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YAKIMA Real Estate Report

2 2018 Yakima Real Estate Report

WHAT DOES HOME MEAN TO YOU A home is where our lives happen, where we gather at the end of a hectic day, spend time with family, its a space for relaxation and for many a place to work. In addition t

THE YAKIMA REAL ESTATE MARKET The Yakima area is a vibrant community with countless features and attractions. The local economy continues to grow, rooted in the regions history as the fruit basket of

ECONOMIC SNAPSHOT Employment Breakdown Residential Real Estate Active Listings Average Sold Price Annual Sales 421 229,575 1629 Yakima Metro Area March 2018 4.1 7 3 Median Cost of Single Family Hom

ON THE MARKET Finding the right home to buy has always been a challenging process. Buyers are faced with an overwhelming number of resources and tools for understanding the market and finding homes fo

ON THE MARKET 1200 1000 Ac ve Lis ngs Sold Lis ngs Months Inventory 8 7 6 PROPERTIES SOLD 800 600 400 200 0 5 4 3 2 1 0 HOME VALUES While Yakima is one of the states largest by area and most

HOME VALUES conclusions are so different and casts doubt on the validity of their research and conclusions. Analyzing prices from other perspectives demonstrates the increase also. Price per square fo

HOME VALUES to more expensive price ranges of homes selling in this area. Here, the quantity of sold homes priced less than 200,000 dropped 26, those priced between 200k and 399k were about the same,

FINANCING THE PURCHASE Finding the right home to purchase is just one of the myriad of details with which a home buyer must contend. Finding the right financing is a key to success when purchasing a h

FINANCING THE PURCHASE quarter point in the federal funds rate. This increase was widely anticipated by the financial markets and home financing interest rates increased early this year to about 4.5 t

NEW CONSTRUCTION Increases in housing demand can be attributed to rising populations, more affordable housing, a strong employment market and other factors. With the continued growth in demand for hou

with new homes, including Lexar Homes, Aspen View and Baron Construction. For many years now Aho Construction out of Vancouver Washington has been converting Moxee hop fields into new residential neig

LUXURY HOMES While Yakima continues to retain an affordable housing market when compared to the larger metro areas of Washington State, it also boasts a selection of luxury homes to accommodate those

months back in 2016. In 2017, however, the average dropped significantly to 10 months of inventory. There is no single reason for the tightened supply, but it is a topic of much discussion heading in

Yakima continues to be an exceptional community to live, work and play. Thanks to the areas stable housing market and opportunity for growth, purchasing a home or rental property is a safe and profita