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Contents EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 47 January February 2013 37 79 EYE ZONE Sponsors 49 37 Compliance before, during and after contact lens wear Contact Lenses is a success key to improve pe

RxPertise DIGITAL LENS BASICS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW By Palmer R. Cook, OD T Turning an ophthalmic prescription into individualized lens is a lens with curvatures through the optica

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CONTACT LENSES 29 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 47 January February 2013

CONTACT LENSES 31 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 47 January February 2013

CONTACT LENSES 33 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 47 January February 2013

EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 47 January February 2013 34

CONTACT LENSES 35 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 47 January February 2013

EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 47 January February 2013 36

CONTACT LENSES 37 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 47 January February 2013

Genereal General Issues Our needs and wants define what we are Mushtaq Ahmed Founder and Soft Skills Trainer at Grace Noble Optical InstituteChennai and can be contacted through email on Mushtaqgnni

General Issues SILMO makes its debut in India L oyal to its promise to play a facilitating role supporting participating companies throughout the year , SILMO, MONDIAL DE LOPTIQUE World Optical Fa

General Issues Introducing AKTUEL group the scientific training courses and marketing mix as production, promotion, distributing and pricing as market needs through our professionals research and mar

News Marchon eyewear named winner in Optical Category, EyeVote Readersbetter job 2012 Looking for a Choice Awards Marchon eyewear is pleased to announce winning of the following categories in the opt

News tometry instruments, contact lens care products, optical plating equipments materials, retail and shop design, display equipment and technology, chain glasses enterprises, etc. As it does ever

News Focus on WOF 2013 Better optical fair.. Better trade platform fter the big success of WOF 2012, 11th Wenzhou Intl Optics Fair, China WOF 2013 for short is aiming to bring a bigger and better WO

ous light that can damage and fatigue to our eyes, explained Torres. At Nikon, each divisions research and development is shared which contributes to the major strides and innovative discoveries in th

News Nikons launching of the innovative Seecoat Blue is the new revolution in the world of ophthalmic lenses left to right Khurshed Kheshvala, Factory Manager, Ignacio Torres, Commercial Director So

Studies Research contact lenses in the slightly less confident younger patient and putting all the emphasis on being able to see to choose their new frames rather than so you can see if youd like to

concerns about their childs ability to care for their lenses and may take the view that contact lens wear will be prohibitively complex. For this reason, daily disposable lenses are a very popular opt

Studies Research Do children and teenagers take up more chairtime Children certainly need different handling to their adult equivalents which applies not only to explaining procedures during the eye

Wettability BiotrueTM multipurpose solution helps keep lenses moist for up to 20 hours4 Surface tension mNm difference from HBSS5 Wetting agent release from silicone hydrogel lenses 30 25 20 15 10 5 0

Dryness Biotrue multipurpose solution has strong appeal among patients reporting dryness from contact lens wear1 TM Dryness is a prevalent problem among contact lens wearers2 A recent global study o

Anecdotally, the average age for fitting a young patient with contact lenses is around 13 years. Myopia development and progression is also more prevalent at the time3 and may be considered a key driv

Studies Research Children and teenagers can contact lenses be part of their world children. For example, with unilateral aphakia, where fitting contact lenses as soon as possible greatly impacts on

Studies Research Training our professionals is a success key to improve performance Abstract of theses by Dr. Nezar R. Damati Doctor of Optometry CIPT Certified International Professional Trainer U

that results when analyzing them with a lensometer. Because patients undergoing adaptation sometimes take their new eyewear elsewhere to check the prescription, patients should be told in advance that

Studies Research DIGITAL LENS BASICS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW was passing through the optical centers of the test lenses. For strong prescriptions the power both sphere and cylinder may have to be chan

proximately the same for both right and left lenses. Vertical prism imbal ances much over 0.5 or 0.75 prism diopters are often not welltolerated. Because there can be significant exceptions, the exami

Studies Research RxPertise DIGITAL LENS BASICS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW By Palmer R. Cook, OD T By Barry Santini Turning an ophthalmicophthalmicinto individualized lens is a lens with curvatures th

Studies Research Figure 4 c liquid indicator, this will bleep once the poured liquid reached the sensor b Large dialsBrielle mobile phone been seen by an ophthalmologist and appropriate medical tr

Studies Research Figure 3 abc various hand magnifiers sion, it is very important to examine visual acuity VA, contrast sensitivity CS and visual field VF. WHO definition of visual impairment did no

Figure 1 a White door on a white wall can be invisible for those with visual impairment b an example of a more visible door. seeing price tags while shopping or even moving around in their own house

Studies Research We can help those we cant help ur current lifestyle forcibly promotes selfdependence as a prime trait amongst our generation. Therefore, people are distressed by the idea of receivi

According to WHO data, cataract is the main cause of blindness, followed by glaucoma figure 1. Globally, cataract is the single most important cause of blindness, and cataract surgery has been shown t

Studies Research Ageing and visual impairment Cataract as an example By Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD. W Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD. Email orld population is increasing and at the same tim

Events About opti opti takes place annually at the beginning of the year and is held at the Munich Trade Fair Centre. As the international trade show for optics design it presents the entire spectru

The company currently has a presence in 37 countries and has plans for further growth. Our employees language skills are therefore going to be useful beyond looking after our international customers

Events Do you speak opti Munich, 13 December 2012 From Spanish to English to Chinese, 15 languages will be spoken at the Rodenstock Groups stand, according to Oliver Kastalio, CEO of the Rodenstock G

Events A TRAIN TO MIDO From Rome, free travel to the exhibition on the frecciarossa Constant dialogue with everyone connected to the Exhibition and madetomeasure services for its protagonists. These


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BREAKWALL Ultralight rimless frame that is perfect for fastaction sports or every day wear. Breakwall offers a highgrade nylon frame for superior comfort and durability paired with and impactresistant

See color like never before HOOKIPA Ultramodern rimless frame that is perfect for fastaction sports or every day wear. Hookipa offers a grilamid frame for superior comfort and durability paired with

THE EXCLUSIVE LACOSTE EYEWEAR ARY COLLECTION 80TH ANNIVERS EDITION L148S I collection that E has created an exclusive th anniversary, LACOST bols, materials, and n celebration of its 80 ile reinven

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HYPE Happy Young Presbyopic pEople ed to certain individuals. Getting to know your presbyopic clients will help you find them lenses that meet their lifestyle needs Presbyopes deserve clear everyday

HYPE Happy Young Presbyopic pEople solutions for Happy Young Presbyopic pEople ADAPTIVE HYPE Presbyopes have new challenges to visual performance Presbyopia represents almost 40 of all vision probl