredsofsatisfiedcustomers. Inbusinessforover10years TRYUSFORYOURHOMEOR OFFICEANDRECI

RPRY Students Eternalize the Lessons of the Holocaust Photo Credit Shoshana and Brian Allen. Names, Not Numbers S eventy years have passed since the darkest time in recent Jewish history, the Holocau

rpry 8th graderS and nameS, not numberS creator, mrS. tova FiShroSenberg From Our Family to Yours, Lshanah Tovah rpry 8th graderS preSent rebbetzin devorah hilSenrath With a giFt East Brunswick 749

bUSiNESS hAlAChA RESToRINg THE PRIMacY of cHoSHEN MISHPaT These articles are for learning purposes only and cannot be used for final halachic decision.Please contact our confidential hotline with your

NEWS Three Star General with ties to Shluchim retires in Ceremony amanah is not applicable, the worker may bear resentment taromes toward the homeowner for canceling C.m. 3331, sma 3331. whether the

es ip ec R b Honey Raisin Challah ah B. y Sar Rosh Hashana1 Its all about Traditions. Enjoy some of my favorite traditional recipes. Honey Spice Chiffon Cake Honey Carrots Barbeque Brisket p 732.

Honey Raisin Challah 5 lb high gluten flour cup honey 1 cup sugar 6 teaspoons dry yeast 4 teaspoons salt 1 cups oil 6 eggs 4 cups warm water 1 cup raisins or to taste Since we need so much of it f

Honey Carrots 1 bag of carrots 3 Tablespoons oil 3 tablespoons honey 3 Tablespoons brown sugar teaspoon salt White pepper to taste Peel and slice the carrots. Heat the oil in a pot until hot. Add the

Learning all about A CREA ICE pples M Word Search Fill It In 3D Shana Tova Card You will need 1 sheet of hard colored paper 6 sheets of pink soft paper 1 sheet of green paper Besomim clove Scissors

By C. Baumwolspiner SAVERS KEEPING YOUR COOL without BUYING 30 september 2015 the middlesex County Jewish times p 732.481.2533 e adsmiddlesexCountyJewishtimes.Com


GIVE YOUR FRIDGE A BATH E very now and then an elderly woman I know looks into her fridge and says in her quaint Yinglish, Mine frigidaire reely nids a bas PrePesach aside, theres probably no time i

CHILLING 4. Coffee ABOUT CHILLING but it doesnt. Fridge temperature is too cool and causes a potatos starches to convert to sugar, resulting in altered flavor and color. Keep them in a cool, dark pla

reezing cooked food before Yom Tov is a big timesaver, keeps food fresher longer, and frees the fridge of the space you desperately need. Freezing can be especially useful for those who cook in very l

O ther than borrowing freezer space from a neighbor a tough one before a Yom Tov or investing in a second freezer a costly indulgence all too often after a few sessions cooking, the time will come th

Bnei Yeshiva Sale Special Pricing for Students, Kollel and Faculty Special Hebrew Fonts works with Corel Photoshop A Must for Graphic Artists Add Nikud to any Yiddush Document Automatically Does ful

e A Valuable Learning Tool Designed to quickly familiarize with words, sayings and Talmudic concepts Start off the new school year with ONLY 5 LIST PRICE 35 This Elul Developed in Israel and Desi

Fighting hate with Love Speak Wome n by F. A da m s Persecution and antiSemitism have been very real and unpleasant aspects of our history for thousands of years. Even today, frequent incidences aro

or Yom Kippur. To our family, unfortunately, being Jewish was like being blonde, just a reality of life that made little difference on a day to day basis. Word got around fast in our small town, howev

Just Laugh Davening for Kavana I Yom Kippur morning Its good that weve programmed ourselves to do certain things without thinking, but it can also get in our way of our kavana. Ill admit my davening

by Mordechai Schmutter kids dont get tired of asking you for the same thing every day. But at some point, we start doing things with our davening that little kids dont do. For example, we quickly mum

Ridiculous Expensive Accident Thats S ometimes, a little bit of clumsiness can cause a whole lot of damage. A 12yearold boy learned this the hard way when he accidentally punched a hole through a 1

sxc Ridiculous Trust Experience Thats BlueBerry takes care of your LEASE RETURN no matter where it came from BlueBerry can take care of your scratches and dents at WHOLESALE COST At BlueBerry we

new jersey news News, Politics and Events Happening in the NJ governor Chris Christie egislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Gary Schaer, Gordon Johnson, Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Tim Eustace and

new jersey news News, Politics and Events Happening in the NJ governor Chris Christie the Brooklyn Bridge. Smith was charged with one count of conveying false and misleading information and hoaxes.

new jersey news News, Politics and Events Happening in the NJ As Summer Driving Ends Gas Prices Drop in NJ rivers in N.J. have probably noticed the drop on gas prices in recent days. In many stations

WHEN WE FIRST SAW THE EMAIL, I COULDNT BELIEVE IT WAS TRUE... ...BUT IT IS Due to a technical error, NJNG customers got an extension to receive the full rebate up to 5,000 until September 30, 2015. T

us world news Tennessee man who illegally climbed the Brooklyn Bridge and took a selfie on top has been arrested. 21yearold David Karnauch of Chattanooga was arrested Sunday by the Hamilton County Sh

us world news his subduers. He never said a word, said Sadler, a student at California State University in Sacramento. At that time, it was either do something or die. National Guardsman Skarlatos wa

Remembering zl 50 september 2015 the middlesex County Jewish times p 732.481.2533 e adsmiddlesexCountyJewishtimes.Com

Yossi Piamenta zl 2 8 4 6 0 6u 4 1 Sudok 3 943456 Junior Sudoku Sudoku doesnt require any special math skills or calculations. It is a simple and fun game of logic all thats needed is brains and co

us world news Captain sully sullenberger Discusses aviation, Teamwork and leadership on the Mind Your business Radio program n Sunday, August 16, the Mind Your Business radio program on 770WABC, host

wall us off, it can separate us from those who would be helping us in an effective team setting. It closes us off from their communication, their innovation, their collaboration. Were stuck with our o

us world news Congressional Debate Over Iran Deal Heats Up ith President Obama needing support both in the Senate and Congress in order to pass his Iranian nuclear deal, the debate in the Senate on C

us world news As more and more details come out about this deal, the more Americans are realizing that it is disastrous. I am calling on a massive effort to convince Senator Gillibrand to have the co

us world news Booker to Come Out Against Iran deal Christie, who said he considers Booker a good friend, stated, This is bigger than any one friendship. G ov. Chris Christie delivered a speech at C

us world news congressman smith iran nuclear deal egregiously flawed. i will vote no. C ongressman Chris Smith NJ released a statement saying that the revelation by the Associated Press that the Uni

us world news Nadler Comes Under Fire For Supporting Iran deal group of Jewish leaders strongly criticized NY Congressman Jerry Nadler for coming out in support of the Iranian nuclear deal. Assembly

From the desk of Assemblyman Dov Hikind In light of Congressman Nadlers reaction to being stunned and hurt by criticism of his support for the Iran deal, Ive sent him a card and stuffed teddy bear to

us world news Brooklyn Rally Protests Iran Deal Sample text for calls to Congressional offices Hello. My name is Moshe Greenberg and I live in Lakewood, NJ. I am calling to express my profound concer

p 732.481.2533 e adsmiddlesexCountyJewishtimes.Com the middlesex County Jewish times september 2015 61

us world news Jonathan Pollard RElEasEdon Parole sentenced him to life in prison. Weinberger reportedly told the judge that it would be difficult to imagine a greater harm to national security than

us world news community has always done what they could for Jonathons sake, albeit unsuccessfully until now. Thousands of Orthodox Jews have written letters imploring elected officials and prominent

Pick Grapes Make Wine Win Awards Repeat 64 september 2015 the middlesex County Jewish times p 732.481.2533 e adsmiddlesexCountyJewishtimes.Com

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