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Pool Finish Collection for Swimming Pools Water Features 2018

StoneScapes Salt and Pepper StoneScapes Tahoe Blue with Abalone Shell JewelScapes Yacht Club Blue StoneScapes Sand ColorScapes Blue

Table of Contents Water Color Details ...... 311 JewelScapes ............... 1217 Elements ........................ 12 Re ective ........................ 14 Classic ........................... 15

StoneScapes Aqua Blue Touch of Glass 3 Bag Mix

Water Color Beholder Eye Is in the of the NPT Interior Pool Finishes QuartzScapes Tahoe Blue are exquisite mixtures of of spectacular blends. While our formulas are accurate and consistent, the c

is selecting the right interior pool nish for you. beautiful pool water e secret to having How do you know whats right for you Ask your builder with your decision. JewelScapes Pearl to show you

StoneScapes Tahoe Blue the right interior pool nish 5

First, decide ... whether you would like the water in your pool to appear blue or green. Medium Blue Dark Blue White For water that looks primarily blue, select a nish with white, blue or gray pi

e darker your nish, the deeper the water, the darker it will appear the darker your pool water will be. QuartzScapes Barbados Blue e deeper the water, the darker it will appear. Water will seem lig

Since your will mirror its surroundings, many other factors will impact water color. pool water StoneScapes Tahoe Blue e design, shape, and depth of your pool e time of day and position of t

When selecting your pool nish, texture should be considered in addition to color. Quartz, pebbles, abalone shell, and glass beads can add beauty, dimension, strength, and durability to your nish.

Early Morning Low Sun Late Morning Sunny Sky Subtle Changes Inherent Beauty of your pool nish. in appearance, created by the play of sunlight and shade, are part of the pools water will be uniq

Sunny Sky Noon Mid A ernoon Sunny Sky Low Sun Late Day

Elements Pool Elements Featured on this page and covered seating area. Large geometric pool with a seperate hot tub Pool Finish JewelScapes Iolite Pool Hot TubTile Arctic Ocean Decking Coping T

JewelScapes Iolite Re ective Capture the sparkle and brilliance of the worlds nest gems in a stunning, durable interior pool nish. Available in array of dazzling colors, JewelScapes combines the beau

JewelScapes Yacht Club Blue Classic Treasure the timeless beauty of JewelScapes Classic Series pool nishes. From the rich blue of a summer evening to the icy e ervescence of spring water, these nishe

JewelScapes Opal Tahoe Blue Opal JewelScapes Opal Series brings together an icy blend of crystal clear glass beads with high quality pigments to create clearly captivating nishes. Available in both s

JewelScapes Ice Cap JewelScapes ONE Now you can have a strikingly beautiful JewelScapes glass bead and pebble pool nish all in one convenient bag. With an array of dazzling colors and two distinctive

Elements Pool Elements Featured on this page Classic rectangular pool with raised spa Pool Finish PolishedScapes Surfside Pool Tile Coral Blue at waterline Spa Tile Jules Rustic Blue Blend Coping

PolishedScapes Surfside PolishedScapes is stunningly smooth mix of marble and glass aggregates is polished to perfection using diamond abrasives. Mirrored highlights that sparkle in the sun make Poli

Elements Pool Elements Featured on this page two re pots, and a re pit. In nity over ow pool with a raised hot tub, Pool Finish StoneScapes Tropics Blue Mini Pool Tile Tuscany Azul Decking Belgar

StoneScapes Caribbean Blue Regular Mini Pebbles Give your pool or spa the natural beauty of a pebblebottomed stream with a StoneScapes pool nish. An inviting selection of colors and textures allow y

Regular Mini Pebbles Aqua Blue Sand Caribbean Blue Tahoe Blue Aqua Blue Mini Sand Mini Caribbean Blue Mini Tahoe Blue Mini Tropics Blue Midnight Blue Black Cameroon Mini Only T Tropics B

StoneScapes Aqua White Touch of Glass Touch of Glass Add pizzazz to your pebble pool nish with a Touch of Glass ese unique StoneScapes nishes are accented with sparkling glass beads. From a subtle sp

StoneScapes Aqua White Puerto Rico Blend Puerto Rico Blend Petite iridescent glass beads give these exclusive mixtures their own special sparkle. From a delicate dusting with a single bag of beads t

Outdoor Living Comes to Life. Where

Outdoor Pool Living comes in many di erent forms. From the crisp, clear water of a medium pool nish to the large rock grotto waterfall at the end of the modi ed rectangular pool, the beautiful lands

Outdoor Living Comes to Life. Where

Creating your own Private Oasis is always an option when outdoor living comes to life. Your retreat is complete when you add a spillover hot tub, an extra waterfall and bench seating around the whole

QuartzScapes Super Blue

JewelScapes Pearl

Elements Pool Elements Featured on this page and seating area. Rectangular pool with raised spa, inset table Pool Finish QuartzScapes Ivory Pool Tile Kashmir Sand at waterline Fusion Pinwheel on

QuartzScapes Grenadine Gray Re ections Add a sprinkle of sparkle to any pool nish with QuartzScapes Re ections. Whether you choose to enhance with a subtle shimmer or to go a bit bolder, this proprie

QuartzScapes Tahoe Blue Regular A premium blend of crushed quartz, white cement and mineralbased pigments, QuartzScapes merges beauty and strength for a stunning pool nish. Natural quartz is one of t

QuartzScapes Barbados Blue Caribbean Bring the beauty of the deep blue Caribbean Sea to your own backyard with QuartzScapes Caribbean Series nishes. From Aruba Sky to St. Martin Shade, these six inte

Elements Pool Elements Featured on this page builtin table. Free form pool with a hot tub and Pool Finish ColorScapes Blue Pool Tile Aztec Barley Ledger Stone Rust Decking and Coping Autumn Trav

ColorScapes Bora Bora Blue ColorScapes ColorScapes high performance blend pool nishes are created with ColorScapes ceramic coated quartz crystals for uniform color and a better pool nish that is easy

Elements Pool Elements Featured on this page Rectangle pool with raised bond beam on one side, diving board, and a covered seating area with a replace. Pool Finish PlasterScapes Sky Blue Decking

PlasterScapes Seafoam Green PlasterScapes Re ect the colors of nature in your pool or spa with PlasterScapes tinted pool plaster. Achieve beautiful, consistent, lasting colors with high quality pigme

40 ColorScapes Blue A traditional pool color that re ects the sky.

ColorScapes Bora Bora Blue Adding a higher percentage of colored cermic quartz crystals can bring dramatic depth to the water color. 41

42 StoneScapes French Gray Touch of Glass Adding glass beads to the pool nish increases re ectivity and color.

StoneScapes Tahoe Blue One of our most popular colors 43

44 JewelScapes Yacht Club Blue Create drama in your water color by adding colored blue glass beads and blue pigment.

StoneScapes Black Black nishes shimmer like gold in the shallow areas and take on a greenish hue in the deeper areas. 45

Outdoor Living Dont stop at the waterline Enhance your outdoor living space with landscape lighting, water and re features , or a complete outdoor kitchen Fireplaces Fire Pits Stainless Steel Grill

Pool MOODS Mid Day Evening Night Like its environment, your pool will be everchanging. Gentle ripples that dance in the sun and breeze appear to enhance the nish and heighten the color. On a stil

a. ColorScapes Bora Bora Blue b. StoneScapes Tahoe Blue 48

StoneScapes French Gray Mini 49

Photo Index Pool Finish StoneScapes Aqua Blue Touch of Glass Page 2 Tile Luciana Terra Blue Coping Travertine Decking Ivory Travertine Pool Finish ColorScapes Bora Bora Blue Pool Finish StoneScapes Ca

Photo Index Pool Finish ColorScapes Bora Bora Blue Page 41 Coping Decking Travertine Pool Finish StoneScapes French Gray Custom Touch of Glass Coping Travertine Decking Pool Finish StoneScapes Tahoe

Inspiration... that goes way beyond the waters edge Check out for lighting, and more pool tile, decorative pool nishes, decorative concrete, hardscapes, water and re features, outdoor

QuartzScapes Anvil StoneScapes Tahoe Blue ColorScapes Bora Bora Blue

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