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Issue 38 July August 2011 w w w. e y e z o n e m a g . c o m 45 UV Protection with Contact Lenses Masters at work Jill BrooksTwenty years and counting with Johnson Johnson

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Contents Studies Research The 45Minute Contact Lens Fitting Confessions of a Career Contact Lens Guy EyeZone Issue 38 July August 2011 General Issues 17 Simplify your patients lives, and yours,

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mirror as needed or give any additional instructions that are not covered in the video. Then, have a seat. This is where I have learned to back out of the patients way because they will take as much t

Studies Research The 45Minute Contact Lens Fitting ... Continued used or the wearing schedule. Most of the time it would be the same for most patients and can be changed as needed. Other areas will

one of the contact lens solution companies to do this training while I chart at the same time. That way, I know that the instructions for handling and disinfecting the lenses properly are covered and

Studies Research The 45Minute Contact Lens Fitting Confessions of a Career Contact Lens Guy By Christopher Miller, ABOC, NCLE Im not as important as I used to think I was. I know that may surprise

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News Paris the capital of creativity not forgetting the DEFILES DU PRETAPORTER DES CREATEURS DE MODE READYTOWEAR FASHION SHOWS FROM FASHION DESIGNERS that attract journalists and buyers from across t

1 ...SILMO DOR Awards ceremony This is intended for all opticians wishing to broaden their skills in the fields of vision quality and optics and meet the visual needs of their clients more effective

News SILMO PARIS 2011 . from 29 September to 2 October 2011 the entire optics and eyewear sector optical and vision, equipment, optical instruments, store layouts... will come together at SILMO PAR

News Exciting online activities dedicated to the eyewear collection members of the eclectic Hilfiger family interpret the eyewear. Each eyewear model is paired with interesting multimedia content sha

httpwww.ioft.jpen Following the Success of INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY FAIR KOBE, IOFT 2011 will be Grandly Held Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd. held 16th INTERNATIONAL JEWELLERY FAIR KOBE IJK2011 from May 11

News To meet the expectation of industry professionals, IOFT 2011 will be held as it is scheduled the official statement. Q. How big is the impact of earthquake on Tokyo A. Tokyo is located over 300

The first time a contact lens has been shown to be as healthy as wearing no lens1 1DAY ACUVUE TruEyeTM Brand Contact lenses are designed and now shown to be as healthy as wearing no lens.1 In a 12

References CONTACT 1. Taylor H. The biological effects of UVB on the eye. Photochem Photobiol. 1989 50489492. 2. Sinha RP, Hader DP. UVinduced DNA damage and repair a review. Photochem Photobiol Sci.


CONTACT LENSES might be responsible for premature agerelated corneal changes.9 This provides further justification for protecting the cornea with UVblocking CLs. In addition to corneal changes, damage

CONTACT LENSES Research on UVblocking contact lenses UV exposure is based on a number of factors such as environmental conditions altitude, geography, cloud cover and personal factors extent and natu

CONTACT LENSES at the nasal lens cortex.3537 Studies have shown that the UV rays entering the eye from the side or top of sunglasses are focused at the nasal limbus and coincide with where pterygia mo

CONTACT LENSES Figure 1. Examples of the UVassociated ocular pathologies cortical cataract top and pterygium bottom. UV exposure and children As eye damage from UV radiation is cumulative, it is impo

CONTACT LENSES Solar UV that reaches the Earths surface is comprised of approximately 95 UVA and 5 UVB.1 UVA exposure produces tanning of the skin and photosensitivity reactions. UVB radiation has im

CONTACT LENSES UV Protection UV Protection UV Protection with Contact Lenses with Contact Lenses with Contact Lenses Sunlight is is the primary source of radiation reaching the humaneye. The solar ul

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Without doubt, Jill Brooks must have done something right for the past twenty years. It is quite difficult to find such a dedicated, passionate and loyal employee. Jill believes that it is vital to be

Masters at work Jill Brooks Twenty years and counting with Johnson Johnson Time flies when youre having fun this might be the best way to describe how the Britishborn Jill Brooks managed to stay wi

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3D FreeForm is our standard All Rodenstock progressives now made with 3D FreeForm technology. Up to 40 improved visual performance See better. Look perfect.

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Refraction System CRS 7000 Main Office U.A.E Tel 971 04 267 0807 Fax 971 04 267 0806 P.O.Box 47674, Dubai. Email Qatar Office Tel 974 4466 0081 Fax 971 4466 0082 P.O.Box 55242, Doha. Em

Events Eyeopening contracts during regions Training Seminar key optical and ophthalmic show During Vision X Dubai from 24 May to 26 May VisionX Dubai closes with great success Present by Florian Z

Events HKTDC Hong Kong Optical Fair 2011 Rewarding view from the top In its 19th edition in 2011, HKTDC Hong Kong Optical Fair is the regions leading event, bringing buyers into immediate contact wi

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Events Optical Beauty with No Optical Illusion The first ever Miss Optics winner is now known The fashionable Arthurs SPA Hotel placed in a picturesque area outside Moscow has hosted the Miss Optics


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GENERAL ISSUES Simplify your patients lives, and yours, with SmartEyewearTM The Styling of Metzler Pro Fit Optix is privileged to form an alliance with one of the most venerated names in optical fram

Job Vacancy etrists and ophthalmologists ability to develop more precise and specific prescriptions. By using the wavefront aberrometer, they have helped many patients achieve a much higher standard o

GENERAL ISSUES Wave Front optical industry background By Hamid Tavakoli Manager of CBC Medical For centuries, eye exams have been conducted by placing trial lenses in front of the eye, asking the p

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Fascinatingly clear vision up to the edges of the lens SEIKO AZ Doubleaspheric organic spectacle lenses fully coated in three different indices 1.74, 1.67, 1.60. Thinnest and lightest singlevision len

GENERAL ISSUES SEIKO AZ Realistic imaging quality from A to Z No longer distorted vision Cylindrical dioptres no longer cause scare Most people in the world need toric spectacle lenses due to widesp

GENERAL ISSUES The quality exhibition for thriving your business in China Recognized by the industry as Asias most sizeable and influential optical exhibition, the 24th session of the China Internati

GENERAL ISSUES Simply faster PhotoFusionTM by ZEISS up to a key expectation reported by more than 5,800 glasses users from the USA, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Australia and China during

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DRY EYE Syndrome AntiInflammatory Properties . Collagenase Phospholipase Matrix Metalloproteinases A2 Tumor Necrosis Factor Interlukin Cytokines

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PORSCHE DESIGN P 8801 PORSCHE DESIGN reading tools P8801 Reading Tools pure and striking. Ergonomically shaped sides made of technologically advanced plastic and stainless ste

Fashion Supplement

The Smith Optics eyewear collection presents authentic style, unmistakable design, dynamic shapes and, last but not least, a green heart. The eyewear proposals are sure to stand out with their appeali

Nerds are pass make way for the preppies The era of nerd spectacles has passed those clunky models have been replaced by the new Prep Chic. Preppy spectacles are still big, but more decorative and s

man TR 12812BK woman TR 12806BK www. trus s ardi. com CHARMANT GULF FZCO, PO BOX 54778, Dubai Airport Free Zone DAFZA, Block 5E, Office 621 Tel No 9714 2991199 Fax No 9714 2991188

expands eyewear collection for 2011 The aesthetics of perfection Porsche Design presents its extension to the current eyewear collection for summer 2011. The new models are convincing with features

Model M1001 A Daimler Brand MercedesBenz Eyewear Now available at selected opticians.

Mod. GA 885S A slim, metal section defines the frame of these retroinspired sunglasses whose lightness is emphasized by the delicate graduated lenses. The design is extremely refined with an oval sect

The brand atmosphere The competition spirit of the brand is inspired by the High Standing Sports, sponsored for several years by PHILIPPE CHARRIOL and mainly Car racing, Polo and Golf. Associated prod

2011 eyewear collection For 2011, the Emilio Pucci eyewear collection pays homage to an array of vintage prints and adorned monograms. Cascading colors and fluid movement are synonymous with the Emili

The new BOSS Black eyewear collection conveys the refined style of the brand with sunglasses and optical frames distinguished by elegant shapes and distinctive details. The womens acetate sunglasses f

FS897 F910 Fendi 2011 Eyewear Collection The FENDI Spring 2011 Eyewear Collection is an array of lustrous frames crafted of rich zyls and molded metal. Skilled craftsmanship and unique accents make

Looking for a better job Find Your Next Job Today Positions available for Administrator, General Sta , Sales Professional, Optometrists, Optician, O ce Manager and more Submit yo

Advertisers The September October 2011 edition is still open. If you wish to make any amendments or contributions for this issue, please contact our advertising department at or f

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