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EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

Her Vision Will Change. Her Experience Wont. as her vision evolves into presbyopia Continue providing the care youve always delivered with the number 1 daily disposable brand, now in a multifocal len

NEW Built on the ACUVUE MOIST Family the 1 daily disposable brand in the world1 Now you can continue excellent care Pupil Size The ONLY MULTIFOCAL LENS that uniquely optimises the optical design t

ANUSHKA SHARMA EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017 PLD 4047S

Message from the Publisher As most organizations strive to enrich eye care services across the globe, as well as, develop strategies to strengthen eye health education, we are focused on sealing our e

18 Publisher General Manager Ali Hassan Banddor Chief Editor Mohammed Khadada Executive Editor 16 57 8 Snehal Sawant Media Consul

CONTENTS EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017 37 43 71 EYEZONE Sponsors 31 Eyezone Institute of Opticianry 87 Events 29 25 Eyezone Institute Conduct in Collaboration with Brien

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EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

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For your Comfort, Natural Glamour Looks Anesthesia And Anesthesia USA is Your choice Anesthesia USA Inc Hickory Hills, IL 60457 USA 1855RXLENS 1 1844879211

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EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

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EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017 EYEZONE Vol 11 Issue 71 January February 2017 18 18

Eyezone Institute of Opticianry Eyezone Institute conduct in collaboration with Brien Holden Vision Institute slit lamp training in Jordan Eyezone Institute of Opticianry, in collaboration with Brie

New generation of LifeStyle designs match wearers lifestyles even better. Hoya introduces LifeStyle 3 Uithoorn, 1st October 2017. Today, Hoya launched LifeStyle 3, a new and improved progressive len

LifeStyle 3 Easy as 1, 2, 3 lifestyle 3 Simply outstanding progressive lenses Things couldnt get any clearer than with LifeStyle 3. Equipped with premium Binocular Harmonization TechnologyTM, LifeSt

HOYA wins in 3 categories at VisionX VP Award DUBAI 18 October 2017. After last years victory, Hoya has been rewarded in three categories at VisionX VP Awards 2017 Most Popular Lens Progressive, Most

Interview Hoya Now Connects Directly with Opticians in GCC Market them of various product options available, provide more facilities like additional stock points, help improve deliveries and plan cam

is another focus country for us because lot of our customers are based here and so are Bahrain, Oman and Qatar. UAE is where we are trying different concepts with brands like Elie Saab. It is one of t

Interview Safilo Believes in Building Brands and Markets Kryiakos Kofinas Safilo group, a powerful name in the optical industry has not just been strengthening its presence in the Middle East throu

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

Interview Maui Jim Ups its Training Quotient Maui Jim Sunglasses are well known in the optical industry for their wow factor the lens technology that sets it apart from many of its contemporaries. It

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

News Smartphone App Scans Pupils to Detect Concussions The PupilScreen app uses the phones flash to stimulate the eye and the camera than captures a threesecond video, looking for signs of concussio

games and new innovative optical products set to define the tomorrowland of science and technology combined. Zeiss Mobile Museum offers a timeless heritage as it unveils more than 100 years of progres

News Eyezone Magazine Meets the Future with ZEISS Its one of those aweinspiring moments when Eyezone Magazines team finally bears witness to the unfolding of a promising future in optics. This dream

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

News MIDO A Global Window into the Optics World After consistently growing and attaining record breaking numbers year after year, MIDO eyewear show is once again gearing up to put up a spectacular e

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

News Open your Eyes to the Most Advanced Cosmetic Lenses Life is art, so why not live it in colour with Creo Cosmetic lenses a great way for contact lens wearers as well as nonwearers to instantly

AND NOW THERES EVEN MORE OPTI IS GETTING BIGGER More innovation, more style, more flair. More wide eyes, more aaah and more oooh More opportunities, more international business and more enjoyment opt

News opti 2018 in Munich A Successful Start A wonderful city, a perfectly organised trade show, and all of the industrys important players and new products in one place For opticians, the opti in Mu


News Synergy Vision Forays into Color and Prescription Contact Lenses Market Synergy Vision, an ophthalmology and optometry organization focusing on vision correction, ocular aesthetics and eye care

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

News Visit WOF to Meet Highquality Optical Suppliers The 16th Wenzhou International Optics Fair, China WOF 2018 organized by Wenzhou Optical Association and Wenzhou Donnor Exhibition Co., Ltd., in c

EXCEL LONDON 272927 29 JANUARY 2018 EXCEL LONDON JANUARY 2018 THE UKS LARGEST OPTICAL EVENT register free Official UK Partner Media Partners EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 No

News 100 Support for Blind Walk 100 Optical event director, Nathan Garnett with Founder of VisionBridge, Julian Jackson. The UKs largest optical event, 100 Optical, has pledged its support for the

Te a che r. N a t u re Lover. f Com o e tS r e . er k Because Carols eyes are prone to discomfort, prescribe 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST. For illustrative purposes only EYEINSPIREDTM Design Dual Ac

News Zwim Goggles Bring HUD Tech to the Pool Zwim is currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaignCredit Zwim Ben Coxworth In recent years, weve seen electronicallyaugmented goggles that allow s

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

Figure 1. Microtribometer ussed to measure Friction and Distance for computation of Frictional Energy. A mucin covered countersurface is moved over the contact lens exposed to TLF tearlike fluid at fo

Because more people drop out of lens wear as a result of discomfort than for any other reason, it is little wonder that factors related to discomfort like friction and lubrication are of great inter

How Hard are Your Patients Eyes Working In the most literal and scientific sense of the word, your eyes work as hard as you do. Innovative contact lenses may ease their workload. Charles Scales, PhD,

A popup estore bringing together an assortment of 50 everyday items, along with eyewear and technical optical equipment presented by exhibitors at the show. 2017 Silmo DOr Awards Taking place under

Events SILMO 2017, LXTRA SHOW Propelled by strong market activity, the 50th anniversary edition of Silmo Paris captivated and stimulated optics and eyewear professionals. The shows jubilee event pro

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 73 November December 2017 May June 2017

Refractive Focus ing safety. While we often consider how clinical signs or symptoms e.g., dryness, burning, irritation, redness, and grittiness will improve with various treatment options, we should a

Refractive Focus BY K ATHERINE M. BICKLE, OD, MS, DAVID A . BERNTSEN, OD, PHD, FA AO A The Impact of Dry Eye on Visual Performance A significant number of patients experience dry eye disease DED an

Biotrue ONEday Biotrue ONEday CLEAR AND COMFORTABLE CLEAR AND COMFORTABLE VISION THROUGHOUT THE GAME11 VISION THROUGHOUT THE GAME 2015 2017 2016 TM TM The first and the only daily disposable contact

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

6. The International Myopia Institute has been established to advance the research and management of myopia by a. Generating standardised definitions and management guidelines b. Developing myopia co

Multiple Choice Questions correct answers at the end 1. Charles F. Prentice was threatened with jail for charging a fee for an eye exam in a. The early 1900s b. The 1850s c. The early 1800s d. The 18

relevant in the eye care profession. Including myopia management in your practice can support building a loyal patient base as your patients developing myopia tend be children who will be under your c

For your Comfort, Natural Glamour Looks Anesthesia And Anesthesia USA is Your choice Anesthesia USA Inc Hickory Hills, IL 60457 USA 1855RXLENS 1 184487921

when it is so important The question of chairtime is another issue. You are likely to see your young patients more frequently to monitor myopia progression because children tend to progress more at yo

the risks, the need for proper management and the treatment strategies There are also myopia qualitative risk surveys that are designed for the general public and can be helpful

uniquely positions the profession at the forefront of myopia. We are accessible, affordable and are qualified to provide the optical and pharmacological interventions, lifestyle advice and counselling

Brien Holden Vision Institute The Business of Managing Myopia Dr Monica Jong, Professor Padmaja Sankaridurg, Dr Kah Ooi Tan Dr Monica Jong Senior Research Fellow Brien Holden Vision Institute, Visit

Helping improve the way people see each day Our Promise We bring a refreshing perspective that creates real advantages for customers and wearers Dedicated Inventive Our Purpose We help improve the w

The Cooper Companies NYSE COO began more than five decades ago as a small health care firm. Today the company is a leading global medical device organization operating in the vision care and womens he

Be Amongst the First Practitioners in the Region to Access the Pioneering Optometry Education Optometry courses at our institute is equipped with advanced curriculum, giving the practitioners opportu

frames which restrict airflow across the ocular surfaces. If the patient does prolonged night driving, clear antireflective lenses in a wrap frame can also be helpful. KNOW YOUR OUTCOMES When fitting

Make even the best Make even the best lenses better. the best lenses better. lenses better. 90 of patients 90 of patients 90 of patients Upgrade all your patients to the solution lenses easier on thei

Fig. 1a The image of the patrol car falls on the fovea. When the flame, or some other threatening image is formed on the drivers peripheral retina, his attention is drawn to it as shown in Fig. 1b. F

should be avoided for night, dusk and dawn driving. When fitting high index lenses, especially for patients over 50, it is important to remember that light transmission decreases as index increases. T

longer glare recovery times. By lowering their chin, drivers can quickly reduce the retinal illumination as they turn toward the sun or when the conditions vary due to broken overcast conditions. As a

nor can it be used to discriminate fine detail. But peripheral vision is very good at detecting motion, so it can be effective in perceiving objects such as vehicles that could block your intended lan

Studies Research EYECARE, EYEWEAR AND DRIVING By Palmer R. Cook, OD Recently Ford Motor Company and Dominos began testing the practicality and customer acceptance of using driverless vehicles to de

How To Focus On Your Goals Before I go into detail about this subject, may I ask when was the last time you had a goal to achieve. I wont be surprised to know if you didnt have one. Or rather most of

Studies Research Shooting The Bulls Eye Mushtaq Ahmed Deputy General Manager Yateem Group Email on Have anyone of you heard about Karoly Takacs the brave sergeant in Hungari

TIMELINE Czars of Contact Care 1981 Launch of Avizor by pharmacist S Nestares Global leader and the one stop solution for all kinds of contact lens care, Avizor is now poised to enter another secto

keep them interested to visit your page to educate them and learn more about their eyes health condition. Keep in mind not to focus only on promotions as followers will trust you more based on the edu

3. Engage your customers in your social media platforms There are different ways to keep your practice in the mind of your customers and keep them involved with your practice. It is essential to keep

Studies Research The Social Media Role in Marketing your Optometry Practice Optom. Noor Bseiso Optometrist MBA from Netherlands Email Social media is a major tool for network

PLD D329 EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 ANUSHKA SHARMA November December 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017

ontrend pair of sunnies that look great on you and deliver a style statement requires a complimentary matchup between the style of the sunglasses frame and the shape of your face. A quick ruleofthumb

Frame Your Face A synergy of functionality and fashionable style makes a pair of sunglasses a worthwhile investment. This highly soughtafter balance between fashion and function is best achieved by hi

O.No 2.1 The high fashion feeling of these oversize sunglasses is revealed in the squared proportions embellished with 3D multilayer effects. Thanks to a skillful and meticulous handmade process, two

The new OXYDO SS 2018 collection continues to mold the vision of tomorrow with experimental creativity and a unique crosscutting approach, looking ahead toward contemporary shapes and a concept of pur

1921 BC 32 IBC Maui Jim Middle East FZE Head office Kuwait P.O.Box 9019 SALMIYA 22091 KUWAIT Tel 965 25740441 Fax 965 25740442 Optical Supplies

Advertisers The JanuaryFebruary 2018 edition is open. If you wish to make any amendments or contributions for this issue, please contact our advertising department at or call 9652

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 76 November December 2017