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Proper care and maintenance is crucial to the longterm appearance and performance of any tile installation. The following information outlines recommended products and techniques for the cleaning and

GENERAL MAINTENANCE Pool tile should be brushed or scrubbed as part of a regular, weekly, pool maintenance program. Avoid the use of pumice stones or 5050 brushes, which can damage tile surfaces. To

Unprotected Tile Glass Tile Shield An invisible, nontoxic, easy to apply surface protectant that inhibits the bond of calcium and other material deposits. Protected surfaces are easier to maintain a

Protected and Cleaned With Oceancare Calcium Releaser A nontoxic, acid free cleaner that removes calcium deposits and efflorescence from pool tile, shower doors and plumbing fixtures. Calcium deposit

High Performance Penetrating Sealer Hybrid Carrier Technology Through the discovery of a revolutionary water solvent blending process, High Performance Penetrating Sealer offers the convenience and sa

High Performance Enhancing Sealer Hybrid Carrier Technology A low VOC, allinone color enhancer and penetrating sealer for both interior and exterior applications. Intensifies and enriches the color of

Whats in your pool Most people dont think about the chemicals they use to service their pool tile. However, many common pool tile cleaners contain toxic chemicals and aggressive acids, which can dama