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Incident Response Guide Office of Student Development Your Role Faculty and staff play a key role in identifying and responding to distressed students. Faculty and staff are, most often, the first re

Helping Students In Distress Immediate and decisive intervention may be needed when a student in distress exhibits emotional or behavioral issues or concerns. Emotional Issues Agitation, irrational f

Behavioral Issues Bullying, stalking, intimidation, threats or aggression directed toward others, other violations of the Expectations for Student Conduct Remain calm and assess your level of saf

When to Refer In many cases of student distress, faculty and staff my provide adequate help through empathy, listening, facilitating discussions, instilling hope, conveying acceptance and offering bas

Referral Resources The following is a list of college resources and a brief list of some community resources that provide specific services related to counseling, mental health and family services, an

Fellowship Place Support services for people with mental health disabilities. Must have diagnoses. CLINICIAN MUST refer. 2034014227 441 Elm Street Harbor Health Services Behavi