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Vo l 9 I s s u e 4 8 M a r c h A p r i l 2 0 1 3 w w w. e y e z o n e m a g . c o m Silicone hydrogel performance across recommended replacement intervals Understanding Digitally Enhanced Lens Per

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Contents 77 C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Silicone hydrogel performance across recommended replacement intervals Sheila HicksonCurran highlights the a recent EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 48 Marchresults of2013 multi


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2013 Optitalia Optitalia 2013 Safilo 1 Boss Jimmy Choo GUCCI Dior Marc by Boss Orange Tommy Hilfiger Marc Jacobs

CONTACT LENSES C M Y CM MY CY CMY K which are designed for twoweek replacement, comfort at one week was not significantly different from comfort at dispensing, but comfort declined significan

CONTACT LENSES C M Y CM MY CY CMY K corneal staining p 0.024 Figure 1. Overall, investigators graded front surface wetting as significantly better for the senofilcon A lenses compared to the

0 never, 4 constantly intensity of endofday EoD dryness and intensity of EoD discomfort were measured using a fivepoint scale from 5 very intense to 1 not at all intense. Descriptive statistics we

CONTACT LENSES Silicone hydrogel performance across Silicone hydrogel performance across recommended replacement intervals recommended replacement intervals Sheila HicksonCurran highlights the result

Genereal General Issues Our Quest for Skills Mushtaq Ahmed Founder and Soft Skills Trainer at Grace Noble Optical InstituteChennai and can be contacted through email on A ll Sc

EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 48 March April 2013 42

43 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 48 March April 2013

News Optitalia launches its Spring Summer 2013 collection Abdullah, Raed, Junaid, Fahad, Sultan Mauro Casotto, Nader Jasser, Tazio Tassini ptitalia Group, leader in the eyewear sector, presented t

MIDO L22 HALL 22 EXPO VISION 9 LP754 45 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 48 March April 2013

News TUMI Eyewear ncorporating 25 years of breakthroughs in development, design and engineering, the Tumi Eyewear Collection is contemporary and sophisticated. The collection demonstrates Tumis iconi

Dr. Nezar Damati Dr. Herbert Schuster Dr. Nezar Damati, Using Effective Marketing Mix of Medical Optical Products to Enhance Performance Being here at EYECON 2013, I realized that the professionals

News the lounge to talk and discuss business. The guests are not in hurry or stress as they gather and exchange ideas over coffee or tea. The whole atmosphere of this gathering speaks of luxury and s

News successful, they have to go with the energy of their client, and not against it. Meaning, they have to find the right words to trigger the brains part which provides happy hormones such as endor

News vide them with certificates so they can add it in their credentials. Aside from this, Mr. Abdullah was also incharge of the demonstrations using the new impressionists from Rodenstock. He commen

News Alessandro Pagani General Manager Eyewear Abdollah Sedaghat Business Unit Manager Ophthalmic Lenses frames. The ladies collection of Porsche Design also boasted newer perspective especially

Moving to the sleeker VIP area, filled with comfy couches, tables and limitless buffet of canaps, sandwiches, coffee and tea, was dedicated for the invited only guests come in to talk about business i

News EYECON 2013 The beginning of an insightful future GMA Optical Supplies marks another major milestone with the birth of its newest project, the Eyecon 2013. Proving its leadership in the industr

Studies Research Looking for a better job in Middle East Find Your Next Job Today Positions available for Administrator, General Staff, Sales Professional, Optometrist, Optician, Office Manager an

Wettability BiotrueTM multipurpose solution helps keep lenses moist for up to 20 hours4 Surface tension mNm difference from HBSS5 Wetting agent release from silicone hydrogel lenses 30 25 20 15 10 5 0

Dryness Biotrue multipurpose solution has strong appeal among patients reporting dryness from contact lens wear1 TM Dryness is a prevalent problem among contact lens wearers2 A recent global study o

Studies Research 63 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 48 March April 2013

EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 48 March April 2013 64

65 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 48 March April 2013

Customized shop design Thanks to sophisticated display modules and fitting elements the advantages of concepts are short planning and execution time, costeffective realization and price transparency.

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Studies Research house brand digital lenses, which usually offer good optical performance for a lower price. By understanding the basics of digital lens performance, providing your lab with the prop

Studies Research makes it easy to implement the use of digitally enhanced lenses in your practice. Theres no lack of manufacturers and brands. The best of these new highly sophisticated designs also

FIGURE 2 the back of this traditional progressive and the result is a combination of the front and back cylin ders for a new effective prescription. That explains why some patients tell us that the t

Studies Research Understanding Digitally Enhanced Lens Performance By Mark MattisonShupnick, ABOM RxPertise PHOTOGRAPH featuring HOYAS SPECTANGLE APP BY IRIS JOHNSON A s an opticianry educator a

Events Exhibitors converge at 11th WOF to provide an optical feast 11th Wenzhou Intl Optics Fair, China 11th WOF for short will be held on 1012 July, 2013 at Wenzhou Intl Convention Exhibition Cent

Events SIOF 2013 continues the advocating of Innovation and brands and is 17 bigger than last year S IOF 2013, the 13th China Shanghai International Optics Fair, enjoys the presence of leading opti

Events Fresh impetus for the optics industry were all launched at opti 2013. The range of products on display attracts buyers from all over the world. More than three quarters of survey respondents s

Events The entire eyewear universe in an exhibition The entire sector has a space here. The successful format of recent years has been confirmed for 2013, with different product types divided by pavi


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Advertisers The MayJune 2013 edition is open. If you wish to make any amendments or contributions for this issue, please contact our advertising department at or fax 96522454596 by

Fashion Supplement

TOMMY HILFIGER introduces Preppy Denim eyewear style for SpringSummer 2013 he Tommy Hilfiger Group, which is wholly owned by PVH Corp. NYSE PVH, is pleased to introduce its new Preppy Denim sunglass

MR PIERCE DL48 These underground Wayfarer shaped shades are easy to wear and possess an own strong character thanks to the application of piercings on both the nose bridge and the eyebrow. The use of

CATE DL60 A sensual and unique interpretation of other dimensions expedition is materialized through delicate color nuance lens. Delineated and rounded shapes of lateral protection in perforated metal

SS13 Eyewear collection T he SS13 eyewear collection is the result of the peculiar synergy between Diesels unconventional creativity and high specialized Marcolins knowhow and expertise. A collabora

BLD 1280 BLD 1273 BLD 1258 is essentially a byword for elegance and femininity. With its unmistakable cateye shape, refined rounded rods and silverplated metal inlays, the model looks very light and

BLD 1231 BLD 1281 BLD 1258 black. The rimless metal frame, the straight bridge, the decorative inlays, the brand logo all emphasize the elegance, manly appearance of the model and make it look tren

elegance and quality of baldininni sunglasses and spectacle frames F ashionstyle and elegant, a blend of sophisticated elegance and high quality. The first Baldinini eyewear collection, presented in

intense activities when durability is paramount. Most of the styles in the ON THE WATER Collection can be made with superior MauiPassportTM prescription lenses. By the time a person turns the age of 6

world cup and Maui Jims y sunglasses third ba o the water take t aui Jim will add two additional styles to its ON THE WATER COLLECTION of sunglasses that includes 10 new styles with special features f

Transitions Optical founded Sales offices in Asia and South America open Prescription availability expands adaptive motor cycle visors Transitions II Transitions III Transitions V Transitions V

Transitions Optical the leader of light management technology for more than 20 years ransitions Optical is the world leader in adaptive eyewear and one of the most pioneering companies in todays opti

117 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 48 March April 2013