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EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

Her Vision Will Change. Her Experience Wont. as her vision evolves into presbyopia Continue providing the care youve always delivered with the number 1 daily disposable brand, now in a multifocal len

NEW Built on the ACUVUE MOIST Family the 1 daily disposable brand in the world1 Now you can continue excellent care Pupil Size The ONLY MULTIFOCAL LENS that uniquely optimises the optical design t

MOD. CARRERA 130S CARRERAWORLD.COM EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

Message from the Publisher Triggered by many different factors such as the fastpaced technological advancements, the professional route has taken a steeper turn, and stiffer competition has forced ind

Publisher General Manager 12 Ali Hassan Banddor Chief Editor Mohammed Khadada Executive Editor 69 14 16 Snehal Sawant Media Consu

CONTENTS EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017 51 27 49 57 45 EYEZONE Sponsors 77 News 21 Camera Glasses Flip Out When the Shooting Starts 23 New Drops are Better than a Needle in the Eye

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EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

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Reflect your style Appearance is everything In line with the latest fashion trends, Hoya offers a mirror coating in three eyecatching colour variations gold, silver and blue. A Hoya Mirror coating cr

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Eye Equipments Lea Paddle Lea Symbols Teller Acuity Cards Cardiff Cards Loose Prism Akriti Ak Akriti riti Lens Rack Auto RefK Specialty Products Digital Hand Held Slit Lamp Digital Auto

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EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017


News Camera Glasses Flip out when the Shooting Starts FaceShot glasses, seen here in recording mode Credit Omni Wearables Ben Coxworth The past several years have brought us a number of sunglasses

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

News New Drops are Better than a Needle in the Eye A new treatment for agerelated macular degeneration hopes to replace an injection into the eye with simple eye drops Credit ia64Depositphotos Rich

Hoya Sports lenses For next level performance Your customers will truly value their glasses when doing sports. And if they are looking for a standout performance they will love Nulux and Hoyalux Sport

Made to perform better Hoya Sports lenses. For next level performance. Meet your sportive customers optical requirements with Nulux and Hoyalux Sportive lenses. Hoyas new range of highcurved Sports l

The new generation of contact lenses that release a natural tear substitute. Address Office No F61, Curve Building Distributed by Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai TAWAZI OPTICAL TRADING L.L.C United Arab Emi

News Safilens Debuts a New Generation of Contact Lenses hydroabsorbent properties of this biopolymer improve the hydration of the interfaces, increase corneal residence time, increase volume of tears

SHOW EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

News Newlyelected President Morel Envisions SILMO Paris Future on its 50th Milestone I was flattered and enthusiastic. Representing an institution like this one is a great opportunity and, of course,

TIMELINE 1981 THE GROWTH After five years of handson experience and rigorous internal training, Avizor executed its first export order to Germany in 1986. Though this was a private label, the company

Czars of Contact Care Global leader and the one stop solution for all kinds of contact lens care, Avizor is now poised to enter another sector, ophthalmology. Avizor is a global leader in the manufac

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

Vision Therapy Kits Expanded Vision Therapy Starter Kit Stereoscope For IPad Kit By GLabs EYEPORT II Vision Training System Accommodative Procedures Kit EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 Akriti Oculoplas

the joint venture. Part of the encouraged outcomes of the joint venture is not only to integrate materials on practical training, like refraction, primary eye care, or low vision in the course program

Eyezone Institute of Opticianry Brien Holden Vision Institute and Eyezone Institute Launch First Refraction Training in Kuwait As part of the longterm joint venture for eye health education in the M

Te a che r. N a t u re Lover. Com fo e rt S e . er k Because Carols eyes are prone to discomfort, prescribe 1DAY ACUVUE MOIST. For illustrative purposes only EYEINSPIREDTM Design Dual Act

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

6. Oral antibiotics a. Reduce sIgA concentrations in the tear film of conventionally house mice b. Increase sIgA concentrations in the tear film of conventionally house mice c. Exacerbate experimenta

Multiple Choice Questions correct answers at the end 1.Which of the following statements is true a. The ocular surface comprises of Grampositive bacterial species only b. The ocular surface comprises looktcf look the concept factory Discover the new collection at HALL 5 STAND L 130 EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017 42 42

2011. 528 p. 540813. 19. Graham, J.E., et al., Ocular pathogen or commensal a PCRbased study of surface bacterial flora in normal and dry eyes. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci, 2007. 4812 p. 561623. 20. Zho

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

supplementation of Bifiobacterium lactis and Bifidobabcterium bifido on tear film quality in subjects suffering from dry eye 43. The bacteria were administered topically as part of a substitute tear m

Available in prescription. STYLE SHOWN CASTLES Colour. Clarity. Detail. At Maui Jim, were dedicated to bringing more Colour to your life with PolarizedPlus2 lenses that enhance clarity, eliminate gla

diversity decreases with lens wear which is usually a sign of a less robust bacterial community. Sullivan quoted in 12 showed environmental antigen exposure at the ocular surface doesnt regulate B cel

Dry Eye Disease There have been a number of studies into the microbiome of the healthy eye versus that of sufferers from dry eye disease DED. Graham and colleagues identified an increase in the bacter

microbiome, the question that remains to be answered is how transient or otherwise is the ocular bacterial community and does it contribute to or defend against pathogenesis Answers require crosssecti

resident microbiome are still not fully understood. However, functions can potentially be inferred from cultureindependent studies that indicate a much more diverse ocular microbiome than could have b

Brien Holden Vision Institute Bacteria and the eye a probiotic future By Dr Judith Flanagan Dr Judith Flanagan, Scientific Writer, Manager of Academic Education and Leader of the Ocular Comfort Progr

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

we now consider it. At some point presbyopia must have been considered a disease of aging instead of an unavoidable Rite of Passage into our middle years. If our life expectancies reach 125 or more ye

of your screen. It can be set like an alarm clock for the hours you want it to run. Flux is a free app for Windows, Mac and Linux that appears to be a mild redorange filter. It turns on at sunset and

packing the heavyweights punch. Blueviolet, having the most energy of the visible wavelengths is called HEV highenergy visible light. HEV light is suspected to have enough energy that it may be causin

Studies Research By Palmer R. Cook, OD Remember KMarts Bluelight Specials They were part of Kmart shoppers culture from 1965 until 1991. They were even revived during the recent holiday season. Back

PRESCRIBING FOR PRESBYOPIA PATIENTS DONT KNOW WHAT THEY DONT KNOW CR A I G W. N O R M A N, FCL SA A s a veteran contact lens practitioner, Ive been involved in managing presbyopes for almost four d

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

B otrue ONEday TM CLEAR AND COMFORTABLE VISION FOR TEENAGERS ALL DAY1 Mimics your eyes healthy tears to prevent evaporation2 Matches corneas water content, 783 Meets oxygen level the open eye nee

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

J, Fu A. Intravitreal bevacizumab for previously treated choridal neovascularization from agerelated macular degeneration. Retina, The Journal of Retinal and Vitreous Diseases 2007274328. 11. Rich R,

Figure 3 a Subfoveal choroidal neovascularization sub retinal haemorrhage. b OCTRaster scans showing a hyperreflective dome shaped lesion located beneath the retina with associated overlying retinal

Avastin Cheap Comes in a large molecule Has two binding sites per molecule Has a large molecular weight Has a long systemic halflife Has a slow onset of action Has a low vascular endothelial growth fa

Studies Research Avastin Vs. Lucentis in treating Agerelated Macular Degeneration. Ms. Dana N. Koff, MSc, BSc Optometry Email Former lecturer of Optometry at the Jordan University of

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

67 EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

devastating effect on the tempo and hence can lead to intercolleague misdemeanor and a politically charged atmosphere. How to Maintain Relationships and Avoid Politics The above situations are a part

Studies Research Relationship Dynamics with Colleagues Mushtaq Ahmed Deputy General Manager Yateem Group Email on Workforce in Gulf is predominantly of mixed nationalities, w

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

AUTUMNWINTER 2017 JIMMY CHOO EYEWEAR COLLECTION THE NILE SUNGLASSES LUXE LEATHER The Nile incorporates an ultrathin frame and a feminine butterfly silhouette for understated elegance. Employing innov

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

A VISION BEYOND FRAMES SAFILO PRESENTS THE NEW COLLECTION OF OPTICAL FRAMES FOR FALLWINTER 2017 Safilo, the fully integrated Italian eyewear creator, manufacturer and worldwide distributor of qualit

During WWII, Polaroid is chosen by the American Air Force and Army as the supplier of high specification goggles for pilots and tank crew. The brand expands rapidly in the 1950s and launches its first

Looking through the fishbowl Polaroid turns 80 1943 1930 1960 Polaroid a worldwide leader in polarized lens technology and in the masscool eyewear segment presents The Fishbowl, a short film inspi

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017

Go Lighter On average it can take up to 4 hours to play a round of 18 holes of golf, so invest in sunglasses that are lightweight and durable like betatitanium, which provide unmatched comfort for lon

Sunglasses and Golf A View to a Better Round Breakwall HT42211 Kumu HT72402D Red Sands HT43210M From adjustable drivers to radarinfused balls, perhaps no other sport employs such hightech gear as

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EYEZONE Vol 12 Issue 74 July August 2017