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Graduate Studies and Nursing Guide to Student Financial Services 20132014 Graduate Studies and Nursing

Table of Contents 20132014 Tuition Costs 2 Billing Procedures Payment Methods Online Academic Resources Delinquent Accounts Course Withdrawal Refund Policy Course Withdrawal Refund Policy for Capst

20132014 Tuition Costs BSBA Undergraduate Nursing Graduate Nursing Graduate EducationManagement 1,404 per course 1,816 per course 2,581 per course 2,192 per course Billing Procedures Tuition and fees

Delinquent Accounts Students with a pastdue balance are ineligible to attend classes, register for future courses, or receive an official transcript or diploma. If payment is not received in a timely

Course Withdrawal Refund Policy for Capstone Seminar MSMHRM 9038 14week courses Campusbased format withdrawal refund policy Online format withdrawal refund policy Drops prior to the first class m

Deferment Payment Plan Students participating in the Tuition Deferment Payment Plan pay 25 of the cost of tuition prior to the first day of class and may defer the remaining 75 until 30 days after the

Eligibility Requirements for Financial Aid Requirements to receive federal and state financial aid include Acceptance to and enrollment in a program of study at Emmanuel College Enrolled at least ha

Financial Aid Award Descriptions GRADUATE STUDENTS Unsubsidized Stafford Loan Graduate students are eligible for the Federal Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Loan. This loan carries a fixed interest rate

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Grants and Scholarships Federal Pell Grant Gift aid from the federal government to undergraduate students with significant financial need. MA State Grant Gift aid from the Commo

Grade Level Freshman 031 credits Sophomore 3263 credits JuniorSenior 64 credits Dependent Student 5,500 Independent Student 9,500 6,500 10,500 7,500 12,500 Loan Requirements To borrow a F

Emmanuel College currently partners with Blue CrossBlue Shield of Massachusetts Boston Public Schools Teachers and Principals in Education courses only Brigham Womens Hospital Catholic Hospitals

Credit Balances Students who have a credit balance on their account with the College due to excess financial aid, private loans, tuition remission, or overpayment may request to have the credit refund

Important Dates Session Key for Important Dates 7week Sessions 1XSummer 1 2XSummer 2 1FFall 1 2FFall 2 1SSpring 1 2SSpring 2 Nursing Classes SemesterBased U1Summer 1 FAFall U2Summer 2 SPSpring Summer

Spring 2014 January 6th Classes begin for 141S Payment is due for these sessions Deadline to submit health insurance waiver January 31st Reapply for financial aid for 20142015 school year at www.e

Contact Information Office of Student Financial Services Location Phone Fax Email Office Hours Website Office of Graduate Studies Phone Fax Email Website Office of the Registrar Phone Fax Email Admini

Graduate Studies and Nursing 400 The Fenway, Boston, Massachusetts 02115 6177359700 8003313227 6175070434 fax www.emmanuel.edugraduatestudies Guide to Student Financial Se