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Her Vision Will Change. Her Experience Wont. as her vision evolves into presbyopia Continue providing the care youve always delivered with the number 1 daily disposable brand, now in a multifocal len

NEW Built on the ACUVUE MOIST Family the 1 daily disposable brand in the world1 Now you can continue excellent care Pupil Size The ONLY MULTIFOCAL LENS that uniquely optimises the optical design t

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

Message from the Publisher Its not too long ago since Eyezone Institute listened to the demand and saw a promising future for the optical industry in the region through polishing of optical science

22 Publisher General Manager Ali Hassan Banddor Chief Editor Mohammed Khadada Executive Editor 75 8 Snehal Sawant Media Consultant

CONTENTS EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017 47 31 49 45 EYEZONE Sponsors 45 Interview 25 We Hope to Make Yateem Eye Center a Hub for Medical Tourism Mr. Nasser A Yateem News 27 A Dream Tu

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EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

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Youre unique. Your Yuniku. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a face is worth millions. Meet Yuniku the revolutionary innovation in 3D tailored eyewear. Fits any lifestyle, any look and any

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EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

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EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

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RANVEER SINGH EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

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EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

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The stateoftheart facility at Yateem Eye Center houses an international clinic with diagnostic and surgical equipment, a dedicated pharmacy and optical retail unit. focused on the development of our

Interview We Hope to Make Yateem Eye Center a Hub for Medical Tourism Mr. Nasser A Yateem on building a facility that offer holistic vision care services, world class diagnostic equipment and surgica

The specialists team that leads Yateem Eye Center. From lr Dr. Ahmed Afra, General Ophthalmologist Dr. Satyam Garudari, vitreoretinal surgeon Dr. Yogesh Kapoor, Medical Director Ms. Munira Yateem, Vic

News A Dream Turns Into Reality with the Launch of Yateem Eye Center His Highness Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Culture, Youth, and Social Development inaugurates Yateem Eye Cente

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

News Why Blinking Our Eyes Doesnt Cause Strobe Vision Our eyes are kept on track by the steadicam of the mind Michael Franco You might not realize it you will now that we brought it up, but you bli

Fi t ne ss E nthu siast. Sociable . Vib t an r . Because Sarah wants to make the best impression, prescribe 1DAY ACUVUE DEFINE. For illustrative purposes only EYEINSPIREDTM Design Natural

News Retinaimaging Camera Does Away with Those Darn Eye Drops Dr. Bailey Shen has his retina imaged using the prototype camera Credit University of Illinois at Chicago Ben Coxworth When it comes to

the journey to success. Dr. Cristina Schnider has spoken, written and taught internationally on the subject of cornea and contact lenses for over 2 decades, and is a Fellow of the BCLA, Diplomate in

News The 9th Annual ACUVUE Eye Health Advisor Symposium Successfully Held in Kuwait Lyndon Jones is a Professor at the School of Optometry and Vision Science, University Research Chair and Director o

Te a che r. N a t u re Lover. f Com o e tS r e . er k Because Carols eyes are prone to discomfort, prescribe 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST. For illustrative purposes only EYEINSPIREDTM Design Dual Ac

index of tear. Cont and Burns J. Age, stability 7 Patel S, Boyd KE Lens Anterior Eye 2000232 447. tear film and the refractive of the precorneal 8 Koh C, Maeda N, Hamano T et al. Effect of index of te

Contact Lens Monthly difficult to fit Mid and High add presbyopic patients. Binocular distance, intermediate at 64cm and near at 40cm logMAR acuity are summarised in Table 2. Overall, 86 per cent of p

Contact Lens Monthly TABLE 2 Proportion of subjects achieving binocular logMAR VA high contrast, high illumination at distance, intermediate and near18 Visual acuity logMAR Snellen All n275 Low add Mi

Contact Lens Monthly al Presbyopia pupil diameter 50250 cdm2 4 3.8 3.6 3.4 3.2 3 2.8 2.6 2.4 2.2 10 20 30 40 Pupil size DECREASES with age Presbyopia pupil diameter 50250 cdm2 4 3.8 3.6 3.4 3.2 3

Contact Lens Monthly art 1 of this series highlighted the opportunity to increase the prescribing rate for multifocal contact lenses in the UK and examined the design principles behind the currently a

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

Events WOF 2017 Showcases Innovative Products and CuttingEdge Technology The 15th Wenzhou Intl Optics Fair, China WOF 2017 organized by Wenzhou Optical Association and Wenzhou Donnor Exhibition Co.


Eyezone Institute of Opticianry Brien Holden Vision Institute and Eyezone Institute Sign Joint Venture to Increase Optometry Education in the Middle East on optical technologies through the delivery

Eyezone Institute faculty members, Dr. Nezar Damati left and Ms. Enas Musa center discuss academic plans with Dr. Suit May Ho right. that will ensure the continued delivery of eye health education th

Eyezone Institute of Opticianry Training the Trainer to Raise the Standard of Optical Learning in the Middle East Dr. Suit May Ho of Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy conducts extensive training


Eyezone Institute of Opticianry Professional Growth for Eyezone Institute Graduates Guaranteed A batch of around 50 students completed the Optical Sales Training Program at Eyezone Institute of Optic

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

Available in prescription. STYLE SHOWN ORCHID Colour. Clarity. Detail. At Maui Jim, were dedicated to bringing more Colour to your life with PolarizedPlus2 lenses that enhance clarity, eliminate glar

Want to learn more Access the freely available study at w w w. s c i e n c e d i re c t . c o m s c i e n c e a r t i c l e p i i S0161642016000257 Originally published in Review of Cornea Contac

Research has made considerable headway in identifying optical interventions that might aid in preventing the onset and progression of myopia. Optical interventions provide myopic defocus bringing the

Figure 2. Regional prevalence of myopia in 2000, 2030 and 2050. Source Adapted from Holden BA, et al. light have been shown to affect axial elongation in animal studies, but are yet to be tested in h

Figure 1. Estimated global prevalence of myopia and high myopia 20002050 location and socioeconomic status httpghdx. healthdata.orgcountries. Evidence of varying prevalence over time enabled our rese

Brien Holden Vision Institute Myopia on the Move By Monica Jong, PhD, BOptom, Padmaja Sankaridurg, PhD, BOptom, Timothy R. Fricke, BOptom, MSc, Thomas John Naduvilath, PhD, Serge Resnikoff, MD, PhD,

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

the protective tint that the eyes crystalline lens acquires through exposure over time. This type of blue filtering doesnt have to involve a hunting glasses type of yellow hue some have just a subtle

solution wont work to address the issue, we have to expand the requirements of generalpurpose lenses to include comfortable mobile device use. For Millennials, a new category of lenses has sprung up t

area of clear vision will be, especially in higher prescriptions. And while asphericity makes lenses flatter and thinner, traditional surfacing doesnt allow similar optimization for cylindrical powers

Studies Research Has there ever been a group of people more analyzed, categorized and generalized about than those born between 1982 and 2003, known as the Millennial generation A whole cottageindus

Biotrue ONEday TM CLEAR AND COMFORTABLE VISION THROUGHOUT THE GAME1 The first and the only daily disposable contact lens, made from revolutionary HyperGel TM Material. Reference 1 Results from a 2

Bausch Lomb Biotrue Multi Purpose Solution Paves Way for Contact Lens Success By Harue Marsden, OD Professor and associate dean of clinical education Southern California College of Optometry Ownerpa

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

5. Agrawal V. Corneal collagen crosslinking with riboflavin and ultravioletA light for keratoconus Results in Indian eyes. Indian J Ophthalmol 200957111114. 6. Seiler T, Huble S, Spoerl E. Manifest di

Figure 3 Corneal Topography of a normal cornea. These images represent a regular cornea with no distortions or irregularities. Figure 4 Corneal topography of a keratoconic cornea. The distorted much

Figure 2 a Application of 0.1 riboflavin drops prior and during corneal cross linking procedure. b Central cornea irradiation with UVA light that has a wavelength of 370 nm and a radiance of 3mWcm2 a

Studies Research Treatment of Keratoconus with Riboflavin UVA Induced Cross Linking Ms. Dana N. Koff, MSc, BSc Optometry Email Former lecturer of Optometry at the Jordan University

Hoya Sensity already proved to provide unparalleled performance and outstanding user comfort. Now Hoya is introducing a new color to its photochromic lens portfolio. 1 2 3 4 Stabilight Technology ensu

All shades of life Adapt to all light conditions Sensity light reactive lenses change colour according to the light outdoors, they darken to become sunglasses. Indoors, they lighten again to become e

only big dreams have the power to move mens souls. All selfmade achievers in the world have dreamt wonderfully and fantasized voluminously. Thus they were able to map their mind, set the goals and put

Studies Research Dare to Dream Mushtaq Ahmed Deputy General Manager Yateem Group Email on So much has been heard and said about a word that springs myriad feelings quite ofte

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

RANVEER SINGH EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017

Bella Colored Contact Lenses Unveils The Elite Collection Following the tremendous success of Bellas Secret Collection of colorful daily lenses, Optical Supplies Co. has now launched Elite Collection

2017s RosyHued Eyewear Trend enhancement through a patented infusion of rare Earth elements designed to increase and balance colour saturation whilst filtering out colour interference. The result is a

RoseTinted Shades Looking at life through rosetinted glasses Then you are on trend with the latest fashion in eyewear rosetinted sunglasses. From the US and the Middle East, to Europe and Australia, f

GV 7071S and GV 0062 EYELIGHT A style with an acetate front distinguished by a thicker ciliate in contrasting color that marks the upper part of the sunglasses as well as the optical model. The wedg

EYEWEAR COLLECTION FALLWINTER 201718 GIVENCHY presents its new FallWinter 2017 eyewear collection. Sunglasses and optical models are characterized by contrasts in volumes and geometries, where femini

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EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 May June 2017