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Vol 10 Issue 60 March April 2015 First Arab Optical Magazine DEEP SECRETS The Sorcerers Guide To The Magic Of Coping With Corridors Safilo Introduces the New Kids by Safilo

INCREDIBLY COMFORTABLE VISION THROUGHOUT THE DAY. Introduc ng B otrueTM ONEday Contact Lenses B otrueTM ONEday lenses are made from HyperGEL, an nnovat ve mater al des gned to work l ke the eye for co

ITS ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co. KUWAIT Hassans Opticians SAUDI ARABIA D

EXPERT GLIDER Contact lens lubricity comparable to the cornea,1 to help prevent that tired eye feeling2 Ultrasmooth surface Low coefficient of friction Representation of random interior lens sectio

Model is wearing DARKER ITS ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co. KUWAIT Hassans

Model is wearing LIGHTER ITS ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co. KUWAIT Hassans

Model is wearing DARKER ITS ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co. KUWAIT Hassans

Its okay if you cant say HUMUHUMUNUKUNUKUAPUAA But it would be a shame if you cant see it. HOOKIPA MAUI ROSE LENS HOOKIPA MAUI ROSE LENS Available in prescription Color. Clarity. Detail. Recommen

HOYA launched three new V designs UITHOORN 1 November 2014. Following the successful introductions of Hoyalux iD LifeStyle V and Hoyalux iD MyStyle V, HOYA proudly expands this advanced freeform lens

V The secret behind perfect vision Tailored vision. Available to everyone. Discover the secret behind Hoyas V advanced freeform lens series. With the introduction of an indoor, single vision and

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Vol 10 Issue 60 March April 2015 First Arab Optical Magazine EyeZone Vol 10 Issue 60 March April 2015 DEEP SECRETS The Sorcerers Guide To The Magic Of Coping With Corrid

CONTENTS 76 28 32 EYE ZONE Sponsors Studies Research 95 97 101 101 103 Mr. Ric Lee is the New Director of Manufacturing at EGMA LLC Safilo Introduces the New Kids by Safilo Eyewear Collectio

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See the light HOYA Sensity new light reactive lenses for all season performance New HOYA Sensity takes light reactive lenses to the next level Stabilight Technology ensures consistent performance i

References 01 1. Petito GT, Olivares GE, Schnider C et al. Study of market segmentation in vision care how consumers make choices in vision care purchases. Optometry 2012836 94102. 02 03 04 UK Shop

Spend on vision correction Customers were asked how much per year they spent on their vision correction and the findings were then analysed by segment. Figure 5 shows the results for contact lens wea

Index vs Total sample UK respondents Health Driven Store Loyalty Value Driven 81 91 100 91 83 79 122 Time Driven 108 80 55 45 94 75 44 Price Driven 94 87 100 36 72 33 56 114 124 133 164 128 146 1

Figure 2 shows the customer segments for both contact lens and spectacleonly wearers. Across all countries, nearly half of contact lens wearers 46 percent were categorised as health driven, the larges

Note the relative importance of the practitioner to choice of practice among health driven customers, the low ranking given to price as a factor and their loyalty to buy from the same practice. Howeve

How to fit NEW PureVision2 for Presbyopia lenses Designed for improved near and intermediate vision while continuing to provide excellent distance vision. 1 Select Initial Lenses Updatespectaclerefra

NEW PureVision2 for Presbyopia lenses Designed for improved vision1 and predictable fitting1 for more effective patient management 90 of eye care professionals agree that PureVision2 for Presbyopia le

read the bank sign. Thats the real world in real light ing in real life. If patients can read the sign clearly, I feel confident they have great distance vision. If they can text and read their emails

Fitting Recommendations Thanks to scienti cally and clinically validated power pro les, tting PureVision 2 For Presbyopia is fast and e cient. Fitting guide recommendations for the PureVision2 For Pre

NEAR VISION Figure 1. The new PureVision2 for Presbyopia lens was created with a nextgeneration 3Zone Progressive Design. INTERMEDIATE VISION n ce tra l6 m m of len s DISTANCE VISION 14 mm lens

A Multifocal Designed to Optimize Success The PureVision 2 MultiFocal Contact Lenses For Presbyopia employ a nextgeneration 3Zone Progressive Design for a more natural visual experience at all distanc

YOU SHOULD BE SELLING SUNWEAR T OP T E N S E LL I N G T I P S 1 From tech touches to the most outrageously engineered materials, sport and sun are on the same team. 2 Childrens eyes are uniquely sus

Studies Research YOU SHOULD BE SELLING SUNWEAR Eyes and Shine For sunwear distinctive trends and developments continue emerging as social sharing tech celebrity coverage and new materials gain suns i

EGMA Progressive Design PROGRESSIVE DESIGN FOR YOUR OWN POINT OF VIEW 5.00 4.00 3.00 2.00 1.00 0.00 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 P P P P P P Individually tailored progressive lens Personal visual

Understanding the effects of gaze angles and posture Research to assess the normal resting and reading positions of the human eye has been extensively carried out by many lens companies and has reveal

Some wearers may complain these designs intrude on their DV acuity when they are switching from a traditional or balanced design. Compounding factors here include patient posture and prescription delt

and the MRPAlignment Reference Marks. This value varies between different manufacturers and even different designs within a manufacturers offering, and can vary from zero to 6 mm, with 4 mm being the

Studies Research THE SORCERERS GUIDE TO THE MAGIC OF COPING WITH CORRIDORS By Barry Santini approach 1. The reading level may end up uncomfortably low, and 2. Different frame sizes result in differen

Studies Research Understand Patient Needs to Apply Best Assessment Dr. Nezar Damati ODMBA Certified International Professional Trainer CIPT, USA An Eye Care Professional ECP should conduct a thorough

TOP TEN SELLING TIPS 1 Research and invest in small boutique collections to impress customers with exclusive products. plateau. Offer fashionable cases and stylish jeweled chains that complement eyew

Studies Research A Life of Luxury The world of luxury eyewear is the perfect place to fulfill the needs of customers searching for opulence and exclusivity. With premium craftsmanship and highquality

neutralisation. Pharmacy grade H2O2 may vary in concentration and contains no neutralisation. It is hypotonic, which may cause lenses to bind to the cornea upon insertion. Also, it is not buffered whi

Studies Research Hydrogen Peroxide Systems Lens Care Products Part 2 Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD Email Hydrogen peroxide disinfection was introduced when nonHEMA SCLs 4555 water init

from bright light, reduces eye strain, gives you comfortable vision and makes you photogenic Complete Share the message in complete manner. Otherwise, it will be ambiguous and misleading. Consistent C

Exclusively Distributed by HASSANS FZ CO

Studies Research Communication through Body Language Part 1 Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed Deputy Manager, Yateem Group email on Human beings are blessed creatures like no other. Apart from

Find out more by visiting Find opti on Facebook Save the dates for opti 2016 now Topics, trends and a thousand moments for your success experience how the new is constantly reinventing

Events Ms. Bettina Reiter is the New Project Manager of opti Change of staff in the project management of opti As of 02.02.2015, Ms. Bettina Reiter 50 will be responsible for the International Trade

The Fashion show showcasing optical products of various brands with the world renowned Royal College of Art, whose students were invited to submit eyewear designs under two main categories Couture an

Events 100 Optical Breaks Records Visitors at the 100 Optical One of the most sought after Optical events of the year the 100 Optical show recorded a massive 25 increase in attendance with in ex

Alcon announces Joelle Mardinian as Brand Ambassador for its FreshLook Color Contact Lenses The range comes in daily and monthly disposable contact lenses. George Wagih, Alcon Vision Care Business Uni

News Eyedrops May Be Replaced by Stickon Nanowafers make sure they get enough. This unfortunately increases the chances that theyll miss a dose, plus it boosts the likelihood of side effects such as

Mr. Adib Eghterafi Mr. Michael Makonnen Mr. Walid Elkaterji Mr. Taeed Mohammadi experience with the Operations Manager of EGMA USA who came and worked with us at our Dubai facility. The most diffi

A WINNING TEAM EGMA, a leading optical manufacturing and service company serving the entire GCC and North Africa has taken a personal approach for serving each customer through its divisions of Ophtha

News Be My Eyes App Lets You Lend Your Eyes to the Blind By Stu Robarts Although blind people are generally capable of going about things unaided, there are times when seeing something is a necessit

News Aktuel Group Launches Vintage The Aktuel group recently launched its new brand Vintage which is one of its most fashionable and high quality designs. Vintage was recently presented at SilmoIstan

Luisa Delgado, CEO of Safilo, said that, The idea to look more deeply into childrens eyewear came from our Plant workers, more than 75 of whom are women, many of them mothers or grandmothers. In one o

News Safilo Introduces the New Kids by SAFILO Eyewear Collection Optical frame from the Kids by Safilo eyewear collection and stable, thanks to the presence of a lower bridge and to the special des

News Kefan Optics Largest Store in Kuwait Reopens with a New Look Kefan team along with Mr. Hussain AlWazzan, VicePresident and Mr. Wael AlSabih, President of Kefan Optics during the store reopening

News Maui Jim Joins ATP with Exclusive Official Eyewear Partnership Martijn van Eerde L, Marketing Director, Maui Jim Europe with Laurent Delanney, ATP Commercial Director Premium polarized sunglas

Industry met HOYA Team VisionX Dubai Optical Exhibition November 2527, 2014 Between November 2527, 2014 Hoya participated in the VisionX Dubai Optical Exhibition, which is the only optical and eyecare

Energy for your eyes Do you have a busy and intensive lifestyle Are you passonate about your work, your studies and your hobbies Sometimes you may feel that your eyes are tired or even burning and i

. MRP . B.C Bevel V.D 0 6 B.C 1 Shape Power factor factor glare Corning glare PF527 CPF511 149 B.C Eye size EyeZone Vol 10 Issue 60 March April 2015 106

2 3 00 3 00 2 00 high index high index 3 Pantoscopic tilt 1 Face form angle 2 PD 3 vertex distance 4 Eye size 5 adjustable pads pad arms face form pantoscopic tilt high index 39CR high index high ind

Jos. Eschenbach Brand is a Symbol of Vision, Tradition and Innovation With its new Jos. Eschenbach brand, Nurembergs Eschenbach Optik GmbH reflects entirely on the companys overacenturyold roots. As

Irresistible Colors for your Eyes by DesioTM DesioTM believes that moods and feelings are expressed through gestures and, above all, with eyes that know how to convey deeper meaning much more than wo

Mod. MM Classy III

BOSS Eyewear SpringSummer 2015 Collection The BOSS SpringSummer 2015 Eyewear collection underlines the contemporary personality of the BOSS brand. The mens sunglasses and optical frames reflect a cla

Lacoste Designs Frames Inspired by the LT12 Tennis Racket Inspired by the launch of the LT12 tennis racket, LACOSTE has designed the unisex LT12 frames L781S. Lightweight and comfortable, these aceta

Maui Jim Straps on Waterman to Ride the Waves This coming February, get ready to take to the waves Arriving in stores are the most aggressive sports sunglasses in the Maui Jim portfolio. Designed for

The Carina and the Denton Sun 1.763.592.1493 by Ogi Eyewear

Ogi Eyewear Introduces Innotec Sun Collection Innotec, an Ogi Eyewear brand, debuts its new collection of sunglasses. The meticulously designed application of Innotecs proprietary fusion of materials


Gtti Frames Hand Polished with Talent and Precision Barbara Waltraud Each acetate model by Gtti is hand polished with the polishers personal quality seal. They are named Barbara, Ludmilla, Renate

ORION Gold Wood reveals a new core theme for its optical Eyepieces Urban collection. The ORION concept will appeal to women and men in search of contemporary styles, handcrafted natural and noble mat

FEB31st Enters a New Era in Wooden Eyewear Introducing 2015 collection from unique Italian eyewear brand FEB31st opens the new 2015 season with the launch of distinctive new frames to add to their col

Mad in Italy the Madness of Being Oneself. MAD IN ITALY has created extremely light sunglasses. It gave a fresh air of Italian taste through the new mirrored sunglasses collection at the Dubai Vision

deCODE Los Angeles Breaking Through Boundaries Using a groundbreaking new technique, the latest collection from luxe Los Angeles brand Sama Eyewear is a tribute to neoclassicism fuelled by stridentl

A New Project from Look the Concept Factory HELIOS, the Sun of Look. The Helios sunglasses were born from the union of two forms of excellence the technology at Look Occhiali, which is used to make o

Jimmy Choo SpringSummer 2015 Eyewear Collection The Jimmy Choo eyewear collection for SpringSummer 2015 comprises effortlessly glamorous styles with feminine and daring details. The collection featur

1415 Marchon Gulf FZCO, P.O. Box 54683, Dubai Airport Free Zone Tel 97142602445, Fax 97142602464, Email 16 17 Marco Bonapace Managing Director Vision Eye

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A great match for patient needs whether spherical, astigmatic or both Accelerated Stabilisation Design for astigmats Thin zone below eyelid Accelerated slope Optic zone Points of stabilisation Stabl