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Selfguided Walking Tour

W elcome to Gateway Community College. We take pride in providing equal access to a highquality education, stateoftheart equipment and laboratories, and a caring faculty and staff who provide the edu

Turn around and continue down the hall. On the right, in S403, in the Nursing Department. On the left youll see the Nursing and Allied Health Labs in S404416, and the YaleNew Haven Hospital Nursing Su

LEVEL 3 NORTH PARKING . Garage ENTRANCE stair G 5 3 Exit Stair G and continue down the hall. 5 Several Administrative Offices are located in N317325, including Information Technology. The IT de

9 3 2 1 0 1N321 6N206 7N207 5S405 1S101 2 9332 9N109 6N216 1 0301 2S102 7N107 6S216 5S205 2N212 E 7N007 0N100 0N200 2N322 2S122 2S212 1S321 3N213 3N213 6 2116 1N321 6S406 0N220 7S427 1 CE101 3 23

22 12 21 13 13 16 11 21 12 06 20 27 01 LEVEL 2 SOUTH 03 15 Exit left out of the elevator. If you turn left again, youll find a tiered classroom, 11 S211, and music classrooms, S219. The tiered classro

PARKING 13 2 LEVEL 2 NORTH Exit through the double doors to cross the bridge to the North building. PARKING 12 As you cross the threestory bridge George St. . Garage ENTRANCE 1 Crown St. N. ENT

13 The Student Affairs Division is located in N207220 it offers students onestop shopping when it comes to academic matters. Offices housed within Enrollment Management include Admissions, Financial

17 Down the hall from Caf Vincenzo is Culinary Arts Hospitality, in S112118, which serves Gateways culinary and hospitality management coursework. The kitchen features student mini kitchens, an inst

N. ENTRANCE Crown St. N. ENTRANCE 23b North 21 LOWER LEVEL NORTH 24 0 22 Once in the North building, take the stairs or elevator down to the Lower Level. PARKING 21 Mechanical Engineering Tec

25 Gateways Cafeteria, is across from the elevator. It is dedicated to enriching the experiences of students and guests by providing the highest quality of food and services in a nutritionally sound m

N311 N208 N207 S405 S101 S329332 N109 N216 S300301 S102 rs ising Advising ning Advising South North PARKING South 4 3 E100 N212 N007 N100 North PARKING . Garage ENTRANCE N321N321 N206 N206N206