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Contents EyeZone Vol 8 Issue 45 September October 2012 d66 6 6 6 T6 6 K dQIEG.KMAVMpA EYE ZONE Sponsors 29 Masters at Work Colin DCruz 65 EYEING YOUR FUTURE NOW 67 Silicone hydrogels contact

One of the regions largest eyewear industry events sees huge turnout from left Mr. Sherif Abdelazim, Mr. Avinash Dudeja, Mr. Hossam Elmaghraby, Mr. Michele Vuerich, Mr. Mohamed Elbanna, Mr. Bhuwan Ba

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Setting up Charmant Gulf has been a huge challenge for Colin, establishing the variety of international licensed brands that Charmant owns like Puma, Esprit, Elle and Trussardi while executing and mai

Masters at work Colin DCruz Aiming for Charmant Group to be the 1 Optical Frame company in the Middle East ith over 15 years of business development and brand management experience in the UAE and th

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7.8 9 I know... I know that I know Mushtaq Ahmed Founder and Soft Skills Trainer at Grace Noble Optical InstituteChennai and can be contacted through email on As we publish thi

7.8 9 SILMO 2012, Serving the optics and eyewear sector for 45 years A business trade fair with an international outreach centrally located within Europe, close to Charles de Gaulle airport, SILMO is

7.8 9 SILMO 2012, Serving the optics and eyewear sector for 45 years C onstancy and relevance these are the two key qualities of SILMO, Mondial de lOptique World Optical Fair, the major gathering

Media Sponsor First Arab Optical Magazine

7.8 9 Passing of a visionary O Mr. Guy Charlot n 24 July, Mr. Guy Charlot passed away at the age of 85. As a valued and recognized professional, he truly made his mark throughout a lifetime entirel

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7.8 9 Novax makes significant progress toward being a worldwide brand in FreeForm progressive field Beta Optik is a lens manufacturing company founded in 2003. Beta Optik meets with eyeglass wearers

and tint ranges for specific outdoor activities. They are compatible with many frame brands and styles to create custom look. They exist either in prescription or nonprescription lenses. the visual s

7.8 9 Whatever their lifestyle, a hightech solution for every proud glasses wearers faster fade back. It has a range of products to fit every lifestyle. The regular Transitions lenses provide an opti

Find out more at Insight, foresight and perspective at opti 2013, optics and design come together in a whole new way. For maximum inspiration, maximum prospects and maximum opportu

3 An all new international eye trade show launches in the UK right contacts and satisfy their business objectives. Exhibiting companies have welcomed the introduction of an international platform for

Group invests constantly in upgrading her production facilities, innovating the manufacturing techniques and materials. Being in the forefront in eyewear design, De Rigo Group aims to supply the most

3 In relation to overseas group participation at CIOF 2012, we are proud to have Fukui Optical Association Korean Pavillion and individual exhibitors Japan Korea Capturing all the trendiest, classie

To elaborate, kindly note the lines of business of some of our guru exhibitors and how well CIOF 2012 is supported Brand name Lotos J.F. Rey Minima Cazal Flair Mykita Lafont Lindberg Ports S.T. Dupon

3 CIOF 2012 continues to step forward as the biggest optical exhibition in China and Asia IOF 2012, the 25th China International Optics Fair, shall continue the legend, in making breakthroughs and pr

6, . Special Coverage Children METHODOLOGY 2020s Kids Eyewear MarketPulse Survey 2012 was conducted in April 2012 by Jobson Optical Researchs inhouse research staff. The 2012 sample of 211 independe

Although not as dominant as in the adult market, branded names are another category that has impacted the kids market. In the past six years, survey respondents have reported brandedlicensed products

6, . Special Coverage Children EYEING YOUR FUTURE NOW The power and potential of selling kids eyewear By Gloria Nicola ourted by everyone from fashion designers and food manufacturers to giant reta

corneal erosion OD. The plan was to discontinue the hypertonic sodium chloride drops and use a high Dk silicone hydrogel 8.60.50D contact lens as a bandage, a followup visit one week later was recomme

6, . Silicone hydrogels contact lens for Recurrent Corneal Erosion Management Abstract of theses by Nezar Rafiq Hasan Damati MBA degree obtained from Middle East University, Amman, Jordan, doctor of

6, . errors which is essential in children. It is noted that while access to general medical services is possible for about 25 of populations in developing countries, access to medical eye care, inc

shown that most infantile astigmatism is corneal in origin Howland and Sayles, 1985. Several studies have shown that in the first months of life, infants exhibit a high prevalence of significant degre

6, . Special Coverage Children Refractive Error in children By Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD. Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD. Email here is a considerable body of literature concerning the prev

A, people 56 from abroad, 44 from Italy . Not insignificant numbers for a year of highly penalizing economic situations and a considerable downturn in attendance at exhibitions, especially those in

creations, a space devoted to the collective participation of major Asian producers who meet the West in a profitable and virtuous exchange of ideas and experiences at Mido. Fashion District From this

A, the recognized center of attraction for visitors who are more attentive to leadingedge design and products, a point of reference for opticians wishing to enrich their offer with articles that are

A, MARCH 2, 3 and 4 an appointment with MIDO A genuine ABC of the eyewear world for a close up view of the world premieres. The latest edition, which opened in a context of considerable economic inst

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Rubber K The innovative product launched by Look Occhiali from Italy ids can enjoy their indoor and outdoor activities without caring about their frames. Parents could just wash them with soap after

P8528 P8528 Porsche Design Sunglass. New concept honeycomb structure. The honeycomb structure is used in the automobile industry. Material combination polyamide with a soft rubber injection. Combinat

M1011 from the EXCLUSIVE LINE of MercedesBenz eyewear combines special buckle construction, Mercedes Benz star as a piece of jewellery, design concept inspired by the radiator grill. M1011 M1021 fro

,.0 Acetate sunglasses large aviator shape Iconic Dior Homee metal cut on the temples, cd logo engraved on the temples. Color Black with grey lenses, black with grey polarized lenses, Havana with

guarantee the highest quality of vision and the best possible eye protection. The color range of the bylayer acetates, created by Dior in exclusivity, includes black Havana, Havana brown, beige milk,

1220 he new eyewear collection takes its inspiration from the Maisons sophisticated stylistic heritage, adding a luxurious contemporary twist new seasons sunglasses and optical frames fascinate with

343567683369 3338AA36B5 PTSghFPXMJHJgBMiSJMFJMg SMUMiMUMTT4MFJ4FMMSFMM contemporary colour combinations blue with black, black with red, black with fuchsia and black with white matte treatment mod. S

CBA 3338 0D M5A857 TMs ssYTMsY JG8W5VK7 The lightweight rectangularshaped metal silhouettes enthral with their refined details, such as the enameled colored temples, in shades of light brown, light pi

VA L E N T I N O V LOGO V105S The eyes are hidden behind a veil of mystery gradient lenses are encapsulated in this large square enameled metal frame. A fine silver line runs around the entire lens t

VA L E N T I N O FIFTIES V104S This large curvy style has the look of a glamorous fifties ice queen and features contrasting colors and materials. The enameled metal frame front is accentuated by a f

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Advertisers The November December 2012 edition is still open. If you wish to make any amendments or contributions for this issue, please contact our advertising department at or f

1013 he Dunhill Club range are iconic classics models in masculine colours. The model is metal front with acetate temple. Round soft Aviator shape with distinctive design between the two lenses. AD V

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