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Vol 10 Issue 58 November December 2014 Controlling Myopia in Children Safilo is here to learn, listen and feel the pulse of the consumer



There are cumulus, nimbus, and cirrus clouds. Theres also time to notice the difference. Maui Jim sunglasses UV protection blocks 100 of harmful UV light, for heightened clarity. Style shown Baby Beac

2014 Maui Jim, Inc.

80 of What Children Learn Comes Through Their Eyes. The Visual Clarity Children Rely On Visual Clarity Compromising between optical precision and impact resistance is no longer an issue when prescribi

Made for the Demands of Childhood Your Smaller Patients Have Big Vision Needs. Children lead active lives that place great demands on their vision and their eyeglasses. Throughout each and every day,


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Vol 10 Issue 58 November December 2014 EyeZone Vol 10 Issue 58 November December 2014 Controlling Myopia in Children Safilo is here to learn, listen and feel the pulse o

CONTENTS 28 69 111 105 B EYE ZONE Sponsors Interview Events 65 69 Turkeys Universal Eyewear takes a leap in Optical Industry Safilo is here to learn, listen and feel the pulse of the consumer

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EGMA Progressive Design PROGRESSIVE DESIGN FOR YOUR OWN POINT OF VIEW 5.00 4.00 3.00 2.00 1.00 0.00 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 P P P P P P Individually tailored progressive lens Personal visual

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www.opti.deentickets . . .2015 9. 11.1.2015

Save time and money Purchase your ticket online www.opti.deentickets Find opti on Facebook Find it all at a glance The future never waits So be sure to keep up with it. Get in on the tr

ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE Why is LENSPALTM important Approximately one in five 21 percent new contact lens wearers drop out within the first month of wearing contact lenses.3 Difficulty in applying and re

ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE KEEP YOUR PATIENTS IN CONTACT LENSES WITH LENSPALTM APP FROM ACUVUE According to Apple, by 2017 there will be more than 100 million mobile phone apps downloaded every day.1 What

Beauty without compromise Unique BeautyWrappedInComfortTM Technology seals pigment between two layers of comfortable lens material Etafilcon A1 The ONLY lens with pigment fully embedded within the l

Exceptional end of day comfort Supports stable tear film to help eyes stay moist all day1 Tear film Wetting agent UV blockers Water Fresh, new lenses every day 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST Brand Contact Lenses

Shown to be comparable to wearing no lens at all HYDRACLEAR 1 builtin wetting agent for comfort comparable to no lens wear1,2 Wetting agent UV blockers Water Representation of randomised interior le

Innovative technologies for exceptional comfort, vision and health Builtin wetting agent for lasting comfort1,2 Wetting agent UV blockers Water Representation of randomised interior lens section Hi

References 01 02 03 04 1. Sourced June 2014, FIFA WORLD CUPTM website fifa.comworldcup Sourced June 2014, Wikipedia Football en.wikipedia.orgwikiFootball Sourced June 2014, Sport England website spor

During a tennis game, players hit a hollow rubber ball over the net at speeds up to 160 mph. 38 Players therefore need excellent dynamic visual acuity to see the ball and respond accordingly. Peripher

Vision considerations for four di erent sports As part of a sport vision assessment, it is important to identify the visual skills most important for the task, consider the l object as well as enviro

Today, soft lenses are the most popular form of contact lens correction, with Rigid Gas Permeable RGP lenses making up less than five per cent of the UK contact lens market. 15 When fitting sportsmen,

Sports Vision trainer SVT The Sports Vision Trainer SVT is a computercontrolled board with 32 or 80 round touchsensitive lights that can be programmed to simulate the visual demands of a specific spo

Sports, Performance and Contact Lenses July CL Monthly Optician UK Sport plays a huge part in our everyday lives. While this o ers a unique opportunity to satisfy patients and build our practices, how



CLSBL 638.qxpPOLY 2813 1211 AM Page 6 Bioinspired, Biocompatible Lenses Dr. Marsden Biotrue ONEday lenses are said to be bioinspired and biocompatible. What do you look for in a bioinspired or bi

CLSBL 638.qxpPOLY 2813 110 AM Page 5 Dr. Saks I believe wed continue to see patients leave contact lens wear, some because of silicone intolerance and others because of lipid deposits and contamin

CLSBL 638.qxpPOLY 2813 1209 AM Page 4 THE WORLD Learn how a new daily disposable lens Biotrue ONEday mimics the natural properties of the eye, providing comfortable vision throughout the day. Ha

PARAMETERS POCKET GUIDE Biotrue ONEday TM Material Water Content Oxygen Transmissibility Modulus Base Curve Diameter Optic Zone Center Thickness Powers nesofilcon A 78 42 Dkt center for 3.00D 0.49

comfortable working environment, delicious food, working security, free medical checkup, first class air conditioning, hygienic epoxy ground and so much more. These efforts are essential for feeling h

Interview Turkeys Universal Eyewear Takes a Leap in Optical Industry companies shifted their production to Far East and thus they compromised on quality and logistics advantages as well as custom tai

What makes Safilo better than its competitors We are known for our tremendous portfolio. Since the beginning, our mission is to put the product, the brand and the design at the center of everything we

Interview Luisa Delgado, CEO of Safilo Safilo is here to learn, listen and feel the pulse of the consumer Ms. Luisa Delgado, CEO of Safilo Group centre inaugurates Safilos new venture in Dubai alo

One flOOr plan many pOssibilities individual Shop deSign in Three STepS Thanks to sophisticated display modules and fitting elements the advantages of concepts are short plan

counSelling Service The individual Shop SySTem MOSAIC is the new shop design system of concepts, which allows the most diverse combinations of presentation systems and therefore different subjects a

L.G.R. Comoros L.G.R. Reunion hot stamp the moment I am trying to acquire another old machine to do this and it is very difficult This is something a bit unusual today but it creates a

Interview L.G.R. MERGING AGEOLD TRADITIONS WITH CONTEMPORARY EYEWEAR FASHION Italys Luca Gnecchi Ruscone talks about traditional production techniques in eyewear and the new Polverosa sunglass colle

HOYA wins Lens Product of the Year with Hoyalux iD MyStyle V UITHOORN 24 April 2014. On April 12th HOYA Lens UK won the Optician Lens Product of the Year with Hoyalux iD MyStyle V at a star studded a

Always in Focus Clarity in a split second. Every time. Everywhere. Each person is unique, and so are their prescriptions. As many as 73 of European presbyopes have a different prescription for left a

Energy for your eyes Do you have a busy and intensive lifestyle Are you passonate about your work, your studies and your hobbies Sometimes you may feel that your eyes are tired or even burning and i

Studies Research PORT FOLIO MANAGEMENT Mushtaq ahmed Deputy General Manager, Yateem Group email on O mankind, indeed we have created you from male and female and made you peo

Studies Research Connecting with your Customers nancy D. al Mashni Certified International Professional Trainer CIPT USA Master of Business Administration MBA B.Sc. of Medical Technology EMail nana

The ocular manifestation of rheumatoid arthritis is most often seen in patients with more active and severe forms of the disease and in those with extraarticular complications. Aside from dry eyes, ot

Studies Research Ophthalmology for Optometry Clinical Series Part 3 Ocular Manifestation of Systemic Diseases Dr. Yazan Gammoh, PhD Email The optometrist, as the primary eye ca

Contact lenses clinics with highly trained professionals will be able to 1. Let patients and customers know new contact lens materials and technologies through displaying educational and promotional s

Studies Research Contact Lenses Role for Marketing Growth Profitability Dr. Nezar Damati OD, MBA CIPT Certified International Professional Trainer USA. Contact lens fitting consultant Is your eye c

Childrens Overnight Orthokeratology Investigation COOKI The Contact Lens and Myopia Progression study CLAMP the Corneal Reshaping and Yearly Observation of Nearsightedness study CRAYON the Longitudina

myopic progression. Carl Zeiss distributes a version of this lens, called MyoVision, in various markets around the world, but not currently the U.S. Additionally, progressive and bifocal contact lense

8. The mean annual myopic progression is between 0.50D 1.00D. 9. Myopic onset begins around age 6 and dramatically slows around age 16. 10. A 0.25D annual rate of myopic progression is considered clin

Studies Events Research By Barry Santini Within the last 20 years, both the prevalence of myopia and its rate of increase within the worlds population are rising. It is estimated that 33 percent of

Dr. Ayman CEO 962795671908 Mr. Okan Director Manager 905335773443 Mr. Tariq Marketing Manager 962797072724

News 4 Contra 1 marks its unique stamp at SILMO Lucia Perez, Creative Director Designer and Inaki Palomina, CEO of 4 Contra 1 The Silmo exhibition was abuzz with activity on its day one particular

News Centro Style Runs Strong Main Product Lines of Centro Style SERVICE CENTRE Everything for the optical lab and practice, for a prompt and high quality service. Frame spare parts, tools and machi


News Marchon launches its 201415 FallWinter collections The new season eyewear collections from some of the worlds leading fashion brands, including Chlo, Valentino, Salvatore Ferragamo, Karl Lagerfe


Asia and also consider ME as a strong potential. FLEYE recently won the Red Dot honorable mention 2013 and the Eyewear of the year 2014. The Danish brand has also been awarded the iF Product Design Aw

WOODONE The Alto Adigebased company Woodone, that is led by Thomas Obregger and Klaus Tavella made its debut collection in Silmo two years ago and has since then gone to become a success story. Our de

News Exhibitors display creative energy and positive spirit at SILMO 2014 Large number of visitors attended the Silmo 2014, which was held in a positive and upbeat environment . The International O

News Italia Independent aspires to create a Wow effect Aims to become a real alternative to multinational companies Eyezone caught up with one of its founders Giovanni Accongiagioco for an interview

News The New ETRO Eyewear Collection Debuts through Marchon Marchon eyewear is pleased to announce the launch of the new ETRO EYEWEAR collection starting from September 2015. Etro and Marchon signed

Eyecare practitioners attending the launch of Biotrue ONEday contact lenses in Abu Dhabi virtually the same moisture level of the natural eye. This helps BiotrueTMONEday lenses retain their shape and

Events Bausch Lomb introduces the revolutionary BiotrueTM ONEday contact Lenses across Middle East The Bausch Lomb team at Kuwait during the launch of Biotrue ONEday contact lenses. Mr. Hani Naiem

Events Dogan Optik launches its newest collections at an elaborate event in Turkey Products of various brands displayed at the event Mr. Hakan Dogantekin, CEO of Dogan Optik with his team Distribu

Events InOptics 2015 A New Experience at an Exciting Time Exhibitor booths at InOptics 2014 Global trends, new technology and luxury eyewear will take center stage at Asias premier industry exhibit

News World Champion Sailor trimmer presents Enni Marco collection Elena Bohachyk, New Line Optics, Marketing Manager and Gaetano Figlia di Granara, World Champion, sailor trimmer Gaetano Figlia Di

VISIT US ON STAND NUMBER The world needs your vision

Events Nearly 500 companies to participate in opti Munich 2015 An array of products displayed at opti Four halls filled with news, information, and great progress that is how opti will present itse

Events The 15th Moscow International Optical Fair MIOF concludes successfully Exhibitor booths at the 15th MIOF The 15th Moscow International Optical Fair MIOF was held September 15 through 18, 201

Universal Eyewear is a manufacturer and designer in Turkey. Our manufacturing factory and headquarters are located in Izmir which has important logistics advantages. Universal eyewear represents a pas

10050 Sk. No1 A0SB CigilIZMIRTURKEY Sales 90 533 3050033 Factory 90 232 4227000

Continuing education sessions for Eyecare professionals at Vision Expo West 2014 will last the whole year. Notably, over 4,200 eyecare professionals participated in Continuing Education for Vision Ex

Events Vision Expo West Education Sparks Excitement, Boosts Exhibit Hall Activity New education features and product launches drive buying decisions, showcase visionary ideas and designs Attendees o

Events Mega international optical event pinpointed unprecedented success The China International Exhibition Center, the venue for CIOF,2014 CIOF 2014, the 27th China International Optics Fair, whic

Events DIOPS 2015 expected to be a bigger success Over 30,000 are expected to attend from over 30 countries around the world including 1,500 buyers On the backdrop of last shows achievements, the Ko

Events MIDO Evolves as Never Ending Wonder in 2015 Visitors at MIDO 2014 MIDO, the No.1 International Optics, Optometry, and Ophthalmology Exhibition, slated for 28 February to 2 March, 2015 in Mil

including the exclusive Boucheron collection, which has an individual eyewear piece retailing at just under AED210,000 US57,534. Visitors to the 15th anniversary edition of VisionX will experience a s

Events VisionX Returns with more than 250 Global EyeCare and Eyewear Brands Leading Market Specialist GfK to Reveal Exclusive Insights into Regions Growing optical Industry Visitors at the VisionX e

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27 25 MENA . Adidas, Gold Wood , Johnson Johnson . Maybach , Nikon , Vanessa Mehdi, Hoya, Prodesign . . . . .

. glare PF527 CPF511 glare Corning . 149 . . . 2 . 3 . B.C 4 B.C . . . 7.00

. adjustable pads 1 pad arms 2 3 face form 4 pantoscopic tilt 5 squared off 39CR low index . high index . 39CR low index 39CR h

BOTTEGA VENETA FallWinter 20142015 Eyewear Collection This season, Bottega Veneta enriches its sophisticated eyewear collection with new sunglasses and optical frames that highlight the brands unique

MARC by MARC JACOBS FALLWINTER 20142015 EYEWEAR COLLECTION The FallWinter 20142015 Marc by Marc Jacobs eyewear collection presents new sunglasses and optical frames highlighting the brands modern and

Higher, faster, farther The new highflyers by TITANflex TITANflex has stood for superior comfort, maximum stability and unique designexcellence for over 25 years. Men such as the Swiss aerobatic and

see you at Vision X Dubai 1.763.592.1493 by Ogi Eyewear Katrina wears the 4811 in purple demiconcord sorbet

Innotec Eyewear introduces Carina Kensington Carina Taking innovation to the next level, Innotec Eyewear introduces the Carina, a feminine combination frame. As part of the Elements Collection, the


Ultra Thin Lines and Powerful Shapes WINTER COLLECTION 2014 The latest work from Gtti Switzerland surprises with a combination of ultra thin lines and powerful shapes. They present themselves in attra

Maui Jims New Seven Pools Sunglasses are Inspired by Crystal Clear Waters Ten miles south of Hana on the lower slopes of Mauis Haleakala National Park are the famous Seven Pools of Oheo. The crystalcl

Maui Jim Debuts First UltraLuxury, LimitedEdition, Wearable Art Sunglasses Maui Jim presents its first ultraluxury sunglasses collection, titled You Move Me, which brings to life the Hawaiian flora an

Twenty magnifies the beauty of nature, wood, and lenses to create a sunglass full of poetry and imagination. The wood veneers alternate wood and aluminum in a combination that allows both bright color

Eyepieces old Wood 0 years G lebrates 2 ce A true pioneer and visionary, Maurice Leonard decided in 1995 to create his own brand of prestige eyepieces exclusively manufactured in natural materials, w

icberlin presents The Green Collection ic berlin brings high fashion, cutting edge designer and superior functionality to the golfcourse with The Green Collection lightweight, unbreakable eyewear with

Q What is CHROMEA7TM TECHNOLOGY A A breakthrough 8dye molecular technology, which enables Transitions Signature VII lenses to be more reactive to indirect light and more responsive in higher temperatu

WHY TRANSITIONS SIGNATURETM VII GRAPHITE GREEN Q How is it differentbetter A Introducing Transitions Signature VII graphite green, the latest and most balanced photochromic lens developed jointly by E

Iconic Green CRIZAL TRANSITIONS SIGNATURETM VII NOW IN GRAPHITE GREEN Give your patients the colour of style in everyday adaptive lenses. Jointly developed by Essilor and Transitions Optical under a p

1617 Marchon Gulf FZCO, P.O. Box 54683, Dubai Airport Free Zone Tel 97142602445, Fax 97142602464, Email 1213 104 58 110 118 Maui jim middle east FZE Duba

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ew N P AP UE UV AC ILL heLp Keep YOUR pATIeNTS hAppY AND CONFIDeNT IN TheIR NeW ACUVUe bRAND CONTACT LeNSeS. LENSPALTM is the new friendly app and online guide from ACUVUE that helps patients parti