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Vo l 8 I s s u e 2 M a r c h A p r i l 2 0 1 2 w w w. e y e z o n e m a g . c o m Highperformance sunglasses are game for golf Par Excellence...

Color Contact Lenses May Ezzedine Head Office Kuwait Dubai Kefan Optics BahrainBahrain Optician RiyadhKefan Optics IraqEye Zone 965 2574 0441 QatarQatar Optics 965 182 1212 JeddahBugshan Vis

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Contents Studies Research Par Excellence... Highperformance sunglasses are game for golf Amblyopia treatment, optometry style Integrating low vision services in optometric practice EyeZone Vol 8

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HIGH PERFORMANCE OHS EYEWEAR NonPrescription and Prescription Lenses R90 LOW ISTRAL T 717S M FEATURE S IMPACT re fit brow bar lenses ting with mely secu rophobic 100 floa istant Hyd for a supre s

ACUVUE OASYS for ASTIGMATISM . 45 0.75 ASD compared to ballast design soft torics 1. 20 83

prismballast .78 .9 SiH .10 ASD AOFA . prismballast ASD .11 VA .AOFA 12 A

. . 129x109 Dkt AOFA .3.00D 98 98 .4 ACUVUE AOFA OASYS 16 . s

Points of stabilisation Accelerated slope Minimal pressure zone Scribe mark ASD compared to ballast design soft torics ASD 4 stabilisation zones Traditional ballast design 1 stabilisation zone

Oxygen available to corne 96.1 UVB UVA 60 40 20 0 69 Percent UVR Blocked 80 81 Focus Toric Soflens Toric Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism Purevision Toric Air Optix for Astigmatism Acuvue Oasys

Color Contact Lenses Looking for distributors in the Middle East 96525727023 96597517854 Email shororo

. . . AOFA . 1 Holden BA. The principles and practice of correcting astigmatism with soft contact lenses. A

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Agathe, 5 years old Even the most technical challenges become simple Edging as simple as childs play Easy to use and professional. Do you want to benefit from all the functions needed to produce all

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OpTICS AND THE GOLFER The visual demands of golf dictate the importance of lenses absolutely free of distortion or power errors. Particularly with wrap sunwear, it is the ECPs responsibility to ensure

Studies Research Par Excellence... Continue The Eye of the Beholder Are performance sunglasses a zero sum game In the past, when pitching the benefits of a more sophisticatedand more expensivesungla

for the eyes of the golfer. THE VISUAL CHALLENGES OF GOLF With variable lighting, focal distances, contrast levels and topographical considerations, maximizing depth perception, contrast and limiting

Studies Research Par Excellence... Highperformance sunglasses are game for golf By Barry Santini How many times have you told patients, Well just tint your old lenses into sunglasses I have offere

3D FreeForm is our standard All Rodenstock progressives now made with 3D FreeForm technology. Up to 40 improved visual performance See better. Look perfect.

Studies Research case. Patching on its own might break the amblyopia. However, if the underlying cause was not treated, amblyopia is very likely to reoccur. Hence, anisometropia andor strabismus mus

Model R2203, R2204

Studies Research Amblyopia treatment, optometry style Amblyopia, commonly known as lazy eye, is when a difference in visual acuity VA occurs between the two eyes in the absence of any pathological o


Studies Research Integrating low vision services in optometric practice Low vision or vision rehabilitation is a specialized field in the optometric practice that is a source of a substantial growth

Acknowledgment This article was first published in Optician. Sulley A, Young G. Soft torics first choice for your astigmatic patients. Optician 2011, 242 6327 2430 16. Bennett ES. Contact lens correc

CONTACT LENSES Practitioners may also perceive toric lenses to be less comfortable than spherical lenses but this study suggests otherwise. Among the spherical lenswearing group, comfort and symptoms

EXPERT education experience REFRESH innovation SHARED ENDLESS inspiration EXPERT education experience REFRESH innovation SHARED ENDLESS SILMO 7 4

CONTACT LENSES The first, initial fitting appointment took, on average, 22 minutes and spectacle wearers took only slightly longer 25 minutes. A majority of lenses orientated at the zero position Figu

CONTACT LENSES Of the thinzone designs, Edrington20 notes that Accelerated Stabilisation Design ASD lenses are more stable during large versional eye movements, less affected by gravity and show a mo

The first a contact lens has been shown has been shown The first time time a contact lens to be as be as healthy lens1 wearing no lens1 to healthy as wearing no as 1DAY ACUVUE TruEyeTM Brand are 1DAY

CONTACT LENSES These findings suggest the need for practitioners to enhance communication with patients and adopt a more proactive approach to discussing toric lenses and their benefits. For presbyopi

CONTACT LENSES Prescribing trend data4 suggest a higher figure 35 per cent fitted with toric designs but this still falls short of potential fitting levels. Astigmats are also known to be overrepresen

CONTACT LENSES icsSoft torics first choice for Soft torics first choice for first choice for tigmatic patients your astigmatic patients your astigmatic patients Anna Sulley and Dr Graeme Young expla

Transitions Optical founded Sales offices in Asia and South America open Prescription availability expands adaptive motor cycle visors Transitions II Transitions III Transitions V Transitions V

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Genereal Issues Transitions Optical the leader of light management technology for more than 20 years 1. Research and Development Shining a light on photochromism Photochromism is, in simple terms, a

Job Satisfaction and Happiness Are they the same Last year, around the same time, being an Editor of a business magazine in India, I had led a research on employee satisfaction and published the Happi

Genereal Issues Trust So enormously important in sales Mushtaq Ahmed Founder and Soft Skills Trainer at Grace Noble Optical InstituteChennai and can be contacted through email on Mushtaqgnnindia.

Instead, ImpressionIST 3 is convincing with its unbeatable costeffectiveness. A great advantage of both units is the fact that they are multiuser compatible. Hence, the end customer and optician can w

Genereal Issues On the road to perfect spectacles with the new Rodenstock ImpressionIST 3 progressive 3D video measurement As 3D video centring systems, ImpressionIST Avantgarde and the new Impressio

the world and which are still one of the most successful sunglasses in the world to this day. The P8480 sunglasses with the innovative folding mechanism also created a stir in the year 1980. The foldu

News Porsche Design celebrates 40 years of engineered luxury Exclusive 40Y special edition for the 40 year anniversary Trends come and go, but porsche Design remains. porsche Design has inspired fo

According to its staff, the uniqueness of The Gallery lies in the fact that it is a complete lifestyle oriented store from endtoend, bringing the largest collection of luxury eyewear brands. Other uni

News A Gallery set apart By Aamir Rahman A market replete with more than 200 optical brands and more than 400 stores, where hundreds of brands have already made their mark but still struggling to ga

Find out more at Anticipation is always the greatest pleasure. Dont miss out on all the latest trends and innovations from across the entire optics industry. Save the date and star

News JACQUES LEMANS for the first time at MIDO 2012 The Dsseldorf eyewear manufacturer Nigura Metzler presents the collection of its new licensed brand JACQUES LEMANS for the first time at MIDO 2012

Events 1113 MARCH 2012 Rendezvous at MIDO this year The International Optics, Optometry and Ophthalmology Exhibition is known to be a oneofakind opportunity for communication and business and a musts

5 SPONSORED BY Hong Kong Trade Development Council Hong Kong Optical Mfrs. Association

Events Name of exhibitor Country of Origin Line of business in SIOF 2012 exhibition area as compared with SIOF 2011 43 21 125 50 20 100 Safilo Satisloh Schneider Transistions Younger Optic

To have a quick snap on the success of SIOF 2011, the fair occupied 38,000 square meters with 694 exhibitors, including principals and agents, from 20 countries and regions. Amidst these 694 exhibitor

Events Fully fulfilling the mission of advocating Innovation and brands at SIOF 2012 The 12th China Shanghai International Optics Fair, SIOF 2012, enjoys the presence of leading optical associates w

Events Meet Sports Sunglasses at 10th WOF Due to its offshore location and quickdeveloped economy, Wenzhou has confirmed its place as an outstanding arena for promoting Chinamade products, especial

Wavefront . Aberrometer . . . . LowOrder . HighOrder

1 2 ... 3 90 . . . Coma Spherical aberration . Irregular Astigmatism

. .... . . . . RMS RMS . Root Mean Square RMS

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2012 Calvin Klein, Inc. Produced and distributed exclusively by Marchon Eyewear, Inc. Style c k 4 1 8 3 S

as colorful and awesome as Spring can be ck Calvin Klein SpringSummer 2012 collection 3118S 3135S 4158S 4183S 5297 5689 5690 5298 Women Men 4159S 4184S 2133S 4154S Marchon Eyewear, Inc. Marc

Superglam stripes for sunglasses These iconic sunglasses from Marc by Marc Jacobs are bathed in stripes. The MMJ 096ns and MMJ 287s sunglass models are dominated by fashionforward black stripes mixed

EYEWEAR Elegant and eternally chic, the Ferragamo 2012 sunwear collection will continue to transcend expectations For spring summer 2012, the Ferragamo eyewear collection embodies unique and timeless

EA 9808S Urban inspired aviator sunglasses produced in steel and metal and embellished with a rubberfinished top bar. EA 9791S Ultraflat double bridge that contrasts perfectly with the round lenses g

The new CARRERA eyewear collection is designed for the CARRERA generation young, dynamic, determined and committed to realizing their dreams and goals. Next seasons in sunglasses are vintage inspired

SAFILO 2012 eyewear collection The new SAFILO eyewear collections for next season are the perfect mix between design and technology, the distinguishing traits of a brand that has always been a byword

2012 eyewear collection Powerful personality and innovative design The new OXYDO eyewear collection is for those who want to make a personal statement through the glasses they wear. An indispensable

Exclusive Line pure luxury The absolute highlights of the collection are models M2008, M1017 and M1018, a correction frame with a titanium sheet front and sunglasses made of extremely light, pure tita

German engineering meets modern luxury Rodenstock presents the new MercedesBenz eyewear collection at the ophthalmic optics trade fair, opti 2012. A big name, the highest quality standard and German e

Sunwear SS2012 Set next summer alight with a beautifully in vogue pair of Tru Trussardi sunglasses from the sumptuous new SS 2012 range by the home of Italys foremost fashion and leather goods makers.

Women TR12824 A musthave summer 2012 style, these excessively chic frames feature a strongly defined, contemporary form offset by an elegantly latticed gold or silver gather at the temple. The sleek h

Sports Fluo cod. pU15146p This high performance sporty sun style has a unique special feature. Each frame comes with not one but two pairs of lenses. The blackrimmed mounted lens has polarized lenses.

Puma sunglasses SpringSummer 2012 collection At PUMA we strongly believe that real life is dynamic. With this in mind, we are pleased to present you with an entirely new league of Sunglasses sharply

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MercedesBenz Eyewear A Daimler Brand


P 8494 PORSCHE DESIGN sunglasses

Give your patients the astigmatism lens that ensures stable vision and all day comfort FOR ASTIGMATS, EVEN A SIMPLE HEAD TILT CAN CAUSE LENS ROTATION AND BLURRED VISION. New ACUVUE OASYS Clear, stab