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Issue 36 March April 2011 w w w. e y e z o n e m a g . c o m A high profile for low vision Sports lenses Tips Technology by RodenStock

Your world. See the brilliance. Welcome to colour.

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Contents Studies Research News Seiko Optical Europe meets Yateem Optician Group in unique agreement A twostrong team for SILMO Guy CHARLOT as an association president and Philippe LAFONT as an exhi


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5x different color combos Worlds first cosm for contact lense . . .

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Studies Research New technologies and changing demographics are creating opportunities for ECPs Part 1 .... Continued tain patients and certain tasks, new portable video magnifiers are rocketing ahe

DIAGNOSTIC INSTRUMENTS AND TESTING Recommending supplements calls for identifying patients with significant risk factors. Leading the way are age, smoking, obesity, hypertension and perhaps most impor

Studies Research New technologies and changing demographics are creating opportunities for ECPs Part 1 By Patrick Dundas If you think cell phone, PDA and WiFi computer technology has changed your

MIDO Design Lab HALL24 STAND N11 P12

News Seiko Optical Europe meets Yateem Optician Group in unique agreement Dubai Sherry Tenorio SEIKO Optical Europe licenses Yateem Optician Group to manufacture selected SEIKO branded spectacle le

3D Paternless Lens Edger F8 PREMIER Main Office U.A.E Tel 971 04 267 0807 Fax 971 04 267 0806 P.O.Box 47674, Dubai. Email Qatar Office Tel 974 4466 0081 Fax 971 4466 0082 P.O.Box 55242,

News A twostrong team for SILMO Guy CHARLOT as an association president and Philippe LAFONT as an exhibition president Utilizing his skills as an entrepreneur and designer, Philippe LAFONT is well e

sidered to be technically infeasible is now possible. The future of the next generation of individual progressive lenses has started with the EyeLT. Making the Impossible Possible With the new EyeLT,

News The revolution of the Individual Progressive Lens Rodenstock overcomes technical limits with EyeLT Rodenstock presents an absolute world premier at the opti 2011 EyeLT, the innovation for bett

Progressiv PureLife Rodenstock PureLife is Available in 1.5, 1.6 and 1.67 refractive indexes. Available in L 18mm and XS 14mm. Produced within 24 workinghours. Guarantee C ard .1.67 1.6 1.5

News Alfred Dunhill Eyewear Rodenstock presents the expanded Alfred Dunhill eyewear collection Rodenstock presents new illustrations of the Alfred Dunhill spectacles collection. The inaugural range w

News Hall of Frames Source 2020 Magazine PAT R I S H A Z A B RYC K I TRIATHLON GOLD 2010 XTERRA World Champion and cross country powerhouse Shonny Vanlandingham 1 laughs it off in Noyz FLUO Green Mu

Speci cations Safety with NO metal parts Comes with Elastic Band Special meterial with NO allergic reactions Di erent sizes from 3 months 9 years old More than 10 models with 20 di erent colo

CONTACT LENSES New Contact Lens Wearers 4 33 EyeZone Issue No.36 March April 2011

ACUVUE, 1DAY ACUVUE TruEyeTM, HYDRACLEAR 1 and SEE WHAT COULD BETM are trademarks of Johnson Johnson Middle East Inc. Johnson Johnson Middle East Inc 2010

CONTACT LENSES New Contact Lens Wearers 3 35 EyeZone Issue No.36 March April 2011


CONTACT LENSES New Contact Lens Wearers 2 37 EyeZone Issue No.36 March April 2011

CONTACT LENSES New Contact Lens Wearers 1 39 EyeZone Issue No.36 March April 2011

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continued explaining why developing talents is essential to the industry. In spite of the challenges, Walid Elali is honestly and irrevocably dedicated to his chosen career. With great fondness, he ha

Masters at work Walid Elali The Man Behind Successful Transitions in the region The man appears as meek and humble, yet with jolly and accepting attitude that makes him wellloved by many. He has a se

latest generation technology are tested, here emerging companies and highfashion signature lines debut their new collections. Completeness also means making space for all the industry sectors with en

Events Mido 11 Innovation, research, fashion, design and training Milan EYEZONE The eyewear trade show reasserts its value as an indispensable marketing tool and opportunity for international commu

black, silverblack, white or havana, dar brownlight brown, rose gold or ivory, bronzesilver, palladium. Dsquared2 in metal and acetate with options of semishiny black, shiny gunmetal, shiny blue or sh

Events The Rivoli Winter Convention Stepping into the gigantic ballroom at Burjuman Rotana Hotel, while being welcomed with beautiful imagery of trendy eyewear, EyeZones visit to the recently conclu

TRANSITIONS ADAPTIVE EYEWEAR ARE DESIGNED TO ADJUST TO LIGHT TO ENHANCE AND PROTECT VISION Increasing levels of UV radiation during the spring and summer months is a significant risk to eye health, an

SPECIAL COVERAGE Adapting Light for everyday life Transitions Lenses PROTECT ENHANCE vision UV glare are ubiquitous threats to eye health and optimum vision Eyes change over time, and the risk o

VI 100 60 80 100 95 90 85 80 35 75 70 65 60 50 50 27 40 30 20 10 0 . . VI

In the car Xtra dark outdoors Indoors In addItIon to transItIons VI, an Xtra dark eVeryday lens that tInts In the car tra FeatUres Tint at 35C 60 65 70 75 80 80 85 90 95 100 Tint average tin

Transitions PERFORMANCE LENSES are a SPORTING SOLUTION FAST AND ADAPTIVE TINT CHANGES Transitions lenses rapidly adapt to outdoor light intensity Cuttingedge photochromic technology of Transitions V

SPECIAL COVERAGE Adapting Light for everyday life Transitions EVERYDAY LENSES adapt to ENHANCE VISION TRANSITIONS LENSES ALWAYS THE RIGHT TINT Clear inside and at night to give maximum light, at wo

UV LIGHT IS EVERYWHERE UVA 315400 nm and UVB 315280 nm rays are very damaging to eyes and skin1 Risk of cataracts, macular degeneration, skin cancer1, 2 We are constantly exposed to UV radiation,

SPECIAL COVERAGE Adapting Light for everyday life ADAPTING LIGHT for everyday life Transitions Lenses adapt to light to optimize visual performance. Whether its protecting against UV radiation and


GENERAL ISSUES HUVITZ to join international optic fairs in 2011 By Hamid Tavakoli CBC Medical Manager Renowned company Huvitz unveiled its plans to participate in a number of optical fairs around t

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GENERAL ISSUES Sports lenses Tips Technology ..... Continued What is Listings law Since the eyes make a slight rolling movement when the gaze is directed to the periphery, the cylinder axis may not

Impression Sport design With Impression Sport, Rodenstock can, for the first time, offer a progressive lens which has been especially optimised to the needs of spectacle wearers who are active in spor

GENERAL ISSUES Sports lenses Tips Technology ..... Continued tropia. This means that the spectacle wearer can have different visual impressions when the eyes look to the side. The different visual i

allows even athletes with presbyopia to achieve optimal correction while engaging in sports. What makes this lens unique is the optimized online computation for the entire field of view that takes int

GENERAL ISSUES Sports lenses Tips Technology Sports and optics new sales opportunities We live in a time when sports are no longer just a leisure activity for a marginal group, but it has become pa

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GENERAL ISSUES BLUE ON BLUE Polar relaunches the timeless iconic blue lenses for Mido 2011 POLAR ORIGINAL SUNGLASSES SINCE 1993 Pluck, determination and as always a pinch of edginess these are the

Best vision best looks SEIKO SPORTSTECH for best vision and a fashionable look. Wide fields of view using FreeForm technology, with natural vision in all directions Suitable for all sports and tre

GENERAL ISSUES Seiko, summer and sport the perfect dream team As an innovative manufacturer of spectacle lenses, SEIKO has developed SEIKO SPORTSTECH lenses. Due to the latest freeform technology, t

INTERVIEW The essence of sports eyewear .... Continued have the individually best solution available for every athletic customer. Kefan Optics on sports eyewear Another leading entity in serving opti

clearer vision and less stress on the athlete eyes from the sun and its reflection and this can be achieved by pauperized lenses as will with Mirage coating. Egma provides a big range of curved lenses

INTERVIEW The essence of sports eyewear In this interview, Egma and Kefan Optics share their expert tips and quality products that are eyecare appropriate for professional athletes and, of course, fo

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2011 Exhibition Opti Munich OPTA SIOF MIDO VisionExpoEast OSSA Abiotica2011 DIOPS Optrafair VISIONX SOE CIOF VisionExpoWest SILMO IOFT Optik Istanbul Place Munich, Germany Czech Rep. Shan

HRK8000A . . HRK 8000A . . . 5 HRK8000A Highorder Zernike HartmannSchack Wavefron

DRY EYE Syndrome Cicatrical . . MGD . MGD . . Mc

DRY EYE Syndrome . . . Single . . Dose . Biousse . TFBUTTear Film

Nichols . . . . . . . . . Sensitivity .

DRY EYE Syndrome . . NonSjogren ADDE . ADDE Interferometry . . ADDE

Paraductal Blood Vessel Loss Acinar Cell Atrophy Lymphotic Damato 70 Glandular Infilterates Periductal SSDE Acinar Fibrosis Interacinar Fibrosos . Atrophy

DRY EYE Syndrome . . . Lacrimal Gland Denervation . Obstruction of Lacrimal Gland Ducts 3 . Di

Fashion Supplement

DREAMY LOOKS WITH THE NEW BLUE BA EYEWEAR Y February 2011 BLUE BAY presents a new sunglasses and optical frames collection dedicated to young people with a decisive personality, but whose dreamy lo

Bringing Sustainability to Eyewear Smith Introduces Evolve Sunglass Collection Two years ago, Smith Optics applied its over 40 year history as an innovation leader toward greening its own business, l

GUCCI PRESENTS FIRST SUNGLASSES COLLECTION FOR CHILDREN Following the recent launch of the childrens collection, Gucci is pleased to announce the debut of its first sunglasses line for kids. Designed

From the 2011 collection Rudy Project sports eyewear, sunglasses and optical line Ekynox SN 768198M RX Sport Prescription Quick change 4.75 to 4.00 Noyz SP041169RC Racing White Prescription Inte

Model M3001 A

Davidoff Optical line 95075 Pure Titanium Jaguar Sun 37707 Jaguar Spirit Frame 33538

THE NEW OXYDO COLLECTION PRESENTS AUTHENTIC INNOVATIVELY DESIGNED EYEWEAR The OXYDO eyewear collection is fast evolving the new sunglasses and optical frame are the result of ongoing design research

THE NEW HERITAGE INSPIRED SUNGLASSES OPTICAL FRAMES COLLECTION PRESENTS NEW DESIGN CONCEPTS The new eyewear collection for the coming season will highlight the authentic and iconic characteristics o

THE ICON EYEWEAR TAKES ON BLUE REFLECTIONS For the first time ever in CARRERAs history, blue has become an absolute protagonist The new sunglasses reinterpret the colour blue in flash mirrored lenses.

New concept honeycomb structure The honeycomb structure is used in the automobile industry Material combination Polyamide with a soft rubber injection Combination of form function in its best way For

Titanium concept with polyamide temples Follows what we learned from our top sellers discreet but stylish front combined with prominent polyamide temples Big eye sizes Half rim version P8203 with a so

Mono shield sunglasses with slim metal temples Unique top bar design Pure, precise, feminine Four colours available Stylish aviator shape

ORD ER N OW 5x different color combos Worlds first cosmetic line for contact lenses Dermalook Shadows provides maximum moisturizing of the eyelid area that lasts hours. It also contains Argan oil

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