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NEWSLETTER OF THE CHINESE LANGUAGE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Volume 36 September 2012 Number 3 CLTA Home Page For the electronic version of this newsletter and news updates before the

CHINESE LANGUAGE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION CLTA HEADQUARTERS Chinese Language Teachers Association CLTA Headquarters Department of Foreign Languages and Literature University of WisconsinMilwaukee PO Box 4

Table of Contents 2012 CLTA ANNUAL MEETING PROGRAM ........................................................................................................ 4 ANNOUNCEMENTS.............................

2012 CLTA ANNUAL MEETING PROGRAM Theme Many Paths, One Goal CLTA 50th Anniversary Celebration Pennsylvania Convention Center and Philadelphia Marriott Hotel Philadelphia, PA November 1518, 2012 Hongy

1100am 1200am Pennsylvania Convention Center 122A Session 1.2 Chinese Information Structure and its Pedagogical Implications Information structures involve the various ways in which information is re

o Discourse Complexity in AdvancedLevel Chinese Comparing Two Learning Backgrounds, Yupeng Kou, The University of Iowa 115pm 215pm Pennsylvania Convention Center 122A Session 2.2 Written Learner Co

o English Thinking in CLLs Speaking by Examining Spatialtemporal Metaphors, Peini Causarano, University of New Mexico 230pm 330pm Pennsylvania Convention Center 122A Session 3.2 A Study of Student

o Donghui He, Whitman College 345pm 445pm Pennsylvania Convention Center 122A Session 4.2 Pedagogical Grammar for New Teachers Research and Classroom Instructions This panel addresses issues of Chi

Session 5.2 Using Online Tools to Empower Chinese Teaching and Learning This session investigates two online tools, one for assessing character and vocabulary knowledge and one for creating and gradin

revision, and will be used to demonstrate their application in assessment and instructional planning for grades K16. Chair Janet Xing, CLTA President Haiyan Fu, CLASS President Presenters o Yulan Li

factors that affect students language anxiety and willingness to communicate. Chair Chiuhung Chen, University of Miami Presentations o Developing Intercultural Communicative Competence through Tande

1000am 1100am Pennsylvania Convention Center 125 Session 7.5 Cloud Computing in Teaching Chinese Applications at a Close Look This panel presentation explores the theory of Cloud Computing CC and its

learning, collaborative learning through peer and expert coaching of writing skills in a wiki, and videocreation projects within the online community of a hybrid course. Chair Jianling Liao, CIEE Stud

pen, Adobe ConnectNow, and Screenr will also be showcased. Chair Ling Mu, Yale University Presentations o Quickly Create and Manage Graded Multimedia Chinese Texts Online, Ling Mu, Yale University o

o Courses, ChingHsuan Wu, Ohio Wesleyan University Sociocultural Theory and Teaching Chinese as a SecondForeign Language, Lina Sun, Saint Louis University 545pm 645pm Pennsylvania Convention Center

o o o Eric Shepherd, University of South Florida Xizhen Qin, University of South Florida Qiong Wu, University of South Florida 715PM815PM CLTA General Membership Meeting Joy Tsin Lau Chinese Restaur

CFL Students Motivation and Experience of a Technology Project, Shengrong Cai Wei Zhu, University of South Florida o The Effects of Teacher Support on Students Chinese Learning, Qianqian Wang Shan X

o o Using Comparative Discourse Analysis to Improve Conversational Chinese, Shenglan Zhang, Iowa State University From Writing to Speaking A Study of Chinese Fluency Shupei Wang, Brigham Young Unive

Session 14.5 Develop Students Proficiency Through Digital Story Telling Storytelling can be a powerful approach to develop students proficiency across the interpretive, interpersonal, and presentation

The First Maryland International Conference on Chinese as a Second Language 2012111112 Conference Website httpumdcsl.umd.eduindex.html Email Hosts The Ph. D. Program in Second L

ment in CFL learners, as well as the chance to work with teachers across different grade levels on common tasks. The workshop invited the following scholars to share their research finding Drs. Diane

using technology in teaching Chinese. The topics of presentation covered all areas of teaching Chinese, including pedagogical methodologies, theories, strategies, testing, and so forth. The evaluation

The 6 plenary speeches are 1. Xie, Tianwei California State University Long Beach Cloud Computing and Its Use in Teaching Chinese 2. Lu, Jian Ming Peking University The Current Situation a

POSITIONS Important Notice The Board of Directors of CLTA has adopted a new policy regarding the publication of job announcements. Effective January 2012, the job announcement posted in the CLTA websi

that meet the career aspirations of the young adults of Hong Kong and Greater China. The Chinese Language Centre, a centre within the Department, provides training in Chinese language for the whole un

development print or digital, no more than 25 pages and three letters of recommendation no later than October 1, 2012. All materials should be submitted to Academic Jobs Online at the following websit

nology usage. Interactive Whiteboards, iPads, iTouches, and web 2.0 tools as pedagogical tools in the classroom. Candidates must be able to start immediately, must be presently in the United States to

Once the application has been submitted, the applicant will receive a confirmation email and heshe will no longer be able to make additional edits or changes to the application. Video Course Applican

command of simplified characters and the pinyin phonetic system. Must be able to work in the U.S. Review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the positions are filled. To app

Questions Contact Gerald Yung, School Principal, VISITING ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF MANDARIN CHINESE WHEATON, IL Wheaton College, IL invites applications for a Visiting Assistant Professor

2013. A degree in literature is preferred, native proficiency in Chinese and excellent familiarity with Chinese literature is required. A fulltime teacher is required to teach 5 classes 25 hours of te

BOOK NEWS The Routledge Course in Business Chinese Qinghai Chen, Le Tang, Qiuli Zhao The Routledge Course in Business Chinese has been specifically designed for students in the fourthyear of languag

Chinese in Motion By Yi Lin Designed for students with 2 years of collegelevel Chinese, Chinese in Motion focuses on developing in students natural native speaking patterns through taskbased learning

and development of the writing system, teaches how Chinese characters are built up from radicals, and how to use those radicals to write, recognize, and read characters. All the characters presented i

AllSet Learning Pinyin is an interactive pinyin chart iPad app. Scroll, pan, and zoom to focus on various parts of the pinyin chart. You can even display IPA pronunciation with the pinyin if you wish.

work on them. The instructors can listen to oral productions that the students submit, grade them, or give feedback on them. Exercises can be used as oral tests to be completed either in a computer la







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