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Vol 11 Issue 66 March April 2016 First Arab Optical Magazine A New Dawn for GlassLenses Implant could bring Tears of Joy to Dry Eye Sufferers


HOT, BITTER AND STRONG How do you like yours Desio presents a new range of coloured contact lenses, four shades for him and her that evoke stories of distant and exotic lands. Espresso, Cappuccino, Ch

Model is wearing Espresso

Progressive lenses for SEIKO SUPERIOR Xcel Perfect Visual Experience SAUDI ARABIA

Vol 11 Iss ww w.eye ue 66 zone March Ap mag .com ril 2016 Firs t Arab O ptical Maga zin e New ssLe Dawn ns for ant es of could SuffJoy to bring erer Dr y s Message from the Publ

Vol 11 Issue 66 March April 2016 First Arab Optical Magazine EyeZone Vol 11 Issue 66 March April 2016 A New Dawn for GlassLenses Implant could bring Tears of Joy to

CONTENTS 24 20 51 60 Sponsors 37 Interview 37 Individual Expression is the Next Big Trend News 38 Charmant Group Makes Waves at 100 Optical 39 Garmins Varia Vision Brings Smarts to Regular Cyc

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The most minimalist glasses in the world. See better. Look perfect. R 8010

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Always polarized. Discover a treasure of colors.

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COAST LAMOTTE Tanguy DE otection ate in sun pr with the ultim ast along the co ne both on Fancy sailing get the job do d at sea. sunglasses land an , Coast grip temples and curved,

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Extralong feeder tab makes WHY USE ANYTHING ELSE Snapit Wheel assortment comes with 250 Snapit screws 10 sizes, 25 screws each handling screws a cinch Feeder length snaps off cleanly with just

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Available in prescription. GUARDRAILS Colour. Clarity. Detail. PolarizedPlus2 Sunglasses Recommended as an e ective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin.


SEIKO SUPERIOR Xcel The ideal design for every lifestyle Your customers can choose individually from 3 different lifestyle types A, B, C depending on their personal visual profile Type A Extremely la

References 01 Roussopoulou E, Rose M. Contact lens wearers attitudes and needs Similarities and differences. BCLA Conference Poster, 2015 02 Sheardown H et al. Chemical characterisation of 1DAY ACUV

Table 1 Contact Lens and New Wearer Attributes by Need Group Questions for patients around attitude, symptoms lifestyle Do your eyes frequently feel dry, itchy or irritated during the day Do you f

For Many Eyes, Many Answers Dr. Cristina Schnider Just as skin care products have been developed for different skin types, and hair care products for different types of hair, contact lenses are availa

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Interview Individual Expression is the Next Big Trend It was like I discovered that the chance of getting a frame that actually fits you perfectly in the colors you want, the styles you want is very

News CHARMANT Group makes waves at 100 Optical Charmant Groups team at its booth in the 100 Optical Show in London CHARMANT Group, renowned worldwide for its pioneering work in the research and de

News Garmins Varia Vision brings Smarts to Regular Cycling Glasses The Varia Vision is reportedly compatible with most existing cycling glasses Credit Garmin Ben Coxworth Cyclists already have thei

If youre not using your customers personalised eye parameters, then youre not With Rodenstock Impression lenses, which take into consideration the Corneal Vertex Distance, Pantoscopic Tilt, Face Form

News Implant could bring Tears of Joy to Dry Eye Sufferers The device may cause patients to produce more tears, when wirelessly activated Credit Shutterstock Caused by a lack of proper tear fluid,


News Vitamin Cdetecting Sensor could Assess Eye Injuries on the Spot The ascorbic acidmeasuring OcuCheck sensor Ben Coxworth Although any eye injury can be painful and upsetting, those that involve

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News Harman Driver Monitoring System Keeps and Eye on the Eyes The system continually monitors pupil dilation as an indication of the drivers mental workload Stu Robarts The system continually moni

HOT, BITTER AND STRONG How do you like yours Desio presents a new range of coloured contact lenses, four shades for him and her that evoke stories of distant and exotic lands. Espresso, Cappuccino, Ch

Model is wearing Black coffee

Available in prescription. STYLE SHOWN WASSUP Colour. Clarity. Detail. PolarizedPlus2 Sunglasses Recommended as an e ective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin.

News Eyecare Professions Leading Show Celebrates 30 Years of Contributions and Impact location has become home to dozens of related events taking place during the week of Vision Expo, many of which s


News The 1st EMCO Congress of Optometry to be held in May The Eastern Mediterranean Council of Optometry EMCO, the representative of World Council of Optometry WCO in the Middle East has a mission t

BIOTRUE ONEDAY LENSES BOOST PATIENT SATISFACTION 91 86 91 of daily disposable patients are happy with Biotrue ONEday lenses1 86 of daily disposable wearers agree that Biotrue ONEday lenses provide

Biotrue ONEday Biotrue ONEday The Most Popular Contact Lens The Most Popular Contact Lens

Events Dogan Optik Presents its Latest Collections at MIDO The Dogan Optik team at MIDO Dogan Optik Group, a company that exports many famous eyewear brands presented its latest collections at the

Visitors get their eyes examined at the booths in Equipment hub section of the show Nathan Garnett, shows event director poses with a funky pair of glasses Commenting on another successful education

Events 100 Optical Breaks Records and Wows Visitors at London Excel Professor Kovin Naidoo, CEO of Brien Holden Vision Institute speaks before a packed audience at the education programme of 100 Opt

the Child being the most ratified human rights convention in history, the mandate for communities, civil society and governments to come together to address childhood blindness, is clear. About the au

Photo by Graeme Wyllie courtesy of Brien Holden Vision Institute Tanzania Photo by Dean Saffron courtesy of Brien Holden Vision Institute Cambodia made childhood blindness a priority eye disease and

Studies Research A Pathway to Ensuring Child Eye Health Worldwide Photo by Jamshyd Masud courtesy of Brien Holden Vision Institute Sindh Pakistan Authors Hasan Minto, Sumrana Yasmin, Vingfai Chan,

EYEWEAR B8036 We are the opposite of mass production. For more information Vision Fashion 34 Gamet Al Dewal Mohandisen Tel 2023037482 Bentley a

Model is wearing Espresso HOT, BITTER AND STRONG How do you like yours Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co

Examination Answer Sheet 1 hour of CE credit by the American Board of Opticianry Valid for credit through January 23, 2017 This exam can be taken online at Upon passing the exam, you

MILLENNIALS IN THE MARKETPLACE E C m .2 02 0mag .c .2 02 0mag .c o o m C E .2 m C E 02 0mag o ww w .c Millennials in the Marketplace ww ww w 1. Which of the following is N

doing. Put a Millennial in charge of your goals and next steps. Consider the following basics a. Recycle using appropriate bins in break rooms and labs. b. Reduce consumption of energy, water and othe

E Millennials in the Marketplace C m .2 02 0mag .c .2 02 0ma c g. o on the social importance of a cause. Any effort you put toward adapting to Millennials work style will pay off. Build r

Breed of Consumers and Employees Breed of Consumers and Employees of their international, instantaneous digi a generation with these beliefs. Try to 2. Leverage their comfort with teamwork tal connect

Continuing Education .2 02 0mag .c .2 02 0mag .c o o Millennials in the Marketplace A New 1 CE CREDIT LEARNING OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this pro gram, the participant should be able to

Ophthalmic Equipments Surgical Instruments India, Nepal, UAE, USA, UK, Indonesia Pharma Products Ophthalmic Consumables Akriti brings the complete range of Products now in Middle East, contact to

Find out more online at www.opti.deen 2017 ATTENTION k d a y s e Changed we MONDAY TURDAY SA Save the date for opti 2017 now The ultimate optical trade show is back exciting, original and sensa

OPTICS FIT FOR A KING Glass has been universally hailed as the highest standard for optical quality, with optics as good as glass being an oft heard marketing comparative. Lets chart the various qual

The basic fitting principles for eyewear with glass lenses include Maintaining good temple clamping forceAlthough some of the stronger spring hinges may be employed here, most frame choices should fea

THE MYTH OF GLASS The myths of glass lenses are many, including that they are uncomfortably heavy, not available in current lens designs, and not pairable with a state of the art, antiglare coating. B

Studies Research From top Vuarnet VL006 from Vuarnet Derek Lam 256 from Modo GLASSLENSES By Barry Santini If its been a while since you dispensed a pair of glass lenses, youre not alone. Most ECPs r

Studies Research What is the Emphasis on Rigid Gas Permeable Contact Lens Dr. Nezar Damati ODMBACIPT ABO American Board of Optometry Accredited Speaker There are a number of things you should be awa

you never know what youll run into. THE NEW CHAMPION

Studies Research Prescribing Contact Lenses for the Presbyopia Part 2 Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD Email Head of Education, Eastern Mediterranean Region, World Council of Optometry Jor

to obstruction of the meibomian glands orifices, also scarring in the lid margin leads to changes of the orifices, which as a result affect their function, ending up with lesser secretion to the diffe


from the presence and formation of Staphylococcal toxins caused by dermal irritation.21 Though in the cutaneous type of the disease, allergy and hypersensitivity reactions will be the most appare

Studies Research Blepharitis The Most Common Eye Lid Disease Part 1 Definition, classification and pathophysiology of the disease. Ms. Dana N. Koff, MSc, BSc Optometry email Former l

Handling Objections through IPOD Method The IPOD method of handling objections is explained as follows LISTEN WITH EMPATHY Obtain more information Use nonverbal listening skills to express interest S

Studies Research Herrmann Whole Brain Model Final Part Customer Preferences and Choices Mushtaq Ahmed Deputy General Manager Yateem Group Email on For everything there is a s

especially in more advanced cases, with ongoing comfort, potential apical compromises, and stability of lens positioning. Piggyback contact lens systemsThis is a two lens system, which consist of RGP

Studies Research Contact lens Management of Keratoconus Sanjay Kumar Mishra M. Optom, In the previous issue we discussed details about keratoconus and Management of keratoconus.

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HOT, BITTER AND STRONG How do you like yours The strong and luscious scent of coffee fills the air with warmth and charm. In the morning the aroma carries with it the heat of the night and dreams that

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The Lisette, by Bon Vivant Bon Vivant, a cosmopolitan collection of eyewear that distills French essence and couture style, is excited to announce the arrival of its newest style The Lisette. Drawing

10 29 48 42 44 PREMIUM PARTNER 2015 Pan Gulf Optics Maui Jim P.O.Box 9019 SALMIYA 22091 Middle East FZEWarehouse I 16 KUWAIT Dubai Airport Free Zone Tel 965 25740441 Fax 965 25740442 PO Box 29

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175 YEARS OF OPTICAL EXPERIENCE Mr. Poya Eghterafi 40 YEARS Mr. Zia Eghterafi 20 YEARS Mr. Abdollah Sedaghat 30 YEARS 30 YEARS 12 YEARS Mr. Joseph Antony Mr. Michael Makonnen 15 YEARS 14 YEARS

EGMA CONCEPTS Making Smart Stores How can your store give you the best Return On Investment Product Portfolio the store concept should re ect the brands showcased and the personality of the custome

PART 2 The stakes are high when making good decisions and adopting a disciplined eyewear methodology. If you buy more eyewear than you need, you will have to o er a price reduction which will lower t

BETTER STOCK MANAGEMENT BETTER PURCHASE POLICY As a purchase decision maker, you have most likely come across an o er to buy a large quantity of stock at a discount. While this might look like a good

Model is wearing Cherry coffee HOT, BITTER AND STRONG How do you like yours Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J