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Vol 10 Issue 55 May June 2014 Transitions Signature VII launched with aplomb Dogan Optik makes a splash in GCC market

GIVE YOUR PATIENTS A WHOLE NEW WAY TO SEE THE WORLD. Introducing Biotrue ONEday lenses made from HyperGelTM, an innovative material designed to work like the eye. Meets the oxygen level the open eye n

EGMA Progressive Design PROGRESSIVE DESIGN FOR YOUR OWN POINT OF VIEW 5.00 4.00 3.00 2.00 1.00 0.00 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 P P P P P P Individually tailored progressive lens Personal visual


All the features at your fingertips Combine efficient business with the freedom to go wherever you please with Hoyas apps for iPad and iPhone. Take the Hoya visuReal app for your iPad. Based on Hoyas

Always in Focus Clarity in a split second. Every time. Everywhere. Each person is unique, and so are their prescriptions. As many as 73 of European presbyopes have a different prescription for left a

Seeing the difference between two of 14,232 shades of green can make all the difference. Maui Jims patented polarized technology provides higher contrast and depth perception. Style shown Nakalele

2014 Maui Jim, Inc.

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Vol 10 Issue 55 May June 2014 EyeZone Vol 10 Issue 55 May June 2014 Transitions Signature VII launched with aplomb Dogan Optik makes a splash in GCC market 97 143 P

Produced by Bandoor National Company CONTENTS 83 EYE ZONE Sponsors AMICO GROUP AL AMIN MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS CO LTD. 73 News Fashion 71 Cover image from AMICO promotes Tag Heuer in co

EscleraRGP Lenses . Interojo Incorporated

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Dr. Nezar Damati extreme left, head of the EYEZONE Continuing Education Center with the team of employees from Kefan Optics, where he conducted another training program. the ability of taking advantag

Interview EYEZONE Continuing Education Center an effective learning platform for the Optical sector Dr. Nezar Damati centre, head of the EYEZONE Continuing Education Center along with the team of em

Let your patients see every moment, every day Accelerated Stabilisation Design ASD harnessing blink power, reducing gravitys influence1,2 Thin zone below eyelid Accelerated slope Optic zone Points of

Exceptional end of day comfort Supports stable tear film to help eyes stay moist all day1 Tear film Wetting agent UV blockers Water Fresh, new lenses every day 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST Brand Contact Lenses

Shown to be comparable to wearing no lens at all HYDRACLEAR 1 builtin wetting agent for comfort comparable to no lens wear1,2 Wetting agent UV blockers Water Representation of randomised interior le

Innovative technologies for exceptional comfort, vision and health Builtin wetting agent for lasting comfort1,2 Wetting agent UV blockers Water Representation of randomised interior lens section Hi

by giving them statistics about the risk of developing an infection. Maybe they can also suggest Daily Disposable CL as it is the safest, most convenient and hasslefree form of lens wear and it has le

The speakers Dr. Lyndon Jones L, Professor at the School of Optometry and Director of the Centre for Contact Lens Research at the University Of Waterloo, Canada and Dr. Bruce EvansR, Director of Resea

quality of life and higher selfesteem. Self consciousness is high among teens, just like we adults worry about our appearance. Research suggests that the top reasons for adults wanting CL which also a

Events ACUVUE EYE HEALTH ADVISOR Symposium A huge success, sixth year in a row. The team of Johnson and Johnson Vision Care with the guest speakers at the ACUVUE Eye Health Advisor Symposium 2014 i

68 SantodomingoRubido J,BarradoNavascus E, RubidoCrespo MJ et al. Compatibility of two new silicone hydrogel contact lenses with three soft contact lens multipurpose solutions. Ophthalmic Physiol Opt

33 Young G, Veys J, Pritchard N et al. A multicentre study of lapsed contact lens wearers. Ophthalmic Physiol Opt 2002226 51627. Guillon M and Maissa C. Dry eye symptomatology of soft contact lens wea

References 01 Dumbleton K, Woods CA, Jones LW et al. The impact of contemporary contact lenses on contact lens discontinuation. Eye C onta c t L ens 2 0 1 3 3 9 1 9 3 9 . Richdale K, Sinnott LT, Sk

MGD or in the lacrimal gland. 86 Clinical trials of punctal plugs have not shown them to be successful for treating CLrelated dryness. 87 Airconditioned and heated environments drove higher rates of

One months use of a PolyquadAldox solution with habitual brands of lenses resulted in better comfort on insertion and end of the day and greater overall satisfaction than with PHMBpreserved systems. 7

In a largescale analysis of SCL wearers as they entered clinical trials, 12.2 per cent reported having sensitive eyes. 58 These subjects reported significantly higher levels of dryness, irritation and

with lensrelated dryness are female gender, frequent use of overthecounter pain medications, high water content hydrogel lenses, low prelens breakup time and increased tear osmolality. 45 In one study

Query CL Wearer Age Health and meds Symptoms CLDEQ8 Wearing patterns Lens care habits Ergonomics Exposures Examine Biomicroscopy signs Lens surface wetting Blinking rate quality Breakup t

The current state of soft contact lens comfort Contact lens comfort is a complex and timely topic given the recent publication of the TFOS International Workshop on Contact Lens Discomfort. Dr. Robin

New Location, New Courses and a whole New Experience for 2014 THE VISION CARE INSTITUTE has moved to new and better facilities We are celebrating this occasion with a number of exciting new courses to


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CONNECTED OPTICIANS introduces partner networks for opticians central purchasing bodies, chains, management centres, etc. together with professionals working in the digital domain offering IT and co

Events SILMO 2014 Gears up for Action Preparations for the next edition of Silmo, the international optics and eyewear trade fair in Paris, are already up and running to offer the best business platf

level as natural eye Same moisturedesignedthe work like to Outer surfacehealthy tears the eyes own 1

Contact Lens Monthly said Cameron. Why is it that daily disposables generally are not as comfortable as leading monthlies For some of the panel, choosing the best lens for the individual patient invol

Contact Lens Monthly Contact Lens Monthly o success to success Amar Shah was not surprised Amar Shah was not surprised that comfort and vision werewere related. that comfort and vision related. There

Contact Lens Monthly Contact Lens Monthly product or practitioner the key to s product or practitioner the key to su W W hy ishy isUK contact Could a new daily disposable lens with novel properties

Events Renowned International Brands Participate in the 14th SIOF China Shanghai International Optics Fair SIOF, the most established and sizeable optical trade fair of Asia, was held at the Shangha

News AMICO promotes Tag Heuer in collaboration with Vision Express The Vision Express staff at the store in Avenues Mall, Kuwait. The Amico Group recently conducted a very successful promotional ca

News EzFit MEI makes Lens Assembly Easy Stefano Sonzogni, President and Technical Director, MEI The Italian company MEI presented at Mido 2014 an innovative machine called EzFit for immediate lens

SILMO IS ALL ABOUT YOU september T H E I N T E R N AT I O N A L E X H I B I T I O N F O R O P T I C S A N D E Y E W E A R I N D U S T RY PA R I S 2 0 1 4 W W W. S I L M O PA R I S . C O M S I L

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News MAUI JIM APPOINTS JAY BLACK AS VP OF GLOBAL MARKETING Jay Black, Vice President, Global Marketing, Maui Jim Premium polarized sunglasses company, Maui Jim, announced the appointment of Jay Blac

Step 2. The next New Media device in the row is the visuReal portable which opens a new chapter of video centration. Ollendorf Measurement Systems provides a newly developed optics cover attaching opt

How to your enhance customer journey How should a unique customer journey look like The whole selling process of the most personalized lenses doesnt have to be a suffering for the patient to get exa

2527 November 2014 DUBAI WORLD TRADE CENTRE Your Gateway to Great Business in the MENA Region Over 600 leading practitioners at the Global Congress meet, learn and network Dedicated exhibition fo

Reflect your style Appearance is everything In line with the latest fashion trends, Hoya offers a mirror coating in three eyecatching colour variations gold, silver and blue. A Hoya Mirror coating cr

Mona Alnazer Khurshed Kheshvala Tuan Jumaloon Azza Hussein science in the design of ophthalmic lenses and being able to give someone clear sight is very fulfilling. I have been in this field for o

A WINNING TEAM Kefan Optics Founded in 1978, Kefan Optics is a regional powerhouse and a singlesource provider for the Middle East Optical Industry. Today Kefan Optics boasts a successful and thrivi

EyeZone Vol 10 Issue 55 May June 2014 84

Transitions Signature VII goes darker than Transitions VI in all outdoor situations, which is its USP. Also the colors are different Transitions VI had the blue gray and brown, while Transitions Sign

Interview Transitions does not compete it leads, Lindsay Brown Mr. Lindsay Brown, General Manager, Transitions Optical Even as the Transitions Signature VII lenses were launched in February, the sc

Special Coverage Performance of Transitions Signature VII appreciated by Retailers and Wearers Mr. Samy Manzour, Opthalmic Lens Category Manager, Magrabi optical Mr Emaan Talebi, Dar Optics Ms. An

Special Coverage Essilor Amico and Transitions Optical share a strong liaison Essilor Amico team The launch of Transitions Signature VII saw the presence of the team from Essilor Amico, the biggest

Mr. Ali Yateem, Vice Chairman, Yateem Group received the Transitions Regional Retailer of the year award 2013 award from Mr. Lindsay Brown, General Manager EMEA, Transitions. This product is perfect

Special Coverage Transitions Signature VII launched with aplomb Yateem awarded Transitions Regional Retailer of the Year 2013 From RL Mr. Mohamad Abu Safieh, Regional Country Manager Middle East and

Many coMpanies coMe up with new ideas we realize ideas and give theM space Thanks to sophisticated display modules and fitting elements the advantages of concepts are short planning and execution tim

ets Design formance me Per individual shopdesign Counselling Planning Realisation we are pleased to offer our planning service and to realize together with you a unique personal shop concept Convinc

In AsiaPacific the challenge would be to increase the number of trained practitioners to increase the contact lens market. In Europe, the challenge may be related to dropout, and maybe in North Americ

Nepalese optometrist Kishor Sapkota r receiving the first IACLE Travel Award from Vice President Professor Philip Morgan conference in Liverpool, UK. The aim is to set the educational scene for the n

Essential resources Live online lectures are just one of a range of programs offered by IACLE, which is the leading provider of educational and information resources for contact lens educators. The IA

News A global community Dr Shehzad Naroo r with IACLE team members lr Global Operations Manager Siobhan Allen, Global Education Manager Lakshmi Shinde, Director of Educational Programs Nilesh Thite,

Dr. Ayman CEO 962795671908 Mr. Okan Director Manager 905335773443 Mr. Tariq Marketing Manager 962797072724

News Aktuel group showcases its best brands at Jordan exhibition Aktuel groups booth Top and members of Aktuel team Below at the first eyewear exhibition organized by Jordanian General Association o

this Spring. The fully integrated global assignment includes brand strategy, advertising, media buying and planning, search, social media and public relations. About Nadav Kander Nadav Kander is a Lon

News MAUI JIM LAUNCHES NEW MARKETING CAMPAIGN LIKE YOUVE NEVER SEEN Whats the first thing you do when you try on a pair of sunglasses Rather than looking out to see how well you can see, you look in

Bahrain, Yemen and Oman we will make direct sales through our newly opened concept office in Dubai starting May 2014. We will be glad to welcome all colleagues from region in our Dubai office. EYEZONE

Interview Dogan Optik makes a splash in GCC market EYEZONE Please share with EYEZONE your personal work philosophy and the journey of Dogan Optik so far Mr. Murat In 1997 we initiated our first steps

o BCDV UV offers your eyes protection against dangerous UV from the front and the back surfaces of the lens ensuring that they offer 10 times more protection from the harmful UV rays. The antireflect

General Issues The Sales Persons Magic Wand Presenting Sales Solutions Mushtaq Ahmed Deputy General Manager, Yateem Group and can be contacted through email on At the beginnin

Source 2020 Magazine. Published here under licence and reprinted with permission of Jobson Medical iInformation News PLAYFUL, FRESH AND FUN XIDE has focused its stylistic and technological research

The world needs your vision

EyeZone Vol 10 Issue 55 May June 2014 108

Studies Research BALANCING By cheryl G.Murphy, OD THE BLUES 109 EyeZone Vol 10 Issue 54 March April 2014

Fig. 4 Example of simultaneous image multifocal lens design for low power addition. Image courtesy Sauflon Pharmaceuticals. Fig. 3Translating image design, arrow indicates margin between distance and

Studies Research Multifocal Contact Lenses Meeting the challenges Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD Email Todays presbyopic patients are used to demanding that their eye care professional

Loyal customers believe that your products and services meet their needs, exceed their expectations, and superior to those of competitors. So, they dont just ensure sales, but they share their positiv

Studies Research Toward Customer Loyalty Nancy D. Al Mashni Certified International Professional Trainer CIPT USA Master of Business Administration MBA B.Sc. of Medical Technology EMail nanakualaya

TRIFOCAL reading addition prism thinning prism thinned . . coat ghost image IP depth 714 mm Band trifocal . . D ED trifocal 2 . 25mm s

top 8mm . vertical dimension 8 . FT width 25mm flat top FLAT TOP 2 614mm 8mm TRIFOCAL FITTING Trifocal fitting


Rodenstock expands the assortment of Alfred Dunhill SpringSummer 2014 Collection Rodenstock supplements the eyewear collection from Alfred Dunhill in the springsummer 2014 collection by two sunglasse

gtti SWITZERLAND presents TrendSetting SPINSTOW Summer Collection The Summer Collection 2014 designs from gtti SWITZERLAND are color and texture trendsetters made with the innovative SPINSTOW technolo

TH 1265S TH 1266S

TOMMY HILFIGER SPRINGSUMMER 2014 EYEWEAR COLLECTION The Tommy Hilfiger Group, which is wholly owned by PVH Corp. NYSE PVH, introduces the new SpringSummer 2014 eyewear collection, manufactured by Safi

Have a look at our collection at the Go Design showroom, Al Mamzar Centre, Al itihad Road, Deira, Dubai, Phone 971 55 550 2660

Reno Air Race winner Vito Wyprchtiger is passionate about TITANflex An eyewear range especially for men requires a very special face to promote it a face that is the epitome of masculinity. And this


KILSGAARD INTRODUCES SUMMER 2014 COLLECTION Kilsgaard, the DanishItalian boutique eyewear brand that epitomizes minimalistic luxury, has revealed its new collection for the SpringSummer season, with l

Ogi 3125 in TortoisePurple 1.888.560.1060

Seraphin Brings She er Delight to a Classic Sty le Seraphin Eyewear introduces the Maddox, a translucent acetate frame that brings freshness to a classic shape. With its revitalized take on a vintage

Hybrid, the New Rim Collection by Minima Spring is in the air, and to celebrate, Minima has given pride of place to pastel colors for its new collection of fullrimmed glasses Minima Hybrid. The lightn

Mathias Bothor cracks down on ic berlin ic berlin, makers of world famous screwless sheetmetalglasses, presents its first collection of hybrid sunglasses superfine acetate rims inside an unbreakable s

Vuarnet Mineral Lenses Protection from the Sun since 1957 With its team of compagnons, the Meaux Vuarnet glasses manufacturing plant in Paris region, has managed the whole manufacturing process for 30

Gold Wood creates Copa to celebrate the World Cup 2014 Gold Wood revealed at Mido 2014 its new model Copa in order to celebrate the forthcoming World Cup that will take place in Brazil. The crafts

Porsche Des ign present s Sidewall a nd P8478 at N ew York Fashion We ek. Porsche Design presented the new fallwinter 2014 collection at the New York Fashion Week. In addition to the fashion collecti

onicear Portfolio I ist, dc Eyew r , Pun Expan s maretDesig els S ch od Pors wM 9 Ne 1 with Porsche Design and Rodenstock presented eleven new sunglasses and eight correction frames at the opti 2014

represents Freshness Romanticism The Paul Joe Eyewear collection is a festival of colors, combinations between original materials inspired by the Ready to wear creator, Sophie MechalyAlbou. The f

Saint Laurent Paris presents the January The January 14 collection from Saint Laurent Paris introduces new distinctive colors and mirror lenses on best seller styles Classic, New Wave and Bold. 14

MIRANDA, a sophisticated sunglass model from Sama Eyewear The new sunglass model from Sama Eyewear, Miranda with special Sama lagoon mirrored lenses features a very sophisticated Pure titanium Lace m

GS108S Compact Faeroes This foldable style in a square aviator shape, features slim metal temples, signature GStar screws at the hinge and rubber temple tips with GStar logo and cut out. EyeZone Vol

GStar introduces the compact concept another statement echoing the brands passion for craftsmanship and innovation, once again pushing the boundaries of eyewear. GS612S Compact Dexter This foldable

Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2014 Eyewear Collection DVF823S DVF824S DVF584S DVF115S DVF5057 DVF5056 The Diane von Furstenberg Spring 2014 Eyewear collection draws inspiration from DVF readytow

V115S Valentino Pilot Revisiting the classic metal pilot with a hint of rock. The pilot sunglasses are reinterpreted in Valentino style with studs and tone on tone sweatbar. EyeZone Vol 10 Issue 55 M

V689S Valentino Kiss The style of the season. Acetate sunglasses with a highly recognizable shape that resembles a kiss. Not just any kiss, a Valentino kiss. 149 EyeZone Vol 10 Issue 55 May June 20

Calvin Klein Jeans Calvin Klein Jeans Spring 2014 Collection The Calvin Klein Jeans Spring 2014 Eyewear Collection distributed by Marchon Eyewear is bold and evocative. The styles exude confidence and

SprINg 2014 EyEwEAr CoLLECtIoN The Michael Kors Spring 2014 Eyewear Collection offers sleek, trendy styles for male and female customers. Drawing inspiration from the accessories collection, womens fr

The significantly better performances of the Transitions Signature VII lenses have been applauded by consumers in wearer tests and reveal the strong potential for success. 82 of ordinary clear lens w

A leap forward The global leader of photochromic technology is launching the new Transitions Signature VII lenses, a leap forward in terms of performance, convincing even more clear lens wearers Brand

1011 112 Marchon Gulf FZCO, P.O. Box 54683, Dubai Airport Free Zone Tel 97142602445, Fax 97142602464, Email 1516 98 118 147 Maui jim middle east FZE Dub

Advertisers The JulyAugust 2014 edition is open. If you wish to make any amendments or contributions for this issue, please contact our advertising department at or call 9652245459

ld worur Thes yo n eed i si on v The world needs your vision

NEW A full 180 range to reach more patients Extended Parameter Range Sphere powers from 6.00D to 9.00D 4 cylinder powers 0.75DC, 1.25DC, 1.75DC, 2.25DC 18 axes in 10 degree steps Accelerated Stab