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Vol 11 Issue 63 September October 2015 A Divorce that Changed Dispensing Contact Lens Clinic Fitting Challenges


Model is wearing Desert Dream THE COLOR OF YOUR DESIRE Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co. KUWAIT Hassan

Greater patient choice, greater opportunities for you CLASSIC PACK 30 lenses 6 lenses CONVENIENCE PACK 90 lenses 12 lenses CONVENIENCEMAXI PACK 180 lenses 24 lenses NEW ACUVUE Brand contact len

Regular checkups are the foundation of good eye care. But how do parents know how often they should take their children to see the optician or ophthalmologist There are guidelines 6 to help inform par

Kids HOYA CA RES ABO UT The expert advice from an eye care professional is invaluable in order to find the optimal solution for a childs eye. Good vision is essential to childrens health and devel

HOYAs solutions for Kids Strong, flexible and elastic material Hoya PNX lenses are very strong to fit a childs lifestyle. They are strong and safe, as they offer 100 per cent protection against UVA a

WAILUA FALLS Dramatically change appearance depending on the rain, the cloud cover, and the sunglasses youre wearing. HOOKIPA HCL BRONZE LENS VENUS POOLS MAUI ROSE LENS Available in prescription C

Vol 11 Iss ww w.e ue 63 Se yezo nem ptembe r ag.c om October 2015 . . . . .

Vol 11 Issue 63 September October 2015 EyeZone Vol 11 Issue 63 September October 2015 41 59 A divorce that Changed Dispensing Contact Lens Clinic Fitting Challenges Pub

CONTENTS 18 112 37 43 Interview 33 JDogan Expands its Brand Portfolio for the New Season 37 Exceptional Creativity, Quality and Service as Grosfilleys Hallmark 33 News 99 E Y E Z O N E S

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EXPERT GLIDER Contact lens lubricity comparable to the cornea,1 to help prevent that tired eye feeling2 Ultrasmooth surface Low coefficient of friction Representation of random interior lens sectio

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6 8 December 2015 DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE The only place to meet 4,000 buyers from 80 countries across Middle East and Africa FEATURES CONFERENCE SEMINARS AWARDS STYLE SHOWCASE MAT

Interview Dogan Expands its Brand Portfolio for the New Season What are the expectations and goals for the coming season Definitely our expectations are higher than last year as per our vision. We wo

2015 Calvin Klein, Inc. Image Expiration Februar y 28, 2017. Style ck5888

We understand that Grosfilley mostly deals with the highend luxury brands do they face a competition from the nonluxury brands due to their competitive price advantage Indeed With more than 3 million

Interview Exceptional Creativity, Quality and Service as Grosfilleys Hallmark Grosfilley Lunettes, a French eyewear company established in 1950 with its brilliant portfolio of brands, like Azzaro, Ch

Extra care even for eyes that feel dry or sensitive Builtin wetting agent for a cushion of moisture and minimal irritation Wetting agent 1 UV blockers Water Representation of random interior lens s

News Nerws Italian company Hopes to Market Synthetic Eyeballs By Richard Moss Imagine being able to see in black and white or with an Instagramlike filter, or to have what you see through your eyes

Model is wearing DARKER ITS ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co. KUWAIT Hassans

News Brien Holden Vision of a legend for vision care and eradication of vision impairment and avoidable blindness as a means to reduce poverty and alleviate suffering. The Institute developed vision

News NOVAX Goes Strong in USA Angela Gosling, Managing Partner and operates NOVAX USA in Denver, Colorado region of the United States attending optometric conferences NOVAX USA is making their move

Discover Biotrue ONEday for PRESBYOPIA ALLDISTANCE VISION See with great clarity close up, far away and everywhere in between ALLDAY COMFORT Works like your eyes to retain moisture for comfortab

News DIOPS Aims to Grow Bigger with its 15th Anniversary Show in 2016 Models displaying eyewear products during Fashion Show The exhibition hall for the 14th Daegu International Optics Show The 15

CO ONTEBIAN MELET M of snow Tancrde vorite Skyliners longtime fa d removable have been a an t sunglasses With their Zebra lenses e conditions. gh r th er. cal, lightwei These techni m to go further

News VisionX Sets Stage for Industry Super Show Buyers looking over different brands during the VisionX show, 2014 Dubai will become the focal point of the 90 billion eyecare industry again later t

1013 DECEMBER 2015

News SILMO Istanbul Aims to be the Most Visited Optics Show The organizing team of Silmo Trade Fair. In May, the teams from SILMO International and SILMO Istanbul launched the new edition of SILMO

Discover the new collection Silmo Paris 2528 September. Hall 5a Stand G058.

News More Opportunities for Students and Eye Care Professionals at VEW 2015 Visitors checking out products during VEW 2014 International Vision Expo Conference welcomes increasing numbers of young

In summary, 1DAY ACUVUE DEFINE shows a similar performance to 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST at one week for lens fit, ocular physiology, subjective comfort, handling and visual acuity. The addition of pigment enc

Subjects were randomly assigned to be fitted with either 1DAY ACUVUE DEFINE or 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST lenses which they wore for 79 days before the followup visit. After a 13 day washout period they were f

nontinted marketed equivalent and lenses which do not contain PVP in the packing solution.18 Additionally, a clinical study has shown minimal hypoxic effects on corneal physiology with the lens.19 Cor

mask the wearers natural eye colour. The limbal ring design defines the eye with a clean line rather than a rough edge created by dots, thus forming a naturallooking, defined iris. 1DAY ACUVUE DEFINE

Shown to be comparable to wearing no lens at all HYDRACLEAR 1 builtin wetting agent for comfort comparable to no lens wear1,2 Wetting agent UV blockers Water Representation of randomised interior le

Defining eye enhancement Part two the technology 1DAY ACUVUE DEFINE with LACREON unlocks the potential for a whole new category of contact lenses. In this second article, Mike Mayers, Meredith Jansen

News ADAMAAS Smart Glasses to Assist Elderly and Disabled in Everyday Tasks By Emily Price Weve seen various headmounted wearables, such as the Motorola HC1, Goldeni and the AITT system, which are de

m .2 02 0mag .2 02 0mag .c o o m .2 C 02 0 mca g . .c C EMBRYONIC EYE DEVELOPMENT Examination Answer Sheet 1 hour of CE credit by the National Contact Lens Examiners and the American

C m .2 02 0mag .c .2 02 0mag .c o o m C EMBRYONIC EYE DEVELOPMENT E E ww ww w w S E L F A S S E S S M E N T E X A M I N AT I O N 1. The crystalline lens forms from the a. Ectoderm

C m .2 02 0mag .c .2 02 0mag .c o the child is a year old to preserve visual development. For postsurgical vision correction, the use of intraocular lenses in infants is not unheard of, but

E C m .2 02 0mag .c .2 02 0mag .c o At seven weeks, the sclera develops from embryonic tissue, which allows the formation of blood vessels. The cornea connects to the sclera which is nouri

C m .2 02 0mag .c .2 02 0mag .c o o m C EMBRYONIC EYE DEVELOPMENT Photos UNIVERSITY OF NORTH CAROLINA MEDICAL SCHOOL E E ww ww w Crosssection of embryoni

Continuing Education m .2 02 0ma c g. .2 02 0ma c g. o o m EMBRYONIC EYE DEVELOPMENT 1 CE credit EMBRYONIC EYE DEVELOPMENT By Linda Conlin, BS, ABOC, NCLEC Release Date November, 2012 Exp

www.opti.deen 2016 opti 2016 15. 17.1.2016

Find out more online at www.opti.deen Save the date for opti 2016 now Eye to eye with the future, in touch with the latest trends come to opti 2016 and make your way into an inspiring future Save th

Jura mountains, TAG Heuer AvantGarde Eyewears pioneering lines are Jura mountains, TAG Heuer AvantGarde Eyewears pioneering lines are

proliferative diabetic retinopathy, or the proliferative type.14 Regular follow up visits of diabetic patients are also required for the early detection of the disease in highly risked people.14 Syste

from an experimental and human retinopathy including humoral and cellular component of innate immunity have indicated that the inflammation involving vessels and neural tissues seen in the retina occu

Studies Research Diabetic Retinopathy Part 2 The Pathophysiology of Diabetic Retinopathy, Risk Factors, Diagnosis and Current Management Ms. Dana N. Koff, MSc, BSc Optometry Polyol

YO U S H O U L D B E S E L L I N G F R A M E T E C H N O L O G Y TOP TEN SELLING TIPS 1 Be a showoff. Allow customers to feel frames to experience the tech effect. Have them try on different material

Studies Research YO U S H O U L D B E S E L L I N G F R A M E T E C H N O L O G Y Technically Cool Technology is on its way to taking over the world and its first stop is eyewear. With flexible memo

HOYA building bridges via education Putting knowledge into practice The Hoya Faculty Education and Experience Centre helps optometry and optics professionals to develop their knowledge in order to ens

YES you control customer needs New in Hoyas Control range Following the successful introduction of Hoya BlueControl we are proud to present UV Control. This newest addition to Hoyas Control range gu

Place brochures and educational materials in the reception area. Patients often come to the exam room with a brochure in hand. . Ask patients some simple questions. For example, ask if a patient

Studies Research Contact Lens Clinic Fitting Challenges Dr. Nezar Damati Executive Director, Eyezone Institute of Opticianry ODMBACIPT ABO NCLE Accredited Speaker If the ocular surface of the eye is

PRESCHOOLERS The two most commonly used tests are the HOTV figure 3 and the Lea matching tests. To perform these tests, the child holds a lap card that has enlarged copies of the letters or shapes to

Studies Research Back to Basics Visual Acuity Part 2 Paediatric Visual Acuity Testing Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD Email Head of Education, Eastern Mediterranean Region, World Council

Contributing editor Palmer R. Cook, OD, is director of professional education at Diversified Ophthalmics in Cincinnati, Ohio. HELPFUL DEFINITIONS Clear, Single Binocular VisionThe condition in which

Figure 3 Here the Rx is OD 4,00DS and OS 1.00DS. This leaves 4rBU OD and 1rBU OS at the level of the DRPs for an imbalance of 3r with more BU OD. By adding 2rBD to the right lens, and 1rBU to the le

PAL GEOGRAPHY When you specify the location of the Fitting Cross as you do for every PAL, you are giving the landmark that determines where the distance reference point DRP, prism reference point PRP,

PLUG TOUCH BY RODENSTOCK REFRACTION UNIT PRO 3000 Perfect Solution For You. Preconfigured for Rodenstock equipment Up to your space small compact or a space sensation Comfortable motorized chair

Studies Research A Divorce that Changed Dispensing By Palmer R. Cook, OD For years the ophthalmic industry rolled along using the Major Reference Point MRP, a term that refers to the one point in eve

falling in Yellow quadrant. Mental Preferences We are all whole brained and well connected within ourselves with little bit of access to every quadrant. But along with this massive interconnection, th

Studies Research Herrmann Whole Brain Model Part I Mushtaq Ahmed Customer Preferences and Choices Deputy General Manager Yateem Group Email on But examine everything careful

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A great match for patient needs whether spherical, astigmatic or both Accelerated Stabilisation Design for astigmats Thin zone below eyelid Accelerated slope Optic zone Points of stabilisation Stabl

Official UK Partner Media Partner optometrytoday 6, 8 FEBRUARY 2016 6 7, 8 February 2016 EXCELLondon Excel LONDON EUROPES FASTEST GROWING OPTICAL EVENT TO REGISTER FOR FREE VISIT Event Partners

Introducing Blue HawaiiTM MAUI JIMS NEW FASHION FLASH LENS Six styles arriving late Summer 2015 Blue flash mirror coating Grey base lens color High Contrast AR coating to eliminate stray light 1


Marc Jacobs SpringSummer Eyewear Collection 2015 Marc Jacobs presents his new SpringSummer 2015 eyewear collection. With oversized shapes and bold colors, the frames were inspired by the 70s. Featurin

A Glamorous Diamonds Collection from Liu Jo The new Liu Jo Diamonds special collection features two classically shaped, distinctly feminine models, elegantly adorned with Swarovski crystals. These sty

LACOSTE Introduces its First Foldable Model The unisex frame L778S FOLDABLE is the first foldable model in the LACOSTE eyewear collection. Aligned with the brand philosophy, the style emphasizes LAC

adidas Originals And Italia Independent Collaborate on Originals Eyewear Following the success of the footwear collection launched in September 2014, adidas Originals and Italia Independent join forc

Andrea is wearing the Ashcroft 1.763.592.1493

Seraphin Expands Its Sunglass Collection with New Iconic Styles Seraphin expands its acclaimed sunglass collection by reintroducing the design elements of a bygone era paired with todays modern approa


Comoros Tangeri spotted on special agent Ethan Hunt Italian eyewear brand, L.G.R has conquered Hollywood on one of the biggest movies released in 2015. Tom Cruise, who once again plays the intrepid E

Benno Frmann and TITANflex flex Present New Eyewear Together Urban, casual and distinctive as the current campaign face of the brand TITANflex Benno Frmann actively participated in the development pr

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THE COLOR OF YOUR DESIRE Distributors BAHRAIN Hassans Fzco EGYPT True Eyes for Trade IRAN Damoon Teb Pars Pvt.J.s.Co. KUWAIT Hassans Opticians SAUDI ARABIA Dehla

Beauty without compromise Unique BeautyWrappedInComfortTM Technology seals pigment between two layers of comfortable lens material Etafilcon A1 The ONLY lens with pigment fully embedded within the l