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20122013 GCC Student Handbook

Downtown Campus Contact List General Information 2032852000 Admissions N207, 2852010 Apply for admission Immunization Bookstore N109, 8655614 Career Veterans Services Student Success Center N213, 2

Mission Statement Gateway Community College offers high quality instruction and comprehensive services in an environment conducive to learning. We respond to the changing academic, occupational, techn

WELCOME TO GATEWAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE This handbook is designed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the College. It will also provide you with information about the services ava

Academic Calendar 2012 2013 Fall 2012 August 29 August 30 September 3 September 4 September 11 October 8 October 26 November 9 November 16 November 21 November 22 November 23 December 13 December 14

A Message From the President I am pleased to welcome you to Gateway Community College. We take pride in providing equal access to a highquality education, stateoftheart equipment and laboratories, and

Letter from the Dean of Student Affairs Dear Student The faculty and staff of Gateway Community College congratulate and welcome you as a student. You have made a wise choice in coming to this highly

GATEWAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE STUDENT HANDBOOK TABLE OF CONTENTS INDEx PART I PART II PART III PART IV PART V PART VI ....................................................................................

INDEx Academic Planning Advising ..................................................................... 27 Academic Calendar 20122013 ..................................................................

INDEx Contd Counseling Student Success Center............................................................. 31 Course Load .............................................................................

Security ................................................................................................. 116120 Crime Report, Uniform Campus .........................................................

PART I COLLEGE TELEPHONE DIRECTORY Toll Free College Number ....................................................... 18003907723 General Information ....................................................

Human Resources ........................................................................ Ideal Program University of Bridgeport .................................... Immunization ......................


ACADEMIC INFORMATION ACADEMIC HONORS Gateway Community College recognizes academic excellence in several ways Deans List Students, both fulltime and parttime, who earn a semester grade point average o

ADDDROP PROCEDURE AddDrop forms are available in the Registrars Office and in the Counseling Center. To add or drop a class you must complete and sign the appropriate form during the AddDrop period, w

In accordance with Board of Trustees policy, GCC will award credit to students who have successfully completed noncollegiate sponsored instruction and various health training programs including the Ba

ATTENDANCE By enrolling in classes at Gateway Community College, you accept responsibility to take full advantage of your educational opportunity via regular attendance in your scheduled classes and l

If you are a current student and not employed by the Community College System, name change requests must be submitted in person to the appropriate office at your college accompanied by Official Photo

COURSE SUBSTITUTION The substitution of a course requirement with another similar course must receive permission from the appropriate department chairperson, program coordinator or the Dean of Academi

In order to determine a students average, letter grades are assigned numerical values. The numerical weight is multiplied by the number of credits semester hours assigned each course quality points. A

DEFINITION OF GRADES AF Letter grades of A through F indicate a students performance in terms of the quantity and the quality of work and performance. Only these grades are considered in the determina

Other Marks Grades with an asterisk before Fall 2004 Grades with a caret starting with the Fall 2004 These administrative transcript notations indicate the Fresh Start Option has been invoked. T

2. When the candidate changes programs during attendance, the catalog in use at the time of the last change in program shall be used. 3. If there has been a change in the General Education requirement

INDIVIDUALIZED INSTRUCTION Individualized Instruction is an arrangement between a student and an instructor concerning a catalog course that might not be offered in a given semester. An Individualized

Students placed on academic probation will be required to take a reduced course load for one semester. Students who, after being placed on academic probation for one semester and after taking a red

WITHDRAWLS If you withdraw from a course or the College, you will not receive a refund or credit yo tour account. Please see Student Refunds Policies Pamphlet available at the Cashier Window or most a


ACADEMIC PLANNING ADVISING Counseling Student Success Center ROOM N213 2032852090 Academic advising keeps students informed about the campus community and its many resources. This service assists

Career Services assists students in developing the skills necessary to compete for employment. Career Services offers indiviual instruction and workshops on a variety of topics including job search st

paper writing skills, time management, coping with test anxiety and introduction to the Macintosh computer. CHILD CARETHE EARLY LEARNING CENTER ROOM E100 2032852130 Students with 3 to 5year old childr

Password is forced to change every 90 days but users have the ability to change them sooner if you desire. Helpful Hints Dont use the Caps Lock key for the capital letters on your password. Use the S

classroom where students can learn how to properly utilize all libraryrelated resources. The Library also houses the student laptop loaner program, which has 30 laptops that can be loaned out for on c

books, and 60 research databases. Access to these sources is available oncampus through the librarys homepage or offcampus through MyCommnet. Services Research Assistance Librarians are available for

The library also houses several special collections listed below which reside on the 2nd floor of the library in the Special Collections Area. Most of these items can be borrowed. African American Hi

STUDENT DISABILITY SERVICES SDS ROOM S202 2032852231 Student Disability Services facilitates the planning and provision of services for persons with disabilities. Persons eligible for services inclu

Connecticut Tuition Waiver Veterans who served 90 days or more during times specified as periods of war, and received an honorable discharge, are eligible for a waiver of tuition from the State of Con


NOTIFICATION OF RIGHTS UNDER THE FAMILY EDUCATIONAL RIGHTS AND PRIVACY ACT FERPA The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act FERPA affords students certain rights with respect to their education rec

3. The right to consent to disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in the students education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. FERPA

4. The right to refuse to permit the College to release directory information about the student, except to school officials with a legitimate educational interest and others as indicated in paragraph

CHALLENGES TO THE CONTENT OF RECORDS After reviewing a record, a student has a right to challenge the contents of the record if the contents are inaccurate, misleading or otherwise in violation of the


FINANCIAL AID ROOM N215 203 2852030 Gateway Community College is committed to providing access to higher education by minimizing economic barriers. The college provides several options for financial

SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS POLICY FOR STUDENT FINANCIAL AID RECIPIENTS A student receiving Federal Title IV financial aid or other financial aid directly administered or certified by the college m

RepeatedAudit Coursework Financial aid recipients are limited to one repetition of a previously passed course in their program of study. A second repetition of a previously passed course will not be e

Appeal Process A student may request consideration for reinstatement to the financial aid programs through the following Appeal Process If the student feels hisher failure to meet the minimum satisfac


THE OFFICE OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES AND LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS Along with its formal academic life, the college facilitates a wide variety of social, cultural and special activities that enrich both the col

Definition of a College Social Event A College social event is an activity In which use of the Colleges name is authorized For which admittance is open to the entire College community Which is publ

Student organizations must submit the Student Activity Registration Form to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs in order to hold events and club meetings. Student organization roo

three weeks if money needed. All publicity must state that the event is a fundraiser and who the proceeds will benefit per the State of Connecticut Comptroller. For specific questions regarding fundra

9. Banners may be posted in designated locations to be scheduled following the College Rooms Reservations process. Banners may be posted for a maximum of seven days. Banners may not exceed 36 x 48 due

Conflicting Date Policy If the scheduling of two events on the same date or near the same date will cause a conflict, the final dates will be decided by the Director of Student Leadership Programs and

All participants students, nonstudent, advisors College Representatives must submit a signed BOT Activity Waiver Form and submit it to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs prio

The College Representative must verify attendance and cash operations while at the event. Following the activity, the College Representatives are to submit any cash along with the Fundraising Deposi

Cash advance for student meal allowances will be made out to the College Representative traveling with the students. Oversee hotel and conference checkin. Remember that College Representatives

9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. All student organization financial assets are to be housed in the Student Activity Fund per the State Comptroller. There are no exceptions to this policy. The organiz

16. Student members must vote on all officer elections, which programs and or activities the organization wishes to sponsor and who will serve as the organization Advisors. These items must be include

Review your Constitution with the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities to ensure that it is complete and complies with State, College and Student Government Association policies. Onc

Know the general purpose of the organization and be familiar with all provisions outlined in the organizations Constitution and Bylaws. Be familiar with parliamentary procedure. Know

Meeting Minutes The Comptroller for the State of Connecticut requires that all student organizations have minutes to their respective organization meetings. Meeting minutes are to be typed, must refle

The Fiscal Year The fiscal year begins July 1 and it ends on June 30. Student Organization accounts are closed on April 30. This means no Student Activity Fund Payment Requests, account transfers, con

hours of the eventfundraiser to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs. The use of fundraising dollars for alcohol is prohibited. The student organization may carry any fundraising m

Retreats, SGA, Senate and Student Organizations, Leadership Development Training campus wide and organizational, Diversity Programming, Club supplies, popcorn supplies and sundries, Swearing In Ceremo

invoice and club minutes identifying that the students voted on the expenditure. All forms must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs prior to the event and payment

Personal Service Agreements PSAs 1. Any questions regarding Personal Service Agreements and contracts should be directed to the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities. 2. Students and

Equipment Purchasing equipment with Student Government Association funds places the responsibility for the respective equipment with the organization that bought the items however, Student Government

Dues Any club or organization except fraternities and sororities that collect dues must deposit these funds in their Student Government Association Account. By collecting dues, the organization will

Ticket Policy All ticket sales are to be conducted in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs or at the event, when appropriate. All tickets must be sequentially prenumbered. Ticket

least two members of an organization attend functions so they can participate in different segments of the retreat, conference, convention, or seminar. If a club or organization wishes

An organization may use up to thirty 30 percent of appropriated money to purchase food for open events. Additional requests for money for food may be granted, on a casebycase basis, which will be de

FINANCE COMMITTEE General Information Student Government Association funds should provide students with a means for intellectual, cultural and social development on campus. The Finance Committee is a

All organizations planning to appear before the Finance Committee for monetary requests, must submit a copy of the request to the SGA Treasurer and a copy to the Director of Student Leadership Program

Constitution Adopted January 2005 Preamble We the students of Gateway Community College, in order to form a democratic, efficient and responsible Student Government to represent, lead and unify the s

Article III Membership Section 1. Section 2. All students of GCC are eligible for membership in the SGA upon payment of their tuition and fees. Membership is established by signing the official SGA ro

D. Section 6. present the new information. All emergency actions are subject to the SGA Advisors approval. All Officers serve at the pleasure of the SGA and once elected may be removed as defined by

C. D. E. Assist in preparing vouchers for payment in a timely manner. Approve club expenditures in compliance with the Student Activity Fund Financial Guidelines. Be available to students during offi

Article VIII Responsibilities of the SGA Advisor The Office of Student Activities and Leadership Section 1. To advise the SGA these rules are followed A. Advising To advise and counsel the officers a

Section 4. Deposits to the Student Activity Fund are made by a business office representative once they have been processed by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership. A monthly report will b

Section 5. All outstanding bills from the current academic year must be processed by June 30th. Any bills not submitted for payment by that date will become the responsibility of the club, organizati

Section 2. Section 3. Quorum for the adoption of an amendment shall consist of 50 1 of those present at the meeting before a motion to vote can be called. Twothirds majority of the quorum shall be n

ByLaws Adopted January 2005 Article I Membership Section 1. General Membership Any student who pays a student activity fee upon payment of their tuition to the college is automatically a member of the

Section 4. Appointed Senators A. There shall be a maximum of ten 10 senators. Seven 7 appointed senators representing each academic division including Allied Health, Engineering and Applied Technolog

Section 6. Student Organizational Representatives A. Each GCC recognized club or organization must designate at least one representative to the SGA. B. Each Official Organization Representative will

Article IIa. Procedure for Filling Vacancies on the Executive Board Section 1. In the event of a vacant office, nominations will be accepted at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the SGA. If the

Section 2. Special Meetings Special meetings with special agendas may be called as deemed necessary by the President or by majority of the SGA voting members. Quorum A. Quorum shall consist of fifty

Section 3. Campus Activities Board CAB A. CAB shall be comprised of students whose responsibility will be to program student activities throughout the year. B. An appointment will be made by the SGA

D. E. F. G. H. 3. The club is to then submit an Advisor Nomination Form to the SGA Executive Board. In consultation with the Director of Student Leadership Programs Activities the SGA Executive B

Article VII Impeachment Section 1. If any Executive Officer or Senator fails to fulfill the duties of hisher office, heshe may be removed through the following procedure A. A special meeting of the Ex


INSTITUTIONAL POLICIES AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Gateway Community College is an academic unit of the Connecticut State Colleges Universities System.. The administration is charged with a responsibility to

Each college president shall designate an individual responsible for coordination, delivery, and evaluation of the college AIDS education program. A committee representative of the college community s

COLLEGE CLOSING AND DELAYS If, because of inclement weather or other emergencies, the College announces a delayed opening, classactivity cancellation, or governors order for closing, the following rad

All colleges shall develop and enforce policies regarding the sale, distribution, possession, or consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus, subject to state and federal law. Consistent with previ

C Making it a requirement that each new employee be given a copy of the statement noted above D Notifying the employee in the statement required by the above paragraph that, as a condition of employme

Adequate Immunization MeaslesRubellaMumpsVaricella Beginning August 1, 2010, Section 10a155 of the Connecticut general statutes will require that each full time or matriculating student provide proof

INSURANCE COVERAGE All students who are registered for courses in Banner including credit and noncredit, full and parttime students will automatically be covered under the School Time Injury Only P

PROPER USE OF COLLEGE COMPUTERS AND RESOURCES All resources and facilities on the System Data Center, including the computer center and campus computing sites, are to be used solely for legitimate and

to protect any software on the account. Any student found utilizing accounts other than hisher own will be subject to disciplinary action. Downloading of any software from the Internet to be used on c

harassment if it occurs in a work environment and it is unwanted. In the workplace, this behavior blatantly manifests itself when a promotion, performance evaluation or job retention is conditional on


STATEMENT OF STUDENT RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS In June 1967, a joint committee, comprised of representatives from the American Association of University Professors, U.S. National Student Association, and ot

Freedom of Inquiry and Expression Students and student organizations are free to examine and to discuss all questions of interest to them and to express opinions publicly and privately. They are free

5.2.1 Policy on Student Conduct Section 1 Student Conduct Philosophy Academic institutions exist for the transmission of knowledge, the pursuit of truth, the development of students and the general we

1. Demonstrate respect for the College community by acting in accordance with published Board policies and College rules and regulations 2. Demonstrate academic integrity by not engaging in conduct th

8. Contribute to a safe and healthy learning and working environment by refraining from the unauthorized possession or use of weapons or dangerous instruments as defined by law and pursuant to Board P

5. Warning is a written notice to the student indicating that he or she has engaged in conduct that is in violation of Section 3 of this Policy and that any repetition of such conduct or other conduct

4. If, upon the conclusion of the Deans investigation, the Dean determines that there is reason to believe the student has committed a violation of any part of Section 3 of this Policy and, after cons

7. As used herein, the term impartial shall mean that the individual was not a party to the incident under consideration and has no personal interest in the outcome of the proceedings. Prior to the co

Section 7 Miscellaneous The written decision resulting from an administrative conference or a hearing under this Policy shall become part of the students educational record and shall be subject to the

Definition of Consent Consent must be informed, freely and actively given, involving an understandable exchange of affirmative words or actions, which indicates a willingness to participate in mutuall

Confidentiality While the College will treat reports of sexual misconduct and relationship violence seriously and with sensitivity for all concerned, the College cannot assure complete confidentiality

Policy on Student Rights Section 1 Rights of Students It is the policy of the Board of Trustees of CommunityTechnical colleges that the educational offerings of the community colleges be available to

b. In the case of a grievance alleging discrimination based on race, color, religious creed, sex, age, national origin, ancestry, present or past history of mental disorder, marital status, mental ret

4. The foregoing decision may be appealed to the President by filing a statement of appeal within ten 10 calendar days of the date of the decision. Review by the President shall be on the basis of the


SECURITY INTRODUCTION Gateway Community College complies with the State of Connecticuts Campus Safety Act, Public Act 90259, which mandates the annual publication of a Uniform Campus Crime Report, and

College Identification Card Each student, faculty and staff member must obtain a photo identification card that must be presented to staff when requested, to borrow books from the library and is requi

Visitor Parking Anyone visiting the college for business before the semester begins will be considered a visitor. Visitors will park in the Temple Street Garage and receive a ticket. Tickets will b

Policies Regarding Possession, Use, and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages and Controlled Substances These provisions shall apply to all colleges under the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees of CommunityT

Security Guard Responsibilities The College Security Guards investigate, render assistance and notify the College Administration in all cases involving accidents, thefts, emergency situations and all


APPENDIx A PERSONNEL Chief Administrative Officers President Dean of Academic Affairs Dean of Administrative Affairs Dean of Workforce Development and Continuing Education Dean of Development and Comm

APPENDIx B WHERE TO GO FOR ASSISTANCE Obtain information regarding Academic Programs Student Success Center Books and Supplies Career Planning Change AddressName Change of Major Change of Schedule Ch

Academic Affairs N311 Academic Planning Advising N208 Admissions N207 Allied Health S405 Art Gallery S101 Art Graphics S329332 Bookstore N109 N216 Bursar Business Programs S300301 Caf Vincenzo S102

N311 Academic A airs Admissions Allied Health Art Gallery Art Graphics Bookstore Bursar Caf Vincenzo Cafeteria North PARKING N208 N207 S405 S101 S329332 N109 N216 S300301 S102 N107 S216 S205 N212


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