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ACCEs awardwinning journal for and about chambers of commerce Summer 2014 page 9

Contents Summer 2014 COVER STORY 9 Changing Generations Mean a Changing Workplace Profound changes in demographics lead to profound changes in the workplace. By Josh Dukelow 13 Some Thoughts on Mill

FROM THE CHAIR ACCEs awardwinning journal for and about chambers of commerce Its all in the DNA ts astounding how technology advances every aspect of our lives. Things like genome sequencing are rede

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ACCE NEWS CHAMBER EXECS AWARDED ACCE SCHOLARSHIPS FOR LEADERSHIP DIVERSITY Nine chamber executives were recently awarded scholarships for ACCEs inaugural leadership diversity program, which seeks to

n 5 io 21 nt ity th ve ar oo con ch r tb E si C fo Vi AC 500 e 2 th at in W Years of Inspiration Congratulations ACCE on your centennial celebration Join the Insperity Channel Program and continue

ACCE NEWS Category 3 Asheville Area N.C. Chamber of Commerce Bowling Green Area Ky. Chamber of Commerce Fargo Moorhead West Fargo N.DMinn. Chamber of Commerce Greater Waco Texas Chamber Hilton He

8 Chamber Executive Summer 2014

o matter how many years youve been employed, your workplace recently changed dramatically, and you may not have noticed yet. New technology now makes it simple and inexpensive to meet and collaborate

market needs performance The key to your chambers success. programs benefits organizational structure Strategic Realignment. goals Successful associations understand market needs, recognize the

CHANGING GENERATIONS The Millennial Glossary Autonomy Identifying the destination, but not the route to reach it. Coworking Space A desk in an office for a person without an office. Slacktivism Su

CHANGING GENERATIONS Some Thoughts on Millennials By Chris Bruhl Globalization, climate change, the knowledge economy, barbellshaped demographic distributions, digital technologiesall dynamic and im

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CHANGING GENERATIONS Thanks to notes from ACCEs Ian Scott, here are the groups consensus conclusions in bold type. My perspective on context follows each We must brand and market the value of the ch

Austin tops Forbes list of the metro areas with the most economic momentum. Austin, Texas ranked at the top of the most respected national business lists, and home to the awardwinning Greater Austin

CHANGING GENERATIONS Consider assembling a panel of young leaders to focus on input and action. Incremental steps are better than endless discussion. An organized group with a formalized role that c

Notes from ACCEs Key Issues Summit Burlington, Vt., May 46, 2014 This meeting examined the two highestrated issues identified during the 2013 Major Cities Council Meeting 1. The role of Millennials G

SWOT Analysis by Millennial Attendees Strengths The chambers strong connection to business executives is a differentiator from other civic organizations. Business and executives are just cool. Bein

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Jefferson Chamber Foundation Academy ataGlance I n February, 24 students graduated from a charter high school in the New Orleans area. This feat may sound unremarkable, but to teachers, family membe

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AtaGlance Location Metairie, La., a major part of the New Orleans Metropolitan area URL Year Founded 1997 Number of Members 900 Number of Employees 7 President Todd Murphy N

GENERATE NONDUES REVENUE with a Chamber Explorations Travel Partnership Discover Cuba Madrid Barcelona Austria Germany Oktoberfest Best of Italy Joe Unterreiner, President Kalispell Chamber of

From left AK Len, CAO of JCFAs East Bank Campus Danetta Carter, a 2011 graduate of JCFA Millie Harris, Executive Director and Danettas sister Deavina Carter, celebrate Deavinas 2014 graduation from th

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One of JCFAs advantages is its ability to confer a Jefferson Parish high school diploma, not a GED. A GED is not always viewed in the same light as a traditional diploma, says Dale, who is now executi

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Help, Expertise Resources Online By Sarah Myers at Q A Q ACCEs HERO HelpExpertiseResourcesOnline team provides members with information, research, and assistance through the Ask ACCE

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Help, Expertise Resources Online at Q A Does ACCE offer customized PowerPoint presentations of the Operations Survey so I can compare my chamber to the aggregate results Glad you asked

Merchants of Peace International commerce helps avoid wars, and chambers seek to enhance commerce. By Chris Mead oes commerce reduce the likelihood of war or increase it For some people in the Victori

Merchants of Peace document was soft on the Brits. Public opinion was strongly against the treaty until the New York Chamber came out publicly for it, arguing that its rejection could mean war. The Bo

Merchants of Peace 1937 Thomas Watson, Sr. of IBM was a chamber leader extraordinaire threetime president of the influential Merchants Association of New York, active in the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,

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Doing Business the Right Way By Anthony Parkes, CCE he global economic crisis has made many of us think about the way we do business. Trust in companies, institutions and leaders is at a record low,

planet for future generations. His business model includes creating clusters with experienced enterprises working with companies in developing countries. Cincinnatiborn Jeffrey R. Immelt, chairman and

FA C E S A N D P L A C E S Kentuckys former Secretary of State Trey Grayson became the new president of the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce. He was previously director of the Harvard Institute

FA C E S A N D P L A C E S The Siesta Key, Fla., Chamber of Commerce announced its new executive director, Debra LynnSchmitz. She previously worked with the Greater Medina Chamber of Commerce Ohio fo

FA C E S A N D P L A C E S Austin Chamber of Commerce president and CEO of the Ludington Scottville Chamber of Commerce and Convention Visitors Bureau in Michigan and vice president of the Chamber

MEMORIES Past and Present Illuminate hose of you who are fans of Jack Nicholson or scary movies probably know the scene in The Shining, set in 1980 when Jack looks at the old photos on the wall of th

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