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Vol 10 Issue 59 January February 2015 The Psychology of Eyewear Warranties DESIOTM Sensual Beauty Lens Collection Unique Colors, Natural Look

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Model is wearing Desert Dream ITALIAN LUXURY BRAND Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co. KUWAIT Hassans Op

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EyeZone Vol 10 Issue 59 January February 2015 99 Publisher General Manager Ali Hassan Banddor QH M Y Chief Editor Huda ElShami edG ig Executive Editor Snehal Sawant fGhS S sn

CONTENTS 47 38 103 hjBG Y YGdG cdG EYE ZONE Sponsors News A Winning Team 47 55 57 59 61 Sony prototype clips onto regular glasses, makes them smart DESIOTM Sensual Beauty Lens Collection Unique

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The star of SilmoIstanbul Optical Fair is NOVAX SilmoIstanbul OpticalOphthalmologic Products exhibition which was realized on 1114 December, 2014 drew intensive interest. The exhibition being visited

News Sony prototype clips onto regular glasses, makes them smart The headset packs in an ARM Cortex A7 processor and 400 mAh batteryvision Photo Shutterstock By Chris Wood Sonys latest swing at wea

News DESIOTM Sensual Beauty Lens Collection Unique Colors, Natural Look The DesioTM Sensual Beauty Lenses collection meets the new demands of the modern market. For the first time, both men and wome

News WHYPINK campaign by Rodenstock for breast cancer awareness in UAE our society. This campaign not only raised awareness and contributed a considerable amount to Pink Caravan, but it also helped b

individualities. Trixie LohMirmand, Senior Vice President, Exhibitions and Events Management, DWTC, added The rise in the number of unique visitors, which does not take into account multiple entries o

News High Visitor Numbers Boost Business at VisionX Expanded Exhibitor Lineup Showcases Latest Trends and Technologies at Middle Easts Largest Optical Trade Show Dr. Nezar Damati of Eyezone Continui

News MOSCOT to Kick Off Its 100Year Anniversary Celebration in January 2015 MOSCOT, the New York City institution renowned worldwide for its iconic eyewear The MOSCOT Originals, MOSCOT Spirit, and

News CODE LA Breaking Through Boundaries Using a groundbreaking new technique, the latest collection from luxe Los Angeles brand Sama Eyewear is a tribute to neoclassicism fuelled by stridently mod

News New Leadership at Marchon Gulf Marchon is pleased to announce the introduction of a new member of the Marchon Gulf team Judy DallArmi, who joined effective November 2014. The clinic is equipped

Interview INOP Spain Offers Vision Therapy with a PathBreaking Approach training and advanced technology that is constantly updated, systematically incorporating the latest innovations occurring in t

News their vision better but also meet their overall expectations from their Eye Care Provider.The values mentioned below play an important role in ensuring that our patients are given utmost care in

Studies Research The Holistics of Optics Mushtaq Ahmed Deputy Manager, Yateem Group email on Remember this Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows ge

Figure 5 Log reductions achieved after 4 hour soak. Data for All In One Light. Graph courtesy of Sauflon Pharmaceuticals actual curve which can be organismdependent as well as influenced by the prove

Disinfects rapidly Hydratesconditions CLs, wettability comfort Prevents CL deposits Kills ALL viable organisms in lens case solutions on CLs Removes ALL dead organisms skin lipids from eyelid

Studies Research Lens Care Products Part 1 Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD Email Figure 1 Early generations of LCPs Figure 2 Dvalue curve Lens care products LCP, also known as contact

Studies Research Emotional Intelligence In most large companies, there is a secret behind the successful performance. It is the Emotional Intelligence. Nancy D. Al Mashni Cerified International Prof

breakage occur. By designing your warranty appropriately, you can annotate extended or special benefits as the need arises. REAPING THE BENEFITS If you sell your warranty, the benefit to your business

ranty. This letter was sent 90 days prior to the expiration of the second year after the original dispensing. An analysis of the usage of the warranty revealed that only 2 percent of the patients had

deductible was charged. Often the correction and any deductible was doled out in direct proportion to how vigorously the complaint was presented. Of course, complaining patients quickly learned that b

Studies Research The Psychology of Eyewear W arranties By Palmer R. Cook, OD He left these practically new glasses from you on the nightstand last night. Just look at them now. They were perfectly

TOP TEN TRENDS 1 Mix it up with combination frames. Combine 2 3 4 5 6 metal and plastic or zyl and aluminum for a masculine and stylish mixture. Earthcolored hues bring versatility and style to

Studies Research YOU SHOULD BE SELLING MENS EYEWEAR Eyewear Mentality Its simple Eyewear is the only accessory men need to look their best. The latest trends allow men to create their own personal

If the patient still resists, I simply give him more chair time to let him have enough information about eye health and better ocular health awareness in term of contact lens modalities and types and

Studies Research Daily Disposable Contact Lens is a Clinic Reward Dr. Nezar Damati ODMBA Certified International Professional TrainerCIPT, USA Daily disposable contact lenses are my goto contact le

and Pseudotumorcerebri. Class 8 Anticonvulsant drugs A. phenytoinside effects include nystagmus and Diplopia B. Topamaxused to control epileptic conditions, treats psychiatric disorders, and prophyl

Studies Research Systemic Drug Administration and Ocular Side Effects By Dr. Mashael AlNamaeh O.D, MSC, USA Board Certified Clinical Director at Hassans Optician CO Abstract Systemic Drugs can affe

Mr. Matteo De Stefani Mr. Mahmoud Alnashash Mr. Raymund Rualo Ms. Jane Llacuna and global customers opening channels with our suppliers. I have completed a year with Hassans now. We believe in tea

HASSANS A WINNING TEAM HASSANS FZCO Established in 1951, Hassans Group, which has a network of more than 50 optical stores throughout Middle East countries and different distribution companies, prese

Events opti The International Networking Event for Optics wows its Visitors Opening press conference of opti 2015 from left to right Thomas Truckenbrod, President of Central Association Opticians an


Events 2015 100 Optical Event to Deliver an Eyewear Extravaganza Over 100 Eyewear Companies already confirmed to exhibit at the UKs largest trade event for Optical Professionals A sunglass product d

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Events SilmoIstanbul 2014 makes a big impact in just its 2nd year The show received positive reviews from participants the world over and races towards becoming one of the biggest Optical shows Silm

Events Mido Award for the Worlds Best Store The new Bestore project, an international recognition gives value to the shopping experience The MIDO exhibition venue The Bestore project is one of the

Events Aktuel makes a mark at SilmoIstanbul The Aktuel groups booth at SilmoIstanbul The Aktuel group made a strong impression by launching their latest collections at the SilmoIstanbul Optical Exh

Mr. Iyad Tambe, the Central Area Manager of AlAmin Medical Instruments Company, and Mr. Nasser Al Khamis, General Manager of AL MAHA Optical during the installation ceremony of the Xtrimer SE1 The X

Events AL MAHA Optical installs the revolutionary Xtrimer SE1 at its center in Riyadh Two engineers from NIDEK company giving a demonstration on the XtrimerSE 1 Optical in Saudi Arabia introduced f

Events DIOPS 2015 to present the very best of Koreas eyewear industry to the world one of fast growing house brand in Korea and DIOPS 2015 exhibitors, MUZIK and JUUC international is extending its bu

Events WOF aims to make Wenzhou the Optics Capital of the World The venue of the Wenzhou International Optics Fair Visitors checking out products at one of the booths of WOF 2014 The 13th Wenzhou

. Dyslexia . Wernicke area, Angular Gyrus and Nemkinesia . area .

6 . . 1 cut off frequency, low pass, band pass, high pass and notch response, FWHM, tint optical density 2base curve shape

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Julia Schneman Public Relation julia.schoenemannicberlin.d www.icberlin.d Phone 49 30 417 177 186 Julia Schnemann Public Relations Mobile 49 173 589 589

Sama Eyewear hosts an exclusive fashion show at the foot of Burj Khalifa A VIP party and a glamorous fashion show was hosted by Sama Eyewear at the foot of Burj Khalifa on November th to mark its laun

CELINE FallWinter Sunglasses and Optical Frames CL 41050S HAM champagne Caty sunglasses in Peach acetate and Brown shaded lenses CL 41082S J1I Horn Joe sunglasses in Black Horn acetate with Green

Max Mara FallWinter Fashion Show Sunglasses 20142015 Max Mara presents the new sunglasses that hit the catwalk at the FallWinter 20142015 fashion show, an inspired blend of neominimalist inspirations

Chlo Introduces New Sunwear Style DAFNE Worn by supermodel Sasha Pivovarova in the fallwinter 2014 campaign, Chlos new Dafne sunglasses capture the daring and confident attitude of the season. The bol

New Lacoste leather edition re ects the brand history Inspired by the refined and elegant brand history, the new Lacoste leather edition consists of rich details, highquality materials and distinguish

The by Ogi Eyewear Featuring a rounded cat eye shape with a little spunk, the by Ogi Eyewear is a sight to see. Showcasing Ogi Eyewears signature channel setting technique, inlaid panels of colored

Gttis New Sunglasses Make a Style Statement The new sunglasses of the swiss eyewear label Gtti Switzerland range in appearance from retro style to a contemporary threedimensional finish. Find suprisin

MODOs Paper Thin Titanium collection A combination of extreme lightness and flexibility MODOs Paper Thin Titanium collection combines incredible lightness, high flexibility, and eyecatching colors wit

fashion statements, but they can withstand a spin on your cycle, a run at lunchtime, a wave at the beach or the breeze of a convertible. Both Keanae and Red Sands feature Maui Jims MauiPureTM lenses

Maui Jims PureAirTM Sunglasses Go Retro Taking off for the spring season are two new sunglasses from Maui Jim that may look like retro fashion eyewear, but have features that meet the strenuous demand

1617 Marchon Gulf FZCO, P.O. Box 54683, Dubai Airport Free Zone Tel 97142602445, Fax 97142602464, Email 8 37 Marco Bonapace Managing Director Vision Eye W

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