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Vol 10 Issue 57 September October 2014 The Power and Politics of the PD

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Introducing HOYA Sensity the latest innovation in photochromic lenses that provides unparalleled performance and outstanding user comfort. 1 2 3 4 Stabilight Technology ensures consistent performance

Light up every situation HOYA Sensity Allnew light reactive lenses Light will never be more comfortable with Sensity light reactive lenses. They darken outdoors at the speed of light and fade back qu

Sunlight travels 93 million miles to highlight a single leaf. Dont let it go unnoticed. Maui Jim polarized sunglasses provide truer, crisper colors even in low light. Style shown Kawika

2014 Maui Jim, Inc.

AMICO GROUP AL AMIN MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS CO LTD. Iconic Green CRIZAL TRANSITIONS SIGNATURETM VII NOW IN GRAPHITE GREEN Give your patients the colour of style in everyday adaptive lenses. Jointly deve

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Vol 10 Issue 57 September October 2014 EyeZone Vol 10 Issue 57 September October 2014 71 37 The Power and Politics of the PD Publisher General Manager Ali Hassan Ba

CONTENTS 85 34 22 jB Y c EYE ZoNE Sponsors Interview News 37 DITA completes Hassans niche brand portfolio 97 99 Aktuel Group Prepare for Annual Exhibition in Turkey Eyezone Continuing Educati

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j EDUCATION THURSDAY, MARCH 19SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2015 2015 22 , 19 , EXHIBITION FRIDAY, MARCH 20 SUNDAY, MARCH 22, 2015 New York, NY Javits Center VY 2015 22 ,

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Find out more by visiting Save the dates for opti 2015 now The future never waits So be sure to keep up with it. Get in on the trends and topics that the entire optical industry will be

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Interview DITA completes Hassans niche brand portfolio 2 What makes Dita stand out from the rest of the luxury brands in the market Dita is the most preferred brand by worlds many influential people

SILMO IS ALL ABOUT YOU september T H E I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N F O R O P T I C S A N D E Y E W E A R I N D U S T RY PA R I S 2 0 1 4 W W W. S I L M O PA R I S . C O M S I L

Beauty without compromise Unique BeautyWrappedInComfortTM Technology seals pigment between two layers of comfortable lens material Etafilcon A1 The ONLY lens with pigment fully embedded within the l

Let your patients see every moment, every day Accelerated Stabilisation Design ASD harnessing blink power, reducing gravitys influence1,2 Thin zone below eyelid Accelerated slope Optic zone Points of

Exceptional end of day comfort Supports stable tear film to help eyes stay moist all day1 Tear film Wetting agent UV blockers Water Fresh, new lenses every day 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST Brand Contact Lenses

Shown to be comparable to wearing no lens at all HYDRACLEAR 1 builtin wetting agent for comfort comparable to no lens wear1,2 Wetting agent UV blockers Water Representation of randomised interior le

Top tips for talking to the new wearer Top tips manytalkinglens options available if the first lenses you try are not the perfect option for you we have plenty of alternatives There are for contact

further. While care procedures were not a consideration at first, they may already be considered a chore. Planned wearing patterns of 23 days a week may already have expanded to fulltime wear. Until p

Apps are now available to assist with lens wear and care instructions, from application and removal support to providing appointment reminders. Use a followup phone call to keep in contact with new w

confident, attitude is usually easy to pick up although this may only become apparent once patients start to handle the lenses themselves. An effective handover from fitter to teacher should include a

Sunscreen On UVblocking contacts In Your patients Happy There is a growing awareness of the issues associated with UV such as the depletion of the ozone layer and therefore the need for UV protecti

Conversations in practice managing the new wearer Early experiences of contact lenses are crucial. Starting out well with a good relationship and helpful support is an important step in future success

of Motor Vehicles attempted to streamline the licensure process by reducing the DMVs frequency of vision screening from once every eight years via a licensed eyecare professional to just a single test

those exams intended to screen individuals for eye disease, provide secondary control of existing disease or tertiary prevention in reducing the consequential harm of chronic disease. In developing th

glasses by opticians, however, is still only licensed in less than half of all states. Although the FDA ensures that consumers face reduced risk from the consequences of compounded injury with the imp

an indepth look at all the issues surrounding this new skirmish. Well begin by exploring the business of making money in optical. tHE BUsinEss Of Pd The business of eyecare is comprised by various re

Studies Research THE POWER AND POLITICS OF THE PD they be able to freely shop the eyewear market, which was the intent of Eyeglasses I. ECPs respond that by releasing the PD to a supplier outside t

materials contact lenses images between nesofilcon A and nelfilcon A p 0.03 with mean predicted logMAR scores of 0.11 and 0.05, respectively. For images taken at 10 seconds shorter than blink rates a

contact lenses materials Lens shape dynamics during offeye dehydration From page 11 three commerciallyavailable daily disposable contact lenses in a controlled laboratory environment average indoor t

materials contact lenses materials contact lenses Lens shape dynamics Lens shape dynamics during offeye during offeye contact dehydration of dehydration of contact lens materials with lens materialsco


PARAMETERS POCKET GUIDE Biotrue ONEday TM Material Water Content Oxygen Transmissibility Modulus Base Curve Diameter Optic Zone Center Thickness Powers nesofilcon A 78 42 Dkt center for 3.00D 0.49

Studies Research Opportunity Keys in Optometry Market nancy d. al mashni Certified International Professional Trainer CIPT USA Master of Business Administration MBA B.Sc. of Medical Technology EMai

Also its recommended for fitters to have good slit lamp skill performance to understand and observe the fluid amount between cornea and the lens to avoid hypoxia or apical touch with bigger diameter a

Studies Research Scleral contact lens for KC management a new trend and aspects Dr. Nezar Damati OD, MBA CIPT Certified International Professional Trainer USA. Contact lens fitting consultant nedama

Dr. Ayman CEO 962795671908 Mr. okan Director Manager 905335773443 Mr. Tariq Marketing Manager 962797072724

Studies Research Blink Stimulator Frame BSF and its effect on stimulating blinking rate a pilot study Mr. Sayed Fadol, Masters in Optometry and Visual Science. Senior Optometrist at Magrabi Optical,

Optometric Management of the Patient with Strabismus Management of the strabismic patient is based on the interpretation and analysis of the examination results and overall evaluation Figure 1. The go


Studies Events Research Ophthalmology for Optometry Clinical Series Part 2 Pediatric Strabismus dr. Yazan Gammoh, Phd Email In children, strabismus squint is a common condition

work on it and thus I achieved the desired result. Let the leadership ladder in the organizations be based on Knowledge Quotient in addition to trustworthiness. These are the steps the top management

Studies Events Research The Leadership Game mushtaq ahmed Deputy General Manager, Yateem Group email on And how education and training contributes to it As the leader, so the

Eyewear Show Milan Feb 28 Mar 12 2015

MIDO International Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition

mr. cHaRBEl kanaan cover our customers needs and safety. ms. maRiannE castRO mr. aHmEd BadaWY ms. maRiannE castRO Executive Secretary Ive been acquainted with the company since 2009. My role focuse

A WINNING TEAM OPTICAL SUPPLIES CO. optical Supplies company was established in 2003 and is recognized as one of Kuwaits leading optical wholesalers offering services to industry for over 10 years. Th


IndIvIdual shop desIgn In three steps Thanks to sophisticated display modules and fitting elements the advantages of concepts are short planning and execution time, costeffective realization and price

eets Design rformance m Pe dIsplays and shopdesIgn When we design a shop, our aim is to work out an optimal furnishing concept and attend you comprehensively until completion. t

Events DIOPS 2014 concludes successfully Models demonstrate the history of Korean sunglasses and traditional clothes, Hanbok at the 13th Daegu International Optics Show The 13th Daegu International

2014 Calvin Klein, Inc. Produced and distributed exclusively by Marchon Eyewear, Inc. Style C K J 1 1 4 S 1 1 6 S

Events Cuttingedge Products and Technology from Optical Sector Presented at CIOF Exhibitors attend the seminar organized at the CIOF CIOF 2014, the 27th China International Optics Fair, continued t

Vision Expo West, International Vision Expo Conference management also released audit data for Vision Expo East. The exhibition and conference achieved the highest attendance in its history with more

Events Vision Expo West Promises to Deliver Anything and Everything Visitors checking out different booths at Vision Expo Conference West Boasting nearly 400 hours of continuing education and 190,


News Aktuel Group Prepares for Annual Exhibition in Turkey The Aktuel Group began its preparation for the annual exhibition in Turkey, which will be held in the coastal city of Antalya. They will di

News Eyezone Continuing Education spreads its wings Dr. Nezar Damati, along with a team of Ophthalmologists at Jordan University Hospital The training programs conducted by Eyezone Continuing Educa


News Le Silmo 2014 Around the Corner The start of this years major international gathering of the optics industry the Silmo exhibition is around the corner an event that promises to be dynamic and d

News A Recognition to the Diligence of a Visionary ogi Eyewear names John Nides as Scojo New York Vice President of North American Sales When Ogi Eyewear acquired Scojo New York in 2007, John Nides s

News EyeGo adapters let you perform eye exams with a smartphone By Ben coxworth When it comes to thoroughly assessing the condition of someones eyes, its usually necessary to utilize large, expensiv

Reflect your style Appearance is everything In line with the latest fashion trends, Hoya offers a mirror coating in three eyecatching colour variations gold, silver and blue. A Hoya Mirror coating cr

HOYA and Visio Venti Hand in Hand in Lebanon Visio Venti, Hoya partner in Lebanon has organized its second annual seminar on June 22, 2014 at the Mvenpick Hotel Resort in Beirut. Over 120 persons a

HOYA introduces Sensity. Allnew light reactive lenses HOYA is proud to announce its latest innovation in photochromic lenses HOYA Sensity. Light reactive lenses that provide unparalleled performance

TRIFOCAL reading addition prism thinning prism thinned . . coat ghost image IP depth 714 mm Band trifocal . . D ED trifocal 2 . 25mm s

top 8mm . vertical dimension 8 . FT width 25mm flat top FLAT TOP 2 614mm 8mm TRIFOCAL FITTING Trifocal fitting

27 25 MENA . Adidas, Gold Wood , Johnson Johnson . Maybach , Nikon , Vanessa Mehdi, Hoya, Prodesign . . . . .

Higher, faster, farther The new highflyers by TITANflex TITANflex has stood for superior comfort, maximum stability and unique designexcellence for over 25 years. Men such as the Swiss aerobatic and

Sama Eyewear is the ultimate passport to luxury Luxury lifestyle which encompasses fashion, quality and exclusivity is that aspirational place where all of our hopes and dreams can come true. The evo

Maui Jim Previews AggressivelyStyled Sunglasses for Outdoor Adventures If youre looking for a pair of sunglasses that are not for the faint of heart, take a look at two of the most aggressive new off


Lightweights with a Statement Three new titanium models of the gtti collection PETRA, PAULA and POLE show how hitech and perfection is finetuned to the smallest detail. gtti uses Titanium, which i

Lincoln is a Bold Take on Modern Masculinity Demonstrating a noteworthy tribute to masculine boldness, Seraphin Eyewear introduces the Lincoln. With its daring take on traditional mens styled frames,

Gwen wears the Olympia in Amber Tortoise 1.763.592.1493 Vision Expo West Booth G23013 Silmo Aisle P, 126, Hall 5

Tommy Hilfiger Spring Summer 2014 Eyewear Collection The Tommy Hilfiger Group, which is wholly owned by PVH Corp. NYSE PVH, has introduced the new SpringSummer 2014 eyewear collection, manufactured b

SpringSummer 2014 Eyewear collection The new SpringSummer 2014 Carrera eyewear collection from Carrera showcases sunglasses and optical frames that reflect the brands racing attitude. Carrera has draw


FallWinter 2014 Mens collection Squareshaped, cleancut, compact thickness and metropolitan appeal this is how the new Salvatore Ferragamo eyewear collection launched during the mens Fall Winter 1415

ic berlins deep freeze Escape the summer heat with new frozen mirrored lenses from ic berlin. Summer 2014 brings with it an exciting new sun lens in three chilly colours frozen green, frozen blue and

VALENTINo FallWinter 201415 Eyewear collection. Valentino Eyewear by Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli embodies balance, candor and a strong sense of individuality. The collection is distingu

AMICO GROUP AL AMIN MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS CO LTD. Iconic Green CRIZAL TRANSITIONS SIGNATURETM VII NOW IN GRAPHITE GREEN Give your patients the colour of style in everyday adaptive lenses. Jointly deve

89 76 Marchon Gulf FZco, P.O. Box 54683, Dubai Airport Free Zone Tel 97142602445, Fax 97142602464, Email 1213 74 92 122 Maui jim middle east FZE Dubai Ai

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ew N PP EA VU CU A ILL heLp Keep YOUR pATIeNTS hAppY AND CONFIDeNT IN TheIR NeW ACUVUe bRAND CONTACT LeNSeS. LENSPALTM is the new friendly app and online guide from ACUVUE that helps patients parti