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GCC Student Handbook 20142015

20 Church Street New Haven, CT 06510 An institution of Connecticut State Colleges Universities Mission Statement Gateway Community College offers high quality instruction and compreh

A Letter From the President I am pleased to welcome you to Gateway Community College. We take pride in providing equal access to a highquality education, stateoftheart equipment and laboratories, and

A Letter From the Dean of Student Affairs Dear Student The faculty and staff of Gateway Community College congratulate and welcome you as a student. You have made a wise choice in coming to this highl

GATEWAY COMMUNITY COLLEGE STUDENT HANDBOOK TABLE OF CONTENTS INDEX PART I PART II PART III ..................................................................................................... 5 6 C

INDEX Academic Planning Advising ............................................................................ 8 Academic Calendar 20142015 ............................................................

Security ............................................................................................................... 81 Crime Report, Uniform Campus ...............................................

PART I TELEPHONE DIRECTORY Toll Free College Number ......... 18003907723 General Information ...................... 2032852000 College Web Address ................ Administration and C

PART II STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES ACADEMIC PLANNING ADVISING ROOM N213 2032852090 Counseling Student Success Center Academic Advising is an integral part of the college experience. It is a collaborat

GCC Blackboard web page www.gatewayct.edudistancelearning 247365 Technical Support 18669401928 toll free BOOKSTORE ROOM N109 2038655614 The bookstore carries all course textbooks, other reading mater

Placement ReTesting Policy Students wishing to register for courses beyond the Placement Test recommendation ACCUPLACER must get faculty approval from the Math andor English Department. The department

Students may login using their CCC NetID e.g. and passwords. Do not use your student email address. You will be promoted to sign in at student. Click on the link Sig

Engineering and Graphic Design programs. We utilize more than 100 industrystandard programs for the curriculum, including Microsoft Office, Adobe CS, Autocad, Keyboarding Pro, Visual Studio, SmartCam,

NetID password reset webpage at http supportcenter.ct.eduNewIDpswdmenu. asp. Your security question must have been determined prior to utilization of the NetID password reset page at httpsupportcenter

and should be allowed to develop at his or her own pace it is centered around the interests, needs and abilities of children ages three to five. A variety of sensory experiences encourage children to

LIBRARY LEARNING COMMONS ROOM L200 2032852057 Homepage httpwww.gatewayct.edulibraryhome Text Us 2032128329 Email FallSpring Semester Hours MonThu ........... 800 a.m. 800 p.m. F

Special Collections The library also houses several special collections listed below which reside on the 1st and 2nd floors of the library in the Special Collections Area. Most of these items can be b

REGISTRAR ROOM N214 2032852020 The Registrar is dedicated to serving the faculty and students through scheduling, registration, record keeping and reporting. Please utilize the links on the website to

about the State of Connecticut tuition waiver for veterans See Connecticut Tuition Waiver. Information about benefits is available on the V.A. website,, and from the certifying offic

PART III STUDENT ACTIVITIES LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS THE OFFICE OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES AND LEADERSHIP PROGRAMS Along with its formal academic life, the college facilitates a wide variety of social, cultura

the policies and procedures of the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs or discriminating against students may lose its Student Government Association and College recognition. All stud

Programs once the Event Reservation Scheduling Form has been submitted to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs. Events and room assignments are made on a firstcome, firstserved bas

competing with approved vendors will not be permitted to operate on College grounds. Student organizations may host craft vendors on campus as a fundraiser. All arrangements must be made through the O

Leadership Programs or Gateway Community College. Outside organizations in violation of these policies will not be permitted to post any information or use College facilities and criminal charges may

Security for Student Activities and Special Events After receiving a Student Activity Registration Form, the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities will consult with the student organi

scheduled event. The event may not begin without the College Representatives in attendance The College Representative and student chairperson should introduce themselves to policesecurit

and Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities. See Financial Guidelines for conference regulations Participants are required to fully participate in all aspects of the conference o

7. Sanctions will be determined by these organizations and may include but are not limited to probation, temporary suspension, permanent suspensionloss of recognition, suspension of funding, community

Activity Fund must submit meeting minutes to the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs following each club meeting for state auditing purposes. All student organization financial transa

must comply with State, College and Student Government Association policies. 7. Review your Constitution with the Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities to ensure that it is complete a

members of the organization Meet with the organizations leadership on a regular basis at least once per month Remain informed of all activities sponsored and conducted by the student organization an

Financial Guidelines are regulated by the Student Government Association and based upon the policies and procedures outlined in the State of Connecticut Comptrollers Accounting Procedures Manual for A

club member. Student organizations may spend these funds through the Student Activity Fund Payment Request System. Student Activity Fund Payment Requests can be obtained from the Office of Student Act

the funds of an organization, if deemed necessary, resulting from a violation of the Student Activity Fund Financial Guidelines. Yearly Student Organization Budget Requests The Student Government Asso

Note Invoices will not be paid without prior completion of a Student Activity Fund Payment Request Form. Reimbursements for expenditures will not be processed without prior approval of a Student Act

8. After services are rendered, checks are either sent to the vendor or picked up in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs by the requester. 9. When money is advanced to a student o

with the organization that bought the items however, Student Government Association is the owner. All equipment purchased with Student Activity Fee money will be inventoried by the Student Activities

Prior to receipt of funds, the requestor must complete a Student Activity Fund Payment Request available in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs. Organizations must complete or hav

each ticket holder must sign a Board of Trustees Liability Waiver Form available in the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Programs Travel Policy for Participation at Conventions and Conferen

Reimbursement for food is as follows per diem Breakfast 10.00 Lunch 14.00 Dinner 25.00 Gratuity 7.35 or 15 of allotted amount spent NOTE Any expense for food incurred above the allocated amount of 56.

When catering is offered, nonstudents must pay the higher amount as only GCC students are to benefit from the Student Activity Fund. Any organizations that choose to disregard this policy will have t

Additional Monetary Requests to the Finance Committee When a club or organization wishes to sponsor an event that would be open to the entire student body and the amount of funds in their account is i

Student Government Association Constitution Adopted January 2005 Preamble We the students of Gateway Community College, in order to form a democratic, efficient and responsible Student Government to

Section 4. Elected Officers are allowed to have their votes cast by proxy in the event they cannot be present during the voting. The proxy must be submitted with the voters signature. An official prox

Article VI Meetings Section 1. Any student, staff, or faculty member of GCC may attend a SGA meeting. Section 2. Nonmembers of the SGA will be recognized to speak provided their name is placed on the

Section 2. The Student Activity Fund is placed into a bank account under the College name. The funds will be determined by the number of total students enrolled at the college. Section 3. The Student

Section 6. Equipment purchased with SGA funds must remain the property of the SGA and may be used by any clubs and organizations with the stipulation that full responsibility be assumed by the borrowe

Student Government Association ByLaws Section 1. General Membership Any student who pays a student activity fee upon payment of their tuition to the college is automatically a member of the GCC SGA. S

3 There shall be one 1 Senator for Clubs and Organizations whose duty shall be to Chair the InterClub Council, coordinate the Activities Fair, and oversee Club and Organization constitution review. F.

Section 4. If the Treasurers position becomes vacant the President must consult with the members of the Finance Committee if one exist, and nominate one of those individuals. The nominee must receive

C. The Election Committee must uphold the Constitution and its ByLaws, and follow the guidelines of said documents in conducting its business. D. Committee members are nominated by the President and c

F. The SGA President and Director of Student Leadership Programs and Activities will review the information to ensure that it meets the necessary requirements. G. If the minimum requirements are met,

PART IV STUDENT RIGHTS SR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Gateway Community College is an academic unit of the Connecticut State Colleges Universities System. The administration is charged with a responsibility t

educational and informational activities. Restrictions shall not be placed on admission, programs, services, or employment offered to an individual on the basis of a diagnosis of AIDS, unless it has b

should write to the College official, clearly identify the part of the record he or she wants changed, and specify why heshe believes it is inaccurate. The College will notify the student of the decis

Registrar in writing. Once filed, this notification becomes a permanent part of the students record until the student instructs the College, in writing, to remove it. 5. The right to file a complaint

RACISM AND ACTS OF INTOLERANCE The community colleges have long been committed to providing educational opportunities to all who seek and can benefit from them, as evidenced in the mission statements

Further, the system will not discriminate against any person on the grounds of political beliefs or veteran status. GCC offers Associate in Art and Associate in Science degrees in more than 40 discipl

Protection Against Improper Academic Expression Students should have protection through orderly procedures against prejudiced or capricious academic evaluation. At the same time, they are responsible

a. In the course of each investigation, the Office of Student Development shall consult with the Dean responsible for the area of college operations in which the grievance arose. b. In the case of a g

is entitled to a written response within thirty 30 days of the completion of his her presentation. A decision to change the grade or modify the decision, which has been appealed, is advisory to and su

PART V STUDENT CONDUCT, CIVILITY COLLEGE GUIDELINES What is Civility Freedom to teach and freedom to learn are inseparable facets of academic freedom. The freedom to learn depends upon appropriate op

inquiry and expression, and furthermore, has the responsibility to encourage all of its members to develop the capacity for critical judgment in their sustained and independent search for truth. CSCU

affairs of another member of the College community or creates a risk of harm to a member or members of the College community. Students must be aware that, as citizens, they are subject to all federal

of such conduct by an individual is used as a basis for academic decisions affecting the individual or such conduct has the purpose or effect of substantially interfering with an individuals academic

Engaging in nonconsensual voyeurism Knowingly transmitting an STI, such as HIV to another without disclosing your STI status Exposing ones genitals in nonconsensual circumstances, or inducing anoth

other persons ability to perform the activities of daily life. As used in this definition, the term contacting includes, but is not limited to, communicating with including internet communication via

19. Use, possession or distribution of firearms, ammunition for firearms, other weapons or dangerous instruments, facsimiles of weapons or firearms, fireworks, explosives or dangerous chemicals. A dan

of Information Technology resources andor any applicable BOR computer use policy. 28. Abuse of the CSCU conduct and disciplinary system, including but not limited to a. Failure to obey the notice from

from a CSCU Official indicating the determination of the impartial party or panel and the sanctions imposed on the accused student, if any 6. Request review of the decision of the impartial panel or p

immediately place restrictions on or suspend a student on an interim basis if, in the judgment of the Dean, the continued presence of the student at the College or continued participation in the full

has committed a violation of any part of Prohibited Conduct of this Code and, after considering both the violation and the prior conduct record of the Student, that a sanction of suspension or expulsi

10. A written request for review of the decision of the impartial party or panel must be received by the President within three 3 calendar days after the Student is notified of the decision and must c

In the event of classroom disruption, the instructor will 1. Instruct the student to stop the objectionable behavior andor ask the student to leave the classroom for the remainder of the class. 2. Mee

for their actions and their conduct. Statement of the Network of Colleges and Universities Committed to the Elimination of Drug and Alcohol Abuse These provisions shall apply to all colleges under th

statement noted above D. Notifying the employee in the statement required by the above paragraph that, as a condition of employment, the employee will 1. abide by the terms of the statement, and 2. no

Policy Authority This policy is issued by the Board of Regents for Higher Education for the Connecticut State Colleges Universities. Definitions Knowledge of the following definition is important to

No Expectation of Privacy All activities involving the use of ConnSCU IT systems are not personal or private. Therefore users should have no expectation of privacy in the use of these resources. Infor

BOR governed college or university shall provide those who report sexual misconduct with many supportive options, including referral to agencies that provide medical attention, counseling, legal servi

will seek to act in a manner so as not to compromise the privacy or confidentiality of the person reported to be a victim of a sexual assault to the extent reasonably possible. Rights of Those Who Rep

risk of injury to or impairing the morals of a child temporary restraining orders or protective orders prohibiting the harassment of a witness relief from physical abuse by a family or household mem

PART VI SECURITY Gateway Community College complies with the State of Connecticuts Campus Safety Act, Public Act 90259, which mandates the annual publication of a Uniform Campus Crime Report, and esta

Gateway Community College Parking Garage. When on campus, the photo identification card must be visibly displayed on your person at all times and must also be presented when borrowing books from the l

Hours of College Parking Garage Operation Spring and Fall Semesters, both Garages Monday Friday 600 a.m. 1100 p.m. Saturday 700 a.m. 300 p.m. Sundays Closed Winter Intersession and Summer Reduced

student or employee of such institution to file a complaint with the state police, local police department or special police force established pursuant to Section 10a142 of the general statutes concer

PART VII APPENDICES PERSONNEL Chief Administrative Officers APPENDIX A President Dean of Academic Affairs Dean of Administrative Affairs Dean of Workforce Development and Continuing Education Dean o

APPENDIX B WHERE TO GO FOR ASSISTANCE Obtain information regarding Academic Problems Academic Programs Books and Supplies Career Planning Change AddressName Change of Major Change of Schedule Childca


Academic Academic Affairs Affairs N321N321 Academic AffairsAdvising N321N321 Academic Academic Affairs N321 Academic Academic Planning Advising Planning Affairs N206N206 Academic Planning Advising N2

North PARKING N311 N208 N207 S405 S101 S329332 N109 N216 Art Gr 4 3 S300301 S102 Business N212 N007 N100 PARKING . Garage ENTRANCE E100 PARKING 2 N317318 S204 207 S211 L200 L100 Instruc L

ACADEMIC CALENDAR FALL 2014 August 25 27 August 28 September 1 September 2 September 8 October 13 October 24 November 7 November 14 November 26 November 27 November 28 Nov. 30 December 11 December 1


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