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Yakima Real Estate Report

What does home mean to you What does home mean to you Each of us have different reasons, differing concepts, of what home is. Owning a home is a proven strategy towards building net worth and securin

Yakimas Real Estate Market Following national trends, the Yakima real estate market continues to strengthen from previous years with notable increases in both quantity of homes sold and home values. W

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Inventory With the strong sales climate of 2015 continuing this year, the number of Yakima homes available for purchase has fallen. The Pending Sales Index shows that, on average, more homes are under

Inventory A variety of factors impact inventory on the market. Influencing factors in Yakima specifically are the modest numbers of new homes being built, increasing demand brought about by slow but s

Pricing Trends Prices of homes in Yakima County have continued the slow but steady increase that we have experienced over the last several years. Yakima has a welldeserved reputation of avoiding the p

Pricing Trends East Yakima saw a reduction in sales of homes priced under 100,000 and a marked 117 increase in sales of homes priced between 100,000 and 200,000, though this represents just a handful

Home Financing Having mortgage financing available for home buyers is crucial for a well functioning real estate market and the stability of home values. In 2015 the real estate mortgage banking indus

Financing Since the economic crash and national downturn in the real estate market, interest rates have been at record lows as a result of the Federal Reserves economic stimulus strategy. As the Feder

Condos and CoOps Many people choose a condominium or coop for the advantages this form of homeownership has to offer. While condos and coops differ in their legal structure see sidebar they are both j

2016 Yakima Real Estate Report 12

13 2016 Yakima Real Estate Report

Luxury Homes The majority of homes in the Yakima area sell between 100,000 and 200,000, in fact in 2015 48 were in this narrow price range. The next largest group of homes are priced in the 200s. High

The real estate market in Yakima continues to improve as the final dregs of the economic downturn fall away and turn what was once an uncertain market to an atmosphere of robust sales. With prices in