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Mark Webber for Porsche Design Eyewear. FIA WEC Drivers World Champion 2015. SPORTY ELEGANCE IN TITANIUM A revolution in motorsports titanium the hightech material. Guarantees lightness, stability a

Available in prescription. STYLE SHOWN FRIGATE Colour. Clarity. Detail. PolarizedPlus2 Sunglasses Recommended as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin.

Su pp or t ive. N a t u r e L ov e r s . Com rt S fo ek e . rs e Because their eyes are prone to discomfort, prescribe 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST Family. EYEINSPIREDTM Design Dual Action Technology

Model is wearing Cherry coffee HOT, BITTER AND STRONG How do you like yours Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J

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CONTENTS EYEZONE Vol 11 Issue 69 September October 2016 31 77 99 106 Interview 95 Fashion 35 EYEZONE Sponsors 31 Safilo Stands for Exceptional Quality, Design and Innovation Kofinas Kyr

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Available in prescription. STYLE SHOWN FRIGATE Colour. Clarity. Detail. PolarizedPlus2 Sunglasses Recommended as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin. 2016 Maui Jim, Inc.

Milano Eyewear Show February 25, 26, 27 2017

Interview Safilo Stands for Exceptial Quality,Design and Innovation Kofinas Kyriakos, Regional Director IMEA unmatched savoirfaire of craftsmanship that dates back to 1878. Safilo eyewear stands for

The future of vision examination The intelligent solution for fixation disparity Hoya EyeGenius is a complete, clinically validated vision examination system, that incorporates a unique new method fo

News Regenerating Connections Between Eye and Brain Restores Vision in Mice The condition of the mices eyes in the study was similar to glaucoma, which is associated with pressure on the optic nerve

News Electrical Current Through the Brain Jolts Vision into Sharper Focus your doctors office, so the researchers say it allowed for more precise assessments of the subjects vision. Then a very mild

811 2016

News Silmo 2016, Experience Optics in Focus After the success of the 2015 edition, SILMO 2016 keeps more than ever its goal to combine business and creativity, constantly seeking to provide meaningf

Fi t ne ss E nthu siast. Sociable . Vib t an r . Because Sarah wants to make the best impression, prescribe 1DAY ACUVUE DEFINE. For illustrative purposes only EYEINSPIREDTM Design Natural

Spotlight on Science Design Principles and the Science of Attraction MEREDITH JANSEN, O.D., M.S., F.A.A.O. 1DAY ACUVUE DEFINE Brand Contact Lenses with LACREON Technology were inspired by insights fr

Figure 2 The impact of a darker limbal ring and enhanced iris features with NATURAL SHINETM can be seen below. lens that enhances the beauty of the iris That starts the conversation. If the patient i


Oct. 2016 SAVE THE SHOW 2016 DATES REGIS TER NOW visit why Big Brands source from the industrys most soughtafter frames sunglasses manufacturers VisionX Opticare Conference awarding your vital

DONT CHANGE YOUR OFFICE CHANGE YOUR LENSES Rodenstock Multigressiv Ergo 2 Office lenses Relaxed head and body posture through ergonomically positioned near vision zones Up to 25 better vision in th

Examination Answer Sheet 1 hour of CE credit by the American Board of Opticianry Valid for credit through October 10, 2020 This exam can be taken online at Upon passing the exam, you

C m .2 02 0mag .c .2 02 0mag .c o o m C ALL ABOUT GLASS E E ww ww w w EYEZONE Vol 11 Issue 69 September October 2016 48 48

C m .2 02 0mag .c .2 02 0mag .c o for their buck. For many reasons, many have felt that their prescription eyewear has been overpriced. But eyewear consumers will willingly continue to pay

qualities, including uniform refractive index and freedom from inclusions and waves, Dr. Abbe created an equation to describe how light is dispersed or spread into its constituent colors as it is refr

C m .2 02 0mag .c .2 02 0mag .c o o m C ALL ABOUT GLASS MAKING GLASS In Egypt around 50 B.C., the technique of glass blowing was developed. Unlike cast and moldforming techniques used in

that glass lenses have been outlawed by the U.S. government. The truth is actually a story about how a choice of words became less of a friend. IMPACT RESISTANCE In the United States, all prescription

Continuing Education m .2 02 0ma c g. .2 02 0ma c g. o o m All About Glass 1 CE CREDIT LEARNING OBJECTIVES Upon completion of this program, the participant should be able to 1 Learn about

MONO PLUS 2 The smart single vision lens for the multimedia lifestyle Multigressiv Mono Plus 2 The tailored and individually poweroptimized single vision lens with slight accommodation assistance an

ITS ALL ABOUT THE ExPERIENCE Desios sensuality is again expressed in a brilliant new line of Two Shades of Grey, with a feeling of passion and desire infused behind grey eyes. Distri

Model is wearing LIGHTER


EYEWEAR B8036 We are the opposite of mass production. For more information Vision Fashion 34 Gamet Al Dewal Mohandisen Tel 2023037482 Bentley a

Pediatric Ophthalmology Prism Sets Teller Acuity Cards LEA Symbol Chart Prism Set Neutral Density Filter Light Weight Trail Frame Press on Prism Attachment for DO Distance Randot Test TNO T

solutions for Kids HOYAs Strong, flexible and elastic material Hoya PNX lenses are very strong to fit a childs lifestyle. They are strong and safe, as they offer 100 protection against UVA and UVB r

Kids The expert advice from an eye care professional is invaluable in order to find the optimal solution for a childs eye. Good vision is inextricably linked to childrens health and development. It is

12. Attebo K, Ivers RQ, Mitchell P. Refractive errors in an older population The blue mountains eye study11The authors have no proprietary interest in any of the materials mentioned in this study. Oph

plus soft contact lenses have been shown to reduce the rate of progress by up to 50 per cent.36 The recently publicised extended depth of focus EDOF lenses address the myopic defocus hypothesis by deg

feature of myopic macular degeneration as OhnoMatsui20 points out, it often affects individuals in their productive years, while age related macular degeneration usually affects individuals who are no

the Republic of Korea, Japan and Singapore is of even more concern with the prevalence of myopia already at rates well above other countries and above 90 per cent for some younger age groups.9, 10 Thi

emmetropic eyes can have axial lengths longer than 26 mm as the overall power is dependent on the combination of the lens, corneal and axial power of the eye. It should be noted, though, that 5.00 D i

Brien Holden Vision Institute Prevalence and Associated Pathologies of High Myopia Brien A Holden, PhD, DSc, OAM1,2,3 David A Wilson, PhD1,2 Monica Jong PhD1 About the authors The late Professor Br

ION 2017 AT TENT e kdays e hanged w C AY Y MOND SATURDA The ultimate optical trade show is backexciting, original and sensational. And, for one time only, opti 2017 will start on a Saturday experie

BLUE... WITH BENEFITS Over 100 years ago,while investigating how lens tints could help block infrared radiation and help prevent cataracts,William Crookes discovered that bluecolored lenses made readi

tailored spectral control filter can improve chromatic contrast and enhance the experience of color. Further, enhancement can even be tailored for specific activities in differing spectral environment

A shift in the threshold intensities of a receptors wavelength response, which may include a loss of most or all of a receptors functional response. In either case, the net result is departure from t

called lateral geniculate nucleus, or LGN. In the LGN, vision signals are coordinated between other sensory processes, including smell and hearing. Beyond the LGN, selected nerve fibers then crisscros

the retinal mosaic is said to theoretically allow a potential visual acuity of 2008. Even though the cones allow us to see color and provide our sharpest vision, they are less sensitive to light than

lion rod cells, the majority of which are located in the peripheral retina, although some are also found within the outer areas of the macula. Rod cells are about 100 times more light responsive than

ment skills of a health care professional could be severely compromised by the inability to correctly recognize the overall pallor or change in a patients skin color. Even the simple act of finding a

Studies Research THE SCIENCE BEHIND COLOR ENHANCEMENT By Barry Santini A century ago, color blindnessoramore correctly, color vision deficiencywas a condition little known or appreciated because

hurdle, fitting sclerals can seems quite simple. The fitting process of scleral lenses is choose a lens with enough depth to clear the cornea entirely. Scleral lens by definition do not touch the corn

Studies Research Scleral Contact Lenses Sanjay Kumar Mishra M. Optom, should be to fully vault the cornea. Types of scleral lenses There are three categories of scleral lenses,

as The WellFormed Outcome Model. Following points enable you to effectively identify your desired state and move towards future State the goal in positive terms. Describe the Present Situation and com

Studies Research SelfImprovement in the Light of NLP Mushtaq Ahmed Deputy General Manager Yateem Group Email on An old man sat outside the walls of a great city. When travele

HOT, BITTER AND STRONG How do you like yours The strong and luscious scent of coffee fills the air with warmth and charm. In the morning the aroma carries with it the heat of the night and dreams tha

Model is wearing Cherry coffee

Figure 4 Prolonged reading, prolonged gazing at computer screens and excessive drinking of caffeinated drinks as some of the bad habits that induce dry eye disease. smoking, drinking alcohol, consumi

Figure 2 To the left Solid secretions detected on the orifices of the meibomian glands in the eye of a patient with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction MGD. To the right Ectropion of the lower eye lid, which

Recent studies are helping investigators to look for the real cause of dry eye disease while paying attention to the lacrimal functional unit as a whole and the vicious cycle of the disease.2 Looking

Studies Research Dry Eye Disease Part 2 Ms. Dana N. Koff, MSc, BSc Optometry Email Etiology Risk factors of Dry Eye Disease Former lecturer of Optometry at the Jordan University of Bandage . . .1 .2 .3 .4 RGP .5 . .6

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too, power glasses are among Hollywoods most subtle, stylish accessories. Celebrities like Lupita Nyongo, Gigi Hadid, Kate Winslet, Rashida Jones, Patricia Arquette, Meryl Streep and Andy Samberg all

Safilo Launches the Fall Winter 2016 Eyewear Collection in Dubai Safilo Middle East FZE, subsidiary of Italian eyewear company Safilo S.p.A whose portfolio of brands include Carrera, Polaroid, Smith,

The Nella An Ogi Eyewear Brand 1.763.592.1493 Vision Expo in the Galleria, booth G23017 SILMO, 5a HJ 136

Neoclassical Elegance The Barrymore by Seraphin Seraphins neoclassical eyeweara rare blend of iconic and trendsetting design, using modern and vintage elementsredefines the genre of affordable luxury

GF 2 3 27 DOGAN GCC SUNGLASSES TRADING LLC Clock Tower, Al Masood Building, Office Number 702, Maktoum Street Dubai Tel 971 0 42 64 04 61 Fax 971 0 42 64 04 71

Advertisers The NovemberDecemeber 2016 edition is open. If you wish to make any amendments or contributions for this issue, please contact our advertising department at or call 96

RODENSTOCK Pioneers of vision since 1877. Rodenstock is a leader in the manufacturing of ophthalmic lenses and frames. Founded in Germany in 1877 the brand is now represented in more than 85 countries

System of Better Vision Rodenstock is the only manufacturer to provide lenses and frames from the same source. This System of Better Vision guarantees that every frame and lens combination is based o

R8010 THE NEW DEFINITION OF MINIMALISM. The Rodenstock R8010 are the most minimalist glasses in the world. A claim like that could be easily sidelined as marketing speak if not for the countless posi

Three Temples. Three Looks. AIR ALUMINIUM. GENUINE WOOD. GENUINE HORN. R8010 temples can be optioned in horn one of the most exclusive materials of our time. The subtle marbling effect gives the g

O NTEBIANC DIER MO ieu MAYNA shields de Math removable si nditions. lenses with co and polarized whatever the altitude or the valley. hromic down in eleon photoc r extreme protection ck Cam offe ight

Mark Webber for Porsche Design Eyewear. FIA WEC Drivers World Champion 2015. SPORTY ELEGANCE IN TITANIUM A revolution in motorsports titanium the hightech material. Guarantees lightness, stability a

Model is wearing Espresso HOT, BITTER AND STRONG How do you like yours Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co