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MILE HIGH The Frequent Travelers Roadmap to Eating, Energy, Exercise and a Balanced Life. HEALTHY Read this book now Or learn these wise travel lessons the hard way.Bill Ianni JAYNE MCALLISTER, MA

MILE HIGH The Frequent Travelers Roadmap to Eating, Energy, Exercise and a Balanced Life. HEALTHY JAYNE MCALLISTER, MA

TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreword Introduction Chapter One Healthy Eating On The Road 12 Chapter Two Why Frequent Travelers Really Need To Exercise 42 Chapter Three Finding Time To Exercise 56 Chapter Fo

TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter Six Sleep 114 Chapter Seven How To Avoid Getting Sick While Traveling 128 Chapter Eight Stress And Resilience 152 Epilogue 173 Sources 174 Acknowledgements 182

FOREWORD If youre one of a growing number of travelers who frequently finds yourself in an airport or airplane, on the road, rails or even in a yak cart, then Mile High and Healthy is a pageturning tr

participants of that arduous twoyear exploration had more than their share of adventure. I am equally sure that they must have all shared the longing, the achingat some point even the needto just get

of traveling. I have also traveled extensively throughout my career but more on the adventurous end of the spectrum than the road warriors of business world today. I served in the United States Army f

INTRODUCTION Ive been destined to travel since I was two years old and used to accompany my grandfather on work trips for British Rail. With sandwiches and a soda pop carefully packed by Grandma, I le

plus an entire year teaching English in a Sudanese government school. My sandwich and soda had been upgraded thanks to the amazing variety of food my travels a orded me. But as my horizons expanded, s

My mother and grandmother had osteoporosis, but Id never given it any thought. I lived in ignorant bliss under the mistaken assumption that I was healthy. Yet here was my doctor explaining that I had

The net result is that, today, my weight is stable, my sugar cravings have disappeared and I have more energy than ever. Im able to run two businesses without undue stress. I travel frequently and whe

meeting because your employer is too cheap to pay for a hotel the night before. You arrive at your meeting about ready for a nap yet anxious to make a good impression, so youre fired up on ca eine and

most frequent travelers are A types, so enjoy the full gamut as you go from cover to cover. Mile High and Healthy will show you how to Eat the right foods on the run. Exercise consistently, even in

DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU You have a hard time losing or maintaining weight on the road because youre eating out so often andor entertaining clients frequently. trying to compensate for it when you g

CHAPTER 1 HEALTHY EATING ON THE ROAD P R E PA R E T O TA K E O F F Excess weight. Spiking blood sugar. Fatigue due to airport junk food. This chapter provides the tools to help you lose the things

The frequent traveler is a survivor, a model of e ciency and a master of adaptation. You can spot one in an airport instantly. They are usually more formally dressed than other travelers. They appear

es and fatty meatshow can I stay fit and increase my energy eating under those circumstances The answers to these questions ultimately involve all the other chapters as well as this one, as Mile High

In this scenario, theres no planning ahead and shopping accordingly. But you can make healthy choices based on whats available to you at that moment, whether youre in a hotel, airport or a catered bus

PUTTING IT INTO PRACTICE A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A TRAVELER Knowledge is one thing, putting it into practice is another. Here are some situations that frequent travelers face every day followed by the

fort to pour decent wine, food offerings tend to be more thoughtful. Vino Volos menu contains several healthy options, and half portions of many dishes are available. Food trucks offer an interesting

such useful information as the roast beef herbed cheese sandwich has 150 fewer calories than the chicken avocado, and they have a veggie and hummus wrap that packs a whopping 15 grams of fiber. Taking

FOR EATING HEALTHILY AT AN AIRPORT FOOD COURT Sometimes airport food courts might be the only option that your budget and schedule allow. Nowadays they range from the sublime to the ridiculous, from c

ways sneak in at least one veggie serving to your sandwich, even if its lettuce or a slice of tomato. Choose mustard over mayonnaise. 4 Soups are an excellent option as long as theyre not full of mil

DOES THIS SOUND LIKE YOU Your idea of a vacation is sitting outside working on your laptop. You think jet lag is part of your job description. Youre exhausted all the time. Your exercise plan starts