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Financial Aid Award Guide

ON YOUR ACCEPTANCE TO EMMANUEL COLLEGE Emmanuel College is committed to making our quality education affordable. We believe that paying for an Emmanuel education is a shared partnership between you, y

IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES YOU WILL FIND INFORMATION ABOUT Your financial aid award Determining your estimated annual balance Next steps THERE IS NOT ONE RIGHT WAY TO PAY FOR YOUR EDUCATION. The Office o

Scholarships and Grants Emmanuel supports students by offering meritbased scholarships, needbased grants, and by participating in all federal and state funding options. MERIT SCHOLARSHIPS Awarded to

FEDERAL PELL GRANT A federal needbased grant for students with significant demonstrated financial need. STATE GRANTS AND SCHOLARSHIPS Need or meritbased grants or scholarships awarded from the studen

Student Loans The prospect of borrowing may be intimidating for some students, but when you borrow a lowcost student loan to pay for tuition and fees, you are making a smart investment in your future.

NEXT STEPS To accept these loans, please visit and complete both the Master Promissory Note and the Entrance Counseling by June 10th. To decline these loans, please contact us at fin

Payment Options SAVINGS CURRENT INCOME In addition to paying costs by personal check or credit card, Emmanuel offers families the option of spreading tuition payments over the course of the academic

Annual Costs for 20162017 DETERMINE YOUR ESTIMATED BALANCE A TOTAL ANNUAL COSTS Tuition Orientation Fee Student Activity Fee Room Board Double Room 14,270 Triple Room 11,770 Estimated Total Annual Co

ADDITIONAL PAYMENT OPTIONS For more information on parent and student loans, the interestfree monthly payment plan or how to pay by check or credit card, please visit emmanuel.edupaymentoptions. 8

Additional Resources SCHOLARSHIPS In addition to the scholarships and grants offered by Emmanuel and federal and state funding sources, there are many private scholarship opportunities available as we

WILL MY FINANCIAL AID STAY THE SAME NEXT YEAR Emmanuel College makes every effort to offer the same aid each year. Emmanuel funding is limited to a maximum of eight semesters and is contingent upon ti

HOW DO PRIVATE SCHOLARSHIPS OR OUTSIDE AWARDS AFFECT MY FINANCIAL AID We encourage students to apply for private scholarships. At Emmanuel we reduce unmet financial need before reducing previously awa

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Next Steps COMPLETING THE FINANCIAL AID PROCESS After you and your parents have filed your 2015 federal taxes, update your FAFSA using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool. This tool allows you and your parent

Emmanuel College, founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1919, is a coed, residential, Catholic liberal arts and sciences college located in the city of Boston. Its beautiful 17acre campus i