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Pool Finish Collection StoneScapes Tahoe Blue ColorScapes Aegean Green StoneScapes Touch of Glass Puerto Rico Blend Aqua White QuartzScapes Montego Bay JewelScapes Windsurfer StoneScapes Caribbean Blue

Table of Contents StoneScapes Sand Water Color ............ 45 Texture .................. 6 Elements .................. 7 JewelScapes ............ 812 Re ective Series ...... 8 Classic Series .

Water Color Is in the Eye of the Beholder QuartzScapes Aruba Sky Sunny Sky Noon Cloudy Sky Late a ernoon Sunny Sky Morning NPT Interior Pool Finishes are exquisite mixtures of color and texture i

e secret to having beautiful pool water is selecting the right interior pool nish for you. How do you know whats right for you In addition to looking at the photos in this brochure and samples of var

Texture When selecting your pool nish, in addition to color. texture should be considered Quartz, pebbles, abalone shell, and glass beads can add beauty, dimension, strength, and durability to your n

Elements Pool Elements Featured on this page Freeform pool with raised spillover spa and swim out StoneScapes Caribbean Blue Mini Pebble Pool Finish Verona Tondela Blue Pool Tile Natural Flagston

Re ective Series Pool JewelScapes Yacht Club Blue Spa JewelScapes Citrine Capture the sparkle and brilliance of the worlds nest gems in a stunning, durable interior pool nish. Available in array of

Classic Series JewelScapes Aegean Blue Treasure the timeless beauty of JewelScapes Classic Series pool nishes. From the rich blue of a summer evening to the icy e ervescence of spring water, these n

Opal Series JewelScapes Opal Series Midnight Blue JewelScapes Opal Series brings together an icy blend of crystal clear glass beads with high quality pigments to create clearly captivating nishes. A

JewelScapes One Now you can have a strikingly beautiful JewelScapes glass bead and pebble pool nish all in one convenient bag. With an array of dazzling colors and two distinctive sizes, JewelScapes

Glass Blends All Samples using StoneScapes formulas Made with 3 bags of Teal Blend Add the brilliance of JewelScapes glass to any component or preblended pool nish. Four exclusive JewelScapes Glas

JewelScapes Puerto Rico Blend JewelScapes Yacht Club Blue StoneScapes Sand StoneScapes Midnight Blue StoneScapes Custom Color Cosmic Blue

Regular Pebbles StoneScapes Tahoe Blue Give your pool or spa the natural beauty of a pebblebottomed stream with a StoneScapes pool nish. An inviting selection of colors and textures allow you to exp

Mini Pebbles StoneScapes Caribbean Blue All traditional StoneScapes pool nish colors are available using smaller mini pebbles. StoneScapes combines artistry with durability and comfort to create the

Touch of Glass Pool StoneScapes Tropics Blue Touch of Glass Shelf StoneScapes Sand Touch of Glass Add pizzazz to your pebble pool nish with a Touch of Glass ese unique StoneScapes nishes are accente

Puerto Rico Blend StoneScapes Aqua White Puerto Rico Blend Petite iridescent glass beads give these exclusive mixtures their own special sparkle. From a delicate dusting with a single bag of beads

Exotic Series StoneScapes Exotic Series Cameroon Dive in and journey to a glamorous, exotic locale without leaving your backyard. From Arctic White to Zanzibar, StoneScapes Exotic Series will add a

Re ections Add a sprinkle of sparkle to any pool nish with QuartzScapes Re ections. Whether you choose to enhance with a subtle shimmer or to go a bit bolder, this proprietary blend of specialty aggr

Regular Series QuartzScapes Anvil A premium blend of crushed quartz, white cement and mineralbased pigments, QuartzScapes merges beauty and strength for a stunning pool nish. Natural quartz is one o

Caribbean Series QuartzScapes Barbados Blue Bring the beauty of the deep blue Caribbean Sea to your own backyard with QuartzScapes Caribbean Series nishes. From Aruba Sky to St. Martin Shade, these

ColorScapes Blue ColorScapes High Performance Blend Pool Finishes are created with ColorScapes Ceramic Coated Quartz Crystals for uniform color and a better pool nish that is easy to install and look

Re ect the colors of nature in your pool or spa with PlasterScapes tinted pool plaster. Achieve beautiful, consistent, lasting colors with high quality pigments for a unique, enduring nish. Stormy Se

Classic Finishes QuartzScapes Mariner Blue QuartzScapes Ivory If you prefer a more traditional look with a light blue or pale green water color, you can still enjoy the bene ts of a high performance

JewelScapes Crystal StoneScapes Tropics Blue QuartzScapes Blue StoneScapes French Gray StoneScapes Salt Pepper

Outdoor Living Dont stop at the waterline Enhance your outdoor living space with landscape lighting, water and re features, or a complete outdoor kitchen Vista Lighting Seamless Lip WaterFire Pot

JewelScapes Custom Color Yacht Club Blue plus Blue StoneScapes Touch of Glass Tropics Blue Sand StoneScapes Sand QuartzScapes St. Martin Shade QuartzScapes Barbados Blue StoneScapes Tahoe Blue p

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