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MENU Foreword iNtrodUctioN 9 rUles 8 10 14 TASTING SurpriSeS raw SoupS SaladS eggS paSta CharCuterie Seafood chokoloskee iNterlUde 16 36 54 66 88 114 134 150 roaStS SweetS ackNowledgMeNts PaNtry

SURPRISES firSt CourSe We love to kick things off with a surprise, a little bite of something unexpected, in small, jewelboxlike presentations that set the stage for good things to comeand leave you

One of my mentors, the great California chef Jeremiah Tower, always liked to say the butter should be dripping off your elbows, meaning excess can be a good thing. Here, we have what amounts to egg on

RAW SeCond CourSe OK, not all the dishes in this chapter are raw. Some are marinated and others are just barely cooked. But Ive always been fascinated with Japanese minimalism in the preparation of f

Jalapeo SorBet 3 jalapeos 2 cups water cup glucose syrup 2 teaspoons kosher salt 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice, strained piCkled Mango I love Thai flavors, and we always keep Thai basil

SOUPS third CourSe A great soup is more than just throwing a bunch of ingredients into a blender and hoping for the best. Soups can show the real skill of a chef, from the thoughtful combinations to

SALADS EGGS fourth CourSe Its fair to say that I grew up on salads, and they are near and dear to me because you can take them in so many different directions beyond mere lettuce. As for eggs, they

PASTA fifth CourSe Nothing brings me more happiness in the kitchen than making pasta. Its the simple combination of flour, egg, liquid and endless flavorings that thrills me as a chef. And theres the

CHARCUTERIE Sixth CourSe Crafting housemade charcuterie has gained a lot of steam in American restaurants in recent years as we see the wisdom in using all parts of an animal. No, its not a simple pr

SEAFOOD Seventh CourSe Its no secret I love fish. Love to catch em, clean em, cook em, eat em and talk for days on end about them. When it comes to seafood, Florida is in the sweet spot. We talk with


seafood 144 9 COURSES

When I was a kid, my father would take me reef fishing at night in the Florida Keys. Dad kept me busy pestering snapper with shrimp and cutup squid while he was at the other end of the boat trying to

ROASTS eighth CourSe Contrary to popular belief, roasts are much better when served just slightly warm, not piping hot and straight from the oven. Thats why they are the perfect choice for a dinner p

SWEETS ninth CourSe I was trained as a savory chef and dont have a background in desserts. Same thing for our amazing pastry chef Brian Cernell, who learned his craft on the job. But thats as it shou


Like his thoughtful tasting menus, Brandon McGlamerys 9 COURSES showcases his originality while celebrating tradition and refined technique. Its recipes, rich in imagination, are also filled with stra