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Contents Masters at Work Carlo Lorigiola EyeZone Vol 8 Issue 1 January February 2012 Fashion 29 Esprit Marc by Marc Jacobs Giorgio Armani Esprit Kids Elle Kids Carrera Boss Michael Kors

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Nikon Introduces The Nikon Introduces The First 1.74 Transitions First 1.74 Transitions Lens From Lens From Move towards Move towards digital vision digital vision The digital precision The digital

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client and the space in the shop. To cope with this challenge, he knows that being a regional office gives Marchon Gulf a leverage in providing good margin as there is no intermediary between them and

Masters at work Carlo Lorigiola Mastering Marchon With the company being new to the region, renowned professional in optical industry Carlo Lorigiola steps into a fresh world with Marchon Gulf. Overs

News Glasses emit personal sound and smell to boost your social life eight kinds of solid state perfume. Once a selected piece is heated to 46C 115F with a wire, the right smell is released. A test p

Transitions Offers Bilingual Diagnosis Guide for AgeRelated Diseases Transitions Optical offers a bilingual diagnosis guide which provides a comprehensive overview of several agerelated diseases, incl

Studies Research Combating SeniorEyetis ... Continue This number is estimated to increase to 30.1 million by 2020. Cataracts are a condition of aging and will affect each one of us. This insidious c

Studies Research Combating SeniorEyetis By Carole Burns, OD tient. Consider the case of Mr. Jones, a 68yearold gentleman suffering with OSD. Mr. Jones has moderate ocular surface disease. He is exp

Color Contact Lenses Looking for distributors in the Middle East 96525727023 96597517854 Email shororo

CONTACT LENSES Experimental contact lenses which delivers eye medication in controlled doses drug delivery via eye drops. With numbers that impressive, this technology is a real gamechanger. Eye drop

Acknowledgment This article was first published in Optician. Sulley A, Young G. Soft torics first choice for your astigmatic patients. Optician 2011, 242 6327 2430 16. Bennett ES. Contact lens correc

CONTACT LENSES Practitioners may also perceive toric lenses to be less comfortable than spherical lenses but this study suggests otherwise. Among the spherical lenswearing group, comfort and symptoms

CONTACT LENSES The first, initial fitting appointment took, on average, 22 minutes and spectacle wearers took only slightly longer 25 minutes. A majority of lenses orientated at the zero position Figu

Of the thinzone designs, Edrington20 notes that Accelerated Stabilisation Design ASD lenses are more stable during large versional eye movements, less affected by gravity and show a more stable rate o

CONTACT LENSES These findings suggest the need for practitioners to enhance communication with patients and adopt a more proactive approach to discussing toric lenses and their benefits. For presbyopi

Give your patients the astigmatism lens that ensures stable vision and all day comfort FOR ASTIGMATS, EVEN A SIMPLE HEAD TILT CAN CAUSE LENS ROTATION AND BLURRED VISION. New ACUVUE OASYS Clear, stab

CONTACT LENSES Prescribing trend data4 suggest a higher figure 35 per cent fitted with toric designs but this still falls short of potential fitting levels. Astigmats are also known to be overrepresen

CONTACT LENSES icsSoft torics first choice for Soft torics first choice for first choice for tigmatic patients your astigmatic patients your astigmatic patients Anna Sulley and Dr Graeme Young expla

tual make up. They are ingrained in the human psyche. Between two people, it is a twoway street. It cannot exist by itself. There has to be another party. It cannot be that one person cheats another a

Genereal Issues Trust How important is it in Sales God does command you to render back your trust, to those to whom they are due. Quran 458 It was a usual sunny morning in Dubai in the midst of Jul

certain individuals. Getting to know your presbyopic clients will help you find them lenses that meet their lifestyle needs Presbyopes deserve clear everyday vision By age 45, most people start to sh

SPECIAL COVERAGE HYPE Happy Young Presbyopic pEople ADAPTIVE solutions for Happy Young Presbyopic pEople HYPE Presbyopes have new challenges to visual performance Presbyopia represents almost 40 o

3D FreeForm is our standard All Rodenstock progressives now made with 3D FreeForm technology. Up to 40 improved visual performance See better. Look perfect.

Events Premium from Every Perspective International Rodenstock Eyewear Conference in Zell am See closes with record results Into the autumn with success Just before the Silmo, Rodenstock invited cu

surprise. energize. MAXIMEYES opti 2013 25. 27. 01. 2013 Fairground Messe Mnchen RZopti2013KataloganzeigeTeaser236x306.indd 1 04.01.12 1041

Events opti 12 sets the ball rolling By Aamir Rahman All roads lead to Rome is a pass. All roads begin from Mnich is the line playing on our minds since our return from the magnificent opti 12 held

Events Introducing Wenzhou Intl Optics Fair service through aspects of propaganda, invitation and organization, etc. In addition, splendid activities such as WOF 10th Anniversary, Franchisee Meeting

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uvex crow pro www.rodenstock.comuvex Main Office U.A.E Tel 971 04 326 2000 Fax 971 04 326 2111 P.O.Box 47674, Dubai. Email Qatar Office Tel 974 4466 0081 Fax 971 4466 0082 P.O.Box 55242,

Fashion Supplement

ET 17758 Serious but sensuous, the iconic 60s Clubmaster sun frame is a classic style for men and women. Elegant black is offset by soft pop shades. Warm tortoise is an evergreen optical color choice

Revives past decades elegance with a stunning 2012 sunwear collection Chipper confidence and upbeat optimism, an indomitable joie de vivre and an allembracing appreciation for life, nature and family

STRIPES FOREVER Iconic and distinctive, multicolored stripes continue to be a trademark of the MARC BY MARC JACOBS sunglass collection. The iconic MMJ 096NS model is now available in a larger size to

ET19732 This cute little girls style is trendy and pretty with its modern wraparound feel and a rain of stars on the temple. Available in four luscious summer color choices. KIDS ET 19733 All you nee

EL18241 Feeling ever so grownup, these rounded, oversized frames in fresh ice lolly colours are prettily decorated with an elegant Mistigris cat temple logo and soupedup with graded lenses and colour

The latest CARRERA eyewear collection is dedicated to those who live life in the fast lane, who are not afraid to achieve goals, dreams and desires, and who express their individuality without hesitat

Aviator These styles are for the fashionsavvy consumer who is on top of one of todays most important trends, the Aviator. A personal favorite of Michael, we have perfected this vintage inspired look w

Iconic Hardware Inspired by the signature Tonne hardware that can be found on Collection handbags, these styles capture the glamour of the Michael Kors brand.

EL18954 A subtle sophistication is implied by this sun style with softedged, curvy frame fronts in simple mono or twotoned shades and elegant rounded ELLE logo. Feminine and understated Black Grey

EL 18942 Softly oversized, slender frame and elegant string of pearl details in silver or gold are the key features of this chic feminine style. The brownred combo and luscious pink styles are to die

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Model R2203, R2204

P 8494 PORSCHE DESIGN sunglasses

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