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Mark Webber for Porsche Design Eyewear. FIA WEC Drivers World Champion 2015. S P O R T Y E L E G A N C E I N T I TA N I U M

EXPERT GLIDER Contact lens lubricity comparable to the cornea,1 to help prevent that tired eye feeling2 Ultrasmooth surface Low coefficient of friction Representation of random interior lens sectio

TO THE WOW BEAUTY WITH IN YOUR EYES WITHOUT MULTIPLE EFFECTS FOR ALL EYE COLORS. Introducing NEW 1DAY ACUVUE DEFINE Brand Contact Lenses. The lens that enhances the natural beauty of your patient

Model is wearing Cherry coffee Model is wearing Cherry coffee HOT, BITTER AND STRONG HOT, BITTER AND STRONG How do you like yours How do you like yours www.desioeye

Vol w w 11 Issue w . e 68 Ju y e z ly A o n e ugu m a st 2016 g.c om Firs t Arab O p tical M agazin e Message from the publisher has once aimed at extending its hands to the

Vol 11 Issue 68 July August 2016 w w First Arab Optical Magazine EyeZone Vol 11 Issue 68 July August 2016 79 57 Caring for BOOMERS VISION A Balancing Art Smartgla

CONTENTS 83 31 43 51 EYE ZONE Sponsors Interview 31 Curbing Myopia A Conversation with Dr. Luigi Bilotto News 35 Bella Contact Lens Mobile Application Launched 37 Addons Let iPhones Perform Ant

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Massachusetts Eye and Ear Google Glassbased . . .Google Glassbased . 28 . IEEE Tra

6 visoScope visoClip . visoScope nylon SLS .acetal resin polyurethane . . Peek 2014 .

Pale di S.Martino DOLOMITI ITALIA to feel your life Product experience Discover your product experience at the new web site

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Available in prescription. STYLE SHOWN WASSUP Colour. Clarity. Detail. PolarizedPlus2 Sunglasses Recommended as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. 2016 Maui Jim, Inc.

Made to perform better Hoya Sports lenses. For next level performance. Meet your sportive customers optical requirements with Nulux and Hoyalux Sportive lenses. Hoyas new range of highcurved Sports l

the qualified workforce and the services to address it are lacking. The prevalence of Myopia will continue to increase, unless we do something about it. More needs to be done not just in terms of corr

Interview Curbing Myopia A Conversation with Dr. Luigi Bilotto What is the role of Brien Holden Vision Institute in addressing the issue of lack of vision care services globally The Institute is a gl

Extralong feeder tab makes WHY USE ANYTHING ELSE Snapit Wheel assortment comes with 250 Snapit screws 10 sizes, 25 screws each handling screws a cinch Feeder length snaps off cleanly with just

News Bella Contact Lens Mobile Application Launched The first of its kind Mobile tryon Contact Lens Application has recently been launched by BELLA The application serves as a lifestyle guide for co

Multigressiv MyView 2 The tailor made progressive lens for natural vision Rodenstock Multigressiv MyView 2 is custommade for better vision and outstanding visual comfort. It offers better vision in n

News Addons Let iPhones Perform Anterior and Retinal Eye Exams The visoClip and visoScope pictured are compatible with every Apple smartphone since the iPhone 5 Chris Wood Visual impairment and bli

News WR Innovations Launches Premium Comfort Nosepads Skin friendly material The WR Innovations ComfortNosepad fixed on glasses The ComfortNosepad The product contains a layer specifically design

News Smartglasses Help the VisuallyImpaired to Use Smartphones A test subject tries out the Google Glassbased system Credit Massachusetts Eye and Ear Ben Coxworth A test subject tries out the Googl

DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE 25 27 October 2016 The only place to meet 4,000 buyers from 80 countries across Middle East and Africa FEATURES CONFERENCE SEMINARS AWARDS STYLE SHOWCASE MA

News To Diagnose Autism, Watch the Eyes Chris Wood Study results were very positive, with researchers believing that eyetracking tech could be a cost effective and accurate method for early diagnosi

News Sony Files Patent for Contact Lens that Records What You See Sony has filed a patent for a contact lens that captures photos and videos with a blink of the eye Nick Lavars Although electronic

The 4 days of Optics 23 26 September 2016 LIVE THE EXPERIENCE

News Silmo Academy Offers 10,000 for a Research Project in Optics and Vision Science the symposium, followed by Professor Laurent Cohen, neurologist at the PitiSalptrire Hospital and head of the neur

Available in prescription. GUARDRAILS Colour. Clarity. Detail. PolarizedPlus2 Sunglasses Recommended as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. 2016 Maui Jim, Inc.

PLUG TOUCH BY RODENSTOCK REFRACTION UNIT PRO 3000 Perfect Solution For You. RODENSTOCK Instruments. In touch with your needs. ODENSTOCK Precon gured for Rodenstock equipment Up to your space smal

Optometrists and Managers from leading optical chains participated in the event Another startling statistic that came to the fore during the presentation was that there is a severe lack of optometris

Events On A Mission to Stifling Myopia Worldwide Dr. Luigi Bilotto, Director of Global Education and Human Resource Development at the Brien Holden Vision Institute provided insights into issues per


Events A Boost in Overseas Visitors Turnout at WOF 2016 Opening ceremony of the 14th Wenzhou Optical Fair The Wenzhou exhibition hall and booths The 14th Wenzhou Intl Optics Fair, China WOF 2016 e

ITS ALL ABOUT THE ExPERIENCE Desios sensuality is again expressed in a brilliant new line of Two Shades of Grey, with a feeling of passion and desire infused behind grey eyes. Distri

Model is wearing LIGHTER

Events Bausch Lomb Launches New Contact Lens in Cooperation with Hassans Optician Co. Dr. Bahram Behrouzi, Business Unit Prof. Relations Manager Dr. Behrouzi interacting with Eye Care Professional

Daytoday protection with Hoya premium coated lenses The most appreciated features by spectacle wearers are Scratch resistance Easy to clean Superior durability and cleanability 88 76 67 2.300 weare

HiVision LongLife independent tests confirm Hoyas coatings are still the best W ater, grease, dust and other environmental factors are all liable to make lenses dirty. A single smudge on a lens is e

EYEWEAR B8036 We are the opposite of mass production. For more information Vision Fashion 34 Gamet Al Dewal Mohandisen Tel 2023037482 Bentley a

C m .2 02 0mag .c .2 02 0mag .c o o m C Blue Light Radiation, A Material Solution E E ww ww w w Examination Answer Sheet 1 hour of CE credit by the American Board of Opticianry Va

B L U E L I G H T R A D I AT I O N , A M AT E R I A L S O L U T I O N .2 02 0mag .c o m C E ww w S E L F A S S E S S M E N T E X A M I N AT I O N 1. Mitsui UV420cut lenses attenuate blue vi

.2 02 0mag .c C Blue Light Radiation, A Material Solution E m .2 02 0mag .c o 4A. Path of 410 nm LED, see the light spot created at the eye model fovea o m C E w ww ww w


C Blue Light Radiation, A Material Solution apparent that HEV has become more of a potential problem, and specta cle lens companies began to provide blue light attenuating lenses. In bright sunlight,

et al describe the testing of a variety of current lightemitting devices and the resulting adverse effects on sleep. The authors write, Since this type of light is likely to cause the most disruption

Continuing Education .2 02 0mag .c .2 02 0mag .c Blue Light Radiation, A Material Solution LEARNING OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this program, the participant should be able to 1. Understand

esters to triglycerides, compared to the asymptomatic group. As the tear film stability of all participants increased, the percentage of wax esters in their total lipidome increased, whereas the perce

Brien Holden Vision Institute Exogenous Lipid Supplements for Contact Lens Comfort Tear collection from study participant using microcapillary tubes. Image credit Brien Holden Vision Institute Dr.

with adults over the age of 60, which comprises a large number of Baby Boomers. As such, practitioners should be familiar with dis pensing devices such as magnifiers hand held, standing or spectacleba

Studies Research By Sara Bonizio Baby Boomers, the generation born between 1946 to 1964, are known in the United States for enjoying the perks of their successtrav el, sports and leisure activities,

Pediatric Ophthalmology Prism Sets Teller Acuity Cards LEA Symbol Chart Prism Set Neutral Density Filter Light Weight Trail Frame Press on Prism Attachment for DO Distance Randot Test TNO T

Studies Research Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens for Better Ocular Health Dr. Nezar Damati ODMBACIPT ABO American Board of Optometry Accredited Speaker What is Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens Silicone

News Marni Selects Marchon 7 Poor general hygiene or replace for Global Eyewear Venture8 Failure toetclean2010 lens case Woods al., Table 1 Distribution of cleaning characteristics in Saudi Arabia CL

Studies Research Contact Lens Wear Compliance Part 1 Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD Email gammohyazanyahoo. com Head of Education, Eastern Mediterranean Region, World Council of Optometry Jordan Representati

.2 02 0mag .c over and ask your granddad what was the funniest thing that you didGeeks and Sales Freak Lab when you were very young. The old mans face lit up. Oh, he smiled, there was the time whe

Studies Research Advance Selling Techniques through NLP Mushtaq Ahmed Deputy General Manager Yateem Group Email on Be careful of excessive oaths in a sale. Though it finds mark

HOT, BITTER AND STRONG How do you like yours The strong and luscious scent of coffee fills the air with warmth and charm. In the morning the aroma carries with it the heat of the night and dreams tha

Model is wearing Cherry coffee

Figure 4 One of the classifications of dry eye disease, which depends on the aetiology of the disease. dry eye syndrome on visionrelated quality of life. AM J Ophthalmol 2007 1433 40915. 4. Perry H,

Figure 3 Illustrates the changes seen on goblet cells, conjunctival cells and corneal cells in the ocular surface of dry eye patients. In accordance there is a reduced amount of mucin being produced

Figure 2 Illustrates to the damage seen on the ocular surface at a cellular level in dry eye disease, which leads to ocular surface inflammation, epithelial defects and goblet cell proliferative meta

Studies Research Dry Eye Disease Part 1 Definition, Pathophysiology Classification Ms. Dana N. Koff, MSc, BSc Optometry Email Former lecturer of Optometry at Jordan University of Sci . , . 780 380 , . A 2 1 . B 1600 780 A . 1600 B 2000

The most minimalist glasses in the world. See better. Look perfect. R 8010

P8478 P8678 Reinterpreting The Legendary Porsche Design Style Icon The Porsche Design P8478 model is one of the most successful classics of the Porsche Design team with sales of more than 9 million.

Popoki 72902MS POPOKI Model no. 729 Popoki, Hawaiian for cat, is a cat eye frame constructed of satin Monel metal. The vintage silhouette is complemented by splashy acetate temples and adjustable si

Maui Jims Latest Womens Styles for Summer Maui Jim combines meticulous craftsmanship with their patented PolarizedPlus2 lens technology which blocks 100 of harmful UV, removes 99.9 of glare, manages 9

The 8071 1.763.592.1493

Ogi Kids The Next Generation Ogi Kids, the bold and colorful collection of affordable luxury eyewear for children, is excited to announce the arrival of four groundbreaking frame designs IN100, IN101

GF 23 27 46 102103 DOGAN GCC SUNGLASSES TRADING LLC Clock Tower, Al Masood Building, Office Number 702, Maktoum Street Dubai Tel 971 0 42 64 04 61 Fax 971 0 42 64 04 71 infodogano

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EGMA LENS FACTORY State of the art lens production line Highest quality standards in the world Latest technology highly skilled engineers ONLINE ORDERING Advanced system for consulting, comparing, m

HIGHEST IN CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN THE REGION For over 40 years, EGMA Optical Supplies has been serving the optical industry in the MENA region by consistently innovating services and business practi

BE ELEGANT. Unique style and invisible comfort made by Rodenstock. See better. Look perfect.


Model is wearing Espresso Model is wearing Espresso HOT, BITTER AND STRONG How do you like yours Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN