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400 The Fenway Boston, Massachusetts 02115 Arts and Sciences Office of Admissions 6177359715 6177359801 fax Graduate and Professional Programs 6177359700 61750704

2 Table of Contents Table of Contents About Emmanuel College. . . . . . . . . . . .5 Biostatistics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .67 Business and Economics . . . . . . . . . . . 69 Econo

Table of Contents 3 Political Science . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .114 American Politics and Government . . . . . . . . . . . . .115 International Relations and Comparative Politics . . . . .

4 Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College 5 Emmanuel College Mission To educate students in a dynamic learning community rooted in the liberal arts and sciences and shaped by strong ethical values, a commitment to social ju


General Academic Requirements 7 General Academic Requirements General Information for Arts and Sciences The Curriculum The Arts and Sciences undergraduate pro gram requires a minimum of 128 credit

8 General Academic Requirements Foundation Skills This requirement ensures that students have the foundational skills for learning at the college level, for lifelong learning and for functioning in a

General Academic Requirements 3. Social Analysis SA Requirement two courses from two different disciplines The twocourse requirement in this domain consists of courses that present and apply the forma

10 General Academic Requirements good from evil, or in the broader sense in which the subject matter of moral reason ing is the good life itself, especially the vir tues discussed by philosophers for

General Academic Requirements Accounting B.A. in accounting Minor in accounting American Studies B.A. in American studies with concentration in American cultural studies B.A. in American studies with

12 General Academic Requirements Political Science B.A. in political science B.A. in political science with concentration in international relations and comparative politics B.A. in political science

Special Academic Opportunities 13 Special Academic Opportunities General Information for Arts and Sciences Colleges of the Fenway COF Emmanuel and five of its neighboring collegesMassachusetts Coll

14 Special Academic Opportunities concentration. Practica are coordinated by an instructor of the College and supervised in the clinical setting by a qualified pro fessional. Ordinarily, no more than

Special Academic Opportunities To be eligible for semester study abroad, students must Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 Have a clear disciplinary record for at least the semester precedi

16 Admissions Admissions General Information for Arts and Sciences Office of Admissions Emmanuel College 400 The Fenway Boston, MA 02115 USA Phone 6177359715 Fax 6177359801 Email

Admissions 17 The College offers a variety of application programs. Please contact the Office of Admissions for assistance in selecting the program that is best for you. APPLICATION DEADLINE Novembe

18 Admissions College and entitle students to credit hours equivalent to at least one course. successfully complete half of their academic program, at least 64 credits, at Emmanuel College to receive

Admissions International candidates for admission as firstyear students should submit the following to the Office of Admissions A completed application with a 60 nonrefundable application fee in U.S.

20 Admissions Procedure for NonMatriculating Students General Information for Arts and Sciences Students who wish to take undergraduate courses at Emmanuel College as non matriculating students shou

Academic Regulations 21 Academic Regulations General Information for Arts and Sciences Registration With the advice of their academic advisors, students register with the Office of the Registrar ea

22 Academic Regulations Examinations Student performance is evaluated at regular intervals throughout the semester and particularly by the end of the sixth week for firstyear students, for athletes,

Academic Regulations 23 Incomplete INC Grades In exceptional cases, students who have been unable to complete the work of a course may request to receive a grade of INC. Such requests will be grante

24 Academic Regulations of its students and to maintaining the confi dentiality of its records. A copy of this law is available in the Office of the Registrar. Students have the right to review their

Academic Regulations 25 Residency Requirements Students must complete a minimum of 64 credits at Emmanuel College to receive a bachelors degree in liberal arts and sciences. The students final semes

26 Academic Regulations maintain a cumulative 2.0 grade point average for Satisfactory Academic Progress. Students should refer to Finances and Financial Aid on page 36 for information on loss of eli

Academic Regulations Honor Societies Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honor Society Beta Beta Beta National Biology Honor Society Gamma Sigma Epsilon National Chemistry Honor Society Kappa Pi

28 Academic Support Services Academic Support Services General Information for Arts and Sciences Academic Advising Program The Academic Advising program provides a comprehensive framework within wh

Academic Support Services The ARC also offers professional Academic, Writing and Math Specialists to address particular student needs. Academic Special ists provide coaching and study skills assis tan

30 Academic Support Services Library Services General Information for Arts and Sciences The Cardinal Cushing Library, open to all members of the Emmanuel College commu nity, houses reference and cir

Student Life 31 Student Life General Information for Arts and Sciences Emmanuel College is located in the heart of Boston, a city rich in history and culture. Emmanuel College students experience ex

32 Student Life providing students with a physical, mental, and social readiness in a safe, sportsmanlike, and challenging environment. Emmanuel College is a Division III member of the National Colle

Student Life The program offers both coed and singlesex options in many different areas including basketball, soccer, volleyball, flag football, racquetball, pingpong and innertube water polo. Mission

34 Student Life prevention to the Emmanuel community. Students come to the Center with a variety of concerns including adjustment to college, depression, anxiety and stress and may be seen in individ

Student Life Students live in three residence halls on main campus that offer a variety of living options. The residence halls offer a number of ameni ties including Internet and cable, recreation and

36 Finances and Financial Aid Finances and Financial Aid General Information for Arts and Sciences Emmanuel College is committed to providing students with a quality education at an affordable cost.

Finances and Financial Aid 37 Deposits New students at the time of acceptance are required to make a 300 tuition deposit that is credited toward the initial semester tuition charges. Incoming studen

38 Finances and Financial Aid invitations, diploma and participating in the graduation ceremony. Credit Card Credit card payments can be made online via OAR using your stude

Finances and Financial Aid most students will require a creditworthy cosigner does not need to be a parent. For a list of private student and parent educational loan options, please visit www.finaid.o

40 Finances and Financial Aid To apply for financial aid for the 2016 2017 academic year, the 20162017 Free Application for Federal Student Aid FAFSA is required. The priority filing date was Februar

Finances and Financial Aid FSEOG is awarded on a fundsavailable basis to students who are recipients of the Federal Pell Grant. The amount of a typical FSEOG is 1,000. Teacher Education Assistance for

42 Finances and Financial Aid Federal Perkins Loan A federally subsidized, 5 fixed interest student loan from the federal government, Emmanuel College, and repayment from previous borrowers. This loa

Finances and Financial Aid 43 Financial Aid Renewal Process Emmanuel College makes every effort to offer the same financial aid award in future years. The renewal of aid is contingent on the followi

44 Finances and Financial Aid program. To maintain SAP, a fulltime stu dent is expected to complete the following minimum number of credits each year Appeal Process Students who are ineligible for fi

Finances and Financial Aid 45 Other Aid Private Scholarships To help reduce costs, students may apply for private scholarships. Possible sources include high schools, local libraries, churches, loca

46 Finances and Financial Aid visit HireSaints and apply for jobs as soon as possible. FullTime Resident Tuition Student Activity Fees Room and Board Books and Supplies Transportation PersonalMisc. A

Finances and Financial Aid reported or has changed hisher residency status without notifying the OSFS. After the adddrop period, you are liable for the cost of courses from which the student withdraws

48 Finances and Financial Aid school. The school needs your permission to use the postwithdrawal grant disburse ment for all other school charges. If you do not give your permission some schools ask

Finances and Financial Aid 49 Delinquent Accounts The payment of tuition and fees is the stu dents responsibility. General Information for Arts and Sciences If you are unable to pay your balance b

50 Accounting Accounting Patricia Clarke, Ph.D. Chair The accounting major provides the student with a thorough preparation in the theory and practice of accounting, a body of knowl edge in manageme

Accounting 51 B.A. in Accounting Requirements for Major ACCT1201 Financial Accounting ACCT2201 Managerial Accounting ACCT2203 Intermediate Accounting I ACCT2204 Intermediate Accounting II ACCT2206

52 American Studies American Studies Andrea McDonnell, Ph.D. Coordinator The American Studies program offers an interdisciplinary approach to understand ing the diverse and dynamic structures, exper

American Studies 53 B.A. in American Studies with Concentration in American Cultural Studies Requirements for Concentration Five introductory courses 1. AMST1101 Introduction to American Studies 2.

54 American Studies B.A. in American Studies with Concentration in American Politics and Society Requirements for Concentration Five introductory courses 1. AMST1101 Introduction to American Studies

American Studies 55 Minor in American Studies The American Studies minor offers students an introduction to the rigors of interdisci plinary study while serving as an excellent complement to traditi

56 Art Art Erich Doubek, M.F.A. Chair The art department offers programs in studio art, graphic design, art therapy, art history and art education. Through a broad studio and art history experience,

Art 57 The Capstone Experience The culminating experience for students in the Studio Art major is the Senior Studio ART4417 course along with the noncredit senior thesis and exhibition requirement.

58 Art Minor in Art History Requirements for Minor ART1201 Survey of Art I ART1202 Survey of Art II Three courses in art history to be selected in consultation with the advisor portfolio and two le

Art and ART2433. Through the Capstone Experience, students refine a personal port folio in preparation for entrance into pro fessional practice. Students choose a thesis topic in their area of interes

60 Art Art Therapy A PreProfessional Program This program is designed to introduce stu dents to the field of art therapy and enable students to use art in a therapeutic and expe riential way with a

Art 61 Capstone Experience Thesis and Exhibition Requirement All art majors are required to submit a noncredit thesis and take part in the senior exhibition in order to graduate. Students in the stu

62 Biology Biology Todd Williams, Ph.D. Chair The biology major at Emmanuel College has three objectives 1 to provide students with an understanding of the fundamental concepts in biology 2 to devel

Biology BIOL2301 Experimental Biology Laboratory Seminar Principles of Chemistry I Principles of Chemistry II Chemical Perspectives Organic Chemistry I BIOL3105 BIOL3137 BIOL3151 BIOL4194 BIOL4195 En

64 Biology Please note that this chemistry elective replaces one of the biology elective 5. BIOL419495 Research Internships in the Natural Sciences I II Please note this will count as an advanced bi

Biology 65 3. BIOL3137 or PSYCH3205 or PSYCH3214 4. BIOL419495 or BIOL3211 Medical Neuroscience Neuroendocrinology Psychopharmacology Research Internships in the Natural Sciences I and II Exper

66 Biology Biostatistics Major Biostatistics is an interdisciplinary study with requirements in both the biology and mathematics departments. Students who major in biostatistics will gain a strong b

Biostatistics 67 Biostatistics Yulia Dementieva, Ph.D. Coordinator Biostatistics is the application of statistical techniques to data generated from biolog ical problems. A career in biostatistics i

68 Biostatistics Distinction in the Field To be eligible to apply for distinction in the field of biostatistics, a student must have, at the completion of the first semester of hisher junior year, a

Business and Economics 69 Business and Economics Patricia Clarke, Ph.D. Chair The Department of Business and Economics offers a major in management, economics and accounting, and minors in economics

70 Business and Economics achievement of the goals of the major pro gram. For Strategic Management, students participate in a business simulation proj ect and write an individual major paper. Student

Business and Economics 71 B.A. in Management with Concentration in Sport Management In addition to courses required for the management major, students take 12 credits from courses listed below. They

72 Business and Economics Requirements for Management Majors ECON1101 Principles of Microeconomics ECON1103 Principles of Macroeconomics ECON2101 History of Economic Thought Three additional economic

Chemistry 73 Chemistry Aren Gerdon, Ph.D. Chair Chemistry is the basic science that deals with the composition and transformation of matter. Scientific, medical and technological phenomena ultimatel

74 Chemistry CHEM2102 CHEM2104 CHEM3105 CHEM3106 CHEM4160 MATH1111 MATH1112 PHYS2201 Organic Chemistry II Analytical Chemistry Physical Chemistry I Physical Chemistry II Senior Seminar Calculus I Cal

Chemistry 75 Distinction in the Field Distinction in the field of chemistry requires the completion of two semesters of CHEM41944196 Research Intern ships in the Natural Sciences, a public presentat

76 Education Education Sister Karen Hokanson, SND, Ed.D. Chair The education program at Emmanuel College is a licensure program that prepares stu dents for teaching in the elementary, middle and sec

Education Forge positive relationships with families and engage in regular, twoway, culturally proficient communication with families about students and their learning, and build into the curriculum

78 Education 2.0 in each education course and in each course required by the major Positive Professional Disposition Quality PDQ reports from course instructors and field supervisors. An interview

Education 79 Waiver Policy for MATH1122 Foundations of Mathematics for Teachers II Foundations of Mathematics for Teachers III MATH2122 Students who have passed the Mathematics Subtest of the Gene

80 Education Fourth Year EDUC4300 successfully completed a practicum for initial licensure in elementary or secondary education. The program includes two required courses EDUC4490 Special Education P

English 81 English David Palumbo, Ph.D. Chair The English department offers majors in Communication and Media Studies, Literature, and Writing and Literature. Our undergraduate majors prepare studen

82 English instructor and papers may be shared with English department faculty. ENGL2304 American Voices I U.S. Literature to 1865 ENGL2309 The Haves and the HaveNots American Authors on Money, Class

English 67. Media Studies two courses CHOOSE TWO of the following ENGL2521 Public Relations and Persuasion ENGL2523 Advertising and Culture Representation and Semiotics in Mass Media ENGL2701 Literatu

84 English Minor in Communication and Media Studies Requirements for Minor The minor in Communications and Media studies consists of six courses. 1. ENGL1502 Introduction to Communication, Media and

English 11. 3000level Literary and Critical Discourses or ENGL49945 or EDUC4467 one course Students enroll in an internship, a teaching practicum, or in an additional course focused on a literary peri

86 English 9. 3000level Literary Period or Tradition 1 course ENGL3303 Images of Masculinity ENGL3305 Satire ENGL3309 Characters of the Long 18th Century ENGL3601 Crime Stories and American Culture E

English how to read and interpret a variety of texts as persuasive messages. 2. British Literature 1 course Students study important British novelists, poets, or dramatists, both canonical and contemp

88 English Shakespeare Tragedies, Comedies, Histories and Romances ENGL2406 The Rise of the British Novel ENGL2408 The Modern British Novel Empire and After 3. American Literature one course ENGL2303

English ENGL3506 ENGL3801 Advanced Poetry Writing Feature Writing 89 Distinction in the Field A Distinction in the Field program ENGL49914992 involving scholarly research under faculty direction is

90 Gender and Womens Studies Gender and Womens Studies Kimberly Smirles, Ph.D. Coordinator Courses in gender and womens studies provide a focused opportunity to explore, in historical and contempora

History 91 History Javier F. Marion, Ph.D. Chair The study of history enables students to understand change and continuity across time in the United States, Europe and the world. Courses survey such

92 History Minor in History Distinction in the Field History Majors who wish to receive dis tinction in the field must have a 3.5 GPA in their major at the start of their final semes ter, write a s

International Studies 93 International Studies Lenore Martin, Ph.D. Chair The International Studies program offers an interdisciplinary major, with the option of concentrating in Diplomacy and Secur

94 International Studies Programs of Study for Arts and Sciences 2. Research Methods one course Students study research methods employed in International Studies. HIST2701 Historical Methods and R

International Studies ECON2113 POLSC2409 The Politics of International Economic Relations POLSC2413 International Law and Institutions required for Security and Diplomacy concentration POLSC1301 Intro

96 International Studies Learning Goals and Outcomes In addition to the general learning goals for the major, at the completion of the International Studies degree with a concen tration in Diplomacy

International Studies 7. Thematic Elective one course Students gain additional knowledge in International Studies from the thematic per spectives of different disciplines. 8. AreaRegional Electivestwo

98 International Studies LANG2215 Darkness in the City of Lights Contrasting Views of Paris in Modern French Literature and Culture Todays Italy A Journey through Literature, Cinema and Everyday Life

International Studies 99 Minor in Peace Studies The minor in Peace Studies provides students with an opportunity to examine the human problem of violent conflict and possibilities for its resolution

100 Latin American Studies Latin American Studies Javier Marion, Ph.D. Coordinator LANG3411 Students desiring to minor in Latin American Studies must complete a total of five courses selected from t

Leadership 101 Leadership Kelly Grant, M.S. Coordinator Emmanuel College offers a minor in organizational leadership, a multidisci plinary program for students who want to learn about leadership gen

102 Mathematics Mathematics Yulia Dementieva, Ph.D. Chair The goal of the mathematics program is to provide a solid theoretical understanding of mathematics and an appreciation of the many applicati

Mathematics Introduction to Programming with MATLAB MATH3103 Probability MATH3105 Advanced Statistics MATH3113 Special Topics in Mathematics MATH4101 Programming in SAS MATH4178 Directed Study MATH419

104 Mathematics Distinction in the Field To be eligible to apply for distinction in the field of mathematics, a student must have, at the completion of the first semester of hisher junior year, a cu

Middle East Studies 105 Middle East Studies Lenore Martin, Ph.D. Coordinator This minor will prepare students to under stand the history, politics, and culture of Middle East, a critical area in pro

106 Modern Languages Modern Languages Jos AlvarezFernndez, Ph.D. Chair The Department of Modern Languages offers a variety of language, culture and literature courses designed to enhance language ac

Modern Languages peers and Foreign Language faculty. Senior Seminar papers are also made available for review by department faculty. 107 Foreign Language Certificate Requirements for Certificate Fiv

108 Neuroscience Neuroscience Neuroscience at Emmanuel College It has been stated that the human brain may be the single most complex living structure in the world, and therefore requires both a bre

Performing Arts 109 Performing Arts Scott Gagnon, M.A. Chair Performing Arts may be selected as an individually designed major with concen trated work in Theater Arts or Music Theater. Minors in Mus

110 Performing Arts Minor in MusicTheater Requirements for Minor PERF0111 Theatrical Productions min. 1 semester PERF0313 Individual Lessons Voice min. 2 semesters PERF1302 or PERF1303 PERF1321 Musi

Philosophy 111 Minor in Theater Arts Requirements for Minor PERF1101 The Theater History and Appreciation PERF1111 Public Speaking Voice and Diction PERF2111 Acting Basic Techniques PERF2112 Acting

112 Philosophy Philosophy Michelle Maiese, Ph.D. Chair Philosophy was originally defined by the Greeks as love of wisdom. Wisdom is knowledge that enables us to understand ourselves and our world an

Philosophy 113 Distinction in the Field Criteria for distinction include a minimum GPA of 3.5 in their major courses, success ful completion of a research project in the capstone course the Senior S

114 Political Science Political Science Lenore Martin, Ph.D. Chair The Political Science and International Studies Department offers a major in Political Science, with the option of concentrating in

Political Science 115 B.A. in Political Science with Concentration in American Politics and Government Requirements for Concentration Six required core courses and five Political Science courses, ch

116 Political Science Minor in Political Science Requirements for Minor POLSC1201 Introduction to American Politics and Government POLSC1301 Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics POLSC

PreLaw Studies 117 PreLaw Studies There is no single path that will prepare a student for a legal education. Students who are successful in law school and who become accomplished professionals choos

118 PreMedical, PreDental, PreVeterinary Studies PreMedical, PreDental, PreVeterinary Studies PreMedical Studies describes a suggested curriculum that is a strong preparation for careers in medicine

PreMedical, PreDental, PreVeterinary Studies field are required to have a certain number of hours shadowing a dentist or working in a dental officeclinic. An application to vet erinary school is also

120 Psychology Psychology Linda Lin, Ph.D. Chair Psychology is a rich and varied discipline. Dedicated to the scientific study of the complexity and diversity of the mind and behavior, psychology co

Psychology 2. Research Methods in Psychology Students will be able to engage in research design, sampling, data collec tion, data analysis and interpretation. 3. Information and Technological Literacy

122 Psychology Programs of Study for Arts and Sciences Take one of the following electives PSYCH2103 Relationships, Marriage and the Family PSYCH2105 CrossCultural Psychology PSYCH2203 Social Ps

Psychology controls, validity, reliability and statistical analyses. 5. Communicate scientific information to informed and lay audiences in written and oral format. 6. Apply and integrate their knowle

124 Psychology Students should take PSYCH3601 as the interdisciplinary elective Other recommended courses BIOL1106 Introduction to Organismic and Evolutionary Biology BIOL2131 Biochemistry BIOL2135 A

Sociology 125 Sociology Catherine Simpson Bueker, Ph.D. Chair The major in sociology prepares students for life in a global society. Whether students enter the world of work immediately after gradua

126 Sociology Students who pursue a major in Sociology can choose between four options 1 a B.A. in Sociology without a concentration 2 a B.A. in Sociology with a concentration in social inequality an

Sociology 127 4. B.A. in Sociology with a Concentration in Criminology Six sociology core courses and the following requirements for concentration SOC1203 Crime and Justice SOC2100 Law and Sociology

128 Theology and Religious Studies Theology and Religious Studies Reverend Thomas L. Leclerc, M.S., Th.D. Chair Because religion plays a central role in human culture, religious literacy is critical

Theology and Religious Studies 129 The Capstone Experience The culminating experience for Theology and Religious Studies majors is a Directed Research and Seminar course THRS4182. This course is typ

130 Theology and Religious Studies Minor in Catholic Studies In continuity with the mission of Emmanuel College and of its founding congregation, the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur, the Catholic Stu

Course Descriptions 131 Course Descriptions Course numbers 1000 through 1999 are defined as introductory, elementary, and general requirement courses appropriate for firstyear students and others wi

132 Accounting Accounting ACCT1201 Financial Accounting QA At its core, financial accounting converts data into financial information for decision making. The course introduces students to the metho

American Studies ACCT3413 Accounting Information Systems This course focuses on the design, use, evaluation, and control of accounting information systems. Business transactions will include order ent

134 Art Art Art History ART1201 Survey of Art I From Prehistoric to Medieval Art AIA This course is a chronological survey of art from around the world, covering pre historic, ancient and medieval a

Art the late 20th century. The impact of digital photography on photography as art will also be considered. Fall semester. 4 credits ART2215 Modern Art AIA This course is an examination of art trends

136 Art will be central to this course, specifically as it was supported by Irish arts organizations with strong ties to Irish political, religious, and social groups. The course will include travel

Art visual perception are the focus of the course. Lectures, critiques and museum assignments are an integral part of the course. Fall and spring semesters. 4 credits 100 studio fee ART2411 Introducti

138 Art photographers perspective, and maintenance of working color space will be introduced. Fall and spring semesters. 4 credits Prerequisite ART1407 or permission of instructor 100 studio fee ART2

Art systems of information with an emphasis on audience, organization, legibility and pur pose. Projects will address web and broad cast production of advertising, informational graphics, and narrativ

140 Art ART4412 Photography III Pixel to Page Advanced Photography Projects This course offers advanced students of photography an opportunity to exercise known and new sets of imaging and art making

Biology 141 Art Therapy ART1301 Introduction to Art Therapy This course is an introduction to the field of art therapy, its history, theoretical perspectives, and applications for various population

142 Biology BIOL1105 Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology SIL This is the first of a twosemester introduc tory biology course intended for, but not limited to, students considering a biolog

Biology projects will be integral parts of this course. Three hours lecture. Fall semester. 4 credits BIOL1215 Introduction to Nutrition SI Introduction to Nutrition provides an understanding of nutri

144 Biology gives us information for dealing with the changes both good and bad that have been brought about by human activity on the earth. Air and water pollution, climate change, human overpopulat

Biology Students are encouraged to view the chal lenges of modern biology from scientific, social and ethical viewpoints. Spring semester, alternate years, expected spring 2018. 4 credits Prerequisite

146 Biology metabolism and nutrition, urinary system and reproductive system. Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory. Spring semester. 4 credits Prerequisites BIOL1105, BIOL1106 and BIOL2135 or

Biology includes observation of developmental events coupled with experimental analysis of underlying mechanisms. Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory. Spring semester, alternate years, expecte

148 Biology and metabolism of microorganisms, as well as recent concepts in bacterial, viral genetics and antimicrobial agents. Microbial disease and immune defenses are also addressed. Laboratories

Biology BIOL3211 Experiential Internships in the Natural Sciences Biology majors may apply to do an intern ship in a nonresearch setting. The intern ship sites and project must be appropriate for biol

150 Chemistry but both BIOL4194 and BIOL4195 are required for distinction in the field of biol ogy in addition to a 3.5 grade point average in biology. Fall and spring semesters. 4 credits each Prere

Chemistry electrochemistry and kinetics. This course will replace CHEM1101 and CHEM1102 sequence in the chemistry major or minor for qualified students. Three hours lecture, three hours laboratory. Fa

152 Chemistry at the elementary school level. Laboratory experiments will focus on elucidation of lecture material. Equivalent of three hours lecture, two hours laboratory. Fall and spring semesters.

Chemistry Prerequisites CHEM1101, CHEM1102 or CHEM1103 70 lab fee CHEM2111 Biochemistry Biochemistry lays the foundation for a full understanding of the biological chemistry of the living cell. Studen

154 Chemistry quantum mechanics. The Schrdinger equa tion is used to solve a series of important chemical problems including the harmonic oscillator, the rigid rotor and the hydrogen atom. The valenc

Chemistry and interpretation are to be completed independently. This course is intended for advanced students who major in science or math and who plan to apply to graduate or professional programs. O

156 Economics CHEM4194CHEM4195 Research Internships in the Natural Sciences I and II Qualified students interested in careers in research or other professions may undertake senior year research proje

Economics ECON2101 History of Economic Thought This course revolves around key ongoing debates in economic theory over the nature of economic growth, the ideal economic system, and the role of governm

158 Economics ECON3105 Money and Financial Markets What is money How does the stock market work How do financial markets impact the economy This course will analyze the role of financial markets and

Economics ECON 4201 Economics Senior Seminar Topics in major areas of economics will be discussed. This course fulfills the capstone requirement in economics by requiring students to apply their analy

160 Economics EDUC2311 Learning, Teaching and the Secondary Curriculum This course is designed to provide students with the background and practical skills related to the curriculum planning process

Education implementing instruction to address a broad range of students abilities and needs. Spring semester. 4 credits Prepracticum fieldbased experience Prerequisite EDUC3211 EDUC3213 Mathematics Me

162 Education spelling, grammar, mechanics and usage. Students will become familiar with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks for English Language Arts at the middle and high school levels and wit

English 163 English ENGL1103 FirstYear Writing This course is dedicated to providing stu dents with the writing and research skills necessary for academic success. Drawing on a variety of texts and

164 English ENGL2103 Literary Mirrors Introduction to World Literature AIL Embark on a literary journey to Africa, Europe, Asia and Central and South Americas with major world authors who treat in sh

English dynamics, the treatment of indigenous peoples by European settlers, and gender relations. Students consider each text within its historical context in order to understand how it simultaneously

166 English of certain universal truths unearthed by a 16thcentury genius If so, what are those universals Why do Shakespeares plays per sist at the core of the Western canon What are the specific fe

English and interviewing, with opportunities to revise their work for possible publication in the Colleges student publications. Fall semester, alternate years, expected fall 2017. 4 credits Prerequis

168 English examine key literary movements, including realism, modernism, and postmodernism, and study a diverse array of U.S. writers who have shaped, extended, or challenged them. Spring semester.

English ENGL3309 Characters of the Long 18th Century This seminar investigates the significance of the different characters one encounters in the textual productions poetry, prose, and drama from the

170 English Spanishspeaking Caribbean as well as a better understanding of the complex issues affecting this interesting region. Fall semester, alternate years, expected fall 2017. 4 credits Crossref

English world literatures but it will also investigate theories of globalizationways of thinking about 1 what national home means versus a global sense of home, 2 what allows an individual to develop

172 English 1925, Its a Wonderful Life 1946, Rear Window 1954, Fatal Attraction 1987, The Color Purple 1985, Paris Is Burning 1990, and Slacker 1991. Spring semester. 4 credits Prerequisites ENGL1205

English Advanced Prose Writing, as well as engage directly with the publishing process by submitting their best work for consideration by journals, magazines, anthologies, and contests, with the ultim

174 History History HIST1105 United States History to 1877 H This survey course explores the major politi cal, social and economic developments of the United States through 1877. The central ideas a

History and longterm developments rather than on specific figures or chronological details. The goals of the course are to acquaint the student with some of the historical roots of the contemporary wo

176 History and Latin America. This course will not only examine each revolution in detail but will explore the interconnectedness of these social, political and ideological movements as they occurre

History of the political novel is read against, and as part of, historical events. How do such works as The Heart of a Dog, The Victory, or Nervous Conditions present politics and society How, in read

178 History develop an appreciation for the role of immi gration in American history and challenge broadly held assumptions about immigration by writing and thinking analytically about the topic thro

History HIST2701 Historical Methods and Research This course introduces students to basic historical research methods, interpretations, and the processes of historical writing. Stu dents will examine

180 History womens history, Hispanics and Chicanos, Native America, environmental history, Chinese history, the New Deal, and World War II and the nuclear age. This course is designed as a seminar to

International Studies and nonenslaved populations labeled as rebellious Rascals for example, the Acadians, Indians and others counted as a silent majority in the Atlantic world. While exploring issues

182 Management Management MGMT1101 Introduction to Business This survey course introduces students to business and management in the 21st century. Topics covered include the role of business macro a

Management accounting, or general line management. HR activities covered in this course include recruiting and selecting employees, training them, evaluating their performance, and rewarding them. Oth

184 Management the opportunity to develop skills in social research methods as they collect and analyze data needed for organizational decision mak ing and action. Students will gain experience in re

Management MGMT3423 Sport Law A review of legislation, and cases relating to professional and amateur athletics and athletes, sports events, sports merchandis ing, contracts, broadcasting and sponsor

186 Mathematics Mathematics MATH1101 College Algebra QA This course studies properties, graphs, and uses of algebraic expressions, including lin ear, quadratic, exponential and logarithmic equations

Mathematics majoring in management sciences. The course covers linear functions and linear models, quadratic functions, exponential and logarithmic functions, and an intuitive introduction to differen

188 Mathematics MATH2111 Mathematical Modeling in the Sciences The interdisciplinary course is an introduction to mathematical modeling. The main objective is to introduce the student to modeling met

Mathematics to the credits for graduation. Any teacher candidate enrolled in MATH 2122 who has successfully completed the math subtest of the 03 MTEL is exempt from taking this preparatory lab. Spring

190 Mathematics MATH4194 Internship This is a directed experience in mathematics. Students are required to meet regularly with an assigned member of the department and complete a final paper. Offered

Modern Languages LANG2661 Intermediate Arabic I Intermediate Arabic I is a language immer sion course that seeks to improve all areas of language communication and develop cultural competency. Interme

192 Modern Languages French LANG1201 Beginning French I This course is a language immersion pro gram that introduces French to students with little or no previous knowledge of the language while dev

Modern Languages 193 Italian LANG1301 Beginning Italian I Beginning Italian I is a language immersion course designed for students with little or no prior knowledge of Italian. Its objective is to i

194 Modern Languages LANG2315 Todays Italy A Journey through Literature, Cinema and Everyday Life AIL Students will analyze and discuss some masterpieces of Italian literature and some movies inspire

Modern Languages in the context of practical settings. Varied activities and audiovisual material will supplement literary readings, readings of cultural interest, and readings on public events as a s

196 Modern Languages LANG2418 The Art of Spain This course provides students with a broad survey of Spanish art. It examines artistic masterpieces from different periods highlight ing their social an

Modern Languages LANG3431 Contemporary Spanish Novel AIL The student will read and discuss relevant works of the most outstanding contempo rary novelists of Spain, noting particularly the changed soci

198 Modern Languages districts comprising the city itself. We will study the progression of the representation of femmes Parisiennes, from one end of the spectrum to the other. First we are introduce

Performing Arts LANG3421 Spanish Caribbean Literature AIL This course will introduce students to the literature of the Spanish Caribbean, engaging them in literary analysis of major authors form Cuba,

200 Performing Arts PERF0313 Individual Lessons Voice This course is for private instruction in sing ing and vocal technique and can be taken by any Emmanuel College or COF student, regardless of pro

Performing Arts PERF1211 Dance Barres and Ballet This course will provide students with an introduction to Ballet through a study of its basic principles, practices and terminology. Through movement p

202 Performing Arts notation clefs, staves, notes, key signatures, and time signatures and how they apply to the melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic struc tures of music in various styles and genres. The

Performing Arts PERF2301 Chords and Klingons Music in SciFi Film and Television AIA In this course, we will explore the interac tions between music and science fiction nar rative. From prototype scifi

204 Performing Arts and realization. For the first part of the semester, these aspects will be addressed through reading about and viewing various works of musictheater. The second part of the semest

Philosophy PERF41784179 Directed Study I and Directed Study II Students take part in independent and indi vidual study in the field of their choice. Fields offered include directing student directs hi

206 Philosophy determinations of beauty and artistic merit are culturally determined. Spring semester. 4 credits PHIL1115 Recent Moral Issues M The nature of ethical decision making is first discusse

Philosophy social responsibility such as providing testimony as an expert in the legal andor political sphere, participating in military research, etc. Spring semester, expected spring 2017. 4 credits

208 Philosophy PHIL2201 Existentialism and the Meaning of Life M Existentialism, unlike many technical and academic philosophical movements, is a philosophy of life. It begins with the rec ognition t

Physics Prerequisites Junior status or permission of instructor PHIL3115 Ancient and Medieval Philosophy This course is a textual analysis of ancient philosophy, including the preSocratic phi losopher

210 Physics will also be touched upon. Three hours lecture, two hours laboratory. Fall semester, alternate years, expected fall 2016. 4 credits 70 lab fee PHYS1122 Energy and the Environment SI This

Political Science 211 Political Science POLSC1201 Introduction to American Politics and Government SA This course offers an overview of the American political system. Included are examinations of th

212 Political Science affiliation, issue importance and campaign techniques will be reviewed as to determine what factors contribute to a successful cam paign strategy. A main goal of the course is t

Political Science POLSC2302 European Politics From Transition to Integration Comparative study of politics in several Western European countries, with an emphasis on political development, institu tio

214 Political Science Peloponnesian War and in Athens, Sparta and Milos, where the strong did as they wished and the weak suffered as they must. This course travels to Greece in March. Travel compone

Political Science child rights, the aged, drug addictions, AIDs, prisoner rights and rehabilitation, and the environment. Fall semester, alternate years, expected fall 2017. 4 credits POLSC2701 Resear

216 Political Science through an overview of American political thought from the nations founding through present day. A close reading and analysis of canonical documents will reveal a society often

Political Science protest movements in Latin America and Europe. Fall semester, alternate years, expected fall 2017. 4 credits Prerequisite POLSC1301 POLSC3403 Human Issues in International Relations

218 Psychology Psychology PSYCH1501 General Psychology SA This course introduces the broad field of psychology by surveying a wide range of topics, including personality, development, motivation, em

Psychology the focus will be on the specifics of cognitive, emotional, physical, social and moral tasks of development. In addition to dealing with the key markers of the early life stages, language d

220 Psychology to conduct certain types of neuroscience research and critically think about the world around us. You will learn about huge breakthroughs in our understanding of the brain, both in the

Psychology Spring semester, alternate years, expected spring 2018. 4 credits Prerequisite PSYCH3111 PSYCH3205 Neuroendocrinology This course will examine the relationships between hormones, the brain

222 Psychology PSYCH3601 Counseling Theories and Techniques This course provides an introduction to the theories and techniques of behavior change and psychotherapy. Students will be exposed to vario

Sociology who wish to study abroad during their junior year must submit their application by the Friday before Winter Break. Credit granted upon completion and acceptance of the work. PSYCH4496 Intern

224 Sociology beliefs and cultural practices of social groups from all parts of the world. The course begins by examining the research methods used by anthropologists before turning to the comparativ

Sociology SOC2107 The Urban World The goal of this course is to introduce students to sociological perspectives on metropolitan areas in the United States and internationally. The course begins by exa

226 Sociology power in U.S. society and in selected societies around the world This course will explore the theories, both classical and contemporary, that have sought to explain how resources come t

Sociology SOC2207 Deviant Behavior and Social Controls The class focuses on the sociological study of the social construction to deviant behaviors and societys response to those behaviors deemed devia

228 Sociology these research practices will give students the opportunity to gain handson experi ence with research design, data collection, analysis and presentation. Spring semester, alternate year

Theology and Religious Studies the social and legal responses to this serious social problem. SOC4182 Directed Research This course involves independent research in conjunction with a member of the de

230 Theology and Religious Studies literary forms, religious institutions, theology and ethical teachings of the Bible. Fall and spring semesters. 4 credits THRS2101 What is Religion R This course of

Theology and Religious Studies of their relationship. A range of options will be considered, and students will be free to voice their own wellconsidered interpretations. Fall and spring semesters. 4 c

232 Theology and Religious Studies the many instances of religiously inspired violence in todays world. This course will explore the ways in which world religions promote war and peace, with an eye t

Theology and Religious Studies a witness against the prevailing cultures values and expectations. Fall semester, alternate years, expected fall 2015. 4 credits THRS2211 Islam R This course will introd

234 Theology and Religious Studies THRS2223 The First Christians R The first followers of Jesus of Nazareth were a diverse group of people who left behind a significant body of writings, only some of

Interdisciplinary Courses interpretations over its meaning. Topics will include the mission of the church, roles of laity and women, leadership and authority, ecumenism and the relationship of Mary an

236 Interdisciplinary Courses economy, these theories and the novels that embody their significance struggle to repre sent the irony of what it means to be human. Readings will include, but are not l

Interdisciplinary Courses HONOR2403 Gender and the Urban American Experience H The year 2008 marked the first time in world history that the majority of humans around the world lived in cities UN Popu

238 Interdisciplinary Courses for fostering change. We will rely upon both academic research and practical experience to learn about the issues, and we will communicate our observations and arguments

Competency Program 239 Competency Program INT1001 PreInternships and Career Development This course prepares students for successful internshipjob searches and teaches search strategies to secure a

240 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Graduate and Professional Programs Undergraduate Professional Program Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN Graduate Programs in Education

General Policies and Procedures 241 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs General Policies and Procedures Attendance Policy Students are expected to attend class regu larly. Eac

242 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs General Policies and Procedures Order InStore Students may purchase or rent when applicable instore. Order Online Students may purchase

Academic Policies and Procedures 243 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Graduate and Professional Programs Academic Policies and Procedures Academic Integrity Policy All Emma

244 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Academic Policies and Procedures For graduate courses, students must receive a grade of 2.0 C or higher. A cumulative grade point averag

Academic Policies and Procedures Academic dismissal from Graduate and Professional Programs is permanent. Students may not petition for readmittance to the College. Financial Aid Implications In order

246 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Academic Policies and Procedures Transfer Credits and NonTraditional Credits All potential transfer credits from other regionally accre

Academic Policies and Procedures 64 credits at Emmanuel College. Latin Honors are awarded based on a percentage of the graduating class of undergraduate Graduate and Professional Programs students as

248 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Academic Policies and Procedures To participate in Commencement or receive a diploma or an academic transcript, the student cannot have

Support Services 249 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Support Services Academic Advising Integral to an Emmanuel College education is academic advising which provides a com

250 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Support Services The office organizes a variety of employer based events, both on and off campus, such as employer information tables an

Support Services 251 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Mission and Ministry Rooted in the spirit of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, Emmanuel College strives to create a

252 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Finances Finances Schedule of Fees for Students Enrolled in Graduate and Professional Programs Nursing Graduate Nursing Graduate Educa

Finances 253 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Course Withdrawal and Refund Policy Note This policy is for all Graduate and Professional Programs courses. This policy also a

254 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Finances 14Week GPP Face to Face and Online Date Driven Withdrawal Policy Note Days from term start date does not include the start dat

Finances 255 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Treatment of Title IV Aid When a Student Withdraws The law specifies how your school must de termine the amount of Title IV pr

256 General Information for Graduate Sand Professional Programs Finances The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires students enrolled at least threequarter time 9 or more credits per semester to be c

Finances from the IRS Students will receive notification from the Office of Student Financial Services if additional information is required to determine eligi bility for financial aid. A

258 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Finances Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan An additional Federal Loan for Graduate students who are eligible for the Federal Direct Unsu

Finances Satisfactory Academic Progress To continue receiving financial assistance, financial aid recipients are required to main tain satisfactory academic progress toward their degree. These require

260 General Information for Graduate and Professional Programs Finances Direct Loans, Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans, Federal Pell Grants, and Federal TEACH Grants. Updating Demographic Informat

Undergraduate Professional Degree Program 261 Undergraduate Professional Degree Program Bachelor of Science in Nursing RNtoBSN Undergraduate Program for Graduate and Professional Programs 20162017

262 Undergraduate Admissions Requirements Undergraduate Admissions Requirements Undergraduate Admissions Requirements To complete your application for admission to an undergrauate degree program sub

Undergraduate Admissions Requirements equivalent, which will be verified by the appropriate agency will be reviewed for transfer credit as appropriate. Emmanuel College will only accept official tran

264 Bachelor of Science in Nursing RNtoBSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing RNtoBSN Diane Shea, Ph.D., R.N. Associate Dean, Professor of Nursing The Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN is designed for

Bachelor of Science in Nursing RNtoBSN NURS3115 NURS3117 NURS4170 NURS4171 Contemporary Healing Interventions Health Promotion in Nursing Practice Health Promotion Practicum Senior Seminar 2. Assume a

266 Bachelor of Science in Nursing RNtoBSN Course Descriptions NURS3101 Concepts of Professional Practice This course introduces the student to the conceptual roots of the theoretical bases of nursi

Bachelor of Science in Nursing RNtoBSN computing and how to integrate software functions such as word processing and pre sentation abilities required to communicate within healthcare information syste

268 Bachelor of Science in Nursing RNtoBSN socialization whereby the student internal izes the values, norms and sense of identity characteristic of the professional nurse. 4 credits Prerequisites NU

Graduate Programs 269 Graduate Programs Graduate Programs in Education Master of Arts in Teaching MAT Elementary and Secondary Initial Licensure Tracks Professional Development Programs for Educator

270 Admission Admission Graduate Admissions Requirements To complete your application for admission to a graduate degree or certificate program, please submit the following application materials 1.

Admission 8. Optional Statement If you feel that there are significant weaknesses in your application that you wish to address, please do so in a separate written statement. 271 Transfer Credit Poli

272 Graduate Programs in Education Graduate Programs in Education Master of Arts in Teaching MAT Elementary and Secondary Initial Licensure Tracks Professional Development Programs for Educators Em

Master of Arts in Teaching MAT 273 Master of Arts in Teaching MAT Elementary and Secondary Initial Licensure Tracks Sister Karen Hokanson, SND, Ed.D. Chair Program Design The Master of Arts in Teac

274 Master of Arts in Teaching MAT Learning Goals and Outcomes The program of study in elementary and secondary education is designed to develop students abilities in the seven performance areas req

Master of Arts in Teaching MAT 275 Course Descriptions ElementarySecondary Unless otherwise noted, all courses are 3 credits. EDUC5115 Documenting and Assessing Student Learning Students examine a v

276 Master of Arts in Teaching MAT and develop lesson plans that the standards in a variety of content areas and grade lev els. In addition to incorporating significant use of technology in their ins

Master of Arts in Teaching MAT on the stages of cognitive, emotional, intellectual, moral, physical, and social development of the first two decades of life. Using clear understanding of relevant rese

278 Master of Arts in Teaching MAT EDUC5762 Special Education Practicum and Seminar This supervised field experience builds on the competencies developed in EDUC5467 and promotes candidates content k

Professional Development Programs for Educators 279 Professional Development Programs for Educators Carolyn A. Lynch Institute The Education Department develops and offers workshops through the Caro

280 Graduate Programs in Management Graduate Programs in Management Graduate Programs in Human Resource Management Master of Science in Human Resource Management HRM Graduate Certificate in Human Re

Graduate Programs in Human Resource Management 281 Graduate Programs in Human Resource Management Master of Science in Human Resource Management HRM Certificate in Human Resource Management The Mas

282 Graduate Programs in Human Resource Management Requirements Master of Science in Human Resource Management HRM9009 Leadership and Organizational Behavior HRM9014 Organizational Development HRM90

Graduate Programs in Human Resource Management 283 The Capstone Experience The Master of Science in Human Resource Management program culminates with a capstone experience with the course HRM9038 Ca

284 Graduate Programs in Human Resource Management HRM9028 Managing Diversity in Contemporary Organizations Economic, technological, demographic, and environmental changes have meant that todays orga

Graduate Programs in Human Resource Management HRM9036 Strategic Planning and Management Students identify strategic management areas for organizations and evaluate these in terms of changing environm

286 Graduate Programs in Management Graduate Programs in Management Master of Science in Management MSM Certificate in Management and Leadership The Master of Science in Management MSM is an intens

Graduate Programs in Management 287 Requirements Master of Science in Management MSM9009 Leadership and Organizational Behavior MSM9014 Organizational Development MSM9015 Financial Management MSM901

288 Graduate Programs in Management Course Descriptions Unless otherwise noted, all courses are 3 credits. MSM9009 Leadership and Organizational Behavior This course takes the traditional Organiza t

Graduate Programs in Management MSM9022 Changing Economies This course uses economic theory to explore factors that affect us personally and pro fessionally in extraordinarily large ways. Students wil

290 Graduate Programs in Management MSM9038 Capstone Seminar 6 credits The 14week capstone seminar allows students to integrate the management theories and organizational improvement practices master

Graduate Programs in Management 291 Master of Science in Management with specialization in Research Administration RAM Certificate in Research Administration The Master of Science in Management wit

292 Graduate Programs in Management Requirements Master of Science in Management with specialization in Research Administration RAC9009 Leadership and Organizational Behavior RAC9010 Introduction to

Graduate Programs in Management 293 The Capstone Experience The Master of Science in Management with specialization in Research Administration program culminates with a capstone expe rience with the

294 Graduate Programs in Management closeout. Recent federal audits and audit findings at universities and medical centers are used to illustrate highrisk financial com pliance issues such as cost al

Graduate Programs in Management MSM9038 Capstone Seminar 6 credits The fourteenweek capstone seminar allows students to integrate the management theories and organizational improvement practices maste

296 Graduate Programs in Nursing Graduate Programs in Nursing Graduate Programs in Nursing Master of Science in Nursing MSN Education and Management Tracks Graduate Certificate in Nursing Education

Graduate Programs in Nursing 297 Graduate Programs in Nursing Master of Science in Nursing MSN Education and Management Tracks Certificate in Nursing Education Certificate in Nursing Management Dian

298 Graduate Programs in Nursing NURS5105 NURS5107 NURS5109 NURS5111 Ethical and Spiritual Aspects of Nursing Human Diversity, Culture and Nursing Information Technology and Nursing Professional Role

Graduate Programs in Nursing 299 Certificate of Graduate Study in Nursing Management Emmanuel College Department of Nursing offers a Certificate of Graduate Study in Nursing Management. This fourcou

300 Graduate Programs in Nursing The Capstone Experience Nursing Education Advanced Role Development Practicum NURS5510 Nursing Management Advanced Role Development Practicum This practicum is desig

Graduate Programs in Nursing ethnic, racial, gender and age differences. The course will provide foundational knowledge required for future nursing lead ers to create an environment that is respect fu

302 Graduate Programs in Nursing the goal of devising strategies to effectively advocate for policy change. Public con cerns regarding cost, quality, and access are addressed, with special emphasis o

Graduate Programs in Nursing Prerequisite NURS5301 and NURS5303, andor concurrent with NURS5305 NURS5501 Nursing Management in Health Care Delivery This course emphasizes leadership in the nurse execu

304 Directory Directory Board of Trustees Christopher Borges 10 John F. Burke Sister Anne Mary Donovan, SND 62 John Dragoon Sister Janet Eisner, SND James L. Elcock Elaine ElKhawas Sister Mary M. Fa

Directory 305 Administration Sister Janet Eisner, SND President A.B., Emmanuel College M.A., Boston College Ph.D., University of Michigan Susan Benzie Director of Residence Life Deputy Title IX Coor

306 Directory Joseph Onofrietti Dean of Students Deputy Title IX Coordinator B.A., Rutgers University M.Ed., University of Vermont Ph.D., Boston College Sean Philpott Associate Vice President of Info

Directory 307 FullTime Faculty Benjamin Allen Assistant Professor of Mathematics B.A., Haverford College M.A., Bryn Mawr College Ph.D., Boston University Jos AlvarezFernndez Associate Professor of S

308 Directory Mark Flynn Assistant Professor of English B.A., Roger Williams University M.A., University of Rhode Island Ph.D., Bowling Green Satte University Jeffrey Fortin Associate Professor of Hi

Directory Katrin Kriz Associate Professor of Sociology B.A., University of Vienna, Austria M.A., Ph.D., Brandeis University Ivy Krull Assistant Professor of Sociology Ph.D., Boston University MPH, Bos

310 Directory Lenore G. Martin Professor of Political Science B.A., Brooklyn College M.A., Ph.D., University of Chicago Andrea McDonnell Assistant Professor of English B.A., Vassar College Ph.D., Uni

Directory Heather Pierce Lecturer, Mathematics B.S., Baylor University M.S., Tufts University M.S., University of Texas Mary Elizabeth Pope Professor of English B.S., M.A., Central Michigan University

312 Directory Kimberly B. Sofronas Associate Professor of Math Education B.A., M.A., Ph.D., University of Connecticut Kathleen A. Soles Professor of Art B.A., Emmanuel College M.F.A., American Univer

Directory 313 HalfTime Faculty Meryl Levin Lecturer, Psychology B.A., University of Michigan Ph.D., University of Albany 20162017 Academic Catalog

314 Directory Emeriti Gouri Banerjee, Ph.D. Associate Professor Emeritus of Information Technology Richard Beauchesne, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus of Religious Studies Jerry Bernhard, Ph.D. Associate P

Academic Calendars 315 Academic Calendars Arts and Sciences FALL 2016 September 4 5 7 15 15 22 SPRING 2017 January TBD 16 18 26 1 2 New students arrive Labor Day Classes begin Last day to add clas

316 Academic Calendars Graduate Studies SUMMER 2016 May 16 30 Summer 1 classes begin facetoface and online Memorial Day No classes Registration opens for fall 2014 Summer 2 classes begin facetofac

Index 317 Index A Academic Advising Program.................... 28 Academic Calendars .............................. 315 Academic Integrity Policy ........................ 21 Academic Progress .....

318 Index B Bachelor of Fine Arts ............................... 58 Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN Graduate Studies only ............ 264 Billing and Payment Schedule .................. 37 Biol

Index Study Abroad and Consortium Agreements ................... 46 Withdrawal Policy .............................. 46 Financial Aid Renewal Procedures........... 42 Foundation Skills ...............

320 Index Mission Statement ..................................... 5 Modern Languages ................................ 106 Modern Language Courses ................. 190 MTEL Requirements .............

Index 321 U Undergraduate Admissions Requirements ............................... 16, 262 Undergraduate Professional Program .... 261 Bachelor of Science in Nursing BSN ... 264 V Visiting Classes..

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