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Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013 People motivation in optometry practices why and how Maui Jim introduces sunglasses that wear like Pure Air




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Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013 Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013 127 why and how Maui Jim introduces sunglasses that wear like Pure Air Publisher General Manager A

CONTENTS 100 47 77 EYE ZONE Sponsors News News 72 Aktuel group launches its new collection 40 Johnson Johnson vision care now accepting research proposals related to ultraviolet radiation an

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reasons to visit opti 2014 in Munich, which can be briefly summed up as follows. Showcasing new products Over the past few years, opti has established itself as an international premiere platform. Fro

Events opti a platform where the entire spectrum of optical industry converges opti, the international trade show for optics design, which takes place from 10 to 12 January 2014 at the fairground

Let your patients see every moment, every day Accelerated Stabilisation Design ASD harnessing blink power, reducing gravitys influence1,2 Thin zone below eyelid Accelerated slope Optic zone Points of

Give your patients the no lens feeling Ultrasmooth surface Low coefficient of friction HYDRACLEAR PLUS builtin wetting agent Wetting agent UV blockers Water ACUVUE OASYS Brand Contact Lenses use a

Beauty without compromise Unique BeautyWrappedInComfortTM Technology seals pigment between two layers of comfortable lens material Etafilcon A1 The ONLY lens with pigment fully embedded within the l

Exceptional end of day comfort Supports stable tear film to help eyes stay moist all day1 Tear film Wetting agent UV blockers Water Fresh, new lenses every day 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST Brand Contact Lenses

Shown to be comparable to wearing no lens at all HYDRACLEAR 1 builtin wetting agent for comfort comparable to no lens wear1,2 Wetting agent UV blockers Water Allows 100 corneal oxygen consumption eq

Innovative technologies for exceptional comfort, vision and health Builtin wetting agent for lasting comfort1,2 Wetting agent UV blockers Water High oxygen delivery Lens 0xygen UVA and UVB blockin

News For further information, contact Gary Esterow Michele Gray 904 6296232 732 2913904 For further information, contact For further information, contact Gary Es

EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013 42

43 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013

EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013 44

45 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013

EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013 46

47 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013

Figure 1 The creators of blue oceans dont use the competition as their benchmark. Instead, they follow a value innovation approach through focusing on creating a leap in value for buyers and company,

Studies Research Blue Ocean Strategy in Optometry Industry Nancy D. Al Mashni Certified International Professional Trainer CIPT USA Master of Business Administration MBA B.Sc. of Medical Technology

EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013 50

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Caring for contacts with confidence HyCare an Innovative Multipurpose Solution from Sauflon Practitioners take great care in the selection of the right contact lens for their patients, taking into co

News O2Amps glasses designed to help read peoples emotions find other applications By Kent Sutherland Along with facial expressions, telltale variations in facial blood flow that causes reddening a


HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS m of spherical aberration at 1.00D 0.75D x 180 m spherical aberration 0.10 0.08 0.06 0.04 0.02 0.00 PureVision Toric Horizontal crosssection of 3.00D 1.25 x 180 lenses obtaine

SPHERICAL ABERRATION Figure 2. With spherical aberration, light rays passing through the center and periphery of the optical system do not simultaneously focus at the same focal point. WHAT DOES A P

The NSIGHT Study The Needs, Symptoms, Incidence, Global Eye Health Trends NSIGHT Study is an online survey of 3,800 visioncorrected patients, age 1565, from seven different countries in three regions.

Exceptional Visual Quality With No TradeOffs PureVision2 HD For Astigmatism delivers what patients say they want Dr. Quinn One way we, as eyecare practitioners, can describe how we serve our patients

EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013 62

63 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013

PureVision 2HD For Astigmatism Introducing PureVision2 HD for Astigmatism the new generation of toric lenses, designed to keep up with your patients every move for consistently crisp, clear vision.

News Rodenstock wins German Design Award 2014 Germanys manufacturer of lenses and frames, Rodenstock is distinguished with the noted German Design Award 2014. The Rodenstock Perfection R8005 frame

THE BEST POSSIBLE RESULTS WITH 3D VIDEO MEASUREMENT. L LTS MEASUREMENT. 3D video measurement with the ImpressionIST. For the best Rodenstock spectacles youve ever had. Awardw

The other option is to use a lens color that matches the background. That color will be enhanced, so the object being located will be more apparent in its difference. Gray lenses enhance dark fish. Am

Studies Research Lens Basics Putting Sun Lens Technology to Work By Andrew Karp Although many sun lenses are loaded with technical features, experienced eyecare professionals and retailers say a non

Events AKTUEL group launches its new collection The Aktuel group recently launched their new collection of medical frames and sunglasses for the latest models Qmarines, Aramis, Amore and Gazirille

EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013 74

75 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013

Concepts also points out that products are assembled for clients with due diligence and packed with rigorous precision. Mr. Ramzi Al Azawi, Managing director and owner of Gollach Optik GO design who

Events concepts Shop design and display systems by now in Dubai concepts Displays Shop Design, a specialist in shop fitting for optical stores with headquarters in Germany and GO design, a new co

different and year after year, capable of meeting the changes in demand dictated by a constantly evolving market and economic and global situation. The 2014 edition reconfirms the strong points of pre

News MIDO, the prestigious eyewear exhibition to be held from March 1 to 3, 2014 MIDO, one of the most comprehensive optics and ophthalmology sector fairs, which brings together the latest industry


to look after your customers. You need to make sure that the environment they are working in is conducive to good performance. Keep your staff happy by providing what they need in terms of training so

Studies Research PEOPLE MOTIVATION IN OPTOMETRY PRACTICES WHY AND HOW Dr. Nezar Damati MBA, Doctor Of Optometry CIPT Certified International Professional Trainer USA. Motivation is the art of get

Events CIOF 2013 presents cuttingedge products and technology from all over the world CIOF 2013, the 26th China International Optics Fair, continued the legend in making breakthroughs and presenting

in France were hosted by the exhibitions organisers. The aim was to give them a deeper insight into their new profession through visits to the trends forums, Merchandising Workshop and futureoriented

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Events Optics and eyewear professionals turn up in large numbers for SILMO 2013 The prize winners of various categories at the 20th Silmo dOr awards ceremony along with the panel of experts In a st

News Bella Diamonds Collection makes its presence felt at SILMO. Mr. Ibrahim Wehbe , General Manager, Optical Supplies Centre along with Mr. Rho Si Chul and Ms. Isabel Lee at the Bella Diamonds Coll

News Rodenstock and MercedesBenz Style Extend Cooperation until 2018 A successful working relationship for the past three years has resulted in Rodenstock and MercedesBenz Accessories extending their

Multigressiv Mono lenses. Light, thin, sharp right to the edge. The multiaspheric singlevision lens rounds off your range. With 3D freeform technology

Events Optitalia Group unveils Safilos Fall Winter 2013 collections Optitalia Group, leader in the eyewear sector, presented to the top Gulf optical dealers and members of the press, the latest Fal

for the wearers unique prescription requirements using realtime optical design combined with patented freeform technology. By fine tuning the optical design of the lens for the exact prescription, res

News News OFFICELENS BY ZEISS Uncompromising performance for demanding vision With the incidence of computer related vision problems increasing rapidly across the world, ZEISS comes up with Officel

General Issues Dedication to work is most important Manav Gupta Having arrived in Dubai more than decades ago, Manav Gupta, Sales Manager with BBGR, Dubai has made a mark for himself in the optical

So, how exactly does the Blue Light affect vision Blue light, which is next to ultraviolet light on the electromagnetic spectrum, has a shorter wavelength than other visible light. It also tends to be

News SeeCoat Blue lens protect visual health from digital devices Kefan optics distributes the revolutionary lens by Nikon in the Middle East through most of the Optical retailers. The rapidly growi

of ield f ur o dy n xpa e are ec ent ev the om c p y te e le N E W Y O R K Education March 27 30, 2014 Exhibition March 28 30, 2014 New York, NY Javits Center Educati

General Issues The Price Factor Mushtaq Ahmed Deputy General Manager, Yateem Group and can be contacted through email on When his heart forsakes fairness and his deeds turn dep

in Europe were maintained. Therefore, the company claims that strict guidelines are followed during manufacturing process and comprehensive quality control during production guarantees impeccable resu

General Issues MENRAD the vision, going strong for more than 100 years An insight into a successful family business led by the fourth generation Familyowned and managed since 4 generations, MENRAD t

The Red Eye Conundrum, well it should not be. Pattern of redness When a patient complains of a red eye, after having taken a full history and tested visual acuity, it is useful to take some time to ob

Studies Research Differential Diagnosis of common problems in the optometric practice By Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD. Email Optometrists, whether in private practice or hospital bas

0n 5n Zernike polynomial Wavefront Aberrometry 15 20 Zernike 28 3 2 4 15 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013 108

WaveForm 2020 HAO 2020 Oscillating tool 10 WaveForm Optimized WaveFront Refraction OWR 109 EyeZone Vol 9 Issue 52 Nov. Dec. 2013

News OrCam aims to improve quality of life for visually impaired users glasses with a tiny magnet not entirely unlike Google Glass lookswise, yet inherently more powerful. The system incorporates a

News VISION RX LAB DEBUTS IN MIDDLE EAST From LR Lalit Gupta,COO Vision Rx lab Chief guest Ahmed Jaber, MD Al Jaber Optical Sanjeev Gupta, CEO Vision Rx lab standing behind Ibrahim Al Jawi, Local Sp

INTRODUCING Inspired by whats around us. When we dream of what sunglasses can be, we are inspired by whats around us. This collection combines the brilliance of our MauiPureTM lenses, full frame flex

Fashion Suplement

now in the Middle East market through Hassans FZCO. VISTA EYEWEAR Srl, a leading Italian company in high tech design, has introduced MAD IN ITALY in the Middle East market and will be exclusively dist

Linda Farrow collaborates with renowned designers Khaleda Rajab Fahad Al Marzouq for spring summer 2014 collection Linda Farrow partners with Khaleda Rajab and Fahad Almarzouq for the first time for

MOSCHINO optical available in best mber shops from Septe Eyewear collection by Love Moschino, just launched by Allison, already licensed by Moschino brand, is available in the best optical shops from

Tom Hanks sports optical style FLEXON 610 in Marchon Eyewear brand Flexon has been sported by Hollywood actor Tom Hanks in an upcoming film Captain Phillips. The film, which is a biopic of merchant ma


TOMMY HILFIGER PRESENTS FALL 2013 EYEWEAR COLLECTION The Tommy Hilfiger Group, which is wholly owned by PVH Corp. NYSE PVH, introduces the Fall 2013 eyewear collection, Back to University. The new co

a cw s Frcinneo Jamen Guc s to star i ad campaign eyewear ll appear ector James Franco wi Actor, writer and dir ar campaign Guccis eyewe for the first time in the new Black inter 2013, wearing for Au

Glamorous eyewear collection from Marc Jacobs The Marc Jacobs FallWinter 20132014 eyewear collection is an inspiring take on glamour. Drawing inspiration from old Hollywood, the new models feature c

Maui Jim introduces sunglasses that wear like Pure Air Maui Jim introduces the first styles in the PureAirTM series of sunglasses that combine the companys ultralight MauiPureTM lens technology with

Maui Jim, strengthens its On the Water collection of sunglasses. Hours of squinting from the glare and Ultra Violet rays from the sun can make it a long day on the water, whether youre fishing or floa

Two in One The Porsche Design Hairband The hairband is based on a unique design and combines an elegant hairband with purist premium sunglasses. Worn as a hairband, the black, dynamically curved shiel

Porsche Design Rodenstock look into the future of eyewear with the Iconics series Porsche Design and Rodenstock will present outstanding eyewear highlights in autumn 2013, which set new standards in

FEB 31st Latest Collection Where Ethics and Aesthetics blend harmoniously Unique Italian brand merges colour with the modernity of wood to create contemporary, luxury eye wear pieces The latest colle

Light years ahead a beacon for the industry From an industry perspective, Transitions Optical has adopted a unique position focusing on its commitment to advancing light management technology, widesp

T the leader of light management technology for more than 20 years tested for compatibility with the raw lenses substrates and coatings of the caster partners, as well as ensuring maximum heterogenei

1011 18 Marchon Gulf FZCO, P.O. Box 54683, Dubai Airport Free Zone Tel 97142602445, Fax 97142602464, Email 87 73 81 118 185, rue de Bercy, 7502 Paris F

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let your pAtients see every moment, every dAy. Accelerated Stabilisation Design ASD harnessing blink power, reducing gravitys influence1,2 Thin zone below eyelid Accelerated slope Optic zone Points of