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everal years ago an alliance was formed to find a costefficient method to produce highquality, technicallyadvanced, yet affordablypriced performance engine parts. A small group of professionals, with

COOLING SYSTEM ACCESSORIES Aluminum Racing Radiators Accessories ..................................................................................... 43 44 Cooling System Accessories .............

The U.S. Patented US 7,810,799 B2 PRW Racing Engine Test Stand is the first U.S. Patent collapsible design that is manufactured with standard parts and readily available replacement parts from the man

Find leaks Tune engines Save on Dyno time Showcase your engines Customer demonstrations Prevent expensive comebacks Test new, used or rebuilt engines Fully adaptable to most any engine design

MOPAR SHAFT MOUNT ROCKER SYSTEMS STAINLESS STEEL Complete Kit Includes 16 Rockers, Hardened Shafts, Hold Downs, Spacers Shims, CupStyle Push Rod Adjusters Push Rod Length Checkers Application MOPAR

FORD FE SHAFT MOUNT ROCKER SYSTEMS Complete Kit Includes 16 Rockers, Hardened Shafts, Individually Numbered Billet Aluminum Rocker Shaft Supports Spacers, PRW Aircraft Quality Studs, 12 Point Nuts, S

Aluminum Shaft Mount Rocker Arm Systems Performance Quotient aluminum rocker arms are made from 6061T6 aluminum alloy extrusions. Each rocker body is relieved for extra valve spring clearance and anod

LS ALUMINUM SHAFT MOUNT ROCKER ARM SYSTEMS Application GM LS1 5.7L6.0L Gen III Cathedral Port Heads, 6061T6 Aluminum Bodies GM LS1 5.7L6.0L Gen III Cathedral Port Heads, 6061T6 Aluminum Bodies GM LS1,

Mopar Modular HEMI Rocker Arms These specialty rockers are investment cast from alloy steel with siliconebronze bushings that incorporates standard OEM oiling. The surface of each rocker is tumbled to

GM LS Series Adjustable Roller Rocker Arm Systems These specially engineered rocker arms are available in 6061T6 billet aluminum or investment cast alloy steel. Both designs feature precision ground r

FORD FE SHAFT SYSTEM ROCKER ARM SHAFTS FORD 390428 FE, Chromoly Steel, 38 Bolts or Studs, Pair ROCKER ARM SHIM KITS FORD 352428 FE .060 .028 .016 x .870 ID 48 Piece Set ROCKER STUD KITS FORD 390428 FE

Shaft mount rocker arm hardware replacement parts SHAFT MOUNT ROCKER REPLACEMENT SPARE PARTS SHIM KITS CHEVY FORD SB Rocker Arm Stand, Shim Kit, 0.030, 0.060, 0.100 24 Piece Set CHEVY BB Rocker Arm


PRW NitroCarb Steel Rocker Arms NitroCarb Steel Stud Mount Rocker Arms help flex associated with OEM or aftermarket stamped rocker arms at high RPM. Gas nitride is a process is used to increase surfac

PRW Sportsman Steel Stud Mount Roller Tip Rocker Arms are the ideal choice for a large crosssection of engines whether it is a mild street rebuild or the performance requirements of offtrack, circle t

PRW Sportsman Adjustable Pedestal Billet Aluminum Rocker Arms for Ford 5.0L 351 Windsor engines are manufactured from high strength 6061T6 billet aluminum and utilize an adjustable pedestal that will

Stud Mount Billet Aluminum Rocker Arms PRW aluminum rockers are used around the world by professional racers, engine builders and hot rod enthusiasts, offering outstanding power and performance advant

PN 0345404 CHEVY 396454, 6061T6 Aluminum PRO SERIES BILLET ALUMINUM ROCKER ARMS Application CHEVY 396454 196600 CHEVY 396454 196600 CHEVY 396454 196600 CHEVY 396454 196600, Split Ratio Set FORD 2893

PRW stainless steel rocker arms incorporate an exceptional lightweight design that provides plenty of clearance for large diameter springs. These are manufactured from premium quality 174ph stainless

PN 0245501 PONTIAC 287455 4.3L V8 195881 RockerLocsTM Included Tech Tip Split Ratios can be useful for horsepower gains by utilizing a higher ratio on the intake valve and a standard ratio on the

PRW Billet Aluminum Stud Girdles are made from 6061T6 aluminum, manufactured to exacting standards, and the solution to valvetrain instability. PRW stud girdles reduce rocker stud flex to retain criti

ROCKERLOCSTM FOR ROCKER ARMS 38 Stud, GM LS Series Specific, Low Profile Hex Head, 14.3mm OD Shank, Set of 16 For Full Roller Rocker Arms 38, 6 pt, 0.550 OD Shank, Set of 16 For Full Roller Rocker Arm

PRW pushrod guide plates are heattreated steel alloy and a must have for todays high performance engines. Guide plates reduce the unwanted sideways motion of the pushrod under load. This keeps the roc

4130 Chromoly OnePiece Pushrods Cold formed seamless hardened 4130 Chromoly single piece pushrods with .080 wall thickness designed for racing and high performance applications. Able to withstand open

Manton Pushrods Past, Present Future The Manton Family has been involved with the Motorsports Industry since the late 1960s. The Manton name is most commonly associated with hardcore valvetrain hardw

Why a Three Piece Pushrod Before explaining why Manton manufactures only modular pushrods, one must first stop and describe the function of a pushrod. In simple terms, pushrod transfers energy from th

Material Compatibility of Pushrod Tips Adjusting Screws To ensure proper wear of the pushrod tip and adjusting screw we offer pushrod tips in three different materials. The most common material used

IMPORTANT SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS SUGGESTIONS It is very important to determine proper pushrod length. Improper pushrod length can cause a number of problems, including, excessive valve guide wear, decr

Column Strength A pushrod is an eccentrically loaded column due to angularity load and arc motion throughout pushrod travel. Pushrods want to deflect most toward the bottom of the column, near the lif

Rocker Arm Geometry Proper Pushrod Length Many variables directly affect determining proper pushrod length. Pushrod length is affected by all of the variables listed below. Block deck height Lifter

Semi to high performance Nonguide plate use. Hard drawn 41304135 seamless chromoly tubing, the highest quality available from mills. Originally formulated for aerospaceaircraft use, and a higher quali

There are many wall thicknesses which allows you to vary the frequency and column strength of the pushrod. This provides a unique tunable valve train tool. MEDIUM TO HIGH PERFORMANCE 41304135 HARD D

Part MP660660 E, M, K, O, U, R MP629629 MP630630 MP631631 Description 38 Adjustable Tool 6.000 to 7.000 38 Adjustable Tool Kit 6.000 to 14.000 Includes 8 Tubes, 8 516 Balls, 2 516 Cups, 2 38 Cup

LS Series Coil Covers Dress up your engine with a set of GM LS Series Coil Covers for that Big Block appearance. These are Fabricated Aluminum cover kits that look great and come complete with all of

Vintage racers, competition junkies and machining enthusiasts trying to save weight give your engine the edge. Crafted from 6061T6 aluminum alloy, these valve covers have successfully endured rigorous

PN 4035100 FORD, 302B351C351M400, Satin Silver Anodized Also Available in Polished Finish PN 4030217 FORD, 302351W, Satin Black Anodized Also Available in Satin Silver Anodized Polished Finish FA

Crankcase Evacuations The PRW crankcase evacuation systems reduces crankcase pressure throughout the entire rpm range. The result is improved piston ring seal and reduced intake charge contamination.

PN 4120429 Breather, Polished Die Cast Aluminum w Grommet Vent Pipe Breather Caps Kits Properly vent your crankcase Constructed from billet aluminum Easily installed for valve covers with predr

PRW caters to the Performance Automotive Aftermarket with specialized threadlockers, antisieze formulas, and lubricants. PRW is proud to announce our collaboration and partnership with VibraTITE, brin

VibraTITE VC3 Threadmate Stops fasteners from loosening from extreme shock vibration Works on fasteners of any shape or size, from tiny hex set screws to harmonic balancer bolts Fasteners are easi

PN 0945400 CHEVY 454 Billet Steel Main Girdles PRW Billet Steel Main Girdles are engineered to help eliminate the block flex and cap walk that occurs as a result of stress while under extreme loads,

Dual Gear Drives Replace your stock timing chain with a CNC machined dual gear drive, available in noisy or quiet for most applications. Unlike timing chains, gear drives will not stretch or wear prem

COOLING SYSTEM ACCESSORIES WATER NECK OUTLETS GM 2008Up LS Series, Billet Aluminum Straight Male Hose Barb, GM LS3, LS7, LS9, LSA, L76, or L92, Machine Polished NEW GM LS Series 199707, Billet Aluminu

PN 5292272 1.501.50 Male Hose Barb, DieCast Aluminum, Black COOLING SYSTEM ACCESSORIES HOSE DRAIN, INLINE COOLANT, Universal 1.751.75 Male Hose Barb, DieCast Aluminum, Universal, AsCast 1.751.75 Mal

Aluminum Racing Radiators are the perfect fit for racing, street rod, classic, muscle, exotic or late model cars and trucks. These radiators are available in a variety of sizes for both Ford and GM mo

PN 5431928 FORD 19 x 28 ALUMINUM RACING RADIATORS WITH MODULAR FITTINGS Application GM 19 x 25, 20 AN O Ring Smooth Hose Adapters, Single Pass, Includes Petcock Drain GM 19 x 26, 20 AN O Ring Smoot

INNOVATION The act or process of introducing something new. With that in mind, PRW has continued the evolutionary process on our existing line of water pumps. engineered pumps will flow 35 gallons pe

PN 1445404 CHEVY BB 196568 CarsLDT, Short, AsCast PN 1435011 CHEVY SB 196987, Long Style, Polished CHEVY HIGH PERFORMANCE ALUMINUM WATER PUMPS Application AMCJEEP 304401, 197391 CHEVY SB 195572, C

PN 1439000 FORD FE 352428, 196576, AsCast PN 1428104 FORD 4.6L 199601, 200510, Mustang GT Cobra FORD HIGH PERFORMANCE ALUMINUM WATER PUMPS Application FORD 4.6L, 199601, 200510 Mustang GT Cobra, C

PN 1434605 GM, LS Gen III IV, 199906 Truck, SUV Sport Utility, 8Hole Billet Hub, Top Inlet PN 1434625 GM LS Gen IIIIV Shown with Black Anodized Pulley 2634600 GM HIGH PERFORMANCE ALUMINUM WATER

MOPAR HIGH PERFORMANCE ALUMINUM WATER PUMPS Application Pilot Size 58 58 Shaft O.D. 34 34 BlocktoHub Height 5.550 3.075 Inlet Size 1.78 2.125 PulleyPump Combo Finish Part MOPAR 318360 197091 MOPAR 3

HIGH FLOW Aluminum racing Water Pumps PRW high flow aluminum pumps are engineered to deliver increased water flow that significantly improves cooling system demands of Circle Track and Endurance Racin

High Flow DieCast Aluminum Electric Racing Water Pumps The electric water pump was designed to alleviate the power drag produced by conventional pulley drive units. A heavy duty electric motor, turnin

High Flow Billet Aluminum Electric Racing Water Pumps The new Performance Quotient High Flow Billet Aluminum Electric Racing Water Pumps are designed to equalize the flow into both sides of the engine

These dampers are cast from nodular iron and suitable for moderate racing applications and engines generating up to 400 horsepower not to exceed 6,000 RPM. Unlike most OEM dampers, the hub and ring ar

HIGH PERFORMANCE SPORTSMAN DAMPERS Application JEEP 4.0L242 L6, 198706, 4.0L Jeep Inline 6Cylinder MOPAR 273360, 196403 LA Magnum, Small Block Chrysler V8 MOPAR 383440, 195979, Chrysler Big Block B

SFIRated Racing Steel Dampers PRW SFI Certified steel dampers are perfect for the weekend warrior or the all out racer. Unless otherwise identified, this series of steelelastomer racing dampers is OEM

PN 2431841 MOPAR 273360, 19642003 PN 2438940 PONTIAC 326455, 196179 SFIRATED RACING STEEL DAMPERS Application MOPAR 273360, 196403 LA Magnum, Small Block Chrysler V8, Includes 3 Counterweights MO

SFIRated Racing TM Dampers These dampers are made with an internal steel inertia ring that is surrounded by a high viscosity silicone gel. The inertia ring floats in the silicone gel to combat the eng

PN 2528101 FORD 4.6L Except Mach I 199604, UnderDrive SFIRated Racing TM Serpentine Pulley Dampers UnderDrive dampers free up horsepower Constructed from billet carbon steel forgings Available in

Harmonic Damper Bolts Crankshafts flex and your damper absorbs incredible amounts of energy. PRW harmonic damper bolts will ensure that your balancer is locked into position. These feature a 14 thick

Harmonic Damper Pulley Spacers PRW Harmonic Balancer Spacers are constructed from high quality aluminum to meet various demands of the performance and racing industry. The chart below illustrates some

SFI Certified, .035 thicker than stock flexplates, designed and built for racing, and manufactured to exceed OEM specifications. Features doublewelded ring gears designed to withstand the RPM and stre

Xtreme Duty Platinum SFIRated Flexplates Xtreme Duty SFIRated Flexplates are engineered to handle extreme performance applications and designed to take the punishment of todays high horsepower engines

XTREME DUTY SFIRATED FLEXPLATES, See Flexplate Footnotes Below for Bolt Circle Info Application Balance Internal Internal External Internal Internal External External Internal External External Exte

SFIRated Signature Series Diesel Steel Flexplates Modified Cummins engines deliver power and torque that can crack or shatter the stock flexplate. The PRW Signature Series steel flexplates are manufac

SFIRated Steel Flywheels PRW flywheels are CAD engineered, and precision CNC machined from 1045 billet steel. Each flywheel is balanced and carefully inspected throughout the manufacturing process. PR

SFIRATED BILLET STEEL FLYWHEELS See Flywheel Footnotes on Page 68 for Additional Information Application Teeth 164 164 157 157 157 164 164 164 184 184 184 184 176 176 176 176 168 166 166 166 166 166

SFIRated Aluminum Flywheels PRW billet aluminum flywheels are manufactured from the highest quality 6061T6 billet aluminum. These flywheels feature excellent heat dissipation and weight reduction. The

CLUTCH PATTERN REFERENCE CHART Make Chrysler Chrysler GM GM GM LS1 GM LT1 Ford Ford Ford 1986Up Ford Ford Ford 4.6L Ford Clutch Diameter 10 or 10.4 11 or 12 10 or 10.4 11 or 12 11 or 11.5 11 Pull Ty

or level of performance. A scale or point indicating the amount, degree, As PRW Industries has evolved, the product line has been expanded to include the brand niche in the racing and performance