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GCC Catalog 20142015

Table of ConTenTs WelCome aCademiC Calendar inTroduCTion appliCaTion and admission proCedures paymenT poliCies finanCial aid sCholarships aCademiC poliCies and proCedures regisTraTion WorkforCe devel

When you learn, teach. When you get, give. A Message from the President I am pleased to welcome you to Gateway Community College. We take pride in providing equal access to a highquality education, s

aCademiC Calendar 2014 2015 fall 2014 August 25 27 August 28 September 1 September 2 September 8 October 13 October 24 November 7 November 14 November 26 November 27 November 28 November 30 Decembe

INTRODUCTION ABOUT THIS CATALOG This catalog contains both academic and general information and Gateway Community Colleges policies at the time of publication. Each student is responsible for becoming

ACCREDITATION Gateway Community College is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges Inc. NEASC through its Commission on Institutions of Higher Education. Accreditation of an

PARKING Individual Type and Parking Garage Access Credit Students Parking access for registered credit students will begin two weeks before the start of classes and end the day of finals Summer

Ch. 3 30. In general, it is best to assume that classes will remain in session unless a specific announcement is made to cancel classes andor close the College. For the most uptodate information, wat

4. The right to refuse to permit the College to release directory information about the student, except to school officials with a legitimate educational interest and others as indicated in paragraph

COMPUTER USE POLICY OF GATEWAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE This Computer Use Policy governs all computer users at Gateway Community College and outlines the acceptable use of its computer resources. The policy

4. Downloading or distributing any software from the Internet without the prior consent of the Information Technology department. Examples of such downloads include, but are not limited to, screen sa

APPLICATION AND ADMISSION PROCEDURES Admissions Office 203 2852010 Gateway Community College is dedicated to providing educational opportunities through an opendoor admission policy to graduates of an

Exemptions will be granted only Individuals born in the United States before January 1, 1957 are exempt from supplying MMRV Individuals born in the U.S. prior to January 1, 1980 are exempt fro

2. Degree and certificate credit shall be granted for credit courses completed with a letter grade of Cminus or better, or with a grade of P Pass. Such credit courses shall be accepted only for credi

Admissions OF NEBHE Students The Board of Trustees adopts the following recommendations of the New England Board of Higher Education NEBHE for reciprocity among the New England states through the New

PAYMENT POLICIES Bursars Office 203 2852009 Location North Building Room N216 Hours 815 a.m. to 415 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 815 a.m. to 645 p.m. Wednesday Miscellaneous Cash, Checks

Checks returned by the bank Checks that are returned from a bank for any reason must be replaced with cash, money order or bank check within seven days one week of the colleges receipt of notification

College Service Fee Connecticut Resident Nonresident New England Regional Student Program Parttime Student Per Semester hour through 11 hours Student Activity Fee College Service Fee Connecticut Resi

Tuition and Fee Notes Allied Health and Nursing students who pay Clinical Program fees are exempt from Laboratory fees for DMS, NMT, NSG, RAD, RDT, and RST lab courses. NTR students pay Laboratory Fee

Return of Title IV Funds The College maintains a fair and equitable refund policy as mandated by the U.S. Department of Education regulations. These refund and repayment rules apply only to students w

FINANCIAL AID Telephone 203 2852030 Gateway Community College is committed to providing access to higher education by minimizing economic barriers. The College provides several options for financial a

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant The FSEOG Program provides needbased grants to lowincome undergraduate students to promote access to postsecondary education. Institutional financial

RETURN OF TITLE IV FUNDS The College maintains a fair and equitable refund policy, as mandated by the US Department of Education regulations. These refund and repayment rules only apply to students wh

Maximum Credit Hours A student may receive financial aid for any attempted credits in hisher program of study that do not exceed 150 of the published length of the students educational program at the

Should an appeal be approved and the student is not mathematically able to return to satisfactory academic progress at the conclusion of subsequent enrollment period, a Financial Aid Administrator wil

SCHOLARSHIPS INCLUDE Philomena M. Abell Scholarship Alumni Association Scholarship Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Scholarship ATT Scholarship Atluru Family Foundation Scholarship Margaret Bauer Bus

ACADEMIC POLICIES AND PROCEDURES REGISTRATION Fall and spring registration dates are established each semester for new and returning students. While every effort will be made to meet the educational n

You are urged to seek advice from an academic advisor if you have any questions about changing your classes. Making changes to your course load or schedule without consulting an advisor may slow progr

A course Withdrawal or Incomplete shall make the student ineligible for Deans List recognition that semester. Upon completion of the Incomplete, the student may be recognized retroactively. Stude

ACADEMIC SUSPENSION A suspended student must wait at least one 1 semester before applying for readmission.After academic suspension, readmitted students who wish to enroll again must comply with the f

GRADES All colleges will use the same system of values for grades awarded. Values to be used for all calculations of grades, averages, and related matters, are as follows A AB B BC 4.0 3.7 3.3 3.0 2.7

Administrative Transcript Notations AU Audit An administrative transcript notation for students auditing a course. Students not wishing credit may audit a course. This status will allow them to parti

Grades with an asterisk before the Fall 2004 or Grades with a carrot starting with the Fall 2004 These administrative transcript notations indicate the Fresh Start Option has been invoked. Those

2. All grades previously earned will remain on the students transcript. The semesters for which Fresh Start is invoked will include a transcript symbol indicating that the policy is in effect. The or

INDEPENDENT STUDY Independent Study provides special opportunities beyond the course offerings of the catalog. To be eligible, a students cumulative grade point average must be 3.0 or better. Interest

Characteristics of successful online students Highly motivated, organized, independent learners Possess good time management skills Have good reading, writing and communication skills Are able to

Assessment by Portfolio Prior learning may also be assessed by review of a portfolio that demonstrates satisfactory competence in one or more courses in the college catalog. The student must enroll in

TRANSCRIPTS Students desiring to have official transcripts of grades mailed to other educational institutions must complete a Request on mycommmet or a Request of Transcript form in the Records Office

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT CONTINUING EDUCATION The GREAT Center The Workforce Development Continuing Education Department is now The GREAT Center, Gateways Resource, Education and Training Center. The G

WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE Coordinator 203 2852302 The Workforce Development Institute offers noncredit certificate programs to dislocated workers, those who need updated or additional industryre

LEARNING SUPPORT SERVICES ACADEMIC ADVISING The mission of academic advising at Gateway Community College is to assist students in making academic decisions and developing educational plans, taking in

COMPUTER RESOURCES Computerequipped classrooms and laboratories for the college curriculum and workshops are located conveniently throughout the campus in both the North and South buildings. All compu

EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGIES Telephone 203 2852268 The Office of Educational Technologies provides support to motivate and enable the College to enrich the learning process through technology. The office

INFORMATION LITERACY Information literacy is defined as the set of skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information. Library staff members provide information literacy instruction in ever

STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES ATM Machines ATM machine is located in the North building entrance by security station. ATHLETICS AND INTRAMURAL SPORTS Gateway Community College is a member of the National

Employment Services An online service, College Central Network, is available on the Career Services page of the College website. This service enables students and graduates to seek employment by searc

STUDENT ACTIVITIES AND LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS Telephone 203 2852208 As the center of student activity, the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs is an integral part of the educational miss

COUNSELING Telephone 203 2852090 Professional Counselors are available to help students obtain the most from their college experience. GCC offers students comprehensive counseling services including p

For additional information please visit www.ct.edudual Central Connecticut St University Eastern Connecticut St University Southern Connecticut St University www

For additional information please visit www.ct.edudual Central Connecticut St University Eastern Connecticut St University Southern Connecticut St University www

For additional information please visit www.ct.edudual Central Connecticut St University Eastern Connecticut St University Southern Connecticut St University www

STUDENT ACCESSIBILITY SERVICES Telephone 203 2852231 Ronald Chomicz email Samantha Kusiak email Student Disability Specialist Gateway Community College i

GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS Effective Spring 2007, new general education requirements are outlined below according to Section 10a3415, Curriculum and Instruction. The general education requirement

Music After successful completion of Music courses, students should have developed knowledge and appreciation of music through classroom activities, practical application, and related cultural experie

Understand the Values of Responsible Citizenship The ability to recognize and analyze ethical issues, make and defend ethical decisions, exhibit social responsibility by engaging in community, social,

Liberal Arts Sciences Any collegelevel course in the following disciplines Anthropology ANT, Art ART nonstudio, Biology BIO, Chemistry CHE, Earth Science EAS, Economics ECN, English ENG, Environmenta

DEGREE CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS AA Associate in Arts AAS Associate in Applied Science AS Associate in Science C Certificate TiTle ALLIED HEALTH Health Career Pathways PreDental Hygiene Transfer Comp

BUSINESS OFFICE TECHNOLOGY BOT Business Office Technology BOT Administrative Assistant Option BOT Administrative Assistant BOT Office Applications Skills Update BOT Customer Service Technology BOT Ele

ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES Entrepreneurial Studies Entrepreneurial Studies GENERAL STUDIES General Studies HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT Food Service Management Culinary Arts Professional Baker HotelMotel Manag

ALLIED HEALTH HEALTH CAREER PATHWAYS Certificate The Health Career Pathways Certificate program is designed to assist students in achieving success in health care programs. Students will be provided w

PREDENTAL HYGIENE TRANSFER COMPACT Associate of Science General Studies The Gateway Community College PreDental Hygiene Transfer Compact is designed to provide academic opportunities for students who

Sophomore Year Fall Semester Course BIO 211 DNT 105 HIS 101 or HIS 102 Elective Title Anatomy Physiology I Introduction to Dental Hygiene I Western Civilization I Western Civilization II Open Total

EXERCISE SCIENCE AND WELLNESS Associate in Science PROGRAM MISSION To prepare students with the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for competent practice in exercise and for employment in the h

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Freshman Year Fall Semester Course BIO 105 ENG 101 EXS 101 EXS 102 MAT 167 Title Introduction to Biology Composition Introduction to Exercise Science Wellness Seminar in Exerci

FITNESS SPECIALIST Certificate FITNESS SPECIALIST STUDIES MISSION STATEMENT The mission of the Fitness Specialist Studies certificate program is to prepare graduates with entry level skills, and flexi

Sophomore Year Spring Semester Course EXS 115 EXS 212 Title Fitness Management Exercise Science Wellness Internship II Total Semester Credit Hours Total Credit Hours Restricted electives Course A

NUTRITION AND DIETETICS Program Mission To prepare graduates with entrylevel skills, competence, and flexibility to compete successfully in a dynamic employment market wherever food, nutrition, and we

Graduation Requirements In addition to the Colleges general requirements, this program requires a minimum grade of C in each and all science and programspecific courses. The student must also successf

DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING AND THERAPY PROGRAMS The field of Radiologic Technology includes some of the most rapidly advancing careers in modern medicine. Gateway Community College responds to this offering p

CLINICAL SITES Clinical learning experiences are planned as an integral part of the Diagnostic Imaging and Therapy courses and are held at a variety of healthcare settings. Students are responsible fo

DIAGNOSTIC MEDICAL SONOGRAPHY Associate in Science A description of admissions requirements are available from the Allied Health Division and online at The associate degree program in D

Freshman Year Winter Intersession 40 hrs.week at affiliates Course DMS 113 Title Clinical Internship I Total Semester Credit Hours Freshman Year Spring Semester Practicum at affiliates Tuesday an

NUCLEAR MEDICINE TECHNOLOGY Associate in Science The Associate in Science degree and certificate programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology prepare students for employment as nuclear medicine technologis

Radionuclide Therapy Involves patient management, preparation and administration of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals, under the personal supervision of the Authorized User. Radiation Safety Involves,

NUCLEAR MEDICINE TECHNOLOGY Certificate The certificate program in Nuclear Medicine Technology is designed to prepare students for employment as nuclear medicine technologists in hospitals, medical of

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Freshman Year Fall Semester Practicum at affiliates Tuesday and Thursday Course NMT 102 NMT 111 Title Nuclear Medicine Procedures I Clinical Practicum I Total Semester Credit H

RADIATION THERAPY Associate in Science A Radiation Therapist delivers radiation treatment as prescribed by a physician for the treatment of disease, primarily cancer. The Radiation Therapist will moni

RADIATION THERAPY PROGRAM OUTCOMES Upon successful completion of all Program requirements, the graduate should be able to Evaluate and assess treatment delivery components. Provide radiation ther

Summer Session 40 hrs.week at clinical affiliates Monday through Friday, May through August Course RDT 126 Title Clinical Internship II Total Semester Credit Hours Sophomore Year Fall Semester Pra

RADIOGRAPHY Associate in Science The Associate Degree program in Radiography prepares students for employment as entrylevel radiographers in hospitals, outpatient facilities, medical offices, communit

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Freshman Year NOTE Required orientation sessions will be scheduled during the summer before entry into the program. Fall Semester Clinical practicum held at clinical affiliates Tu

Sophomore Year Fall Semester Clinical practicum held at clinical affiliates Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 800 am 430 pm or 400 pm 1000 pm as assigned Course PSY 111 RAD 196 RAD 215 RAD 203

ART STUDIO ART Associate in Science The Studio Art program provides a strong basic foundation in the visual arts along with a background in general education. Furthermore, it prepares students for con

Courses in Option Course ART 152 ART 251 Elective X Elective B or X Title Painting II spring course Painting III fall course Studio Art Art History Total Credit Hours Electives A Selected with adv

STUDIO ART GRAPHIC DESIGN OPTION Associate in Science The Studio Art Graphic Design Option program provides a strong basic foundation in the visual arts along with a background in general education. F

Courses in Option Course GRA 151 GRA 252 GRA 241 Elective Z Title Graphic Design I Graphic Design II Digital Page Design I InDesign Graphic Design Total Semester Credit Hours Total Credit Hours Cred

AUTOMOTIVE ALTERNATIVE ENERGY TRANSPORTATION TECHNOLOGY Certificate The Alternative Energy Transportation Technology program will provide students with entrylevel mechanical skills required to fill te

ALTERNATIVE FUEL VEHICLE Certificate The Alternative Fuel Vehicle program is a cooperative venture among Gateway Community College, the New England Gas Association NEGA, and the Connecticut Gas Compan

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM OUTCOMES Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates should be able to Apply language arts and communications skills relate

AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY GENERAL MOTORS AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE EDUCATION PROGRAM ASEP Associate in Applied Science The Automotive Service Education Program ASEP was designed by General Motors and Gateway Co

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Freshman Year Fall Semester Course AUT 112 AUT 116 AUT 118 AUT 161 ENG 101 MAT 115 Title GM Specifications GM Suspension and Steering GM Brakes GM Internship 1A Composition Math

GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY Associate in Applied Science Degree The objective of the General Automotive Technology Degree Program is to train those seeking employment in the field of automotive tech

Freshman Year Fall Semester Course AUT 132 AUT 136 AUT 138 ENG 101 MAT 115 Title Specifications Suspension and Steering Brakes Composition Math for Science and Technology Total Semester Credit Hours

GENERAL AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY Certificate The objective of the General Automotive Technology Certificate Program is to train highlyskilled automotive technicians through a college training and interns

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Freshman Year Fall Semester Course AUT 130 AUT 132 AUT 134 AUT 136 AUT 138 Title Engines Automotive Specifications Electrical Systems Frames Suspension Brakes Total Semester Cr

ADVANCED AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY Certificate The Advanced Automotive Technology Certificate program was designed by Gateway Community College. This unique cooperative program provides an opportunity for

AVIATION AVIATION MAINTENANCE TECHNOLOGY Associate in Science To be eligible for an Associate in Science degree in the Aviation Maintenance Technology Program, a student must successfully complete a F

BUSINESS BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Associate in Science The complexity of business demands a constant supply of trained managers and administrators. This career program prepares students for managerial

Sophomore Year Fall Semester Course ACC 114 or ACC 117 BMK 201 BMG 202 ECN 102 Elective Title Principles of Financial Accounting II Principles of Managerial Accounting Principles of Marketing Princi

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION ACCOUNTING OPTION Associate in Science The complexity of society requires trained personnel to interpret and manage the fiscal aspects of business and industry. The curriculum

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Freshman Year Fall Semester Course ACC 113 BBG 231 ENG 101 MAT 137 or MAT 137S Elective Title Principles of Financial Accounting I Business Law I Composition Intermediate Algebr

ACCOUNTANTS ASSISTANT Certificate This program is for the mature individual who has previous office experience and is seeking additional skills. Upon completion of this program, the Accountants Assist

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MANAGEMENT OPTION Associate in Science The Business Administration Management Option helps meet the growing need for qualified supervisory and entrylevel managers in the Greate

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Freshman Year Fall Semester Course BBG 231 COM 171 ENG 101 MAT 137 or MAT 137S Elective Title Business Law I Fundamentals of Human Communication Composition Intermediate Algebra

MANAGEMENT Certificate The Management Certificate allows the student to focus on the specific skills needed for success in todays workplace. It is designed for those who do not have the time to pursue

BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MARKETING OPTION Associate in Science The Business Administration Marketing Option is designed to fulfill the needs of two groups of individuals students who intend to explore

BUSINESS OFFICE TECHNOLOGY BUSINESS OFFICE TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM OUTCOMES Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates should be able to Demonstrate technical proficiency in

BOT ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT OPTION Associate in Science The role of the administrative assistant requires technical proficiency in office applications including word processing, electronic spreadshee

BOT OFFICE APPLICATIONS SKILLS UPDATE Certificate Designed for practicing office professionals as well as those returning to the workforce. It provides students with the opportunity to update their co

BOT ELECTRONIC HEALTH RECORDS AND CODING Associate in Science This program prepares students for entrylevel positions in medical coding and billing. Duties include creating electronic health records a

BOT LEGAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT OPTION Associate in Science The duties of a legal administrative assistant vary considerably depending on the specialty of the law office. However, all legal adminis

BOT MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT OPTION Associate in Science The duties of a medical administrative assistant will vary among medical office environments such as hospitals, outpatient facilities,

BOT MEDICAL ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Certificate The Medical Administrative Assistant Certificate prepares students to work in a medical office or hospital. In addition to regular office duties, a med

CONNECTICUT COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY Connecticuts College of Technology is an innovative course of study for men and women considering a career in the challenging and rewarding fields of engineering and

ENGINEERING SCIENCE Associate in Science Leading to the School of Engineering at the University of Connecticut, University of New Haven, University of Hartford, Fairfield University or Central Connect

TECHNOLOGICAL STUDIES Associate in Science Leading to the School of Technology at Central Connecticut State University and Charter Oak State College. PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Freshman Year Fall Semester

COMPUTER SCIENCE COMPUTER SCIENCE PROGRAM OUTCOMES Upon the successful completion of all program requirements, the graduate should be able to Identify the principal components of a computer sy

Sophomore Year Fall Semester Course CSC 150 CSC 208 Elective Elective Elective Title Database Applications Design Using SQL Advanced Visual Basic Fine Arts Social Science Restricted Total Semeste

COMPUTER SCIENCE NETWORKING OPTION Associate in Science The Computer Science Networking Option allows students to focus on the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities identified and recommended by t

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Freshman Year Fall Semester Course COM 171 MAT 115 or MAT 137 or MAT 137S CSC 101 Elective Title Fundamentals of Human Communication Mathematics for Science and Technology Inte

COMPUTER SCIENCE Certificate Networking The objective of the Computer Science Networking Certificate is to help meet the growing need for qualified networking specialists in the Greater New Haven are

DRUG AND ALCOHOL RECOVERY COUNSELOR DRUG AND ALCOHOL RECOVERY COUNSELOR MISSION STATEMENT To prepare students to enter the field of alcohol and drug recovery counseling. The program provides students

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Freshman Year Fall Semester Course COM 171 DAR 101 DAR 111 ENG 101 PSY 111 Title Fundamentals of Human Communication Public Health Issues Abuse Addiction Addiction Counseling I

DRUG AND ALCOHOL RECOVERY COUNSELOR Certificate This certificate program prepares students to take the certification exam used by the state of Connecticut administered by the Connecticut Certification

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION Associate in Science The Early Childhood Education Program has earned Accreditation from NAEYC Commission on Associate Degree Accreditation. An Asso

Standard 3 Observing, Documenting, and Assessing to Support Young Children and Families Students prepared in early childhood degree programs understand that child observation, documentation, and other

Program Philosophy The early childhood education program at Gateway Community College adopts a philosophy that includes a perspective about how learning occurs and how the teaching act influences lear

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION ASSOCIATE DEGREE The Early Childhood Education Associate in Science degree is comprised of general education requirements 2425 credits, program requirements 25 credits and a

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION PATH The following selection of courses is designed for students who plan to enter the job market or who are already employed in early education care and desire to improve th

For more information, email the Early Childhood Education Program Coordinator, Carmelita ValenciaDaye at For scholarship information, contact the Connecticut Office of Earl

EARLY CHILDHOOD SPECIAL EDUCATION Associate in Science The Early Childhood Special Education Associate in Science degree program provides students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Course ECE 103 ECS 107 ECS 112 ECS 207 ECS 225 ECS 226 ECS 228 MAT 143 PSY 105 PSY 122 Electives Title Creative Experiences for Children Introduction to Exceptional Children Sem

EARLY CHILDHOOD SPECIAL EDUCATION PROGRAM OUTCOMES Upon completion of all program requirements, graduates should be able to Differentiate between Early Childhood Education and Early Childh

EARLY CHILDHOOD SPECIAL EDUCATION Certificate The Early Childhood Special Education Certificate program provides students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Graduates are able to sc

INFANT AND TODDLER DEVELOPMENT Certificate The Early Childhood Special Education Infant and Toddler Development certificate program prepares students to care for and teach infants and toddlers from bi

ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Associate in Science The rapid development of biomedical equipment technology, combined with the introduction of increasingly complex and vital

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Freshman Year Fall Semester Course BME 110 CHE 111 CET 116 EET 110 ENG 101 MAT 175 Title Biomedical Technology Concepts of Chemistry Computer Applications for Technology Electri

COMPUTER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Associate in Science The Computer Engineering Technology program provides training in hardware configuration, software development, programming applications, and the in

Sophomore Year Fall Semester Course CET 126 CET 210 COM 171 CST 180 Title Computer Servicing Computer Systems Software Fundamentals of Human Communication Networking I Total Semester Credit Hours So

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Associate in Science The Electrical Engineering Technology program focuses on a variety of electrical and electronic devices, circuits, systems, and related applicati

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Freshman Year Fall Semester Course CET 116 CAD 124 EET 110 ENG 101 MAT 175 Title Computer Applications for Technology CAD Electrical Electric Circuits I Composition College Alge

ELECTRONICS TECHNICIAN Certificate The Electronics Technician Certificate program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing immediate employment in the electronics industry, while allowi

GENERAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Associate in Applied Science The General Engineering Technology program prepares students to become engineering technology generalists. It equips them with a strong math

MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Associate in Science Manufacturing Engineering Technology is a varied and challenging field that is becoming increasingly important with the advent of new producti

Sophomore Year Fall Semester Course CAD 200 MFG 204 PHY122 or MAT 254 Elective Elective Title 3D CAD Modeling Advanced Computer Aided Manufacturing General Physics II 4 Calculus I Restricted Social

MECHANICAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Associate in Science Mechanical Engineering Technology concerns power and the machinery used to convert power to useful work. The Mechanical Engineering Technician is

Sophomore Year Fall Semester Course MEC 234 MAT 254 MEC 250 MEC 271 Elective Title Electromechanical Controls Calculus I Strength of Materials Fluid Mechanics Social Science Total Semester Credit Ho

RAILROAD ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY Associate in Science Railroad Engineering Technology will prepare students for employment in the railroad industry within a career path for maintaining and repairing ra

Sophomore Year Fall Semester Course COM 171 MEC 234 RET 220 RET 230 RET 240 Title Fundamentals of Human Communication Electromechanical Controls Safety in the Railroad Workplace Reading Interpretin

ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES Associate in Science Small businesses are vital to the growth of our economy and will create the majority of new jobs. This program prepares students to

ENTREPRENEURIAL STUDIES Certificate Small businesses are vital to the growth of our economy and will create the majority of new jobs. This program prepares students to be entrepreneurs, start up new b

GENERAL STUDIES GENERAL STUDIES Associate in Science The General Studies curriculum provides the fundamentals of a college education together with a range of open electives, allowing students to explo

HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT FOOD SERVICE MANAGEMENT Associate in Science The food service industry is one of the fastestgrowing industries in this country and now ranks third in the nation in terms of grow

GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS Course COM 171 ENG 101 ENG 102 MAT 109 PSY 111 Elective Elective Title Fundamentals of Human Communication Composition Literature and Composition Quantitative Literacy

CULINARY ARTS Certificate The Culinary Arts Certificate program is the first step toward a career in the food preparation industry. The 30 credit hour certificate program is open to both fulltime and

PROFESSIONAL BAKER Certificate This certificate is designed to further the education and training for those already working in this field as well as to accommodate individuals entering careers in the

HOTELMOTEL MANAGEMENT Associate in Science The lodging industry is one of the fastestgrowing industries in the nation. In the more than 50,000 hotels and motels in the U.S.A., nearly four million room

GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS Course COM 171 ENG 101 ENG 102 MAT 109 PSY 111 Elective Elective Course ACC 113 BMG 220 HSP 100 HSP 101 HSP 108 HSP 110 HSP 117 HSP 211 HSP 231 HSP 237 HSP 244 HSP 246

MEETINGS, CONVENTIONS AND SPECIAL EVENTS MANAGEMENT Certificate This certificate is designed for students seeking careers in the growing field of meeting planning. It will also develop and update the

HUMAN SERVICES HUMAN SERVICES Associate in Science The field of Human Services is dynamic and challenging. The concept of human services stresses care for the whole individual and his or her relation

HUMAN SERVICES CAREER Associate in Science The Human Services Career course of study is designed for students who plan to enter the job market or who are already employed by a human services agency.

HUMAN SERVICES CONTINUED STUDY Associate in Science This course of study prepares students for transfer into a fouryear college while training them in human services and developing the skills necessar

HUMAN SERVICES Certificate The Human Service Certificate curriculum is designed for the professional who is already employed in the field of Human Services. For more information, call Cher Shannon, Pr

GERONTOLOGY Certificate The gerontology certificate curriculum meets the continuing educational needs of providers and users of services to older citizens. Applicants may be employees in the field of

YOUTH WORKER Certificate This certificate supports the professional development of people who work with youth, ages 12 and up. The program facilitates an understanding of adolescent development and th

LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES LIBERAL ARTS AND SCIENCES PROGRAM OUTCOMES Upon successful completion of all program requirements, students will be able to Demonstrate an understanding of Western his

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Foreign Language Course Title FREITASPA 102 or higher Foreign Language Students may meet this requirement by completing ESL classes or level II of a foreign language in high sch

Liberal Arts Sciences Transfer Opportunities Liberal Arts Sciences students at Gateway Community College are able to transfer seamlessly to many colleges and universities. Requirements of baccalaure

NURSING NURSING Associate in Science The Connecticut Community College Nursing Program CTCCNP is an innovative associate degree program of study offered at six Connecticut Community Colleges. Gateway

Advisement AdvisorsCounselors are available at each college to guide applicants through the admission process. All potential applicants seeking admission to the CTCCNP are encouraged to read through t

Applicants may select a second choice college at the initial time of application. An applicant should only list the colleges to which she would be willing to commute. Please note clinical sites could

One year of high school Chemistry with a lab or Connecticut Community College CHE111 or equivalent with a grade of C or higher, completed within five years prior to application deadline of February

Applicants must obtain an adjusted individual total score of 53.3 or higher on the TEAS V to be considered for admission. Scores from tests taken at one of the CT Community Colleges from February 5, 2

Waitlist Applicants on the waitlist will be ranked using their original CTCCNP rank number. The waitlist will be divided into six separate lists based on the College of First Choice. When openings occ

1. The applicant completes the CTCCNP application for external transfers, and submits the application to the Admissions Office at the college of first choice. Applicants to Gateway Community College

CLINICAL SITES Clinical learning experiences are planned as an integral part of the nursing courses and are held at a variety of healthcare settings, such as hospitals, extended care facilities, and s

PROGRAM OF STUDY The following program of study reflects a fulltime curriculum plan that students enrolled in the nursing program are required to complete for graduation. Many students make the decisi

RETAIL MANAGEMENTFASHION MERCHANDISING RETAIL MANAGEMENTFASHION MERCHANDISING Associate in Science Retail and fashion are exciting and vital industries in our economy. This program prepares students f

RETAIL MANAGEMENT FASHION MERCHANDISING Certificate This certificate offers a career option for students who already have a degree in another area and want to develop skills in retailing. The certifi

SCIENCE ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND TOXICOLOGY Associate in Science The Environmental Science and Toxicology program offers students a broad educational approach to the many careers available to them up

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Course CHE 111 or CHE 121 EVS 100 EVS 200 EVS 221 EVS 222 EVS 296 MAT 167 PHY 121 Electives Title Concepts of Chemistry General Chemistry I Introduction to Environmental Science

NATURAL SCIENCES AND MATHEMATICS Associate in Science The Natural Sciences and Mathematics program prepares qualified students to work at research facilities as laboratory or research assistants andor

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS For Chemistry, Physics, Math Majors Course CHE 122 MAT 187 MAT 254 MAT 256 MAT 268 PHY 221 PHY 222 Electives Title General Chemistry II Precalculus Mathematics Calculus I Calcu

TECHNOLOGY CLEAN WATER MANAGEMENT Certificate The Clean Water Management Certificate will train students to meet the skill and knowledge specifications required by higher level water pollution control

WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT Certificate The Wastewater Management Certificate is not available for new students. The program has been replaced by the Clean Water Management Certificate. The Wastewater Manag

SOLAR TECHNOLOGY Certificate The Solar Technology Certificate will teach students operational skills and will impart a basic understanding of photovoltaic solar electric, solar thermal waterairheating

WATER MANAGEMENT Certificate The Water Management Certificate covers the operation of water treatment plants from both ground and surface water sources as well as the water distribution systems that d

PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS Freshman Year Fall Semeste Course CET 116 ENG 101 FTA 112 MAT 137 or MAT 137S Title Computer Applications for Technology Composition Introduction to Fire Technology Intermediate

COURSE DESCRIPTIONS Courses with an asterisk have been converted to the Community College System Common Course Numbers. For your information, former course numbers are listed after the title. 298 Sp

ANTHROPOLOGY ANT 105 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 3 S.H. Teaches the evolution of culture from its earliest state to the present, emphasizing an analysis of living nonWestern cultures. An und

ART 121 Two Dimensional Design 3 S.H. Investigates elements and principles of twodimensional design and the nature of design. Explores space, shape, color, line, texture, and value, beginning with sim

ART 251 Painting III 3 S.H. Applies knowledge acquired in Painting I and II. Concentrates on traditional and contemporary approaches to the representation of the figure. Focuses on the nude and costum

AFV250 Internship I 3 S.H. Students participate in seven weeks or 300 hours of practical training at a dealership or garage to provide experience in an automotive repair environment geared toward alte

AUT 136 Frames and Suspension 3 S.H. Enables students to study and better understand the diagnosis and repair of steering and suspension systems including alignment. Includes a thorough presentation o

AUT 161 GM Internship 1A 1 S.H. Students participate in three weeks of practical training at either a GM dealership or AC Delco repair facility during their freshman fall semester. Students will reinf

AUT 235 Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles 3.5 S.H. Explains concepts and procedures of diagnosis, repair, and general overhaul of transmissions and transaxles. Places particular emphasis on conve

AUT 254 Honda Automotive Service Technology IV 3.5 S.H. Covers body systems, electricalelectronic, heating and air conditioning, suspension and steering, and brakes. Two hours of lecture three hours

BIO 113 Physiology of Aging 3 S.H. Studies the physical aging process of older individuals to give the student knowledge of agerelated cognitive and physical changes and the impact those changes have

BME 116 Physiological Systems 4 S.H. Examines human anatomy and physiology, using chemical, mechanical, and electrical system models. Presents biopotential generation and regulatory control systems. D

BBG 240 Business Ethics 3 S.H. Introduces students with little or no background in philosophy or ethics to traditional and contemporary ethical theory. This course critically examines both the theorie

BMG 202 Principles of Management 3 S.H. Introduces the study of management, which is both a discipline and a process. Major topic areas include the evolution and scope of management, decision making,

BMK 257 Textiles 3 S.H. Provides a background in and selling information for various textile products. Discusses standards for identifying high quality products and how to care for them. Focuses on ma

BOT 215 Word Processing Applications II Word Course has not been offered in the past two years 3 S.H. Concentrates on applications and projects to promote competency with microcomputers using popular

BOT 292 BOT Internship 4 S.H. Provides an integration of knowledge gained in previous program courses through review and practical application with special emphasis on softskolls training. Provided on

CHE 220 Biochemistry 4 S.H. Provides an overview of the principal themes of biochemistry. The organization of amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids are addressed through a discussion o

COM 171 Fundamentals of Human Communication 3 S.H. Develops effective communication skills through a balance of theory and practice in interpersonal, small group, and public speaking contexts. Stresse

COMPUTER ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY CET 110 DCAC Circuits 5 S.H. Presents the fundamental concepts of electric circuit behavior. Students will also learn basic DC and AC circuit analysis involving resist

COMPUTERS APPLICATIONS CSA 105 Introduction to Software Applications 3 S.H. Provides an introduction to IBMcompatible microcomputers, a basic understanding of Windows and the Internet, and an in depth

CSC 208 Advanced Visual Basic 4 S.H. Covers the benefits of online systems while concentrating on Visual Basic as the supportive software. Topics will be related to the operating environment, screen l

CST 180 Networking I 4 S.H. Serves as the first course in a series of four courses that provide classroom and laboratory experience in current and emerging networking technology. This series will empo

CST 273 Security Management Practices 3 S.H. Covers the identification of an organizations information assets and the development, documentation, and implementation of policies, standards, procedures,

DMS 104 Introduction to Abdominal Small Parts Sonography 3 S.H. This course prepares students for the clinical aspects of diagnostic medical sonography. Through classroom lectures and handouts, stude

DMS 206 Vascular Imaging 3 S.H. An introduction to the fundamentals of vascular sonography. Instruction includes hemodynamics, cerebrovascular, peripheral arterial and peripheral venous anatomy, physi

DAR 112 Group Counseling Theory Techniques 3 S.H. Introduces the concepts and theories of group counseling, group dynamics, and group developmental stages. Students learn about different types of gro

DAR 251 Counseling Internship I 6 S.H. Provides students with the experience of spending 15 hours per week in a substance abuse treatment facility under the joint supervision of the DARC program and a

ECE 123 Introduction to Family Support and Respite Care 4 S.H. Provides students with the special needs background, communication skills, attitudes, and techniques that will enable them to provide res

ECE 213 Finance for Early Childhood Program 3 S.H. Focuses on the financial aspects of administering an early childhood program. It will explain and discuss the various aspects of budgeting including

ECS 225 Diagnostic Assessment of Children with Special Needs 3 S.H. Identifies issues, programs, and procedures related to evaluating infants and preschoolers with handicaps. Describes the overall inf

ECONOMICS ECN 101 Macroeconomics 3 S.H. Presents major topics in macroeconomics markets, households, business, government and foreign sectors, and the effects of the above on employment and national i

EET 252 Digital Electronics 4 S.H. Introduces binary and hexadecimal number systems, codes, Boolean algebra, truth tables, logic gates, logic circuitry and Boolean reduction techniques. Students will

DGA 231 Digital Page Design I 4 S.H. Provides a handson introduction to desktop publishing. It introduces the study of electronic publishing on the desktop using the Macintosh computer. Students will

EMERGENCY MEDICAL TECHNICIAN EMT EMT 100 Emergency Medical Technician Basic 6 S.H. Includes classroom and clinical experiences and provides students the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills

ENG 101 Composition 3 S.H. Develops strategies for collegelevel writing through the critical study of various rhetorical modes. Emphasizes the development of carefully reasoned essays that cite approp

ENG 214 Drama 3 S.H. Surveys dramatic literature from ancient Greece through the modern and contemporary periods. Introduces theatrical terminology, techniques of script analysis, and critical approac

ENG 272 History of Film 3 S.H. Surveys the history of film from its beginning to the present. Emphasizes the development of forms and techniques, production methods, and films relationship to other ar

ESL 161 Integrated Skills VI 3 S.H. Advances English language skills through small group and individual instruction. Stresses multicultural themes through readings, class discussions, and oral present

EVS 114 Environmental Science 4 S.H. Examines the scientific, social, and political aspects of environmental problems. Emphasizes water, solid waste, air pollution and local land use decisions by focu

ENV 110 Environmental Regulations 3 S.H. Presents a broad view of federal, state, and municipal environmental regulations as they apply to industry, commercial establishments, local governmental facil

EXS 212 Exercise Science Wellness Internship II 1 S.H. Refines students skills in the development, marketing and management of exercise programming. Students participate in 150 hours of supervised fi

FTA 116 Building Construction 3 S.H. Presents the major types of building construction and their respective fire problems, including fire resistance and flame spread test methods. Prerequisite FTA 112

GEOGRAPHY GEO 101 Introduction to Geography 3 S.H. Presents natural, cultural, and political environments, enabling students to better understand the world. Examines various professional opportunities

HIM 201 Health Information Management Principles Course has not been offered in the past two years 3 S.H. Introduces the principles of health information management. Topics include admitting procedu

HISTORY HIS 101 Western Civilization I 3 S.H. Presents the basic forces that have shaped Western tradition, from the Neolithic age to the Renaissance and Reformation periods. Emphasizes the economic a

HSP 103 Principles of Baking I 3 S.H. Introduces baking and pastry arts with intensive, handson laboratory training in a quantity food environment. Concentrates on the production and quality control o

HSP 217 Artisan Bread 2 S.H. Focuses on the formulating, preparation, packaging, and pricing of commercially produced artisan bread. Students will learn how to work with nonyeast ferments, levains, co

HDV 101 Survival at College 1 S.H. Introduces students to strategies and techniques for setting and accomplishing academic, personal or professional goals. Focuses on how to navigate expectations and

HSE 271 Field Work Seminar I 3 S.H. Presents how to integrate and process knowledge and theory learned in foundation courses with experiences gained at the field site. The seminar acts as a forum for

MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGY MFG 102 Manufacturing Processes 3 S.H. Provides theoretical concepts of manufacturing and develops the knowledge and skills required in the manufacturing process.

MFG 239 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing 3 S.H. Focuses on the industrially accepted ANSI Specification Y14.51973 and ANSI Y14.5M1982. The ANSI Y14.5 specification creates a unified language tha

MAT 095B Elementary Algebra Foundations Module B 1 S.H. This is an introductory course in Algebra. Topics include properties of the real number system, linear equations and inequalities in one variab

MAT 137 Intermediate Algebra 3 S.H. This course is a rigorous study of the real number system, polynomials, rational exponents, radicals, sets, relations, firstand seconddegree functions, inverse and

MAT 186 Precalculus 4 S.H. Covers symmetry and transformation, polynomial and rational functions, exponential and logarithmic functions and equations, trigonometric functions, trigonometric identities

MEC 250 Strength of Materials 3 S.H. Covers the principles involved in the analysis of stresses in machine and structural elements under various types of loads. Analyzes these stresses in thinwalled c

MUS 143 Guitar III 3 S.H. A thirdlevel guitar course for students with experience playing guitar and reading G clef. Students must provide their own instruments and supplies. MUS 144 Guitar IV 3 S.H.

MUS 245 Orchestra Romantic Era 3 S.H. Under the pens of Brahms, Berlioz, Mahler and others, the symphony no longer followed four strict movements. Through the use of recordings, videos, and live conce

NMT 121 Physics in Nuclear Medicine 3 S.H. Introduces the physics of nuclear medicine as a framework for the principles behind nuclear composition, energy concepts, and units of radioactive decay. Str

NUR 102 Family Health Nursing 8 S.H. Focuses on providing holistic nursing care to families across the lifespan. Students focus on issues that effect the family, including childbearing, childrearing,

NTR 102 Nutrition I Principles of Nutrition Investigates the basic nutrients and current guidelines for healthy food preparation and selection. 3 S.H. NTR 103 Seminar in Dietetics I 3 S.H. Applies t

PHILOSOPHY PHL 101 Introduction to Philosophy 3 S.H. Introduces philosophical thinking and life perspectives. Applies philosophical analysis and criticism to moral, social, and religious issues. PHL 1

POL 208 American Public Policy 3 S.H. Investigates the policymaking process in the United States. Using a functional approach, analyzes public policy in a sequential manner, from the initial identific

PSY 209 Psychology of Aging 3 S.H. Presents aging within a psychological framework. Students will develop an understanding of normal, healthy aging and the emotional problems of the aged. Emphasizes t

RADIATION THERAPY RDT 101 Introduction to Radiation Therapy I 3 S.H. Introduces the field of Radiation Therapy. Focuses on quality assurance, basic dosimetry concepts, radiographic anatomy, clinical o

RDT 211 Clinical Practicum III 2 S.H. Through supervised direct patient care and phantom work, the student refines patient care skill levels one and two. Evaluation of mandatory setup competencies con

RAD 194 Clinical Practicum II 1 S.H. Provides the student with the opportunity to master Level I task objectives and competencies. Introduces level II task objectives and procedures through simulated

RADIOLOGIC TECHNOLOGY RST 110 Introduction to Radiology 3 S.H. Introduces the field of radiology and develops the necessary skills of a health care professional. Emphasizes radiography, nuclear medici

RET 240 Railroad Pneumatics and Hydraulic Controls 4 S.H. Introduces participants to the basic components, controls and functions of railroad pneumatics and hydraulics. Course topics include standard

SOCIOLOGY SOC 101 Principles of Sociology 3 S.H. Introduces the philosophy, methods, and problems of sociology. Emphasizes culture, society, and how social arrangements infringe upon personality and g

SOC 230 The City 3 S.H. Analyzes social stratification in large urban centers, emphasizing sociological, economic, and racial differences. Considers the role of conflict as it affects group relations.

TEC 114 Telecommunications Electronic Circuits 3.5 S.H. Electronic Circuits involves the study of analog electronic devices. All complex electronic systems consist of active devices arranged and organ

WMT 102 Special Topics in Water Treatment 3 S.H. Covers required and recommended drinking water standards proper sample collection preservation and storage techniques proper physical, chemical, and mi

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