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Vol 11 Issue 61 MAY JUNE 2015 First Arab Optical Magazine EYEZONE EYEZONE Marks its 10th Anniversary Avoiding Lens Ordering Errors Assist Your CL Patient to Achieve C

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Model is wearing LIGHTER ITS ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co. KUWAIT Hassans

is your own corner of ce. THE NEW CHAMPION

Model is wearing DARKER ITS ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co. KUWAIT Hassans

Model is wearing Forest Green THE COLOR OF YOUR DESIRE Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co. KUWAIT Hassan

ew N P AP UE UV AC ILL heLp Keep YOUR pATIeNTS hAppY AND CONFIDeNT IN TheIR NeW ACUVUe bRAND CONTACT LeNSeS. LENSPALTM is the new friendly app and online guide from ACUVUE that helps patients parti

DNA doesnt lie borntomove Contact 39 0437.771359 mod.528081

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WAILUA FALLS Dramatically change appearance depending on the rain, the cloud cover, and the sunglasses youre wearing. HOOKIPA HCL BRONZE LENS VENUS POOLS MAUI ROSE LENS Available in prescription C

Hoyas premium progressive lens designs Hoyalux iD LifeStyle V and Hoyalux iD LifeStyle V XAct are both still the easy to prescribe freeform lens. They contain all the features that are so characterist

The peoplebased design Tailored vision. Matching your style exactly. The premium progressive lens that is tailored to peoples personal lifestyle and takes into account individual wearing conditions.

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Vol 11 Issue 61 MAY JUNE 2015 First Arab Optical Magazine EYEZONE Vol 11 Issue 61 May June 2015 EYEZONE EYEZONE Marks its 10th Anniversary 55 Avoiding Lens Orderin

CONTENTS 135 22 36 EYEZONE Sponsors 97 EYEZONEs 10th Anniversary 21 43 45 Ten Years with EYEZONE Marking Ten Years of Collective Efforts Ten Years of Clear Vision News 105 Irans First Optic Ex

, . . EYEZONE Vol 11 Issue 61 May June 2015 22

EYEZONE Ten Years with EYEZONE. For ten years of renewed bimonthly allegiance with you, EYEZONE has become a companion as well as a primary source in optical industry information. Our benchmark is a

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Extra care even for eyes that feel dry or sensitive Builtin wetting agent for a cushion of moisture and minimal irritation Wetting agent 1 UV blockers Water Representation of random interior lens s


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POLYCARBONATE .59 WHEN SAFETY IS A CONCERN 5.00 4.00 3.00 2.00 1.00 0.00 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 DESIGNED BY USA Leaf Polycarbonate Lenses Free of Birefringence Other Polycarbonate Lenses H

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6, 7, 8 February 2016 Excel London celebrating many more years of success and prosperity. We look forward to celebrating with them year after year and commend them in reaching this milestone of 10 yea

EYEZONE Marking 10 Years of Collective Efforts. EYEZONE prides itself of an orchestra of distinguished clientele, partners, and sponsors whose steadfast support continues to nourish the magazines vis

doorsteps, by the minute. In addition, the companys huge database of subscribers and clients received via email electronic copies of the magazine as well as promotions as well as in online social medi

EYEZONE Ten Years of Clear Vision By Ali Banddor From the offset It was a defining moment embarking on publishing EYEZONE as the first Arab optical magazine in the region. I was at that time busy run

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EYEZONE Events Hassans Optician Co. Presents Two Shades of Grey by DESIOTM contact lense wearers feel different and comfortable and we are proud to be associated with them. We have been in collaborat

Some of the booths at the exhibitions showcase the latest eyewear technology instruments A visitor tries on a trendy eyewear product. About the International Vision Expo Conference International Vi

EYEZONE Events Vision Expo East Benefits from Millennial Activity The venue of Vision Expo East is abuzz with activity More than 22,000 attendees and exhibitors gathered for the VEE exhibition Foc

EYEZONE Events SIOF 2015 Technology and Fashion in Unison international group participation, full support was rendered to SIOF 2015 jointly by Korea Optical Industry Support Centre Korea Optometric

G R A N D O P E N I N G 2 5 S E P T. 2 0 1 5 REINVENTING BUSINESS. 2 5 2 8 S E P T. 2 0 1 5 PARIS NORD VILLEPINTE Conception CARLIN S I L M O PA R I S . C O M

EYEZONE Events Silmo Paris is Reinventing Itself lenses, low vision solutions and contact lenses. Silmo Innovation shines the spotlight on the Fab Lab, which highlights the latest technological innov

Sweden is a country dominated by glare and reflection as the sun is often low in the sky putting snowsports participants at greater risk of UV exposure. enhancement does help. Even taking photos and

EYEZONE Events Maui Jim Sunglasses Perfect for Every Climatic Condition Maui Jim recently invited EYEZONE amongst a select group of optical magazines from around the world to Sweden to demonstrate t

Introducing HOYA Sensity the latest innovation in photochromic lenses that provides unparalleled performance and outstanding user comfort. 1 2 3 4 Stabilight Technology ensures consistent performance

Light up every situation HOYA Sensity Allnew light reactive lenses Light will never be more comfortable with Sensity light reactive lenses. They darken outdoors at the speed of light and fade back qu

EYEZONE Events NOVAX reached out globally through MIDO and VisionExpo shows Beta Optik, Novax booth at the Mido show earlier this year Beta Optik, Novax attended the prestigious optical shows aroun

Beauty without compromise Unique BeautyWrappedInComfortTM Technology seals pigment between two layers of comfortable lens material Etafilcon A1 The ONLY lens with pigment fully embedded within the l

EYEZONE Events MAYBACH Opens its Boutique in Abu Dhabi Yateem Group brings iconic luxury brand Maybach to United Arab Emirates The Yateem Optics showroom at the Yas Mall, where the luxury accessorie

V The secret behind perfect vision Tailored vision. Available to everyone. Discover the secret behind Hoyas V advanced freeform lens series. With the introduction of an indoor, single vision and

EYEZONE Events DIOPS 2015 celebrates 70 years of Korean Optical Technology constant plan for cooperating with automotive and medical industry as well. One of the worlds best Lens manufacturers Raymun

Practice support staff are included in handovers adds Davidson and they discuss all aspects of our patients eyecare needs, including reiterating recommendations on UV protection. Along with our dispen

Additionally, total ocular radiation is approximately the same in November as on a longer, sunnier, September day. Because of this, eye protection is warranted throughout the day, every day, when outs

EXPERT GLIDER Contact lens lubricity comparable to the cornea,1 to help prevent that tired eye feeling2 Ultrasmooth surface Low coefficient of friction Representation of random interior lens sectio

Talking to patients about UV exposure Educating patients about how to protect their eyes from the dangers of UV light can help set your practice apart, writes CRISTINA SCHNIDER The cumulative effects

.2 02 0mag .c o m C E ww w Examination Answer Sheet 1 hour of CE credit pending approval by the American Board of Opticianry Valid for credit through January 1, 2016 This exam can be taken on

S E L F A S S E S S M E N T E X A M I N AT I O N 1. Overcast skies still allow about what percent of solar radiation through a. 10 percent b. 30 percent c. 50 percent d. 70 percent 2. Recommend brown

Figure2 ence Its that 60 Minutes review all over again. On the contrary, the Italian optical channel dominates the sunglass market. In the same time period, Italy sold 7 million sunglass units for 1.

Figure3 Image courtesy of Luxottica include how dark or are based on style and looks. Lens and frame quality is based on more than that. Lens durability for example, a part of its inherent value to

Figure1 Organizations endorsing UV protection using sunwear Polarized lenses provide comfort for patients eyes by eliminating blinding glare intense flat surface reflections, enhancing contrast and

Figure2 Lens treatments, benefits and conditions of use. Note not all tinted plano lenses are 100 percent UV absorbing confirm absorption with the supplier. many as 85 percent of the U.S. have sungl

EYEZONE Continuing Education PREMIUM SUN SELLING Bringing Plano Sun into the Sale By Michelle Fleischer and Mark MattisonShupnick, ABOM Plano sunwear is a practice opportunity that makes for good bu

A great match for patient needs whether spherical, astigmatic or both Accelerated Stabilisation Design for astigmats Thin zone below eyelid Accelerated slope Optic zone Points of stabilisation Stabl

Mr. Gbor Dzsa Mr. Sharbel Abi Ephrem Ms. Sheida Latif Mr. Viktor Sipos how, will be the key for success. We are living in a vibrant and very dynamic environment, and people are looking for quick w

A WINNING TEAM HOYA Corporation is a global leader in Information Technology, Eye Care, Medical Devices and Imaging Systems. HOYA employs nearly 35,000 people in more than 100 subsidiaries across the

Make crisp, clear vision part of your day. And night. Ask about Bausch Lomb PureVision 2 contact lenses. Advanced technology for everyday life. extended wear lenses ARE RIGHT FOR YOU ASK TODAY I

CONTAC T LENS DISCOMFORT CONTAC T LENS DISCOMFORT tion of the meibomian glands. Arita and coworkers have used infrared meibography to associate gland loss with years of lens wear Arita et al, 2009.

CONTAC T LENS DISCOMFORT ficult to determine the true role that contact lens materials and design lubricity, surface treatments, water content, modulus, Dkt, and so on and lens care have on contact l

The Defintion and Classification Report classified CLD into two main categories, discomfort related to the contact lens andor the environment Nichols et al, 2013. The contact lens category is further

Your patients will thank you for recommending Biotrue . who get a Biotrue recommendation are more likely to recommend their eye care practitioner. 1 8 out of 10 patients Upgrade all your patients

CONTAC T LENS DISCOMFORT Contact Lens Discomfort Defined Each year, patients in our practices are struggling with lens wear, and in some cases, dropping silently out of lens wear. How do we get to th


EYEZONE News Vintage Sunglasses by Aktuel in 5 Different Colors The Aktuel group, which recently launched its new brand Vintage, has been receiving an impressive response from the industry for its

EYEZONE News EGMA Expands Benchmark to North America Mr. Poya Eghterafi L, CEO of EGMA USA and Mr. Adib Eghterafi, CEO of EGMA Middle East during EGMAs first official launch at the Vision Expo East



Shown to be comparable to wearing no lens at all HYDRACLEAR 1 builtin wetting agent for comfort comparable to no lens wear1,2 Wetting agent UV blockers Water Representation of randomised interior le

EYEZONE News The New Extreme with Julbo Virgin radio Dubais host Brent Black skydiving with Soul Flyers. Dubai might be known for its glitz glamour but a new culture of extreme sporting is what i

The 5507 in blackbaby blue 1.763.592.1493

EYEZONE News John Nides Appointed as Ogi Eyewears Vice President of Sales reading eyewear brand, in July of 2007. Mr. Nides has led the development of innovative sales and marketing strategies acros

EYEZONE News Irans First Optic Exhibition KIOPEX to be Held in November 2015 Kish Island, also known as the Pearl of the Gulf is the location for KIOPEX show KIOPEX, which is being held as the fir

EYEZONE News Sealz Sunglasses Become Sealed Goggles with the Push of a Button By Dave LeClair When someone goes to the beach, chances are great that theyll be wearing a pair of sunglasses to protect

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EYEZONE Studies Research Communication through Body Language Part 2 Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Deputy Manager, Yateem Group email on By the time this article appears in the next editio

material. SICS is recognized to be associated with certain combinations of lens materials both hydrogel and silicone hydrogel when used with a variety of lens care products as described earlier. Polyh

EYEZONE Studies Research Preservatives in Contact Lens Solutions Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD Member of British Contact Lens Association Member of International Association of Contact Lens Educators gammoh

YOU SHOULD BE SELLING GENEYE TOP TEN SELLING TIPS 1 Let your dispensary become a dressing room. Allow customers to search frame options by trying on various styles and discovering frame materials. 2 B

EYEZONE Studies Research You heard it here first. GenEYE is the stylesavvy generation determining the latest trends in eyewear. These trendsetters are forgetting about traditional and lackluster eye

12. No date, no initials is simply incomplete. It is only good business to be able to quickly identify both when and who. It only takes a moment to date and initial an order when it is written, but if

3. Inappropriate decentration is a red flag for potential problems. Lenses should never be decentered outward. For most prescriptions, a 1 to 3 mm inward decentration is a reasonable rule. Outward dec

EYEZONE Studies Research At one time, ordering spectacle lenses from a lab meant selecting an appropriate frame, copying the lens powers onto a form, specifying one of two materials crown glass or s

EYEZONE Studies Research Assist Your CL Patient to Achieve Comfort Dr. Nezar Damati ODMBA Certified International Professional Trainer CIPT USA Eye strain and fatigue from digital devices is especia

TOP 10 SELLING TIPS 1 Constantly rotate displays to confirm with customers that you always have the newest styles available. Make branded eyewear your main display. 2 Brand loyalty will resonate with

EYEZONE Studies Research Its time to play the name game. Brands bring style and recognition straight into your dispensary offering consumers the familiarity and logos they love. Logos represent cert

EYEZONE EYEZONE Vol 11 Issue 61 May June 2015 124

125 EYEZONE Vol 11 Issue 61 May June 2015

Experience life without glare. As the inventor of the polarized lens, our mission is to help you see more without having to pay extra for it. Try on a pair and see for yourself.

Ogi Eyewear Expands Ogi Kids Collection Ogi Eyewear expands the Ogi Kids line with new styles in the Mommy Me, Daddy I collection, a highdemand series of coordinating adult and childsized frames. T

ic berlin and Dawid Tomaszewski Create a Magnificent Collection Together Great minds think alike. Holmes and Watson. Dolce and Gabbana. Bert and Ernie. Now, ic berlin and Dawid Tomaszewski join forces

LINDA FARROW SPRING SUMMER 2015 Linda Farrow continues to break the boundaries of luxury. Introducing the Spring Summer 2015 collection, it presents a soft and dynamic accentuation to the brands exis

Introducing the 2015 MOSCOT Sun Collection MOSCOT, a New York City institution renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear The MOSCOT Originals, MOSCOT Spirit, and MOSCOT Sun Collections is basking in


STYLES TH 1307S, TH 1308S AND TH 1309 These three styles feature classic metal shapes, underlined by smart details and subtle colors that emphasize a sense of lightness. The mens squared sunglasses ar

Tommy Hilfiger Introduces SpringSummer 2015 Eyewear Collection The Tommy Hilfiger Group, which is wholly owned by PVH Corp. NYSE PVH, is pleased to introduce its SpringSummer 2015 eyewear collection,

Life is a Beautiful Sport LACOSTE reinvents the traditional racket by combining wood and graphite for the first time to create LT12. With this rare object, LACOSTE shares a unique vision of Tennis and

RUBBER EVO BORNTOMOVE Rubber Evo, originally targeted at sport fans, has boldly evolved into a trendy sports accessory offering the perfect mix of style and functionality. Obtained from the biinjecti

Maui Jims New Sunglasses Will Make You Feel Light as a Bird Are your sunglasses wearing you down with their chunky frames and heavy lenses This spring, Maui Jim lets you strut your stuff in three new

Be Different with HUMPHREYS Eyewear Achieve a brand new look instantly with HUMPHREYS eyewear thanks to cool and trendy frames in acetate and metal. This urban collection is presented with an impress

11 1213 OPTITALIA L.L.C. P.O. Box 25385 Dubai, U.A.E Tel 97144472388 Fax 97144472387 Email 4 126 Head office Kuwait Maui jim middle east FZE Dubai Airport Free zone Warehou

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COAST LAMOTTE Tanguy DE otection ate in sun pr with the ultim ast along the co ually well on Fancy sailing e job done eq and at sea. lasses get th nd la , Coast sung grip temples and curved,

Model is wearing Caramel Brown THE COLOR OF YOUR DESIRE Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co. KUWAIT Hassa

Sunscreen On UVblocking contacts In Your patients Happy There is a growing awareness of the issues associated with UV such as the depletion of the ozone layer and therefore the need for UV protecti